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Shrouding the Heavens

Author:Chen Dong

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Updates:Chapter 190 Great Emperor Arrives Late

In the cold dark reaches of space nine huge dragon corpses are pulling a large bronze coffin giving off an aura of ancientness. This image was captured by an unmanned space probe in the depths of the cosmos. Did this mean the return to the ancient era? Or did it mean reaching the other side of the stars? A vast world filled with bizarre and mysterious immortals. A world where hot blood erupts like volcanoes. A world where passion surges like the vast ocean. A world filled with an endless abyss of desires. On the road to ascending heaven witness a melodious journey, a journey that would shroud the skies. Non spoiler short translator synopsis A group of young adults are transported to another planet and undergo a chain of events before finally entering a new world with cultivation. Through a serendipitous happenstance, the main character becomes younger and stronger as he begins to explore the new world. Many people are jealous of his special circumstances and try to deal with him but he takes a no nonsense approach in handling them. Initially, the protagonist is hesitant about becoming a cultivator when he sees that it is not all fun and roses however a series of events leads to him wanting to cultivate for real and become a strong person so that he will never be pushed around again.
《Shrouding the Heavens》 Text
Chapter 1: The Sky’s Giant Bronze Coffin
Chapter 2: Basic Questions
Chapter 3: Past
Chapter 4: Ancient Engraved Copper
Chapter 5: Li Xiaoman
Chapter 6: Place of Worship
Chapter 7: Multicolored Altar
Chapter 8: Heavens Road
Chapter 9: The 30th Person in the Coffin
Chapter 10: Boundless Earth
Chapter 11: Light Source
Chapter 12: Zhang Ying Huo
Chapter 13: Temple Ruins
Chapter 14: “Da Lei Yin” temple
Chapter 15: Bodhi tree
Chapter 16: Like Gods come
Chapter 17: Life and death
Chapter 18: Opposition
Chapter 19: Calm
Chapter 20: Crocodile progenitor
Chapter 21: Blood sacrifies
Chapter 22: Copper coffin suppress the demon
Chapter 23: In the coffin
Chapter 24: Confrontation and Choice
Chapter 25: The voice of God.
Chapter 26: The Ancient Sky Map
Chapter 27: Wild Forbidden Place
Chapter 28: The Mysterious Fruit
Chapter 29: Anger
Chapter 30: Tom,Dick and Harry
Chapter 31: Thrown Into the Tiger Hole
Chapter 32: When the Fleeting Spring is Gone
Chapter 33: The White Haired Youths
Chapter 34: The Legend Of The Desolates
Chapter 35: The Workings of this World
Chapter 36: Primordial Divine Body
Chapter 37: Ling Xu Sanctuary
Chapter 38: What is Cultivation
Chapter 39: Wheel of Life
Chapter 40: Dao Scripture
Chapter 41: Establishing the Sea of Bitterness
Chapter 42: A Disastrous Setback
Chapter 43: Divine Symbol
Chapter 44: Celestial Sprout
Chapter 45: Hundred Plants Extract
Chapter 46: Golden Sea of Bitterness
Chapter 47: Challenging
Chapter 48: The scripture not belonging to this world
Chapter 49: Good and Bad Entwined
Chapter 50: Jade Snake Orchid
Chapter 51: A day apart seems like three years
Chapter 52: Deep and Immeasurable
Chapter 53: Elder Han
Chapter 54: Ancient Palace Hall
Chapter 55: Demon Emperor’s Burial Mound
Chapter 56: Emotionally Moved
Chapter 57: The Golden Book with a Single Page
Chapter 58: Golden Book sways the Sea of Bitterness
Chapter 59: Heart of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 60: Clouds come from all directions
Chapter 61: Lady of Perfection
Chapter 62: Fracturing of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb
Chapter 63 Unscrupulous Dao Practitioner
Chapter 64: Most Precious Treasure of the Scheming Demonic Race
Chapter 65: The Mysterious Aurichalcite
Chapter 66: Yang Tomb and Yin Grave
Chapter 67: Desolate Pagoda and Aurichalcite
Chapter 68: Obsidian Gold Ape
Chapter 69: The Start of a Massacre
Chapter 70: Departure
Chapter 71: Staying behind
Chapter 72: Hope within the Heart
Chapter 73: Relying on the Bodhi to observe the Dao Scriptures
Chapter 74: Four Great Realms
Chapter 75: Seemingly Bottomless Pit
Chapter 76: Seething in Anger
Chapter 77: Treasure of Ancient China
Chapter 78: Resolved
Chapter 79: Copying the engravings of the Dao Inscriptions
Chapter 80: Seizing the Roots
Chapter 81: Looking for Surnamed Jiang
Chapter 82: Ancient Aristocratic Jiang Family
Chapter 83: Who could possibly block?
Chapter 84: Strength
Chapter 85: Danger Approaches
Chapter 86: Life and Death Situation
Chapter 87: Encountering Li Xiao Man
Chapter 88: Treated Indifferently
Chapter 89: Purple Sun Immortal Sanctuary
Chapter 90: Leaving without looking back
Chapter 91: It’s a Small World
Chapter 92: Primary Medicine
Chapter 93: Refining One Into Medicine
Chapter 94: The Ancients did not Deceive
Chapter 95: A Splendid and Magnificent Scenery
Chapter 96: Greatest Regret in Life
Chapter 97: Rising to the Spring of Life Realm
Chapter 98: A Single Artifact Breaks Thousands of Techniques
Chapter 99: Birds of a feather flock together
Chapter 100: Looking for teeth all over the ground
Chapter 101: Might of the Cauldron
Chapter 102: Prophecy comes True
Chapter 103: Reappearance of the Large Bronze Coffin
Chapter 104: People from Six Thousand Years Ago within the Forbidden Area
Chapter 105: Smacking the face of a Cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge Realm
Chapter 106: Unblockable
Chapter 107: Scaling a Sacred Mountain
Chapter 108: Sacred Woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade
Chapter 109: Divine Medicine
Chapter 110: Priceless Ancient Characters
Chapter 111: Spiritual Bridge Realm
Chapter 112: Mysterious Realm
Chapter 113: Talents are meant to be stepped on
Chapter 114: Ten Great Disciples
Chapter 115: No difficulty whatsoever
Chapter 116: Bewitchingly moving
Chapter 117: Gentle and soft village
Chapter 118: Xu Ruyu
Chapter 119: Aurichalcite Subdues the Sacred Heart
Chapter 120: Eastern Badlands Divine Body
Chapter 121: Invincible before everything
Chapter 122: Golden Lotus within Sea of Bitterness
Chapter 123: Bronze Immortal Palace
Chapter 124: Dare I ask, Are there Immortals in Heaven?
Chapter 125: The sun illuminates the mountains,rivers and flowers
Chapter 126: Gateway of all mysteries
Chapter 127: Profound earth
Chapter 128: Ancient Formless Scripture
Chapter 129: Connected by Marriage
Chapter 130: Slave Owner
Chapter 131: Molest!
Chapter 132: One of Nine Secrets
Chapter 133: A great achievement that seems flawed*
Chapter 134: Re-establishing the Sect
Chapter 135: Mysterious Technique Reappears
Chapter 136: Universal Great Dao
Chapter 137: Deep and Unmeasurable
Chapter 138: Teasing
Chapter 139: Intimidation
Chapter 140: Physical Body
Chapter 141: Precious Mysterious Technique
Chapter 142: Meeting the crazed old man again
Chapter 143: Secret
Chapter 144: Void fragments
Chapter 145: First Contact of the Sacred Body and Divine Body
Chapter 146: Fending off against the Divine Body
Chapter 147: Centre Of Attention3
Chapter 148: Pierce Through the Heavens
Chapter 149: Powerful Exponent: Peacock King
Chapter 150: Displacing Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 151: Two Great Exponents
Chapter 152: Different Daos
Chapter 153: It’s not good being a son-in-law of the Ji Family
Chapter 154: Kindness and Animosity
Chapter 155: Beating you into the Eighteenth Level of Hell
Chapter 156: Chop!
Chapter 157: Famous within the Southern Region
Chapter 158: A Man, Not a Youth
Chapter 159: Descent of the Sacred leaders
Chapter 160: Crazed Old Man, Big Brother
Chapter 161 Flame Region
Chapter 162 Purple Qi from the East
Chapter 163 Purple Qi Refining Cauldron
Chapter 164 Jumping Across the Sea, the Other Side, Paramita
Chapter 165 Tempest, Part One
Chapter 166 Tempest, Part Two
Chapter 167 Tempest, Part Three
Chapter 168 Revere
Chapter 169 Secret Stowaway
Chapter 170 Incinerating a Grand Elder
Chapter 171 Shaken
Chapter 172 Overturning Sacred Lady
Chapter 173 Bridal Room
Chapter 174 Worse than Beasts
Chapter 175 Fleeing for Their Respective Lives
Chapter 176 Traveling to the Northern Region
Chapter 177 Bloody Chaotic Land
Chapter 178 Eight Divine Beast Strength
Chapter 179 Demonic Mine
Chapter 180 The Primordial Era’s Pyramid
Chapter 181 Alive After 6000 Years
Chapter 182 The Calamities incited by the Garments
Chapter 183 A Fish Jumping into the Open Sea
Chapter 184 Heavenly Source Master
Chapter 185 Inauspicious Land
Chapter 186 Heavenly Book
Chapter 187 Emperor Jade
Chapter 188 Nine Dragons Guarding a Pearl
Chapter 189 Heavenly Source Master’s Terrifying Later Years
Chapter 190 Great Emperor Arrives Late