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Chapter 132: A future that isn’t bleak

Xi ling’s flame attacks are extremely powerful, however, this is balanced by relatively high mana costs. Using wild flames once costs 300 mana, but she also has the ability to regenerate 1% of her mana per second. Having more than 10,000 mana at level 0, she should be able to recover it quickly after using it.

In the morning, Xi ling and Xiao Hui wreaked havoc in the red eye lizard’s territory, turning the area into an absolute nightmare for them. These low-level flame creatures would have never expected to be burnt to ashes at the hands of the strongest flame beast.

Xi Ling would always fly near to Ling Chen, maintaining her distance so as to not scare away any newly spawned lizards. Being newly spawned, they were inexperienced in battle and were easily killed, so Ling Chen and the four girl’s exp quickly grew.

Just like that, the morning passed, and it wasn’t until noon that Ling Chen finally opened his eyes. He yawned, and took at a look at his exp… after one morning, his level 13 exp bar had increased to nearly 20%. The efficiency was impressive, considering that he had gained this amount while asleep. If he wasn’t sharing exp with Yun Meng Xin, he would be close to level 14. Other players would need to hunt the same monster for half a day, but Xi Ling was able to wipe out large areas with a simple flap of her wings. It was almost frightening how quickly they were able to train.

Looking at Xiao Hui and Xi Ling’s grades, he came to a depressing realisation; Xiao Hui had already reached level 13, and was now on par with him, and Xi Ling was already level 7, with 5100 magic attack and able to deal over 10,000 damage using wild fire .

This strength… it couldn’t be normal….

“Ay babes, how are the returns?” Ling Chen stood up, stretching. The pillowy grass fresh air induced in him the urge to lie down and fall asleep.

Originally, Ming Xin had told him jokingly to “take a nap”, but he didn’t think that he actually would. After calling for him, but to no response, they were amused but stayed silent about it. Eventually they stopped bothering him and sat on the grass, talking excitedly amongst themselves as the morning passed quickly.

“Hey! Finally awake! Just talking about sleep made you sleep, and you even slept for so long. Aren’t you afraid of being bitten to death?” Seeing him awake, Xiao Qi made a face, then gently stood up from the grass, skipping towards Ling Chen: “Ling Tian, you haven’t introduced us to your pet! What’s that beautiful bird called? It’s so powerful, it’s almost scary.”

“Its called Xi Ling.” Ling chen responded.

“Xi Ling, that’s a nice sounding name, where did you find it? It’s far too strong.”

“That’s… a secret.”

“It’s called Xiao Hui…but it’s not a dog” Ling Chen said. He said this because when he first saw Xiao Hui, he had thought it was a dog too.

“It’s obviously a dog! Xiao Hui, this name is pretty nice too! Look at the way it runs, it’s so cuuuute… but it runs so fast. There are so many times where I wanted to run up and hug it, but it ran far away from me”

“That’s not it! Xiao Hui’s movement speed is as high as 300; if you were able to catch it that would be truly strange…” Ling chen muttered under his breath.

“We’ve all reached level 11, each of us also got 20 SP.“ Yun Meng Xin walked over, speaking to Ling Chen. Without actually doing anything, they quickly reached level 11, and even gaining 20 SP in the process, which was an important asset.

Ling Chen’s SP had also increased by 24; these definitely came from Xi Ling killing elite red lizards.

Ling Chen nodded his head, then raised his head, and called out: “Xi Ling, Xiao Hui, come back.”

Yet another vast area of red eyed lizards had been incinerated by Xi Ling, in a single morning. Its mana was almost always full, after all, wild fire cost the least mana next to its basic fire attack. Answering to Ling Chen’s call, it and Xiao Hui quickly returned, and were transported back to the pet dimension.

“It’s already noon, everyone rest for a while then we’ll go have lunch. Especially Meng Xin, don’t push yourself too hard, life is wonderful, there are lots of things to enjoy… Moreover, Heart’s Dream isn’t only made up of you, there’s also Qi Qi, Su Su, and I. Even though it’s only the beginning, we don’t even have a single real member, but you have to believe in yourself and us.”

Yun Meng Xin had been pushing herself really hard; this is what Yun Feng had told him and he could see it in her level. Perhaps under the influence of Shui Ruo, he could see the heavy burdens of these girls.

Yun Meng Xin was startled, her eyes darting around. She lightly nodded: “o, alright. I…”

“Then, we’ll continue in the afternoon. At 1pm, we’ll come back here…”

Ling Chen finished speaking, and waving at the girls, he logged off, not giving them a chance to speak.

“Hey, Ling Tian… uh, he left in such a hurry, there were still things I wanted to ask him.” Xiao Qi subconsciously reached out to catch him, but only grabbed onto air, stamping her foot in frustration. Just in one morning, Ling Chen had brought out so much of her curiosity. Other than his strong sense of knowledge, name, background and history, she knew nothing about him, not even his appearance.

“I’m going as well, see you in the afternoon.” Mu Bing Yao nodded at him, and logged off. No matter who she was facing, her face was that of complete indifference; it was hard to find any sense of a human being beneath her eyes.

A new red eyed lizard appeared, and Yun Meng Xin had to immediately move to the edge of the safety zone.

“You guys tell me, what on earth was Ling Tian talking about?” Xiao Qi looked around at the red eyed lizards that were crawling around. Some of them responded in a daze. “He’s so strong, but I’ve never heard his name before, has he never played a virtual game before? Was he stronger than the ‘emperor’? Someone so strong, why would he join our Heart’s Dream? This is even stranger than when big sister Mu decided to join us.”

Initially, when Yun Meng Xin had decided to set up “Heart’s Dream”, those who were willing to join were only her 2 closest younger sisters – Xiao Qi and Su’Er. So, when Mu Bing Yao joined they were pleasantly surprised… but their surprise was greater than their joy. Today, she understood somewhat why Mu Bing Yao joined; perhaps it was because of Ling Tian?

Yun Feng didn’t tell her how she had ‘invited’ Ling Tian, but reassured her many times that it was a deal between them and his requirements had already been met. He was bound to help her achieve her goals within his capabilities, and was a perfectly trustworthy person.

In Yun Feng’s eyes, someone who didn’t leave his sister after watching her go through so many years of suffering could never hypocritical or of malicious intent, but rather a man of principle and integrity. Such a person would treat this commitment as important as life itself, and would never repay kindness with evil.

In less than 10 days of the game starting, what Ling Tian was carrying was enough to shake the whole player base of the virtual world. Then, after a long time had passed, half a year, a year, 2 years… his standing…how high it would be.

“I originally set up ‘Heart’s Dream’, to help with my own ‘unwillingness’ and ‘struggles’. Before today, even I, never thought that I would have succeeded.” Yun Meng Xin whispered in absence of mind. She had always been calm on the surface, but Ling Chen in her prior performance, had caused something to stir deep within her. “But now, I have this inexplicable feeling, that after 2 years, Heart’s Dream will prosper. I don’t know how, but in terms of fame, it is perhaps because of one person that it will become legendary.”

Who this was, Xiao Qi and Su’Er both clearly knew.

To Yun Meng Xin, it sounded unbelievable, but there was a part of her that really wanted to believe it.

Initially, Heart’s Dream, was made up of Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi, Su’Er. They did not have any experience in setting up or managing a guild, only enthusiasm and a good will for the future. How Heart’s Dream was to grow, none of them really knew, and even after Mu Yao Bing had joined them, they still hadn’t found direction. It was only after Ling Tian joined that their mood had changed completely.
The core of Heart’s Dream was no longer Yun Meng Xin, but Ling Tian.

Although it had only been one morning, they were already on the same page. With him present, Heart’s Dream’s future no longer looked bleak!

“RuoRuo, time to have lunch.”

After preparing food, Ling Chen changed his clothes, shaking Ling Shui Ruo’s snow jade on her hand as she was still in the video game world. Very quickly, Shui Ruo’s eyes widened, and yelled out with joy: “Big brother, I’m nearly level 4!”

“So quick?”

“Uh huh! Because the two older sisters brought me to destroy high level monsters, my levelling became a lot faster. They also protected me very well, not letting even a small monster bump into me. Also, the two big sisters are already level 10, but they still didn’t leave the Novice village; they said they were going to wait till I got to level 10 and leave with me… I didn’t want them to do that, and tried to persuade them otherwise, but they insisted on leaving with me…. These two older sisters really are great, I really don’t know how to thank them”
Ling Chen gently smiled, then helped her up from her bed, putting on her socks for her, he said: “That’s because my Ruo Ruo is too likable, making them not want to leave you behind. I’ll wait till Ruo Ruo and them get to Azure Dragon City, then we’ll thank them together… but for now, let’s go eat!”

“Oh, it smells delicious, hehe…”