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Chapter 135: The First Millionaire

“Ling Tian, from tomorrow onwards, let’s practice separately. We can’t continue to burden you… this way, we’ll also be benefiting Heart’s Dream. We’re all guild members of Heart’s Dream, so the stronger we all get, the stronger Heart’s Dream will become. Thus, I don’t want to burden you, and I don’t want the rest of us to become too dependent on you either.” Yun Meng Xin said as she turned around to look at Ling Chen. From his reaction, she knew that he had been waiting for her to say these words.

With Xi Ling’s abilities and strength, even going to the territory of LV30 monsters would be a piece of cake for them, as Xi Ling would still be able to destroy the mobs in seconds. Thus, levelling up would be even faster. However, Ling Chen had not done this, instead remaining in the territory of LV15 monsters, as he did not want to raise their levels too high. Otherwise, when the Player Rankings were released, they might attract too much attention… If they were ranked high up on the Player Rankings, the attention of countless people would be upon them. Moreover, just having a high level without real battle power would only cause them troubles.

Ling Chen could have raised their levels to an unbelievable extent, but he did not do so… Yun Meng Xin respected him even more. He was not some man who shallowly pursued fame, but someone who considered things deeply… this made it even more evident that he was sincerely helping Heart’s Dream and herself.

“Are you all sure about this?” Ling Chen looked at the three girls.

Xiao Qi vigorously nodded her head, and raised a small fist, “En, en! Big sister Meng Xin is right! We’re all guild members of Heart’s Dream, so we can’t not contribute, and just be a burden to big brother Ling Tian. So, from now on, we’re going to train by ourselves, find our own equipment and do our own quests… Big brother Ling Tian and big sister Mu should go and do their own training as well and not worry about us. With big brother Ling Tian and big sister Mu, our Heart’s Dream will one day become super famous… we definitely won’t become a burden to you guys and work hard as well!”

“Big brother Ling Tian, big sister Mu, we will do our best.” Su’Er earnestly said.

Ling Chen smiled, “Since it’s like this, then that’s fine. However, if there’s any urgent matters, or if you’re in any kind of danger, make sure you let me know.”

“Got it! But we definitely won’t be that easy to bully.”

Just like that, under Meng Xin’s decision, the three girls stopped following Ling Tian to train. They decided that they would return to Azure Dragon City. Having reached LV13, they were not in a hurry to level up, and so decided to spend some time exploring Azure Dragon City. At the same time, the would discuss some future plans for Heart’s Dream.

“Bing Yao, you should go with them too. If something happens, let me know immediately.”

Mu Bing Yao nodded, and walked in the direction that Yun Meng Xin and the others had left in.

The Red Eyed Lizard territory was a place where most players at the current stage would not dare to enter yet, so Ling Chen was the only person there. With four beautiful girls accompanying him, nothing seemed boring. However, looking at the ground covered in Red Eyed Lizards, Ling Chen did not feel too happy.

“Maybe I was a bit unwilling to let them go?” Ling Chen muttered to himself.

“Just a bit I guess.”

In the distance, Xi Ling was still using her flames to roast mobs of Red Eyed Lizards. Below her, Xiao Hui ran around happily, swallowing the corpses. As Ling Chen was now the only person absorbing the EXP, levelling up was much, much faster. However, to the Ling Chen who enjoyed situations filled with danger and adrenaline, receiving free EXP from doing nothing was nice, but it was not the method he preferred.

Qi Yue had said that if he wanted to find all the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, the best method was to explore every corner of the Forgotten Continent. There were no shortcuts in finding these treasures.

In that case, might as well start from these plains.

Ling Chen was just about to call Xi Ling and Xiao Hui back, when an announcement rang out.

“Ding… your pet ‘Xi Ling’ has levelled up, now LV10…”

“Ding… your pet Xi Ling’s Ability [Rootless Fire] has levelled up to LV2, [Wild Flames] has levelled up to LV6, [Red Laser] has levelled up to LV6.”

All of a sudden, Xi Ling had already reached LV10. Ling Chen opened Xi Ling’s stats page… the LV10 Xi Ling had an incredible 6000 Magic Attack Power!

This number caused Ling Chen to feel dizzy. What this number meant… was that Xi Ling’s Wild Flames could do tens of thousands of damage, and one Red Laser could do over 30,000 damage!

Could this be any more broken…

However, her HP was still quite low. At LV10, she only had 800HP. Compared to her 6000 Magic Attack Power and 20,000 Mana, it seemed quite pitiful. Even her Physical Defense was practically non-existent.

Having reached LV10, three of Xi Ling’s skills were automatically upgraded. Ling Chen looked over to the three skills.

[Rootless Fire]: Current level: LV2, Highest level: LV5, increasing to LV3 requires pet to be LV20. Passive ability, manipulated power is created from its soul, and does not require natural flames to create extreme flames. Will ignore any creature’s resistance to flame, its power is stronger than regular flames. Effect: Disregard any fire resistance, use of any fire magic doesn’t require an incantation. (PS: Does not ignore elemental weaknesses to fire. Which is to say, if the monster weak against fire, the fire will still deal the appropriate extra amount of damage). All fire damage increases by 10%, and any fire attack can be imbued with a slight ‘destruction’ status effect; causes a medium destruction effect to objects weak against fire.

[Wild Flames]: current level: LV6, highest level: LV10, increasing to level 7 requires pet to be LV20. Burns all targets within 30m in front with rootless flame, deals 220% of the Magic Attack stat, 30% chance of dealing an addition 10 second burn, cost 300 mana, 5 second cooldown.

[Red Laser]: Current level: LV6, highest level: LV10, increasing to LV7 requires pet to be LV20. Using the rootless fire to gather the sun’s searing rays, creating a terrible high heat laser that attacks a single target from the sky, dealing 550% damage. Once locked on, the target cannot avoid it. Costs 600 mana, 10 second cooldown.

The upgraded Wild Flames and Red Laser became slightly stronger, but the Rootless Fire that had levelled up to LV2 caused Ling Chen to stare in awe… Xi Ling’s attacks were already incredibly strong, and now all fire damage would be increased by 10%. What truly intrigued him was the [destruction status effect].

These few words caused Ling Chen to imagine many possibilities.

Closing Xi Ling’s stats page, another announcement rang out.

“Ding… your bag’s space is now full. You are unable to store more items, please clear space in your bag.”

“Hm?” Ling Chen paused… his bag had an Emptying Rock that he had bought from the Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun, which could increase his bag’s space by 300. That meant all 500 spaces in his bag… were full?

Ling Chen looked over and saw Xiao Hui was running in circles around a mountain of things, but could not pick them up. Ling Chen checked his bag… and was almost blinded by the number of sparkling red crystals.

Lots and lots of elementary strength crystals!

He quickly calculated… the number of elementary strength crystals in his bag was over 30,000! This astonishing number caused Ling Chen to grin like a fool. Including the numerous Pale White and Iron equipment, elementary crystals, various potions, Lizard Scales that the Red Eyed Lizards dropped, all 500 spaces in his bag were completely full.

Lizard Scales could be traded to the item store for a relatively large amount of gold… but their worth and those of the 30,000 elementary strength crystals could not even be compared!! 30,000 elementary crystals, if sold to the pawnshop for 80 gold each, could be sold for… 2.4million gold!!

If he calculated according to the 150 gold per crystal at the delivery store, if they were all sold out, he would earn… 4.5million gold!

I’m rich, filthy rich… Ling Chen was extremely delighted.

In three days, from the efforts of just Xi Ling and Xiao Hui, he had acquired items worth millions of gold. This was simply too broken. Ling Chen wondered whether or not the Cosmos Corporation would do anything about this if they found out. He immediately called back Xi Ling and Xiao Hui, and used a teleport scroll to teleport to Azure Dragon City.

Standing at the Azure Dragon City Central Square, Ling Chen thought for a while, and went first to the pawnshop at the Market.

The owner of the pawnshop was a skinny old man who was very stingy. Walking up to the counter, Ling Chen poured all of the useless items from his bag onto the counter: Pale White equipment, Iron equipment, Lizard Scales. “Selling all of them.”

The tens of thousands of Lizard Scales and tens of equipment netted him 2,000 gold in total. Afterwards, using his fastest speed, Ling Chen quickly transferred all 30,000 of his elementary strength crystals into the trading box…

At that moment, the face of the pawnshop’s owner became completely pale, as if he had seen a ghost. After staring for ten seconds did he commence the trade. The 30,000 elementary strength crystals had been given to the pawnshop to sell, while he pocketed 4.5million gold.

4.5million gold, at the current stage of a game, was an incredible and ridiculous amount of money!

And this enormous fortune, had all come from Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui could use the Red Eyed Lizards’ corpses to create elementary strength crystals. That meant that as long as he took Xi Ling and Xiao Hui to the Red Eyed Lizard territory, and lay around for a while, then gold would flow into his pockets like water. One attack pet, one support pet, these two pets together were simply a…

No-cost, no-risk, high-return money making machine!!
Having become Mystic Moon’s first millionaire player, there were many things that Ling Chen wanted to do… but what he wanted to do most was naturally to meet the Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun.