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Chapter 138: Shui Ruo’s arrival

“Ding… Chinese Server Announcement! The Player Level Rankings and Fame Rankings are now open, you can now view the China Region Player Level Rankings and Fame Rankings.

Another server wide announcement was released; the new Player Level Rankings and Fame Rankings were being checked by countless players.

Player ranking list (Players with the same level are ranked by amount of EXP):

Rank 1: Ling Tian, Level: 15, Occupation: Ling Tian Battle Soul, Affiliation: none.

Rank 2: Feng Xie Yu, Level: 14, Occupation: Blade Spirit, Affiliation: none.

Rank 3: Skyfall, Level: 14, Occupation: Summoner, Affiliation: none.

Rank 4: Cang Yan, Level: 13, Occupation: Fire Mage, Affiliation: none.

Rank 5: Mu Bing Yao, Level: 13, Occupation: Assassin, Affiliation: none.

Rank 6: Against Heaven, Level: 13, Occupation: Warrior, Affiliation: none.

Rank 7: Winter of That Year, Level: 13, Occupation: Archer, Affiliation: none.

Rank 8: Xiao Qiu Feng, Level: 13, Occupation: Warrior, Affiliation: none.

Rank 9: Liu Yun Fei Xue, Level: 13, Occupation: Lightning Mage, Affiliation: none.

Rank 10: Gui Ya, Level: 13, Occupation: Assassin, Affiliation: none.

The Player Level Rankings are not the same as their strength rankings, especially this early in the game, as it is very hard for any player to distinguish him/herself from the pack. In fact, the overall positions on the list are constantly changing. Rank 1 is Ling Chen, the only level 15 in China, and rank 2 and 3 are Feng Xie Yu and Skyfall… the only two people that had attained level 14.

Yan Huang Alliance’s “Sword Emperor”, Feng Xie Yu, and Skyfall Dynasty’s number one leader, the head of the Three Heavenly Kings, “Apocalypse Judge” Skyfall.
Ling Chen stared at Feng Xie Yu’s name for a number of seconds, frowning.

Blade Spirit… such an unconventional occupation!! He had even received a Hidden Profession in the short time since the beginning of the game!!

This Sword Emperor is indeed remarkable… perhaps even stronger than expected.

Ling Chen looked at the first 10 ranks before closing the rankings and checking the Fame Rankings.

Fame rankings:

Rank 1: Ling Tian, Fame points; 6823, Affiliation: none.

Rank 2: Long Tian Yun, Fame points; 924, Affiliation: none.

Rank 3: Feng Xie Yu, Fame points; 899, Affiliation: none.

Rank 4: Skyfall, Fame points; 858, Affiliation: none.

Rank 5: Gui Ya, Fame points; 850, Affiliation: none.
On the fame rankings, Ling Chen’s points far exceeded the others, placing him like a king at the top of the list. In the top 5, Ling Chen saw Long Tian Yun’s name, who was known to value fame above strength, as there were two prerequisites to establishing a guild; having a guild token and having over 1000 fame. To be the first person to create the Yan Huang Alliance in Mystic Moon, the guild leaders needed to spend all their energy collecting fame points. Therefore, Long Tian Yun and Skyfall ranked within the top 5 in fame.

Looking at the first of the player rankings, the Chinese player base was unsurprised. Ling Tian was the first to enter Azure Dragon City by a few days, and moreover, was carrying two Celestial grade items, as well as the two highest ranking pets. What they were shocked by, however, were the first and second ranked occupations – Ling Tian Battle Soul and Blade Spirit, which were both unfamiliar to all.

As far as the player-base could remember, only the Sword Emperor had acquired a Hidden Profession this early in the game. Moreover, the Hidden Profession had to have something to do with a sword and was something only the Sword Emperor could have. But now, in addition to the Sword Emperor, Ling Tian could as well! He too, had a hiden profession, but his level and fame points both exceeded that of Feng Xie Yun.

The legend of the Sword Emperor, had it really been dispelled?

When the fame rankings were released, the fame points of the first ranking player made everyone gasp.

A value of nearly 7000; more than 7 times the second ranking player, Long Tian Yun!
Fame points can only be gained by completing tasks, as well as killing fairies and bosses. The world of Mystic Moon had only opened for more than 10 days, so obtaining a few hundred points would have already been considered as remarkable, but to amass 7000 was unheard of.

In the corner of some plains.

All the players were evacuated from the monster’s territory and stood in the safe zone according to each of the major occupations. Although their formation appeared to be scattered, in reality they were in a strong defensive position. Every player was looking in all directions for movement in the surrounding area, sometimes focusing on the person in the middle… it looked as if he was a supreme God.
Long Tian Yun was staring coldly ahead; he had been standing there for quite some time now. Carefully looking over the top 100 player rankings again, he saw many familiar names on the list, however, there were also many strange names. His eyes were now fixed on the first place of the fame rankings, locked onto the digital numbers ‘6823’. After a long time, he narrowed his eyes, and expressionlessly said, “This person has gained my attention. Ranking higher than Xie Yu, and even having a Hidden Profession – it appears that he has even named it after himself! Here I thought only Xie Yu could do that. Then there’s the matter of his fame points… this guy, what kind of otherworldly boss did he kill? Or perhaps he completed a difficult heavenly task…there’s simply no way he could have achieved this. This alone is enough to prove that his strength is extraordinary, and that he wasn’t just extremely lucky.”

“Lord, we are already focusing all our resources to find his identity… we are confident that the results will be in soon,” a person standing near Long Tian Yun said.

“Don’t worry over this matter.” Long Tian Yun raised his hand, and coolly said: “Based on how he is acting currently, he has not tried to hide any of his intentions. In this case, I believe it won’t be long, before his identity will appear on its own…try to track him down, and then ask if he has any interest in joining the Yan Huang alliance. Remember, if you meet him, be as friendly as possible. Even if he refuses to join my Yan Huang Alliance, do not quarrel with him.”

“Yes mi’lord.” [TLN: ;} ]

“Also, inform Xie Yu; ask if he has any interest towards this person. If he does, I can use those two to design a spectacular battle.” Closing the Fame Rankings, Long Tian Yun gazed into the distance and slowly spoke.

“I’ll notify the Sword Emperor of this… but I am certain that Ling Tian will be no match for him; the Sword Emperor is invincible! “As he said this, his eyes flashed with a hint of fear.

“WOW! You’re too good! Ling Tian big brother, you topped both rankings!! Oh yeah! I was ranked 43rd on the player ranking, it totally gave my brother a shock! Big sister Meng Xin ranked 17th, Su Su ranked 49th, and super strong big sister Mu Bing ranked 5th. All the members of Heart’s Dream are ranked within the top 50, and two of us are in the top 10! This is great! This was something that previously only the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall dynasty could do!!”

“It was good that we spent most of yesterday and today in the Azure Dragon city, otherwise, we would have all gotten within the top 10, which would draw too much attention. We aren’t exactly very strong, at least for now.” This was Yun Meng Xin’s voice. When she saw Ling Tian’s ranking, she wasn’t surprised, but when she saw his Fame Points, she too was shocked.
“Big brother Ling Tian, keep going strong. We’ll keep trying our best too.” This was Su’Er’s voice.

The three girls excitedly talked for almost half a day, while Ling Chen temporarily stopped levelling and returned Xi Ling and Xiao Hui. It did not take much to figure out that he had once again become the conversational topic of all the players. His fame was unbelievable… being the first out of the Novice VIllage, the first to attain a Celestial equip, and the first to get a pet, unlocking the Pet Rankings. He had also killed a LV10 boss and a LV15 celestial boss, among a multitude of other big and small bosses… the fame points that he had received in the process were far greater than any other player.

Ling Chen returned to the Azure Dragon City to clean up his inventory, selling his Tiger Heart Cores for 20 gold each at the pawn shop. The Tiger Heart Cores were like treasure to other players, but worthless to him because he had collected so many. None of this bothered him in the slightest however; after clearing out his backpack, he would return once again to clearing out patches of the poor Tigers in their territory.

Before Shui Ruo left the novice village, Ling Chen was preparing to spend all his time levelling.

Finally… on one sunny morning.

“Big Brother! Big Brother… I’m finally LV10!! I’m so happy! I immediately left for the Azure Dragon City with the two older sisters! Wait for me!”

Ling Chen jumped up from the grass, and couldn’t help but smile. He had eagerly been awaiting the arrival of this day.

“Xi Ling, Xiao Hui, let’s go. Time to meet your female master!” Ling Chen smiled as he returned Xi Ling and Xiao Hui, whereupon raising his hand, a halo suddenly floated above his head.

“Ding… congratulations on levelling up, now level 16, HP +20, Magic +10, Strength +5.”

“Ding… your pet, “Holy Divine Beast” has levelled up, now level 16…”

Ling Chen was slightly amused. While Xi Ling and Xiao Hui were working hard, he had been studying the map of the Forgotten Continent, wanting to completely memorize it. Without knowing it, his LV15 EXP bar had been filled.

Now at level 16, his SP was 1380. Ling Chen returned Xi Ling and Xiao Pet Dimension, and then made his way back to the Azure Dragon City, waiting for Shui Ruo’s arrival.