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Chapter 142: The Four Mega Quests (2)

Mega Quest 1: [Exterminate the Ogres]

Quest Background: In the North-East of the Azure Dragon City, there is a dark, rocky area that has Ogres. It is said that the Ogres are survivors of the Demon Clan that had been exterminated in the ancient times. Although they do not have the power of the Demon Clan, they still are extremely cruel and vicious. They believe that drinking fresh human blood can give them more power. Thus, every human that passes by is their target. This has caused this area to become a haunted place, with the residents nearby being extremely terrified of the place. The human residents cannot help but worry that one day they will run out of the dark place and into human territory.

Quest Details: Advance to the ‘Dark Craggy Hill’ and kill 200 Ogres. This Quest can be completed as a solo player, or in a group of no more than twelve people. Different player groups will be sent to different regions in the ‘Dark Craggy Hill’ and will not be able to affect each other.

Quest Difficulty: Relatively Hard

Quest Rewards: 2 x LV15 Copper weapons (only 2 per team), SP+50 (every player), Fame+50 (every player). This Quest can only be entered three times. The SP and Fame rewards can only be received in the first completion.

Quest Warning: The Ogres are LV13-16, and are stronger than normal monsters of the same level. They hunt in packs, and are difficult to deal with. Players should be aware that Giant Ogres may appear, which are generally impossible to defeat for normal players at the current stage. Recommended Level: 13+, Recommended Number of Players: 12 players.

Mega Quest 2: [Collect Red Crystal Grass]

Quest Background: The Azure Dragon’s Mayor’s son was bitten by a venomous snake and severely poisoned. The venom has been dispelled and his life is no longer in any danger. However, because of the snake venom, his body has become quite weak. In order to fully recover his body’s health and energy, he requires large amounts of Red Crystal Crass.

Quest Details: Advance to the Forest Region at the East of the Azure Dragon City and collect at least three Red Crystal Grass. Deliver the Red Crystal Grass to the guards of the Mayor’s Residence. This Quest can be completed as a solo player, or in a group of no more than twelve people.

Difficulty: Hard

Quest Rewards: 1 x LV15 Silver Weapon (only 1 per team), SP+80 (every player), Fame+80 (every player). This Quest can only be entered three times. The SP and Fame rewards can only be received in the first completion.

Quest Warning: The monsters at the Forest Region are all LV30+, the players entering the Forest Region should avoid the monsters at all circumstances. It is recommended that the players split up, as well as use equips that can increase agility and/or speed. Recommended Level: 15+, Recommended Number of Players: 12 players.

Mega Quest 3: [Forest of Bones]

Quest Background: To the South-East of the Azure Dragon City, right next to the Eastern Sea, there is a dark, forbidden forest called the “Forest of Bones”. The Forest of Bones, Lonely Spirit Ridge and Moon God Ruins are the three forbidden areas for humans in the Eastern Region of the Forgotten Continent. There are countless bones inside the Forest of Bones, which suggests that countless beings have died or were buried there. However, to this date, no one knows where all the bones came from. The Forest of Bones not only has normal Skeletons, but also weapon carrying Skeleton Soldiers, which have incredibly solid bodies and strong attack power. They will emotionlessly kill any humans who come near, and add their bones to the masses of bones already there. It is said that something is behind the scenes controlling the Skeletons, protecting something.

Quest Details: Advance to the Forest of Bones. Find out what is at the heart of the Forest of Bones, and report to the Chief of Bodyguards.

Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Quest Rewards: 2 x LV20 Gold Weapon (only 2 per team) and one Intermediate Energy Crystal (only 1 per team), SP+150 (every player), Fame+150 (every player), Luck+1, Comprehension+1 (every player). This Quest can only be entered three times, and can only be entered once per day. This Quest has a time limit of 3 hours; after 3 hours, players will be returned from the Quest. Once a player has completed the Quest, the Quest will automatically be closed (i.e. the Quest can only be completed by one player or one group of players).

Quest Warning: The Skeletons in the Forest of Bones are special monsters and have extremely strong defence. The heart of the Forest of Bones contains many hidden dangers, so players should proceed with caution. Recommended Level: LV20+, Recommended Number of Players: 12 players.

Ultimate Quest: [Moon God Ruins]

Quest Background: Ten thousand years ago, a catastrophe called the “Shura’s Devastation” occurred. Because of mankind’s constant modernisation and updating of history, this event has long since been forgotten by the humans. However, the Moon God Clan will never forget this catastrophe. This is because in that event, thirty Moon Gods were slain by the Shura. After a tragic and horrifying battle, the Moon God Clan finally killed the Shura at the place the thirty Moon Gods had died at. However, because of the severity of the battle, the surrounding area was reduced to ruins. From then onwards, the Moon God Clan has never entered that place. Since ten years ago, the Azure Dragon’s Mayor started receiving news that mournful weeping had been heard from the direction of the Moon God Ruins. It is said that the mournful weeping came from the souls of the Moon Gods that were slain there. Five years ago, the Azure Dragon’s Mayor sent people to investigate the Moon God Ruins, but to this date, none have returned.

Quest Details: Advance to the Moon God Ruins and investigate the origin of the mournful weeping. Report your findings to the Azure Dragon’s Mayor. Only after completing the other three Mega Quests can players accept this Quest. Only one player can enter at a time.

Quest Difficulty: Insanely Difficult

Quest Rewards: Unknown. Every player can only enter once. If any player completes the Quest, the Quest will automatically be closed.

Quest Warning: If you would like to die, please accept this Quest. Recommended Level: Unsuitable for any level, Recommended Number of Players: All who enter shall die.


The 4 Mega Quests had been listed on every player’s Quest Page, and each Mega Quest was described in detail. The difficulties were split into Relatively Hard, Hard, Extremely Hard… and Insanely Hard. There were no normal or easy difficulty Quests. The Ultimate Quest, the “Moon God Ruins” Quest, had even clearly stated that ‘If you would like to die, please accept this Quest’.

“Wow, all of the rewards are so good! You can receive so many SP!! And look, look! If you finish that “Forest of Bones” Quest, you can get two Gold equips, two!! As well as an Intermediate Energy Crystal! Ah! Heavens, you also get bonuses to your Luck and Comprehension!!”

“However, for these good quests, as soon as they are completed, they will be closed. The difficulty of these types of Quests will definitely be at a ridiculous level. The Quest Warning also stated that players should be at least LV20 before attempting the Quest, so no sensible player would go and try it out now.” Yun Meng Xin said. “The “Forest of Bones” Quest’s rewards are incredibly tempting, and only one player or one group of players can receive these rewards. I’m sure there are many players who will be tempted to try out this Quest before other players complete it. Nonetheless, it has been labelled as “Extremely Hard”, so it is definitely almost impossible to clear at this stage of the game.”

“Big brother, this Moon God Ruins Quest is so strange. The Quest description almost implies that it is impossible to clear, so why would they even offer such a Quest?” Ling Shui Ruo asked Ling Chen while pointing at the Quest.

Ling Chen believed that the “Moon God Ruins” Quest would definitely become the hot topic of discussion among players. The Quest was labelled as “Insanely Hard”, and claimed that anyone who entered would die, as well as had quite an impressive background. Apparently it was related to the powerful “Moon God Clan”. However, the more mysterious and terrifying a Quest was described as, the more intrigued and interested players would become. Moreover, anyone knew, the harder a Quest, the better the rewards would be.

[Exterminate the Ogres], this was a somewhat decent extermination Quest. However, to be the targets of a Mega Quest, the Ogres definitely would not be easy to kill. If they were not careful while hunting the Ogres, they would instead become the hunted. This was especially so because the Quest mentioned that Ogres often hunted in packs.

[Collect Red Crystal Grass], this Quest was situated in the Forest Region, the place Ling Chen had passed while heading to Lonely Spirit Ridge in the past. The hardest part was not finding the Red Crystal Grass, but rather in staying alive in such a dangerous place… because the monsters that appeared there simply could not be defeated by players of the current stage of the game. If a single monster appeared, then the entire party would have a difficult time getting rid of it, but if it was a group of monsters… then the player group would be finished.

[Forest of Bones]: Like the Lonely Spirit Ridge, it was also a forbidden area. Thus, it definitely was hiding some sort of dangerous and terrifying thing. However, this Quest was not impossible, as the objective was not to kill something or collect something, but to rather just reach the heart of the Forest of Bones. Nevertheless, this was a forbidden area, so even if the objective was to reach the central area, it would still be incredibly difficult.

[Moon God Ruins]…… Ling Chen’s gaze lingered on this Quest for a very long time, and read through the description again and again with his eyebrows furrowed.

The Moon God Ruins’ description was something that would cause many players to become too afraid to attempt the Quest, but Ling Chen was someone who enjoyed thrilling and dangerous situations. The more difficult something was, the more he wanted to overcome it.

After looking through these Quests a few times, he had already become determined to go to the Moon God Ruins to see what was hiding there… but in order to enter the Moon God Ruins, he would have to finish all three of the other Mega Quests, including the [Forest of Bones] Quest that could only be completed once by one player or group of players.

“What do you guys think of doing a Quest together?” Ling Chen suggested, “This Ogre-exterminating Quest doesn’t look too hard, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll take too long. Plus, all the different groups are transported to different areas, so we won’t have to fight with anyone else. The rewards of 50 SP and 50 Fame Points are also pretty good.”

“Sure. Come to think of it, we’ve never completed a Quest together as Heart’s Dream before, right?” Yun Meng Xin said.

“I agree! Then, let’s begin our Heart’s Dream’s first Quest expedition. After we complete the Quest, we can go to have our banquet!” Xiao Qi raised her hands in total agreement.

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