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Chapter 165: Moonlight Treasure Box

The real starting point for Mystic Moon players would begin on the day when the exchange system between real life currency and in-game currency was officially established. This was a fact that all players couldn’t deny. Starting tomorrow, a storm will soon rise and disrupt the everlasting calm of the “Mystic Moon” world.

“And so because of this, the two major guilds, Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty are both quickening their footsteps to obtain a Guild Creation Token. Their current focus is not training, but to find a strong BOSS monster as soon as possible in order to obtain guild creation tokens, or to purchase them from other players. At the starting stages of any virtual game world, the biggest contest is always for the ownership of the first guild because if someone obtains this first guild position, it will never change unless destroyed. Although first and second only differs by one rank, they are two completely different concepts. Therefore, the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty will strive as hard as they can to obtain this “first” position. It is no exaggeration to say that if some lucky player manages to obtain the first guild creation token now and sells it to either Yan Huang Alliance or Skyfall Dynasty, he would have enough profit to spend unsparingly for the rest of his life,” Yun Meng Xin said slowly.

“Is it really that extreme?” Ling Chen tapped his chin.

“It definitely is!” Xiao Qi nodded firmly, “If you’ve ever played virtual games you would know how frightening the value of the first Guild Creation Token is, especially as the value of the second token is far off from the first token. Also, due to the fact that the guild leaderboard only shows ten names, the first ten Guild Creation Token all have rather high values. After the tenth, the value of the tokens drops drastically.”

“Is that so?” Ling Chen had never been involved in the establishment of guilds and alliances, hence his limited knowledge in the area. From Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi’s description, this first token’s value seemed to be higher than what he had imagined…a lot higher. He thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Hey guys, if we, Heart’s Dream, became the first guild, what would happen?”

“Huh?” Several girls simultaneously exclaimed. This was something they had never thought about.

“It’ll make our reputation skyrocket to the very top…” Yun Meng Xin said, but shook her head immediately after, “But even if it really is possible, we definitely cannot do this; to dare let our position be above of Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty while we don’t have the actual ability. Although it’s dazzling for a while, the result will definitely be…” she trailed off.

“We’ll be destroyed by those major alliances and get replaced, right?” Ling Chen finished. Right now, Xing Meng’s members only consisted of the few of them. It would literally be child’s play if any of the alliances with easily a hundred, if not millions, of members were to destroy Heart’s Dream right now. He had asked that question knowing that Yun Meng Xin would have that answer, which, in itself was irrefutable. Although his and Mu Bing Yao’s individual abilities are strong, large forces like Yan Huang Alliance could easily destroy Heart’s Dream if they wished. It would be impossible for them to be saved even if there were 100 copies of him.

Xiao Qi lifted her face slightly, her expression full of yearning, “But if we really became the first guild, even if it was for just a day, or a moment, it’s still something that’ll make me lose sleep over excitement. Even if we were destroyed immediately, if it actually happens, we would still be remembered by all players for a long, long time. The only thing is, if Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty couldn’t find the token even when they have so many people, we have no chance of finding it before them. Oh yeah, big brother Ling Tian, why did you ask that question just then? Is it possible that…”

Ling Chen smiled and shook his head, “I was just saying. Okay, currency exchange opens tomorrow, Meng Xin should have lots of important things to prepare right? I also need to go challenge the final Mega Quest. Well, let’s not delay, call me if anything comes up.”

“Alright! Before we make preparations, we need to finish the quest for finding Red Crystal Grass first! Big brother Ling Tian, I’m cheering for you. You’re super powerful, so you can definitely finish the fourth Mega Quest! I have faith in you!” Xiao Qi proclaimed, waving her fist at him to cheer him on. After completing the Forest of Bones Quest, every player would try imagining just how messed up the fourth Mega Quest, whose difficulty level is labeled as “too high to be measured”, would be. But that’s all they would ever remain; just imaginings, since throughout the whole China, Ling Chen was the only person who can carry out this quest. One thing’s for sure, this quest was definitely messed up to the extreme.

“You can do it, big brother Ling Tian,” Su Er said to Ling Chen softly from her position next to Xiao Qi. She punctuated this encouragement by imitating Xiao Qi’s earlier actions.

Ling Chen gave Shui Ruo the Starry Robe from the Collect Red Crystal Grass Quest and the White Bone Chain from the Forest of Bones. “Ruo Ruo, you should stay with them today,” he told her, “and pay attention to safety. If anything happens, you must call me immediately, understood?”

“Okay big brother, you have to work hard as well!”

Yun Meng Xin and the girls went off to continue their unfinished second Mega Quest. Ling Chen walked out of the residential area and went on to the streets. Feeling his backpack, he clenched his jaw, depressed… All his gold coins were taken by the Lucky Cat back at the Forest Region, leaving him penniless. The monsters in Forest of Bones didn’t even drop a copper coin, hence the amount of money he had in his backpack since yesterday had been…0. The saddest thing was that he wouldn’t even be able to afford a potion.

“Should I go rustle up some money?” Ling Chen said to himself. However, without Xi Ling, he lacked one of the main constituents of his no-cost, no-risk, high-return money making machine. If he did all the work himself, not only would the efficiency be much lower than with Xi Ling, but he would also have to waste large amounts of time and energy…

Buying a mount was a must, and it had to be the best Cloud Stepping Mare. This way, he would have more of a chance when he once again challenged the Warring Palace Skeleton. It was also absolutely crucial that he had a mount for the Moon God Ruins Quest, but a single Cloud Stepping Mare cost a whole 20,000 gold pieces…

After pondering for a while, he turned around and walked towards the Mayor’s residence.

“Mr Mayor, I’ve lately been a bit short on gold coins, so would it be possible for you to lend me a few?” Ling Chen got straight to the point, “I’ll return them within three days along with the interest!”

“Lend money?” The Azure Dragon’s Mayor gave him a doubtful stare. Borrowing money from the dignified Azure Dragon’s Mayor? This was the first time in his life that someone had asked him, “Alright,” he conceded, “how much?”

“Um, one hundred thousand gold coins,” Ling Chen didn’t dare to say more.

“Damn! One hundred thousand?! My monthly salary is barely ten thousand gold coins. My son is also suffering from a serious illness at the moment, right when I need money the most…”

Ling Chen’s mouth twitched, and immediately interrupted him, “Dear Mr Mayor, don’t complain about poverty in front of me. You just took two million gold coins from me two days ago, two million! Don’t you dare tell me you’ve already used it all up this quickly. I’m only borrowing one hundred thousand gold coins!”

“You have to know, the land I rent out to you doesn’t belong to me and those gold coins are all turned over to the higher authorities. It has absolutely nothing to do with me…”

“Alright,” Ling Chen grudgingly took out his lease contract, “I’ll borrow ten thousand gold coins from you and I promise to return twenty thousand within three days. This should be fine right? If you’re worried, I’ll leave my land lease here as collateral. It’s worth twenty thousand.”

Deep down, Ling Chen’s had already cursed the Lucky Cat one hundred and eight thousand times. If it wasn’t for the cat, he wouldn’t have had to go as far as to borrow money from the stingy Mayor.

“Borrow ten thousand and return twenty thousand within three days?” The Azure Dragon’s Mayor’s eyes suddenly lit up, becoming brighter than light bulbs. Seeing Ling Chen’s sincerity, he smiled and said, “Do you swear you’ll fulfill your promise?”

“Definitely.” Ling Chen vowed solemnly and nodded.

“Alright, then I’ll lend you two hundred thousand. Remember to return four hundred thousand within the next 3 days, hah! Come, come, hand over your land lease. Here’s the gold coins. Oh hehe, take it take it, there’s no need to be polite with me.”

Ling Chen was speechless.


Walking out of the Mayor’s Residence, Ling Chen had successfully gained a loan of two hundred thousand gold coins, but he now also had a debt of four hundred thousand.

First he arrived at the mount shop and spent twenty thousand gold coins on a cloud-stepping mare. Then he went to the tool shop and replenished his supply of purple potions. Purple potions were considered luxury items at this stage and a single bottle cost five silver coins. One bottle is said to instantly replenish four hundred magic points. At this current stage, it is impossible for physical occupations’ MP to reach 400, however Ling Chen is obviously an exception and his MP so far has graced 590.

After that, Ling Chen held up a map and after some searching, he finally found a toy store at the corner of the shopping street.

The toy store sold various styles and types of toys. Of course, this included all sorts of dolls and puppets that mainly appealed to younger female players. After all, men have no use for such feminine objects. After Ling Chen walked into the shop, many splendid things crossed his eyes. He walked straight to the section where they sold dolls.

Here, there were dolls in an array of colours, sizes and shapes. Ling Chen was dazzled by their variety. Price wise, the cheap ones cost only a few gold coins while the more expensive ones added up to several thousand gold coins. Who knew what special effect they had or what material these were made out of.

“Hello, dear player, may I ask what type of doll you seek?” Seeing Ling Chen looking at those dolls with such a serious expression, the beautiful sales woman came up and smiled.

The half spirit girl in white bones forest was hugging a bunny doll that was all worn out. Who knew from whence she found it. He thought for a while but he didn’t even know what types the girl liked so he just picked a few with relatively low prices. “This one, this one, and this one.”

“Alright, the total is one hundred and twenty gold coins.”

One beautiful puppet doll, one fox doll and one teddy bear. Ling Chen put them away in his back pack, preparing to leave. Unknowingly, he saw a little box placed in a glass cabinet in the middle of the toy shop. The little box was light silver and gave off such a warm glow that you couldn’t help but gaze at the light. Ling Chen’s gaze stayed on the little box for a while before asking, “What’s this little box?”

The sales woman smiled and said, “This is the prized treasure of our shop. It’s called “Moonlight Treasure Box””. When the box opens, it releases a ray of light as beautiful as the moon. Also, within the moon light lies a surprise!”


“Would you like me to show you, sir?” The sales woman said with a smile as she walked over and stood in front of the glass cabinet. She had, in fact, already shown it to many players, but because of its price not being conventionally affordable, there has yet been a single player keen to purchasing it.

Ling Chen nodded without refusal.

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