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Chapter 166: The First Guild Creation Token

The box was gently opened by the beautiful sales woman. As she lifted the lid, soft, silver light spilled out. This light was so natural, it was as if it came from the full moon itself, not a trace of artificialness did it possess. The sales woman smiled, “Its beautiful radiance is intoxicating. Facing it, you will forget all your sadness and unhappiness. Mister, if you stand in front of it, you can see the world’s most beautiful picture within its gentle moonlight.”

After she finished, she moved away from the box.

See the world’s most beautiful picture? Ling Chen laughed, the moonlight box is beautiful indeed, but to him, the world’s most beautiful picture will only ever be Shui Ruo’s smile. He walked over, stood in front of the opened box, and casually looked over. The pale moonlight shone into his eyes and an image appeared, gradually becoming clearer and clearer… It was of a girl, blooming with a beautiful face, long curled eyelashes and a sweet, blessed smile.

“Ruo Ruo…” Ling Chen couldn’t help but whisper out loud. The image within the moonlight had turned out to be Shui Ruo’s smile.

After hearing what Ling Chen let out uncontrollably, the sales woman smiled, “I believe you must have seen the most beautiful picture. Am I right? According to legends, dwarves made the moonlight box with the purest moonlight-stone and the world’s only piece of heart-calling stone. Not only does it radiate the most beautiful moonlight, it also reflects the image of the person one loves and longs for the most. Therefore, to every single person, the image they see in the moonlight box is the world’s most beautiful image.”

For Ling Chen, that was indeed the world’s most beautiful and flawless picture.

“How many gold coins is this moonlight box?” Ling Chen asked. This moonlight box was certainly magical, much similar to the objects that appeared in fairy tales. A moonlight box like this couldn’t be called a toy. If he could obtain it, it meant that even when Shui Ruo wasn’t beside him, he would still be able to see her wherever and whenever.

Almost every player who had seen the mystical moonlight box before had felt a pressing urge to buy it and had immediately asked for its price. Ling Chen was no exception. The sales women didn’t find this strange at all. She simply smiled and revealed its price, “There is only one moonlight box throughout the entire Mystic Moon Land. You could say that it’s one of the most valuable treasures in the land. If you would like to buy it, sir, you’d have to pay five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Five hundred thousand gold coins….

That’s not just expensive, it’s simply expensive.

Although, considering its magic, this price doesn’t seem to be too much. Ling Chen believed that there must be countless players who wanted to purchase it, but because pretty much no one could take out five hundred thousand gold coins, no one had bought it so far. After today it would be different, once the currency exchange system is established, those who wished to buy it would definitely rush here and purchase it.

Without another word, Ling Chen rushed out of the toy store and headed straight towards the Mayor’s residence.

“Mr Mayor, lend me more money!”

“Are you still returning double the amount within three days?”

“That’s right! Returning double within three days. My land lease I swapped for two million is still in your possession, I wouldn’t forfeit that no matter what.”

“Alright, alright, how much are you borrowing?”

“Five hundred thousand!”

“Deal! Take it, take it. Don’t be polite with your brother. Remember to return 1.4 million within three days hah!”

Walking out of the castellan mansion, Ling Chen’s debt had now risen to 1.4 million, and he would have to pay this off within three days. Although from his expression, he didn’t seem too concerned. After getting five hundred thousand gold coins from the Azure Dragon’s Mayor, Ling Chen quickly returned to the toy store and took out the five hundred thousand gold coins he just obtained.

“Here’s five hundred thousand. This moonlight box, I’m taking it.”

Spending so much money to buy a ‘toy’… this was the first time that Ling Chen did something like this. The money used to buy the toy was even obtained through usury. However there wasn’t the slightest hesitation or doubt when he made the payment. Five hundred thousand gold coins in exchange for seeing Shui Ruo’s smile anytime anywhere, this was simply the world’s most worthwhile bargain to him.

After selling the shop’s prized treasure, the beautiful saleswoman beamed, “Mister, congratulations on purchasing the world’s most beautiful treasure, I believe that you will never regret it. Also, because you spent over a hundred thousand at our shop, you have become our shop’s honorable platinum customer. If you shop at our store in the future, all merchandises will be 15% off, I’m looking forward to your next visit.”

Walking out of the toy store, Ling Chen held the moonlight box in his hands. He couldn’t help but to open the box again and again, and seeing Shui Ruo smiling in the gentle moonlight, he couldn’t help but smile as well. Ling Chen was so unwilling to move his sight from the box let alone close it and so focused he was at looking that he didn’t actually do so until his head bumped into the wall.

Ling Chen spent the whole morning walking around Azure Dragon City, ordering equipment and crystals at a consignment shop. Lastly, he arrived at the Central Auction House.

Not long after Ling Chen exited the Azure Dragon City Auction House, shocking news came out of the speakers, causing an instant uproar amongst all the players.

“Tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning. Azure Dragon City Auction House will hold its first large-scale auction to all players……”

This news caught all the players’ attention, but didn’t cause as much commotion compared to what came next. The crucial news was the list of items that would be up for auctioning.

“This auction definitely won’t disappoint anyone and will auction off items that astonish you. High grade items that you dream of having as well as a Guild Creation Token will be up for auction……”

Guild Creation Token. Those 3 words were enough to cause a tidal wave.

This wasn’t news from an auction house set up by players, but Azure Dragon City’s Auction House, which meant it couldn’t possibly have any falseness. Tomorrow this auction house would put up the first Guild Creation Token for auction! This was the first news concerning Guild Creation Tokens that players had received so far.

That’s right, the first Guild Creation Token would soon appear……and at an auction no less!! If anyone could win this Guild Creation Token, they would become China’s first official guild in the Mystic Moon world!

The Guild Creation Token only dropped from BOSS with grades no lower than Lord level, the chance for a Guild Creation Token to come from a Lord Boss lower than LV20 was very little. Some players even thought it impossible to obtain a Guild Creation Token from a Lord Boss. As such, no one had even heard of a Guild Creation Token appearing, not even the Yan Huang Alliance or the Skyfall Dynasty. The Azure Dragon City Central Auction House was only open to players, which meant that this Guild Creation Token also came from a player… all the players could not imagine as to who would have had such heaven-defying luck as to obtain the first Guild Creation Token so quickly. Even an idiot would know that the first Guild Creation Token could fetch them an astronomical price. The big guilds were all fighting like rabid dogs over the first Guild Creation Token. For them, the fame from being the first official guild was a lot more important than money.

Countless players began speculating which master currently possessed the Guild Creation Token, and which force it would later belong to,

“This news is true?” after hearing the news, Long Tian Yun’s expression completely changed, his eyes flashing.

“Absolutely true. This news is from the Central Auction House, it definitely wouldn’t be fake. I believe that it won’t be long before all players know.”

“A Guild Creation Token appearing this fast, I actually did not expect this.” Yun Tian Long squinted slightly. He supported his chin with hand and pondered for a while before saying in a low voice, “Do you know who put up that Guild Creation Token up for auction?”

“Don’t know. We tried asking, but the auction house does not reveal any information about the auctioneer.”

“This isn’t important at the moment.” Long Tian Yun’s expression became serious, “Tonight, the currency exchange system will be established, go do the preparations now. In tomorrow’s auction, we must win that Guild Creation Token……Heh, I’d like to see who dares to fight over the first guild position with us.”

“Understood, we have already started preparing. On another note, the land east to the central square is in fact idle, it should be specially freed out by the system for players.”

Long Tian Yun nodded and said deeply, “Then, you should know how high the value for that land is, now go find and negotiate with the related NPCs. No matter how expensive it is, be sure to obtain the land.”

“This…… young master, I just asked about the ownership of that land before, and was told the land has been temporarily leased to a player. As to who, I was unable to find out.”

“En?” Long Tian Yun showed a surprised expression. After the surprised moment passed, his eyebrows dropped, “If it was obtained by an NPC, it’s not that strange, but if it’s obtained by a player, that would be too abnormal. Right now gold coins are so scarce, that to get that land, even if it’s a temporary rental, it would cost a lot of money. Who can possibly take down that piece of land……could it be the Skyfall Dynasty?”

“No, the Skyfall Dynasty can be ruled out, because they’re also investigating who has that land. Also, I sent people to secretly check the top ten forces, there were no signs of them occupying that land.”

Long Tian Yun pondered for a while, after some time, he waved, “Whoever the land belongs to, it’ll be clear after the currency exchange system establishes. The person who has the land won’t just leave it as it is and when the time comes, no matter what we have to do, we must obtain that piece of land. If we can occupy that position, we will have the perfect start in this world. But we’ll put this matter aside temporarily. Right now we need to put all our energy into competing for the Guild Creation Token tomorrow. We must obtain it!”

“Understood, young master, I’ll handle it right away.”

In the quiet lobby, Long Tian Yun was the only person. He was sitting in a chair, fingers slowly knocking the cold hard table, making a “dok dok” knocking sound. He maintained the same motion for a long time and seemed to be thinking deeply about something.

“Looks like, someone wants to know what it feels like to step above us, Yan Huang Alliance.” Long Tian Yun’s eyes became slits, his lips revealing a calm, yet sinister smile.

Next to him, a figure fully wrapped inside a cape stood unmovingly, just like a grey statue.

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