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Chapter 167: Moon God Ruins

After having lunch with Shui Ruo, Ling Chen prepared dinner for her and left it on the dining table. Following on from the momentum from the Forest of Bones, Ling Chen decided to immediately attempt the Moon God Ruins Quest. After starting the Quest, he had no idea how long it would take him.

Returning to the Mystic Moon world, Ling Chen looked over the description of the “Moon God Ruins” Quest again and again. He had originally wanted to find the Azure Dragon’s Mayor to ask for some extra information about the Moon God Ruins. However, after thinking about it, he decided against it. After all, the Moon God Ruins were another of the forbidden areas, so even if he asked, he wouldn’t get much out of it.

Ling Chen had experienced many dangers in the Forest of Bones, and had even lost Xi Ling. From the description of the Moon God Ruins, it had been made out to be vastly harder than the Forest of Bones. Ling Chen knew that the smartest choice was to wait until he was at a higher level with better equipment. Otherwise, going into this significantly harder Quest without Xi Ling would be equivalent to suicide.

However, if Ling Chen waited, he would no longer be Ling Chen. Being overly cautious and indecisive was not his style. At the same time, the greater the difficulty, the greater the rewards. If he completed the Quest after waiting for a long time, the rewards he would receive may not be any help to him anymore at that stage of the game.

The Moon God Ruins Quest was one that directly transported the challengers to the location of the Quest. After looking at the description one more time, he said in a low voice, “Xi Ling, wait for me to complete this Quest… afterwards, I’ll head to the Vermillion Bird City in the south to find the Vermillion bird!”

Afterwards, he selected the transport option, and after a white light flashed, the scenery around him changed.

“Ding… you have arrived in the danger zone ‘Moon God Ruins’”.

Moon God Ruins: Ten thousand years ago, a catastrophe called the “Shura’s Devastation” occurred. Because of mankind’s constant modernisation and updating of history, this event has long since been forgotten by the humans. However, the Moon God Clan will never forget this catastrophe. This is because in that event, thirty Moon Gods were slain by the Shura. After a tragic and horrifying battle, the Moon God Clan finally killed the Shura at the place the thirty Moon Gods had died at. However, because of the severity of the battle, the surrounding area was reduced to ruins. Afterwards, that place was called the “Moon God Ruins”, and the bodies of the Moon Gods that had been slain, as well as the Shura, were buried there. From then onwards, the Moon God Clan has never entered that place. Afterwards, sounds of mournful weeping often came from the Moon God Ruins, and it was rumoured that it was the spirits of the deceased Moon Gods that were making the sounds.

This was the description of the Moon God Ruins on the map Ling Chen had bought from Qian Gun Gun.

The ground he was walking on was not stable or flat, making it difficult for Ling Chen to keep his balance. Before he could register his surroundings, a disgusting rotting odour blew into him, making him feel like throwing up. Luckily, he held his breath in time, and resisted the urge to throw up.

Moon God Ruins… it was indeed a place that had been completely and utterly ruined.

Although the area was quite spacious, it was unnaturally dark. Looking up, a thick layer of dark clouds covered the sky, creating an oppressive atmosphere. The ground was covered with clusters of grey and black vegetation, making it difficult to find even a single patch of uncovered, flat ground.

After a long time, Ling Chen finally began to become accustomed to the smell of this place, and his breathing became normal again. Although almost ten thousand years had passed, the aftermath of the intense battle still remained. The various ruins caused one to shudder imagining how fearsome the battle had been, as well as how incredibly powerful the Shura and the Moon Gods and Goddesses had been. Moreover, from the map, it seemed that the Moon God Ruins covered an area of hundreds of kilometres!

Indeed, hundreds of kilometres… it was not from a natural disaster, but rather one Shura and the four other strongest beings in the Mystic Moon world of that time.

It was evident how overwhelmingly powerful the power of a Saint Destroyer was.

“Xiao Hui.”

Ling Chen called out Xiao Hui, and began to walk through the Moon God Ruins.

The feeling of walking on the ground in the ruins was extremely unpleasant, but compared to the smell, it was almost negligible.

Ling Chen continued to walk forwards with Xiao Hui. After walking for ten or so minutes, all he could see was still only ruins, but now there were occasionally some bones scattered on the ground. These bones most likely belonged to the unfortunate creatures that had been caught in the crossfire of the battle. With such a large radius of destruction, the number of innocent beings that had died was simply immeasurable. The bones that had remained were extremely fragile- simply touching them would cause them to disintegrate into dust. After all, it was extremely hot and humid here- completely different to the Forest of Bones’ chilling atmosphere.

Mixed with the rotting stench in the humid wind, grey particles of sand were continuously blown into Ling Chen’s face as he continued to walk in this overcast expanse.

Ling Chen stopped walking, and looked behind him. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t see any difference between the landscape behind him and the landscape in front of him. No matter if it was humans or animals, one would find themselves hopelessly lost in such an environment. Ling Chen took out his map, and reconfirmed his position, then started frowning…

What was going on…

After entering for such a long time, he had not seen any monsters, nor had he heard of any ‘mournful crying’. Xiao Hui also had not shown behaviour that was indicative of danger. So what was the objective of this Quest?

He was now supposedly to the south of the centre of the Ruins. After having a look at the map, he put it away, and said “Xiao Hui, let’s walk towards the north.”

With Xiao Hui leading the way, Ling Chen was not worried at all about getting lost- Xiao Hui’s performance in the Forest of Bones had been simply phenomenal. Xiao Hui led the way with Ling Chen following behind, and they advanced towards the north, slowly heading towards the centre of the Ruins.

No matter if he successfully completed the Quest or not, he could only enter the Ruins once. That meant that if Ling Chen left the map for any reason, it would count as him giving up on the Quest, and would not be given a second chance. As such, since he started the Quest, he would have to keep going until he completed it. After walking for another half an hour, something completely unexpected happened, resulting in Ling Chen suddenly stopping.

Normally, the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s wrist would be disguised as a normal bracelet by Qi Yue’s power. Only when he was using the Lunar Scourge’s skills would it revert back to its normal appearance. However, the Lunar Scourge suddenly let out a faint black glow, then changed back to its true appearance. The Gemini Orb and Sagittarius Orb embedded in the second and ninth slots respectively also released their lights.

Ling Chen stood still, and raised his right hand, staring at the Lunar Scourge. At the same time, Qi Yue’s voice sounded out in Ling Chen’s mind, “Little master, where are we?”

Qi Yue’s surprised, yet lazy voice made her sound like she had just woken up from a pleasant dream. Ling Chen immediately answered, “This is the Moon God Ruins… what’s going on with the Lunar Scourge? Why is it suddenly glowing?”

“Moon God Ruins… the place where the Shura had fallen…” Qi Yue muttered to herself. Out of the four Quests, the last one was located at the Moon God Ruins, so she was not too surprised, “It’s probably because the Lunar Scourge detected something.”

“Detected something? Could it be another God Orb or… Saint orb?”

Surprisingly, Qi Yue rejected this idea, “Probably not. Sometimes when the Lunar Scourge is close to God Orbs or Saint Orbs, it will not react at all. Even if it did react, only the corresponding socket for the Orb close by would light up. To be honest, I don’t know what the Lunar Scourge has detected either. Perhaps if you keep walking you’ll find an answer.”

Qi Yue was also curious as to why the Lunar Scourge was acting in such a way. As such, Ling Chen did not bother continuing asking any question, and continued to walk forwards with Xiao Hui leading the way. As he walked, he would occasionally look at the Lunar Scourge. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining things, but every time he advanced a certain distance, it seemed that the Lunar Scourge would glow a little brighter.

Ling Chen had been sent to the Moon God Ruins by the system. As for how he would be sent out, that was not his main concern at the moment. The ruins in front of him seemed to stretch out forever, and without knowing it, Ling Chen found that he had already been walking for two hours.

Since he had entered the Moon God Ruins, he had not encountered a single monster, nor any other type of danger. In front of him were just dark and gloomy ruins.

Taking out his map, he found that he was very, very close to the centre of the Ruins, and the black glow on the Lunar Scourge became extremely intense.

It seemed that he had not been imagining things before. The closer he walked towards the centre, the more intense the light from the Lunar Scourge became. It was evident that he was getting closer and closer to the thing that the Lunar Scourge had detected.

“Why… is there demonic aura here?” Qi Yue’s voice once again rang out in Ling Chen’s mind.

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