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Chapter 168: Undead Moon God Representative

“Demonic Aura?” Ling Chen heard what Qi Yue said as he was walking. In this place where the bones were piled high like sand in a desert, the presence of such a dark aura was not unusual.

“Yup, and this demonic aura isn’t the usual kind of deathly aura released by the undead, but instead is…”

The hot and humid air suddenly became cold, as the weeping wind howled into Ling Chen’s face. Xiao Hui stopped moving and stayed by his side, staring ahead at the endless ruins. Ling Chen also stopped and frowned as he looked on; the Lunar Scourge on his right hand was releasing an unusual dark glow.

This weeping, was it the cry described in the task?

The eerie sounds in the icy darkness made it seem as though a female ghost was crying, unsettling Ling Chen. He concluded that this wasn’t just a sound made by the wind, but indeed a woman’s cry.

There was someone… in the Moon God Ruins!?

He didn’t have to wait around for long, as less than 30m in front of him, a fast moving figure was slowly appearing. It looked like a standard female zombie, with long legs and a shawl of dark hair that shrouded her face. Her infected body was completely black, with long white drapes covering her body and legs. Extending from her back were two black wings, one spread open, and the other broken in half.

The wind was becoming increasingly cold, and the weeping sound was getting closer and closer, now as if it was right beside him. At this point, he knew that the source of the cry was coming from this female creature, but he could not decipher whether she was a ghost or a person.

“Moon God Representative!?” Qi Yue exclaimed in bewilderment.

“What? Did you say she’s…”

“The Moon God Representative can all use their power to fashion a pair of white wings. Although her wings are broken and filthy, those are definitely the wings of a Moon God Representative. You can tell from their shape. She must have been one of the Moon God Representatives that were killed during hard-fought victory against Shura. It’s possible that this is what’s left of her spirit; that’s why it continues to stay in the Moon God Ruins…” She was talking about the Moon God, but then suddenly said: “Wait no! The Moon God Representative’s powers are always imbued with Holy energy; even if there was some spirit residue after death, it would be so holy that it would not turn into a ghost. Furthermore, the body of the Moon God Representative before us seems to be emanating a purely demonic aura…”

Ling Chen was at a loss as to what Qi Yue was saying, but he was in no mood to try and understand her right now. Before him was a weeping female ghost that was floating towards them. He could sense the danger rapidly approaching.

[Undead Moon God Representative]: Type: Demon, Undead, Level: 20, Grade: sub-Celestial, HP: 99999, This was one of the Moon God Representatives that died 10,000 years ago, in the most hard fought victory against Shura. Its body was not completed destroyed and was protected by the Moon God, so it never rotted away. 100 years ago, an unknown demon energy was poured into the dead body, transforming it into an undead puppet.

Passive Abilities: 1, Dark attack resistance 50%, immune to instant death, dark, curse, confusion, sleep, berserk, and poison and all stat debuffs.

2, There is a demonic aura surrounding the body. All non-dark creatures within 20m take 50 damage per second, Light element creatures take 100 damage per second.

3, There are still remnants of the Moon God Representative’s power, physical damage resistance 35%

Active Abilities:

[Voice of damnation]: Lets out a terrible weeping, causing all non-undead creatures within 30m to have a 100% chance to be “cursed” for 10 seconds. Physical Attack, Magic Attack, HP, evasion, critical strike and pierce rate are reduced. EXP gain, and SP gain are reduced to 50%, chance of critical hits and damage received increased by 50%, cast rate: once every 30 seconds.

[Demonic Toxic Gas]: Releases a poisonous mist in a 15m radius around a target area. Does not deal damage, but puts any target into a 10 second “poisoned” and “cursed” state. When poisoned, you lose 10% HP per second. Cast rate: high.

[Undead Moon God Representative Slash]: Targets up to 3 targets within 3m ahead of the Undead Moon God Representative. 5% chance of poisoning, 5% chance of cursing, 5% chance of suppression. Cast Rate: High.

[Undead Moon God Representative Dance]: Affects all targets within 30m of the Undead Moon God Representative, dealing great damage. Also has a 15% chance of instant death. Before casting, the body will be fly up and begin to dance, releasing the intense power of the Moon God. Extremely difficult to avoid. Cast Rate: low.

Sub- Celestial grade: the grade between Lord and Celestial. The Undead Moon God Representative before them could not compare to a real Moon God, but her passive and active abilities were still frighteningly strong. When Ling Chen saw the information about her, Qi Yue had seen as well. What she suspected before was right, so she became even more cautious: “If it really has demon powers, could it be a demon from a certain clan, or just some demon that was unexpectedly hiding here that used demonic manipulation to reanimate the Moon God’s body to avoid being destroyed by her??”

Ling Chen didn’t think as much as Qi Yue; summoning his weapons, he was already fully alert and ready for combat. As the Undead Moon God Representative approached, red digital numbers appeared over his head. As long as he was within 20m of her, he would lose HP like this. A HP loss at this rate was still acceptable, but it did limit his combat prowess… that is, he was unable to use Soul Sacrifice, which stopped him from ending this battle quickly.

For a second, his eyes glimmered, and Ling Chen rushed forwards, closing in 10m towards her. The Undead Moon God Representative flicked her hair back, revealing a pale white face and letting out a shrill cry. Ling Chen’s ears went numb for a while, and his body stopped moving.

“Ding… you have been affected by curse, Magic attack, evasion, critical strike and pierce rate. EXP gain, SP gain are all decreased by 50%. Rate of taking a critical hit and taken damage increased by 50%, physical attack and hit rate unaffected.

Ling Chen’s occupation was War God, so he was unaffected by physical attack debuffs, and with the Sagittarius Orb on his body, any kind of hit rate reduction was also nullified. He was fortunate so, as the Undead Moon God Representative already had a 35% resistance against physical attacks. A further 50% debuff would have greatly increased the difficulty of this battle.

After using the Voice of Damnation, the Undead Moon God Representative stopped, before she suddenly released a cloud demonic toxic gas, which flew towards Ling Chen. He took a step in the wrong direction, and so had to flip his entire body in order to narrowly avoid the surprise attack. Rushing forwards with 2 steps, he entered within the 5m range of Ling Tian Burst, and putting his hands together, he unleashed the attack.

-410, -408.
The Undead Moon God Representative’s Defence was not ridiculous like the Warring Palace Skeleton. She was a sub-celestial super boss, but even if Defence wasn’t her specialty, she was still much stronger than a level 20 Lord boss. With the 35% physical resistance, 2 hits from the Ling Tian Burst didn’t even do more than 1000 damage.

The attack speed of the Undead Moon God Representative was relatively quick as well. Even after taking an attack, she didn’t move back in the slightest, but continued to float like the wind. When Ling Chen was within 3m of recovering his Soaring Cloud, she fired the Undead Moon God Representative slash forwards.

When the Undead Moon God Representative was casting her slash, she raised her hand. This was an obvious warning to her attack, so even if he was close, he didn’t need to be afraid. For when she raised her hand, Ling Chen would already know it was coming and could easily move out of the way. It would be easy to dodge the attacks and then quickly run past, hitting her with Ling Tian Bursts on the way.

However, the effects of the curse were not just for decoration; of the 4 times Ling Chen attacked, he hadn’t crit even once. Ling Chen didn’t worry about this, as he had sufficient vision and the ground was effectively flat. So, in the absence of any interfering external factors, he could completely focus on relentlessly attacking his target without any thought. With the current conditions he was like a God.

The demonic toxic gas, Undead Moon God Representative Slash… the Undead Moon God Representative’s weeping was always in the air, sometimes light, sometimes sharp. All kinds of attacks were launched at Ling Chen, but they all missed. Ling Chen was like a shadow, weaving past the Undead Moon God Representative, who was unleashing a storm of attacks. The Lunar Scourge on his right hand was releasing a dark glow that would have been dazzling to anyone who was watching.

783,-779,-786,-1261 (Pierce ignores Physical Defence, rather than pure Damage Reduction)

The HP of the Undead Moon God Representative was quickly decreasing, but her rapid attacks had not stopped. Other than the curse on Ling Chen which wasn’t making much of a difference, she had not landed a single attack. Ling Chen’s body was as fast as the wind, as he darted around her body. The Undead Moon God Representative’s normal attack was limited to the area in front of it, which Ling Chen dealt with best. He continually changed directions, attacking and moving quickly, occasionally taking a potion to refill drained HP. Eventually, the Undead Moon God Representative’s HP was reduced to half.


She was finally angry, rotating her body as the power of the Undead Moon God Representative began to take the form of grey swords, which she was ready to fire out around her. The range of the dance was a 30m radius, and when she started dancing, Ling Chen retreated as quickly as possible. In such a short period of time, he couldn’t escape the danger zone; the swords were starting to be fired out behind him. He quickly turned around, looking at the swords that were rushing towards him, and unexpectedly decided to face the onslaught.

The swords flew close by Ling Chen’s ears, body, and hair. He moved an uncountable number of times in a second, and emerged unscathed after all the of the swords were finally behind him. Two Ling Tian Slashes were cast on the Undead Moon Goddess who was still in the middle of her spell.

-780, -1562