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Chapter 169: Moon Goddess Light Dress

The Undead Moon God Representative had already used all of its spells at least once, yet there wasn’t even a single mark on Ling Chen’s clothes. Now that Ling Chen had seen all her skills, the whole process would be easier as she would just repeat the routine from before. Eventually, he would be able to completely deplete the Undead Moon God Representative’s HP.


The Undead Moon God Representative moved sideways like a ghost. Ling Chen was about to cast Ling Tian Slash, when he heard Xiao Hui’s cry from the side. Feeling a chill within, he concentrated on quickly casting his attack before he sensed a dangerous wind approaching him from behind. Without a moment’s hesitation, he quickly retracted his hands and turned his body to the side, quickly moving two body lengths to the right.


A grey wind blew past Ling Chen, obviously aware of his position… this was one of the Undead Moon God Representative’s abilities—Demonic Toxic Gas.
Are there more Undead Moon God Representatives!?


The danger had not been averted; Qi Yue let out a cry of caution as another Demonic Toxic Gas cloud flew from the right, hitting exactly where Ling Chen had just stopped moving. This time there was no way he could avoid it; it hit him squarely in the front, and a mass of grey gas expanded from the surface of his body.

“Ding… you have been poisoned, you will lose 10%HP per second for 10 seconds.”


The moment he was hit by the Demonic Toxic Gas, he clearly understood his situation… other than the current Moon God Representative whom he had put to half HP, there were another two with the exact same appearance. They even had the same undead properties, the same long, covering hair and filthy, broken wings that fluttered behind them.

On the map, stronger bosses were less likely to appear. In the area surrounding Azure Dragon City, encountering a high level boss was incredibly rare and only a handful of players throughout all of China had seen a Celestial Boss. However, in these Moon God Ruins, 3 sub-Celestial bosses had appeared all at once!

These three undead Moon God Representatives surrounded Ling Chen, who stood in the middle of their formation. Despite his poisoning, he did not panic, but the seeing the damage values above his head made him furrow his brow.

In one second, 4 damage values would appear, making him lose 255HP per second! At this rate of HP loss, he would be dead within a minute. This was due to the poison, stacking with the passive abilities of the three Undead Moon God Representative, which would each cause him to lose 50HP per second, totaling to a loss of 150HP per second.

If a player with low HP was standing here, there would be no need to even attack; they would run out of HP before they even got close.

Facing one Undead Moon God Representative had already been tough, let alone three.

Now finally understanding his own situation, Ling Chen didn’t hesitate any longer. Glancing around, he noticed a gap through which he could escape, and quickly rushed towards it. Right now, he needed to stop his offensive strategy and leave the vicinity of the three Undead Moon God Representatives, otherwise, the damage over time would kill him.

Ling Chen’s burst of speed could not be matched by anyone; the three Undead Moon God Representatives were about to coordinate their multi-directional attack, but for a moment there was a blur in their vision. Suddenly, they had lost their target. Two seconds had yet to pass, and Ling Chen had already reached the edge of the range of the three. He then took out a yellow potion to regain some of the HP that he had lost, then summoned the Cloud Stepping Mare and climbed on, rushing north as his HP continued to drop.

Instructing the Cloud Stepping Mare to further increase its movement speed, Ling Chen easily escaped the 20m range of the three Undead Moon God Representatives. All life draining effects disappeared except for the one from the Demonic Toxic Gas, but in the end he barely survived with 26HP. As the cool down for the yellow potion just reset, he hurriedly gulped it down, gaining back some more of the lost HP. The mare continued to push ahead, leaving the three Undead Moon God Representatives further and further behind.

The Moon God Ruins were not particularly suitable for a mare to run on, because the ground was uneven and could easily cause it to trip. This was also the reason why Ling Chen had been walking up until now. Before this incident, if he had been riding the Cloud Stepping Mare up till now, he would have been able to easily escape the three Undead Moon God Representative’s area of effect. Even though it had taken so much effort just to take one down to half HP, he would still happily face it; defeating a boss of this level, not to mention three of them, would yield a significant reward.

The poison had dissipated but Ling Chen had not slowed down, widening the gap between him and the three Undead Moon God Representatives. Over this time he had slowly restored his HP back to full, and while sitting on the Cloud Stepping Mare he looked back towards the three. Although they were chasing him together, they weren’t aligned side by side; the one which he had taken down to half health was standing at the front, while the others followed in a row behind. Their attributes were completely different, but their movement speed was exactly the same, allowing them to maintain their formation as they were chasing him.

The distance between him and the three grew until it finally became greater than the farthest Undead Moon God Representative’s aggro range. She stopped chasing him and began to aimlessly wander about. Ling Chen eyes narrowed, memorizing this distance, and after a few seconds, the second Undead Moon God Representative also halted. Now there was only one that was still in pursuit, the one that appeared first.

Now, he slowed down, allowing the Undead Moon God Representative to get nearer and nearer. When he was close to the 30m distance, he suddenly jumped off the Cloud Stepping Mare, and retuned it, then rushed towards the Undead Moon God Representative.



He could ignore her Voice of Damnation, but other than that, there were only three attacks she could use… the quickest attack she could cast was the Demonic Toxic Gas. When he was close she would use Undead Moon God Representative Slash, and for a long range attack she would use Undead Moon God Representative Dance. Before casting any of these attacks there was an obvious indicator which Ling Chen was already familiar with. While facing three of them would be impossible, facing one would be relatively stress free.

-780, -782, -779…

The damage values were like snowflakes dancing above the Undead Moon God Representative’s head. Although she was fairly resistant towards physical damage, Ling Chen’s base damage was not low. One cast also hit twice and even if she had 10,000HP, she would not last long. Her HP was depleting quickly, from half to one third and quickly to one quarter… the two other Undead Moon God Representatives were far away wandering around carefree, completely oblivious to what was happening,

-785, -3880!

A magnificent purple critical hit damage value appeared, emptying the last bit of her HP. Hitting her with a final Ling Tian slash, she was launched back onto the cold floor of the ruins where she lay motionless. From the body, emerged a dark gas that quickly dissipated in the air. By the body, a set of white, faintly glowing clothes appeared, greatly contrasting her dirty body and the grey ground.

“Ding… you have successfully defeated a level 20 sub-celestial boss ‘Undead Moon God Representative, SP increased +800, Fame +800.”

The article of clothing was exceptionally luxurious and good looking; it even felt amazingly silky, like a young girl’s skin. This piece of clothing was hard to rank amongst the 7 occupations. It was not unlike something a fairy would wear; clean and pure, floating through the clouds.

[Moon Goddess Light Dress]: Type: cosmetic whole body garment (Upper body + lower body). Equip Requirements: A pure heart. A beautiful outer garment that the Moon God Clan wears. It has been blessed by the Goddess of Order and seems to have a mysterious protective power. Occasionally, this would be graciously given to someone on the Continent, someone whose heart was pure and innocent.

Effect: When worn, immune to all debuffs.

After reading its properties, Ling Chen was deeply surprised: these turned out to be… the clothes that Moon Gods wore!

This was not some conventional armor, but a cosmetic one that was worn over normal equipment. Cosmetic equips were generally for the beauty of female players, as once worn, they could completely cover any ugly heavy armor while not affecting its properties. Cosmetic equips could be customized at the tailor to their personal specifications and could also be made there. They do not affect your attributes at all though; they were for the sake of beauty. However there were some legends in the world that speak of cosmetic equips with an additional effect, but other than Ling Chen, no one had ever seen one of these before.

But now, here it was right before him in his hands… this Moon God’s dress did not only add any old effect, what it added was an immunity to all debuffs!

There was only one condition… it required someone to be of pure heart.

Although the Undead Moon God Representative had only dropped this item, it was something that he was greatly pleased with. The cosmetic equip’s effect was so powerful that it made it priceless. Ling Chen had also decided who its first owner would be… naturally, he chose Ruo Ruo.

He looked around, seeing the other two Undead Moon God Representatives in the distance. Ling Chen became visibly eager… they could drop something like the Moon Goddess Light Dress.