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Chapter 170: Moon God Hairpin

The Lunar Scourge had been constantly releasing a dark glow; and in its current state, looked like an all-consuming abyss that grew bigger and deeper. It was getting closer to something, but what exactly?

After examining the Lunar Scourge, Ling Chen focused his attention and rushed towards the second Undead Moon God Representative, entering her aggro range. Alerted, the Undead Moon God Representative began to move towards him, which prompted Ling Chen to back up and lead her far away in order to evade her attacks and retaliate with both weapons.

And in twenty minutes, the body of the Undead Moon God Representative laid in front of Ling Chen.

“Ding… You have successfully defeated a level 20 Sub-Celestial boss ‘Undead Moon God Representative’, SP increased +800, Fame +800.”

With his abilities and equipment, taking down a single Lord boss was no problem; taking down a Super Boss between the Lord and Celestial grades was also relatively easy for him. When his abilities and equipment have been upgraded, Ling Chen’s strength would have been on par with a Celestial Boss.

The Undead Moon God Representative dropped an item upon its death, but its Moon God Light dress wasn’t the item that Ling Chen was looking for, but rather a small shiny item. He stepped forward to pick it up, holding it in his palm. Bearing the resemblance of an exquisite hairpin covered in pearls, it emanated a small warm radiance into his hand.

[Moon God Hairpin]: One of the many beautiful hairpins symbolic of the Moon Gods, and worn by every Moon God Representative. Moon God Representatives face severe punishments upon losing the hairpin, and thus do everything in their power to ensure that it is not lost to any other being. Within it contains a little amount of Moon God power, which allows the wearer to bypass the forbidden area around the Moon God Palace.

“Eh?” The item description came as a surprise to Ling Chen. Like the Moon God Light Dress, the hairpin belonged to the Moon Gods. But the Light Dress could be given to another with a pure heart whereas the hairpin could not be passed on. The Moon God Clan would definitely punish anyone who was found to be in possession of a hairpin. What was more interesting however, was its ability to allow the wearer to bypass the forbidden area which led to the Moon God Palace! It was imperative that this kind of item must not fall into the hands of other beings.

Should a human from the Forgotten Continent somehow acquire such an item, he probably would have taken it to be a holy item of worship. There was no way he would take it to the Moon Palace, even if he did have a hundred times more courage than he had already. The Moon Palace was a holy land that held Mystic Moon’s strongest clan – the most revered in all of Mystic Moon. It was not a place that could be accessed by ordinary people. And even with the Moon God Hairpin, an ordinary person would barely have enough strength to get near the palace. There wasn’t a difference between entering and suicide when Moon Gods were all True Gods or Demigods.

Anyone who possessed the Moon God Hairpin only needed common sense to realise that it is a potential time bomb, and should be immediately returned to the body of the Moon God Representative. But Ling Chen kept it anyway, putting it in his bag. He then turned around, and rushed to attack the last Moon God Representative. “Aren’t you worried that you might get discovered by the Moon God Clan?” Qi Yue asked.

“Of course I’m worried,” replied Ling Chen, “but throwing it away will be show that I’m afraid of them. Now that I have it, it’s better to keep it on me. Who knows, maybe I’ll use it one day.”

Qi Yue laughed. “As time passes Young Master, I find myself taking a liking to your personality more and more. But the young master need not worry about carrying the hairpin – your great storage space would make it hard for it to be detected, even by a Moon God.” The incredible softness of her voice was so relaxing it caused Ling Chen to almost get hit by one of the Representative’s attacks.

After taking care of the previous two Representatives, the third one was a piece of cake. Altogether, they awarded Ling Chen 2400SP and the peacefulness in the surrounding area was restored. Even though the weeping disappeared with the triumph of slaying the three Moon God Representatives, Ling Chen had still not completed the quest to investigate the source of the weeping.

Although a sub-celestial boss dropping an item was lucky enough, Ling Chen felt slightly down at the lack of any items dropped by the third Undead Moon God Representative. He turned his attention back to the Lunar Scourge. It was still reacting, but to what? Just as he was going to continue moving ahead, he turned around and caught sight of a dull metallic luster. The luster was not weak enough to be an illusion or a reflection, and upon further searching, Ling Chen found a cold key near the body of a Moon God Representative.

The key was of a dark colour and rusted. After falling onto the ground it easily blended into the colour of the ruins.

[Old Key]: The Old Key is very old. It contains the power of the Moon God Clan and is unable to be destroyed by the forces of nature, preserving its state even now. It may be used to unlock the 7th shrine at the Moon God Palace, the “Water Celestial Shrine”.

Could it be that the Moon God Representative that lives in the 7th shrine, the “Water Celestial Shrine”, is the Water Celestial God Representative? The Moon God Light Dress, the Moon God Hairpin, the Old Key – these items were originally held by Moon God Representatives. Every Moon God Representative could be a god of the humans, and their power, self-evident, could sustain them even ten thousand years after death. Obtaining their items were an extremely difficult task and yet, Ling Chen was able to acquire three of them.

Wasting no more time thinking about it, Ling Chen continued to push ahead, looking forward to battling more Undead Moon God Representatives so that he could gain a large amount of SP and valuable items.

In his half hour trek, Ling Chen didn’t encounter a single moving creature. He took out his map and discovered that he was already close to the exact center of the area.

The dark glow coming from the Lunar Scourge was reaching an extreme point of darkness, covering half of Ling Chen’s right hand with a pitch black colour.

“Do you know what it’s reacting to now?” He asked.

“Nope,” Qi Yue answered. “This is my first time seeing the Lunar Scourge reacting in such an aggressive manner. The Lunar Scourge has a sense of familiarity, so perhaps that’s what it’s reacting to. What’s more…” There was a slight hesitation before she continued, “the Lunar Scourge seems to be calling something.”

Ling Chen was taken by surprise. “Calling what?”

The sound of weeping rang aloud, and Ling Chen immediately looked up. A grey silhouette aimlessly floated about within his line of sight – another Undead Moon God Representative!

Ling Chen readied his weapons, took a deep breath, and rushed towards it. The wandering Representative suddenly stopped in its tracks and rushed towards him, letting out a long, shrilling cry. Ling Chen suddenly slowed down. He was outside the normal aggro range, but how did this particular Representative notice him from an even further distance?

His eyes widened, and a chilly wind blew past him. In a mere few moments, the Undead Moon God Representative had closed the distance between them by half. Her dark hair and stained white dress – she looked like the previous three Undead Moon God Representatives except for one small detail: the wings on her back. They were not broken, but instead still seemed to be perfectly fine. The colour of her wings were also pitch black in comparison to the wings of the other Representatives which were only a dark shade.

[Dark Undead Moon God Representative]: Type: Dark, Undead, Level: 30, Grade: Celestial. More information cannot be detected. Passive abilities and Active Abilities cannot be detected.