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Chapter 171: Demon’s Laughter

The information that Xiao hui transmitted turned the joy Ling Chen felt at finding the Undead Moon God Representative to one of shock- indeed, this was an Undead Moon God Representative, but she was completely different to the three from before. The one in front of him right now was a LV30 Celestial Boss! It was much more powerful than the three from before combined together by many times!

-200, -200……

Ling Chen immediately stopped walking, but the damage figures above his head caused him to stare in dismay. She also had the demonic aura that the other Moon God Representatives had, but the damage over time was 4 times greater! Moreover, the AOE was a whole thirty metres!

Ling Chen definitely could not sustain this sort of HP loss. This meant that against this Dark Undead Moon God Representative, he had no chance of winning. Without a second thought, Ling Chen turned around and ran. However, the Dark Undead Moon God pursued him like a howling gale, and despite Ling Chen running at his full speed, the distance between them shrank to five metres. Suddenly, a sense of danger rushed at him from behind, causing him to instinctively jump up. A few rays of black light streaked through the area where Ling Chen’s body had just been. This was the Dark Undead Moon God Representative’s Undead Moon God Slash. However, no matter if it was attack speed or the range, they were both at least double that of the other Moon God Representatives’ from before. LV30 Celestial Bosses were simply incomparable to LV20 Celestial Bosses.

After jumping up, Ling Chen hit the ground rolling and called out the Cloud Stepping Mare simultaneously. Before he even regained his footing, he once again jumped up, and sat onto the Cloud Stepping Mare’s back, and sped away.


Even with a large increase to his Movement Speed, he could tell that he had not left the Undead Moon God Representative behind. The damage figures did not stop appearing over his head, so he hurriedly drank a yellow potion, recovering his HP. However, with such a rate of HP loss, even if he used the yellow potions at the right time every time, he would only be able to last for twenty or so seconds.

He turned around and looked at the Dark Undead Moon God Representative, and found that even with the Cloud Stepping Mare, their Movement Speeds were about equal. Thus, even if she couldn’t catch up to him, he would still lose HP from her demonic aura. At this moment, he saw the Dark Undead Moon God Representative’s abdomen slightly contract.

This was one of the Undead Moon God Representative’s skills- Demonic Toxic Gas’ set-up action!


The biggest disadvantage for riding a mount was that although one’s Movement Speed increased, one would not be as agile. After all, one could never control a mount as well as they controlled their own body. Although the Demonic Toxic Gas didn’t have any on-hit damage, it would apply the poison status to him. With the HP loss of 200 HP per second, then adding on a poison status, he would definitely die in seconds. Moreover, the poison was bound to be also a lot stronger than those of the Undead Moon God Representatives from before.

The Demonic Toxic Gas was the fastest attack skill that the Undead Moon God Representatives had. Ling Chen didn’t even have time to think as he used both hands to propel himself off the Cloud Stepping Mare’s back, and as he was falling, used his feet to kick off from the Cloud Stepping Mare’s sides…


By kicking away from the Cloud Stepping Mare, Ling Chen was able to fall quite a distance away. Moments later, the Cloud Stepping Mare was hit by the Demonic Toxic Gas and died immediately.

“Ding… your mount ‘Cloud Stepping Mare’ has died.”

It turned out that this Dark Undead Moon God Representative’s Demonic Toxic Gas even applied on-hit damage, instantly killing the Cloud Stepping Mare!

Ling Chen, who was still on the ground, didn’t even have time to mourn the loss of his 20,000 gold coins as he flipped his body up and quickly raised his right hand.

“Moon Shadow!”

An incredibly dark light burst out from the Lunar Scourge, covering the Dark Undead Moon God Representative and fixing it in place.

While the Undead Moon God Representative had been frozen, Ling Chen quickly glanced at his HP, then ran as fast as he could. He hoped that he would be able to get out of its aggro range before the 5 seconds ended. However, her aggro range was 70 metres. It was almost impossible to run that far in just 5 seconds.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds……

Ling Chen finally ran out of the AOE of the demonic aura, and his HP did not continue to drop anymore. This caused him to give a small sigh of relief. Immediately, he drank another yellow potion, causing his almost depleted HP bar to recover. However, after two seconds, the Moon Shadow’s effects would disappear, and he simply couldn’t think of a way to get rid of the Dark Undead Moon God Representative in the remaining time.


While thinking, sounds of howling came from his side. This sound greatly surprised Ling Chen, and he almost walked into Xiao Hui, who had suddenly stopped.

Of course, this sound had come from Xiao Hui.

“Xiao Hui, what’s wrong?”

Ling Chen also stopped walking. Just as he asked Xiao Hui, his eyes widened.



Xiao Hui’s four limbs were extremely straight and tensed up, and his claws dug deeply into the ground. His whole body arched up, and his grey fur was standing up completely, looking like strands of needles. He furiously gnashed together his teeth, and his eyes had a vicious look in them as he continued to howl.

Ling Chen realised, Xiao Hui’s behaviour indicated that a terrifying danger was coming nearer… no, was already near!

Moon Shadow’s effects disappeared, and the Dark Undead Moon God Representative began to charge at him again. Ling Chen turned around, but did not take any action. This was because a dark light shot down from the sky, and landed squarely onto the Dark Undead Moon God Representative’s body.


The dark light exploded on the Dark Undead Moon God Representative’s body, and then disappeared as a black fog. After the black fog disappeared, the Dark Undead Moon God Representatives stopped moving, as if it was a puppet that had stopped. A dark and cruel laughter that sounded like it came from hell boomed down from above…

“Heheheheh… Heheheh…”

The sky suddenly darkened, and the wind stopped blowing. Apart from the hellish laughter, everything in the area was silent and still. Only the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s right hand shone with a piercing dark light. An aura so terrifying that it felt as if it was cutting through his bones descended from the sky like a mountain. Cold sweat burst forth across Ling Chen’s whole body.

This… this is…

Ling Chen’s teeth started to involuntarily chatter, and his body began to sway like a blade of grass in the wind. Under such overwhelming pressure, this was his body’s natural reaction. Ling Chen slowly raised his head, and looked up at the sky… in the sky, a dark cloud was slowly moving, and released a demonic laughter.

This sort of pressure, this sort of aura, this trembling, this scenery, it all seemed so familiar…

It reminded Ling Chen of that time in Lonely Spirit Ridge when the War Demon Beast had appeared… no, it was even more terrifying than that time.

Could it… Could it be……

“I knew it! I thought of it as a possibility, but I never thought they would have the guts to come to this place… this place’s demonic aura, as well as the demonic energy controlling those Undead Moon God Representatives all came from it! One of the ten ancient demon beasts… with the strongest control over darkness, the Shadow Demon Beast!”

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Before Qi Yue had called out, Ling Chen had already guessed this. This sort of terrifying feeling and aura was indeed that of one of the ten ancient demon beasts!

So it was hiding here!! A Mysterious God level demon beast!

“Heheheh… hahaha… What do I see here… hahahah…” [TLN: Again, the ‘I’ is written as ‘My Royal Demon Self’] The Shadow Demon Beast’s laughter was incredibly excited and arrogant, as if it had seen something it had desired for a long time, “That light just then, was the Moon Shadow only the Lunar Scourge has… that’s right… it’s the Lunar Scourge. It’s the Lunar Scourge that my Demon Clan has searched for unceasingly, hahaha… hahaha!!”

This voice caused Ling Chen’s heart to sink even further.

“It’s… over!”

It wasn’t just Ling Chen’s heart that sunk, but also Qi Yue’s. This was because the scenario that they were dreading the most, only ten or so days after the Lunar Scourge had come into Ling Chen’s possession, was occurring right before their eyes.

Before, in order to escape from the Dark Undead Moon God Representative, Ling Chen was forced to use “Moon Shadow.” At that time, this Shadow Demon Beast must have been secretly observing Ling Chen. As one of the ten ancient demon beasts, how would it not recognise that item that everyone knew about back then, and how would it not know about its unique light and unique skills.

The Lunar Scourge had been exposed.

Ling Chen was very clear about the consequences of the Lunar Scourge being exposed. The Shadow Demon Beast’s excited and arrogant laughter already told him the answer… knowing that he possessed the Lunar Scourge, the Shadow Demon Beast would risk everything to take it away from him. This meant that as long as he didn’t hand over the Lunar Scourge, he would forever be pursued by the Shadow Demon Beast… no, all of the demon beasts! The Shadow Demon Beast was sure to tell all the other demon beasts about this information. What was even more terrifying was that if the Moon God Clan found out about it too, he would no longer be able to exist in this Mystic Moon world.

Thinking to here, Ling Chen, who had maintained his calm in the face of this overwhelming danger, felt droplets of cold sweat roll down his forehead.