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Chapter 210: Venting (1)

You’ve lost…

These two words concluded the intense duel, and gave a conclusion that was completely unexpected by everyone present. The Sword Emperor had indeed lost- it was obvious that the Sword Emperor was far inferior to Ling Tian, just based on the thirty moves that Ling Tian had earlier dodged. Afterwards, a single strike from Ling Tian had sent the Sword Emperor’s sword flying, and another could have immediately taken the Sword Emperor’s life. Although Ling Tian’s Zephyr Blade did not touch the Sword Emperor, everyone knew that with the 10,000+ damage he had earlier dealt to the Flame Emperor, the Sword Emperor would have been instantly killed.

The moment Ling Tian swept the Sword Emperor’s sword flying and stopped his Zephyr Blade in front of the Sword Emperor’s chest, all the spectators stopped breathing, and stared dumbfounded. The players who were close to the action were unceasingly taking photos of this scene that would shake the entirety of China.

The legend of the Sword Emperor had been shattered. This Ling Tian, who had previously been unheard of, and had monopolised all of the top rankings, had defeated the number 1 player on the Heaven Rankings, the invincible Sword Emperor.
Annihilating the Flame Emperor, defeating the Sword Emperor- Ling Tian had consecutively defeated the two strongest players in the Yan Huang Alliance. At this moment, Ling Tian’s fame had skyrocketed. Even the incredibly famous and reputable Yan Huang Alliance had become his stepping stone to fame and glory.

“He won… He won!!!!”

Within Heart’s Dream’s small house, Xiao Qi yelled out joyously, and excitedly hugged Su’Er beside her. They jumped up and down cheerfully like a pair of rabbits. Her big brother Ling Tian had really defeated the almighty Sword Emperor. Such a strong person was actually their guildmate, someone who trained with them and gave them many precious equipment. For him to achieve such an accomplishment, it gave them a feeling of boundless pride and joy.

Shui Ruo cupped her cheeks in her hands, her smile like that of a pure and unblemished doll. Yun Meng Xin’s mouth contained a trace of a smile, and her gaze was completely dumbfounded. Mu Bing Yao’s expression grew warmer, and her mouth drew upwards into a smile, gazing at this man who everyone had their attention on… this sort of attention, glory and fame was something that he had always deserved.

Ling Chen withdrew the Zephyr Blade from against the Sword Emperor’s chest. Under his mask, no one could see what sort of expression he had, and what sort of emotions were held in his eyes. He desperately wanted to softly ask, “Is it you?” However, looking at the Sword Emperor standing right in front of him, his lips trembled, and he was not able to make a sound.

Within his field of vision, the Sword Emperor silently turned around. The fury and killing intent that had been radiating out from her immediately disappeared. She walked forward for about three steps, and flicked her wrist, sending a small token flying out towards Long Tian Yun, which he caught.

Guild Creation Token!

She didn’t give it directly to Ling Tian, but rather gave it to Long Tian Yun. Afterwards, she disappeared. Perhaps she returned to town, or maybe she had logged off.

The Flame Emperor had died, and the Sword Emperor had been defeated. Neither of Long Tian Yun’s guardians were by his side. This time, even with the entire Yan Huang Alliance behind him, Long Tian Yun had been completely upstaged by Ling Tian.

As the Sword Emperor departed, the Plains Region erupted into shouting and cheering.

“Ling Tian! Ling Tian! Ling Tian! Ling Tian! Ling Tian!”

“The Sword Emperor lost! Ling Tian is number 1 on the Heaven Rankings now!”

“I was expecting to see the Sword Emperor dominate Ling Tian- I never thought such an inexplicable thing would happen! Ling Tian’s so strong! He beat both the Flame Emperor and the Sword Emperor!”

“Hey, do you guys think Ling Tian, who beat the Sword Emperor like that, could fight on par with Eve?”

“It’s very possible! If our China Region has a player who can fight against Eve, we won’t be laughed at by those Western players anymore! Ling Tian! Ling Tian!”

“Ling Tian! Ling Tian!”

The Plains Region was inundated by shouts of “Ling Tian”, which caused one’s ears to ache. The strong were always worshipped and admired by all- yesterday, when he had challenged the Sword Emperor, he had been ridiculed. The moment he had defeated the Sword Emperor, those mocking laughs had turned into cheers of admiration.

This result had been completely unforeseen by everyone, including the Yan Huang Alliance. No matter how hard he tried, Long Tian Yun could not suppress the dark look on his face as he tightly gripped the Guild Creation Token. He had spent a gigantic fortune in order to purchase it, in order to set alight the fire of the Yan Huang Alliance’s glory. However, what he had been met with was unimaginable humiliation- the token had gone from being the “first” to “second”, and had even been rendered unusable. Now, the Sword Emperor had lost and the Guild Creation Token was going to given to Ling Tian… even if Long Tian Yun wanted to go back on his promise, this was impossible, as he had made the bet with Ling Tian in front of the whole world.

Anyone could imagine how furious and humiliated he felt.

“Heheh, what a spectacular outcome.” Hearing the unceasing shouting and cheering, Yun Feng secretly smiled, and said to himself, “But I just don’t understand why he challenged the Sword Emperor, and set the Guild Creation Token as stakes… come to think of it, what is his background? Why does he seem to have such deep enmity with Long Tian Yun? It even seems to be incredibly grievous, absolutely irreconcilable…

“What an exciting outcome,” Against the Sky said with a laugh, “I bet the misfortunes he’s suffered in these past two days have been the biggest he’s ever experienced in his whole life, hahaha.”

“Indeed. It seems that we need to do some research on this person’s background. However, something seems a bit off.” Skyfall tapped on his chin, looking at the unmoving Ling Tian, “Before, he was extremely arrogant, even towards the Yan Huang Alliance. Although he definitely could have easily killed the Sword Emperor, he chose not to… and he clearly won, but now he’s so silent, completely different to before.”

“Perhaps because he doesn’t want to push the Yan Huang Alliance to far. After all, the Yan Huang Alliance is still quite powerful. Even if he was ten times as powerful, if he made an enemy of the Yan Huang Alliance, he would still be finished.” Against the Sky replied.

Skyfall shook his head, “No, he’s already made an enemy of the Yan Huang Alliance. Now, he has two choices- he could join the Yan Huang Alliance, and Long Tian Yun would welcome him with open arms. Otherwise…”

“Be destroyed by the Yan Huang Alliance.” Against the Sky finished his sentence. Without enough power, this is the only result. If he doesn’t choose to join the Yan Huang Alliance, our Skyfall Dynasty would be the best place to go.”

“Alliance Master Long.” At this time, Ling Tian, who had kept silent, finally spoke. As soon as he started to speak, everyone began to quieten down. No one could possibly forget the stakes of the bet Ling Tian and Long Tian Yun had made.

He walked towards Long Tian Yun, stopped about ten steps away, and stretched out his hand, “Your Yan Huang Alliance’s Sword Emperor has lost. According to our bet, the Guild Creation Token belongs to me.”

Being someone who had been respected and admired since he was young, being spoken to in such a way as the loser of the bet was something that would normally never happen in Long Tian Yun’s life, nor would there ordinarily dare to speak to him like this.

However, this was exactly the current reality.

As such, he elegantly smiled- the smile did not seem forced at all.

“To be honest, this result was out of my expectations, because I understand how powerful the Sword Emperor is, and have absolute faith in the Sword Emperor’s power,” Long Tian Yun casually said, “I was very shocked that the Sword Emperor lost, but I’m also feeling very excited. This is because this means that a player that can defeat the Sword Emperor has appeared in China! This is an extremely joyous occasion for all of China! Our China’s strength has once again significantly increased. In the next International Mock Battle, if Ling Tian can represent China, our country will definitely achieve great results!”


“Well said!!”

Within the crowd, there were many shouts of agreement.

Long Tian Yun did not stop, and passed the Guild Creation Token to Flame Shadow beside him, “Compared to what I just talked about, this Guild Creation Token is a small matter. Ling Tian, since you’ve won, our Yan Huang Alliance will definitely keep its word and give the Guild Creation Token to you.” As he said this, he nodded towards Flame Shadow, who presented the Guild Creation Token to Ling Chen.

“Heh, Long Tian Yun’s ability to control the situation and twist it to his favour is quite outstanding.” Against the Sky said as he coldly laughed.

“Although he’s young, he’s definitely much harder to deal with than those much older than him. It’s true that there are no ordinary people in the Long family.” Skyfall said.

Ling Tian took the Guild Creation Token and put it away. This Guild Creation Token that had costed the Yan Huang Alliance 1 billion gold now belonged to Ling Tian.

“So that matter’s now over. Although we lost a small Guild Creation Token, we received a joyful surprise, so I’d say it’s worth it.” Long Tian Yun said smilingly. No one could see any fury or resentment in his expression. He took two steps forwards, and said while looking at Ling Chen in the eyes, “Brother Ling Tian, right now I, Long Tian Yun, have a favour to ask of you. I would like you to invite you to join our Yan Huang Alliance. I guarantee on my surname, ‘Long’, that you will never regret your decision if you decide to join us.”