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Chapter 211: Venting (2)

“I would like you to invite you to join our Yan Huang Alliance. I guarantee on my surname, ‘Long’, that you will never regret your decision if you decide to join us.”


The Plains Region once again erupted into roaring and shouting. After the intense battle, Long Tian Yun had personally invited Ling Tian to join the Yan Huang Alliance in public. This caused everyone to feel incredibly shocked.

Every great power would want to have a player that could defeat the Sword Emperor- including the Yan Huang Alliance.

If Ling Tian joined the Yan Huang Alliance, they would have Ling Tian, the Sword Emperor and the Flame Emperor… it would be like giving wings to a tiger, and they would become absolutely invincible. At the same time, they wouldn’t have really ‘lost’ the Guild Creation Token, and the shamefulness of the Yan Huang Alliance’s Sword Emperor losing to Ling Tian would also disappear… because it would have just been a duel between two parties in the Yan Huang Alliance.

Based on his performance in the duel, if Ling Tian decided to join the Yan Huang Alliance, he would receive the highest treatment. His position would only be inferior to that of Long Tian Yun’s, and so would his fame. He would probably have millions of people under his command. Long Tian Yun even promised that he would never regret his decision, and staked this on his name.

This was simply an irresistible offer.

After all, on the other hand, if he publicly refused, he would once again damage Long Tian Yun’s already shattered pride and dignity. His reward would be the hatred and fury of Long Tian Yun and the entire Yan Huang Alliance. Everyone knew what would be the outcome. With the strength of the Yan Huang Alliance, even if Ling Tian was incredibly powerful, he was still an ant.

As such, to all the spectators, accepting or rejecting was the difference between heaven and hell.

Everyone’s attention was once again focused upon Ling Tian, waiting for his answer. If he chose to accept, the Yan Huang Alliance would gain another super expert, and everything that had happened on this day would go from negatively affecting the Yan Huang Alliance to greatly benefiting them. If he refused… he would still be the number 1 on the Heaven Rankings, but his life in the Yan Huang Alliance would become much more difficult. It was even possible that the Yan Huang Alliance would come after him to kill him.

Ling Tian remained silent for a long time. No one could see his expression, but it seemed that he was staring at Long Tian Yun, seriously considering the benefits and costs.

Long Tian Yun’s mouth grew wider as he spoke again, “Ling Tian, from your past actions, it seems that you’re someone who treasures freedom, and doesn’t like anyone or anything imposing on your freedom. This I can completely understand. With your power, you probably wouldn’t be willing to be under anyone either. You can rest assured that if you join the Yan Huang Alliance, you can still maintain your freedom- you can go wherever you want, do what you want to do, and will not be accountable to anyone. Instead, you can use the Yan Huang Alliance’s power whenever you want. All that will be required of you will be to appear when the Yan Huang Alliance needs you.”

If he joined the Yan Huang Alliance, not only would he keep his freedom, but would be able to use the Yan Huang Alliance’s power whenever he wanted. This was an unimaginably good deal. Even the Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor were not treated in such a way. Many players’ hearts began to thump loudly. Who could resist a deal like this? Would the Yan Huang Alliance once again gain a super expert?

In the Azure Dragon City, within the small house occupied by Heart’s Dream, the girls all began to look worried. The Alliance Master of one of the largest guilds in the world was personally inviting Ling Tian in public with such irresistible conditions. They couldn’t help but be anxious that Ling Tian would really join the Yan Huang Alliance. After all, if he joined the Yan Huang Alliance, he would instantly become someone in charge of countless people. However, if he stayed in Heart’s Dream, he would receive little to no benefits from this guild that no one had even heard of.

“No way, no way, big brother Ling Tian definitely wouldn’t betray us. He’ll definitely refuse.” Xiao Qi’s hands were tightly clasped together, staring at the silent Ling Tian on the screen. His silence meant that there was still a possibility of him accepting. The longer he stayed silent, the faster her heart thumped.

“Big sister Qi Qi, don’t worry, big brother will definitely refuse.” Ling Shui Ruo smilingly said as she pulled on Xiao Qi’s sleeves.

“I also believe that he’ll definitely refuse.” Yun Meng Xin said. However, a flash of worry appeared on her face… if he publicly refused, Long Tian Yun’s pride would once again take another blow, and he would hate Ling Tian even more… at that time, what could he do? It was the Yan Huang Alliance that he was facing!

“Goddamn! With these sorts of conditions, even I want to join!” Against the Sky frowned, and his face darkened, “If Ling Tian really joined the Yan Huang Alliance, it would be terrible for us!”

“Ling Tian can no longer be considered as simply ‘a person’. With his incredible fame and attraction, if he joins the Yan Huang Alliance, we will never be able to fight with them ever again.” Skyfall replied.

At this moment, the silent Ling Tian began to speak.

“Haha.” A very casual laugh came out of his mouth. No one could tell that behind the mask, within those eyes was a look of wrath and hatred!

Originally, he did not intend to fully become enemies with the Yan Huang Alliance. His goal was to simply anger Long Tian Yun and make him lose some face. It wasn’t yet time for him to completely go against the Yan Huang Alliance.

However, that name, “Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance” and the silent Sword Emperor wrapped tightly in her cloak… caused boundless hatred to flow out from within him. His silence earlier was not in contemplation, but rather in an attempt to control his emotions. In the end, he still failed.

The result of his failure was the uncontrollable release of his emotions.

He laughed sinisterly, “Long Tian Yun, the conditions you gave were pretty good. If you asked earlier, I might have really agreed. However…”

“However…” This word caused Long Tian Yun’s face to stiffen, and caused every player to hold their breath. Because this word meant that Ling Tian had refused!

“…There’s someone else who gave me equally good conditions in exchange for me defeating the Sword Emperor and taking away your Guild Creation Token.”


As soon as Ling Tian said this sentence, the players began to clamour and shout, and Long Tian Yun’s face darkened. From his words, it seemed that Ling Tian was being instructed by someone. The next sentence that came out of his mouth caused everyone to be greatly shocked.

“At the same time, I was also instructed to take your life!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager appeared in his hand. Like a bolt of lightning, he charged towards Long Tian Yun who was about ten steps away.

“Ahh!!” Within Heart’s Dream’s small room, the girls left out a cry of dismay… he, he actually wanted to kill Long Tian Yun! He wanted to kill the man with the most influence in the entire virtual world!

“Holy crap! Is he crazy?!!” Yun Feng’s eyes widened as he shouted out loud.

Compared to when he had defeated the Sword Emperor, this scene was much more unbelievable to the spectators. Ling Tian actually wanted to kill Long Tian Yun, the one person no one would even dare to anger!

“Protect the Alliance Master!!”

“Stop him!”

However, Ling Chen’s rage exploded, and he let out his full strength. This shield formation that could only stop normal players, how could it block him?

“Piss off!!”

He yelled as a “Ling Tian Burst” flew out from the Great Ravager in his right hand, and five Shield bearers were sent flying. This caused a large gap to appear in the shield formation. Through this gap, he saw the glow of a scroll, and Long Tian Yun subsequently disappeared.

Ling Chen frowned. He was about ten steps away from Long Tian Yun, and his attacks were enough to force Long Tian Yun into combat mode. This meant that he would not have been able to use a teleport scroll that allowed him to return to town. Thus, what he used was probably a scroll that could allow him to teleport somewhere not too far away while in combat mode.

Immediately after, a flash of light shone out, and Long Tian Yun appeared 20 metres away within a group of players!

So it was a scroll that allowed him to short-range teleport while in combat mode! It wasn’t too strange that Long Tian Yun had such an item- after all, the Yan Huang Alliance was quite large and had abundant resources.

From when Ling Chen had attacked, to the formation of the shield formation then Long Tian Yun teleporting, only a few seconds had passed. Most players had only just realised what was happening, and began to shout and yell in disbelief. Countless players charged out from the gigantic crowd towards Ling Chen.

These were all members of the Yan Huang Alliance who were hiding within the crowd. Seeing that Ling Tian wanted to kill their Alliance Master, they couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

“The Yan Huang Alliance has all come out, it’s impossible for Ling Tian to kill Long Tian Yun! Immediately order people to help Ling Tian escape, but don’t let the Yan Huang Alliance know it was us. In public, we still have to maintain good relations with them. In future, we’ll reveal this favour to Ling Tian, which will benefit us greatly!” Within the chaos, Skyfall quickly said to Against the Sky, who immediately nodded.

Ling Chen’s attack towards Long Tian Yun was like the flame that sparked a massive explosion. Countless members of the Yan Huang Alliance flooded out, surrounding him. Countless shields, spears, swords, axes surrounded him, and countless elemental attacks and arrows were all locked on to him.

In just a moment, he had been completely surrounded by hundreds of people.

Ling Chen ignored everything around him, and his hate-filled gaze was directed at Long Tian Yun, who was about 20 metres away.

Seeing as I want to kill you, not even god can keep you alive today!

Ling Chen was not fazed at all by the encirclement, and did not have any plans of retreat. Instead, this caused him to become even more furious. He charged towards where Long Tian Yun was, and waved both hands outwards.



Two Ling Tian Bursts came out of his weapons, and instantly annihilated all the players around him. At this moment, countless arrows and elemental attacks flew at him from all directions… no matter where he went, he would definitely be hit. Ling Chen continued to press forward, as if he didn’t see the attacks, then jumped up. He activated ‘Moon Shadow’ , and froze everything around him. A white light flashed and the Soaring Cloud Spear replaced the Zephyr Blade in his left hand.

The distance between Long Tian Yun and himself was now only around 15 metres. However, there were numerous Shield bearers gathered around Long Tian Yun, forming an impenetrable wall. With circles upon circles of Shield bearers surrounding him, it was almost impossible to even get near.

Ling Chen coldly laughed, and threw the spear towards Long Tian Yun. The Soaring Cloud spear shot out from his hand like a silver meteor.






One, two, three, four, seven, ten, thirteen, sixteen, twenty one…

The silver meteor pierced through twenty one Shield bearers and their shields, and then finally pierced through Long Tian Yun’s chest, nailing him to the ground.

Ling Chen’s lips curved upwards. He had finally been able to release some of the anger stored up within him.

If I want you dead before dawn, no one can keep you alive to see the sun rise!