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Chapter 213: The Curtain Falls

After the nightmarish light had disappeared, Ling Tian was nowhere to be seen, and the revived Long Tian Yun once again lay dead on the ground.

This time, the Yan Huang Alliance did not have any more revival scrolls to revive Long Tian Yun with.

Flame Shadow gnashed his teeth, his entire body trembling. At the same time, he felt an unimaginable fear well up within him… annihilating the Flame Emperor, defeating the Sword Emperor, and killing the Alliance Master twice! And he had even been able to escape!

Being surrounded by thousands of Yan Huang Alliance players, he had been able to kill Long Tian Yun not once, but twice, and was even able to safely escape!!

No one had ever been able to pull of such a feat before… and prior to today, no one would even believe such a thing was possible.

Was this Ling Tian even human!?

Being enemies with such a person… the Yan Huang Alliance could not be intimidated by any person or any power, but yet when it came to Ling Tian…

“Immediately find me Ling Tian, he’s definitely in the crowd somewhere!”

Despite Flame Shadow yelling out in a loud voice, everyone could hear a sense of powerlessness in his voice. The Flame Emperor had been killed, the Sword Emperor had been defeated, and Long Tian Yun had been killed twice… after today, Ling Tian’s name would resound like thunder throughout the entirety of China. As for the Yan Huang Alliance, it had been reduced to a stepping stone for Ling Tian, having been completely defeated by him.

There were countless players gathered at the Plains Region. Ling Tian, who was probably hiding within the crowd, had definitely already changed the equipment he had on, and his mask was a very commonly used one. Finding him in such a large crowd was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Moreover, with his power, how could he be found so easily?

Just as the Yan Huang Alliance began their search for Ling Tian, players began to quickly leave. Soon, more and more players were beginning to leave in different directions. There were simply too many people leaving, and even with thousands of people present, it was impossible for the Yan Huang Alliance to stop everyone. They could only watch as masses of people departed… it was almost impossible to find Ling Tian in such conditions.

In the end, they could only cut their losses and collect the items and equipment that the players who had died had dropped. From yesterday to today, the Yan Huang Alliance’s dignity and reputation had plummeted, and this was the first time the guild members of the Yan Huang Alliance had felt so ashamed to be part of it.

There were still some people remaining who were looking around to see if Ling Tian would reappear, in hope that they would see this legendary figure again.

“Why did he kill Long Tian Yun… he shouldn’t have done this.” Yun Feng’s mind was a complete mess. Yesterday, Ling Tian had directly confessed that it was him who had defrauded Long Tian Yun, but he said that he wouldn’t make an enemy of Long Tian Yun. However, what he did just then was in complete contradiction to his words from yesterday. Having killed Long Tian Yun, Long Tian Yun would definitely hate him to the bones, and would use the full force of the Yan Huang Alliance to completely crush him!

“Do you know him?” Beside him, Xiao Qiu Feng suddenly asked.

“Err… no, no I don’t.” Yun Feng quickly shook his head.

“You don’t?” Xiao Qiu Feng gave a slight harrumph, “I heard Qi Qi say that it was you who recruited Ling Tian into Heart’s Dream.”

A trail of cold sweat rolled down Yun Feng’s forehead. If this was known by Long Tian Yun, it would be easy for him to discover Ling Tian’s identity through Yun Feng, which would be disastrous. Yun Feng gritted his teeth, and desperately tried to think of an excuse or explanation. However, Xiao Qiu Feng had already turned to leave, and a cold voice entered Yun Feng’s ears, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. However, if it’s possible, I’d like to get to know this Ling Tian. Annihilating the Flame Emperor, defeating the Sword Emperor and disrespecting Long Tian Yun to such a degree, then escaping so easily… he’s a true man.”

Yun Feng let out a breath of relief. Hearing Xiao Qiu Feng say such a thing, he could be at ease.

Before, he didn’t think that there was such great enmity between Ling Chen and Long Tian Yun. It seemed that he would have to be more careful from now on- any evidence of a connection between Ling Chen and himself had to be covered up… otherwise, there would be great trouble for himself, Meng Xin, as well as any other of Ling Chen’s friends.

Yun Feng was very curious as to what caused Ling Chen to hate Long Tian Yun so much.

There weren’t any people around where he was, so he turned on his communication device and contacted Ling Chen, asking in a low voice, “Ling Tian, are you alright?”

“En.” Ling Chen calmly replied.

“Why did you kill Long Tian Yun? Didn’t you think of the consequences? The Yan Huang Alliance is much more powerful than you think, and didn’t you say yesterday…”

“I let my emotions get the better of me,” Ling Chen bitterly laughed, “Although I completely and utterly hate him, I was too rash. However, I don’t regret it at all. Since I’ve already started this, in future, whenever I see him, I’ll kill him. As for consequences, I’m not too worried- I’m not afraid of their revenge.

Yun Feng was shocked, “You…”

“Yun Feng, you saved Shui Ruo, so I will definitely accomplish what I promised you. Moreover, I won’t bring any trouble to your Yun family, and especially not Meng Xin. Don’t worry.” Ling Chen replied.

Yun Feng was silent for a while, then shook his head and sighed, “Ling Tian, the things you did today made me feel shocked, confused, but also excited. You’re a true hero, a real man. Heh, no less than what’s expected of someone who I saw once then spent three years looking for. Whatever is the result, I’ll stand by your side. You don’t have to worry about Meng Xin and myself too much- Long Tian Yun doesn’t dare to casually offend our Yun family. After all, this is a personal grievance between Long Tian Yun and you. Even if Long Tian Yun knew of our connection with you, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to us. The one I’m worried about is you… you and Shui Ruo need to be careful, and don’t let them find out anything about you.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any problem with our safety. Long Tian Yun better pray that he doesn’t find out anything about us.”
This sentence was completely incomprehensible to Yun Feng.

“I’m a bit tired, we’ll talk of other things tomorrow.”

After Ling Chen hung up his communication device, Yun Feng raised his head and looked at the empty plains around him, and quietly said, “Ling Chen, just who are you exactly…”

“Big news! A new number 1 of the Heaven Rankings has appeared! The number 1 on the Level Rankings, Fame Rankings, Equipment Rankings, Pet Rankings, Ling Tian, shas defeated the Sword Emperor, and has become number 1 on the Heaven Rankings!”

“Selling Ling Tian vs Sword Emperor video! HD, no mosaic, super close up action. Priceless!”

“Buying any method to contact Ling Tian personally… I’m willing to pay a high price! I want to ask Ling Tian to be my bro!”

“Annihilating the Flame Emperor, defeating the Sword Emperor and killing Long Tian Yun twice, then fighting the entire Yan Huang Alliance! What is the true identity of this Ling Tian person? Is he some sort of hidden expert? A descendent of a legendary martial arts or ESP family? Or a creation of god…?”

“Rumour says that after going back, Alliance Master Long started to vomit up blood, and vowed to cut Ling Tian into a thousand pieces. Within three days, he’s going to issue a permanent order to continuously kill Ling Tian. If his real life identity is found, then… heheh.”

The events that had occurred at the Plains Region caused great waves to be sent throughout all of China, which certainly would not die down within a short period of time The first time the name “Ling Tian” had appeared, it hung far above normal players, but now, it surpassed even the Sword Emperor, and stood at the very peak of the mountain of players. Moreover, the tales of Ling Tian became more and more exaggerated, until he was told of as an existence comparable to even Eve.

The entire world was in uproar because of him, but at the moment he himself sat in silence.

Ling Chen silently sat against a large tree, deep in thought. The equipment he currently had equipped were extremely plain, and he had changed his mask. Even if someone passed in front of him, they would not be able to recognise him as Ling Tian.

“Big brother, where are you?”

Shui Ruo’s worried voice caused Ling Chen to open his eyes. He gently replied, “I’m at the boundary of Peace Town.”

“We’re coming over now, wait for us!”

Ling Chen raised his head, and once again closed his eyes. Him killing Long Tian Yun probably made all of the girls extremely worried. After all, with the Yan Huang Alliance’s power, if he wasn’t strong enough, he would never be able to appear in public again.

A short while later, a black shadow soundlessly appeared, and knelt down in front of Ling Chen.

Ling Chen did not open his eyes, but said in a low voice, “I was too rash just then.”

The black shadow stayed silent.

“However, the original plan does not change.”


“Before, who were the ones that had helped me?” Ling Chen asked.

“Skyfall Dynasty.” The black shadow curtly replied.

“I thought so,” Ling Chen gave a calm laugh, “Only they would dare to take such a risk to help me in such circumstances. They wanted me to owe them a favour, but it’s a pity that I’m going to give them a big gift. Not that I think about it, I feel a bit bad.”

“No need.”

“Of course there’s no need,” Ling Chen once again laughed, but his expression then became serious, “The reason I called you here was to ask you how much you know about the Sword Emperor.”

The black shadow thought for a while, then replied, “Sword Emperor’s real name is Feng Xie Yu, with an unknown history. The Sword Emperor only appears in the virtual world, and lives in secrecy in the real world. We have not paid much attention to the Sword Emperor before.”

“That’s all you have?”


“…Do you remember, six years ago I asked you all to look for information about Xuanyuan Dia Wu?”


“Go and investigate what’s the connection between the Sword Emperor and Xuanyuan Dia Wu.”

The black shadow remained in silence for a while, then nodded and prepared to leave.


Ling Chen suddenly called to stop him. His chest rose up, and his face slightly twisted in pain and indecision. After a long pause, he said in a low voice, “Forget it, there’s no need to look into it. Thirteen years ago, Xuanyuan Dia Wu already… already died. The Sword Emperor is Feng Xie Yu, not Dia Wu… not Dia Wu… right now, I only have Shui Ruo.”

Once again the black shadow did not respond.

The black shadow turned, and silently left. At this moment, he completely understood why Ling Chen had zoned out during the fight with the Sword Emperor, as well as why he was so determined to kill Long Tian Yun afterwards… He definitely would not forget what happened six years ago, when Ling Chen had found out that Xuanyuan Dia Wu had already fasted to death. Ling Chen’s emotions had completely run out of control, and the hellish pain had caused him tears to flow out in grief.

That Sword Emperor, could it be…


Xuanyuan Dia Wu…


Is it really you…

My Dia’Er…

My wife…