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Chapter 222: Complete Annihilation

With the map from Qian Gun Gun, it wouldn’t be too hard for Ling Chen to reach the Vermillion Bird City. He would avoid the dangerous locations where there were warnings on the map, and choose the fastest route. Because his level was still quite low, it would not be too wise to choose a path where he would encounter mobs of high levelled monsters. Although he couldn’t kill them, avoiding them would still be possible.

Although he knew that Long Tian Yun completely and utterly hated him, he didn’t know that Long Tian Yun’s reasons had increased by one… the reason was because of Meng Xin. Although Xiao Qiu Feng’s casual lie had helped him, it had also increased Long Tian Yun’s resentment towards him.

The events of the Plains Region were still being discussed madly by the community. Naturally, Ling Tian became the focus of everyone’s attention. There had also been a change on the Heaven Rankings- the Sword Emperor had been pushed to second place, whereas Ling Tian now hung at the top. Everyone now knew about the Yan Huang Alliance’s kill-on-sight order targeting Ling Tian- wherever one went, they could always see Yan Huang Alliance players investigating Ling Tian’s whereabouts. However, for a very long period of time, Ling Tian would be going to a place where ordinary players would not even think of going yet. Moreover, with his anti-espionage skills honed in ‘Hell’, as long as he didn’t allow it, the Yan Huang Alliance would never be able to find him.

The words Shui Ruo had earlier said to him erased all internal conflict in his heart. However, he did not go to find the Sword Emperor to confirm if she was indeed Xuanyuan Dia Wu or not. In contrast, he decided at least for this period of time, he would temporarily forget about this whole affair… it definitely wasn’t because he no longer felt anything towards Dia Wu. Rather… 13 years had passed, and too many things had changed. First of all, he had to make sure that she really was Dia Wu, and know about her situation… if she wasn’t Dia Wu, going to meet her would only expose himself. If she was Dia Wu… after 13 years, whether she was still the girl that he loved, as well as whether she still cared about things back then were unknown.

After Meng Xin and the other girls logged on, Ling Chen used his communication device to explain to them his plan about going to the Vermillion Bird City. Yun Meng Xin did not tell him about the things Long Tian Yun had said the previous night, but because of those things, when meeting him, her heartbeat seemed to be a bit different from usual. Ling Chen originally planned to go together with Shui Ruo, but Xiao Qi and the others adamantly refused. Shui Ruo was their only healer and support, so they were unwilling to let her go. In the end, Ling Chen could only give up and go by himself.

After leaving in the morning, Ling Chen continuously headed towards the south, except for a short break at lunchtime. He spent most of the time telling Leng’Er stories. He didn’t actually know many stories suitable for children, so in the end, he had to make up quite a few…. Some of them didn’t make sense at all, and yet Leng’Er was still very happy with them. Sitting on the Cloud Stepping Mare’s head, with her arms around a doll, she stared at him unblinkingly as she listened. After a whole day of telling stories, Ling Chen’s mouth was completely parched, and his voice was nearly gone. However, this effort was not in vain, as Leng’Er’s favourability towards him had increased by +5.

Ling Chen found out that the greater Leng’Er’s favourability towards him was, the harder it was to increase it any further. Who knew how many months or years it would take to reach 50. If he wanted to reach the 100 of the legends… never mind, that was much too far-fetched. Currently, he was seriously considering if he should buy a whole stack of children’s books to read to Leng’Er.

When Ling Chen logged on at night, he appeared where he had previously logged off- the Fields Region, the territory of the Furious Scarecrows. He opened the Player Level Rankings, and found that the players below him were rapidly closing in on him. For the entire day, he had been travelling, and had not killed a single monster. This was fine for a day or two, but if he continued going like this, he would be left behind in the Player Level Rankings. Although levels were not too important, he, who had monopolised all of the top rankings, did not want to fall out of the top rankings.

“Looks like every day I’ll have to squeeze out a few hours to farm monsters.” Ling Chen said to himself.

He opened his stats page and saw that he had 6270 SP. All of this came from the Forest of Bones and the Moon God Ruins. He then looked at his skills, trying to decide what he should spend his SP on.

Before, he spent most of his SP on passive skills. Apart from the Four Corners Star Formation, he had not levelled up any active skills before.

After much deliberation, Ling Chen spent 2000 SP on the War God Technique. A light flashed, and the War God Technique was levelled up to LV3.

[War God Technique]:

Current Level: LV3, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV4 3000.

Powerful battle technique originating from War God’s soul force, after practice it can greatly increase personal attack strength permanently.

Effect: Strength increases by 3*X points, physical attack strength increased by 7*X (X=Current level).

After levelling up the War God Technique, Ling Chen’s base Physical Attack power immediately increased by almost 80 points. The War God Technique’s level scaled very well with its power- even in the late stages of the game, it would still be an incredibly powerful passive skill.

With his remaining SP, Ling Chen levelled up three of his active skills. He levelled up Ling Tian Slash and Ling Tian Burst from LV2 to LV5, and the Four Corners Star Formation from LV3 to LV5. In the end, he still had 770SP remaining, so he decided to level up Ling Tian Slash to LV6.

[Ling Tian Slash]:

Current Level: LV6, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV7: 1000.

Using the weapon in the hand to attack a single enemy, suddenly releasing the strength of the battle soul the instant you hit the enemy dealing devastating damage towards the opponent.

Effect: Single target attack, damage is equal to 260% of regular attacks, critical hit chance+10%, 5% chance of stunning for 3-5 seconds, very big chance of pushing back the target.

MP Consumption: 20

Cooldown Time: 0

[Ling Tian Burst]:

Current Level: LV5, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV6: 700.

Pouring the battle soul power into the weapon, instantly releasing it when slashing forward creating a power explosion in a small area, attacking all targets in a 6 metre area in front, damage is equal to 150% of regular attacks,

MP Consumption: 30

Cooldown Time: 0

[Four Corners Star Formation]:

Current Level: LV5, Highest Level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV6: 1500.

Using the power of the battle soul to sweep the surroundings, instantly forming a formation of destruction in a 10 metre radius around yourself. The raging battle soul power will deal devastating damage towards all targets within the formation. Damage is equal to 500% of regular damage, Critical Hit Rate+10%, 100% chance to trigger knock back

MP Consumption: 100

Cooldown Time: 60 secs.

All three attacks had been significant improved after levelling up. This was especially so for Ling Tian Burst, with its AOE increasing from 5 metres to 6 metres. His skills all required large amounts of SP, but because of his massive gains in SP, it did not take long for him to level up his skills. After levelling up his skills, he only had a pitiful 70SP left. He equipped the Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade, and looked at his overall stats:

Player: Ling Tian

Level: LV18

Profession: Ling Tian Battle Soul

Affiliations: None

Fame Points: 14013

Money: 136,201,782

SP: 70

Primary Attributes:

Strength: 241

Constitution: 41

Agility: 25

Spirit: 35

Innate Attributes:

Luck: 11

Comprehension: 11

HP: 1177

MP: 710

Physical Attack Power: 1088

Magic Attack Power: 70

Physical Defence: 215

Hit: ????

Evasion: 35

Critical Chance: 31%

Pierce Chance: ????

Attack Speed: 100

Movement Speed: 143

Elemental Resistances:

Water: 0%

Fire: 0% (No bonus from Xi Ling)

Wind: 10%

Lightning: 0%

Earth: 5%

Light: 0%

Darkness: 18%.


Personal Skills:

[Scan]- cannot be levelled up

[Soul Sacrifice]- LV3

[Heaven Wind Technique]- LV4

[Item Manipulation Technique]- LV4

Profession Skills (Ling Tian Battle Soul):

[War God Technique]- LV3

[Ling Tian Slash]- LV6

[Ling Tian Burst]- LV5

[Four Corners Star Formation]- LV5

[Battle Soul Possession]- LV2.

Equipment Skills:


[Thousand Kilogram Rend]


Weapons: Right Hand: Great Ravager (Double Handed Blunt Weapon)

Left Hand: Zephyr Blade (Double Handed Sword)

Lunar Chain: Lunar Scourge (Gemini Orb, Sagittarius Orb, Cancer Orb, Heartless Orb, Elementary Defence Crystal, Elementary Speed Crystal, Wind Chasing Stone, Darkness Crystal, Intermediate Strength Crystal, Intermediate Speed Crystal)

Head: Wind Chaser Bandanna

Mask: Normal Mask

Necklace: White Bone Pendant

Earrings: None

Rings: Nimble Ring, Four Spirit Ring

Insignia: Proof of Courage, Consonance Insignia

Upper Body: Dark Chest Plate

Belt: None

Lower Body: Purple Crystal Amour (Lower)

Cloak: Ghost Cloak

Handguard: Skeleton Gloves

Shoes: Wind Riding Boots


Xiao Hui (Holy Spirit Beast), Xi Ling (Crimson Spirit), Leng’Er (??)

Ling Tian Battle Soul was purely focused on attack. His Attack Power was now nearly as high as his HP- evidently, this wasn’t very balanced. Ling Chen slowly walked into the LV30 Furious Scarecrow territory. A Scarecrow immediately appeared and jumped towards him. Ling Chen casually glanced at its stats, and did not dodge, rather sweeping a Ling Tian Slash towards it with the Great Ravager.



The Scarecrow that had not even come close to Ling Tian was sent flying. With his absolute Hit and Pierce, as well as ignoring Defence, LV18 Ling Chen fighting normal LV30 monsters could be described with just two words… complete annihilation!