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Chapter 227: Tian Tian

The so-called ‘Demon Queen from a distant star’ ate a whole six-person meal as her first meal in this house. Ling Chen was shocked. She finally put down the bowl after finishing Ling Chen’s and Shui Ruo’s share, wiped her mouth and then satisfyingly patted her stomach. She called out comfortably, “Wow, I’m finally full, so full…the food on Earth is surprisingly delicious. It is indeed even more delicious than what mummy said.”

Staring at the plates and bowls scattered before the little girl, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo were speechless.

Shui Ruo stood up, walked to the girl and asked hesitantly, “You…Does your belly feel bloated or uncomfortable anywhere?”

Ling Chen’s gaze settled on the girl’s stomach and he did not see any signs of bulging even though the girl had just eaten an unbelievable amount of food. His gaze travelled downward until he was looking under the table and yet he still had not found any trace of food waste. Ling Chen scratched his head… What was happening? Could it be that this girl’s stomach was a bottomless pit? Where did all that food go?

“No no, it’s very comfy, so comfy that I want to sleep. You gave me such yummy food, and made me very full. Great rewards will be given to you when I, the demon king, rule the Earth. As for that big bad guy…humph, this Demon Queen can consider not punishing him.”

Ling Chen’s lips twitched and his ear suddenly moved. An extremely soft sound of glass shattering was heard. Ling Chen immediately stood up and walked to the balcony. Shui Ruo smiled lightly and watched as he walked to the balcony but did not follow. She smiled at the girl and said softly, “Little girl, you still haven’t told me your name. What is your name?”

The little girl puffed out her cheeks. The great demon king that was full showed her domineering side again, “I said don’t call me little girl but ‘Your Demon Queen Highness’! Mummy said all of the humans on Earth should call me Your Demon Queen Highness.”

“Alright, alright you are the most powerful Demon Queen. But isn’t your magic gone now? You are not the Demon Queen if it has disappeared, which means you can’t be called Your Demon Queen Highness then,” Shui Ruo said with a smile.

The little girl’s small face dropped. She had tried to do magic after she was full earlier but nothing happened. This nearly made her tears come out again.


“Don’t worry. When your magic comes back someday, you can be ‘Your Demon Queen Highness’ again but until then, big sister will only call you by your name when you are not the Demon Queen. So tell big sister, what is your name?”

Not many could resist Shui Ruo’s gentleness. She was the type of girl that could easily make anyone want to be her friend. Even Ling Chen, who had killed many people back then, had been enchanted by her. The little girl before Shui Ruo would naturally want to rely on and befriend her. So after hearing her words, she curled her lips and gave her name, “My name, is Tian Tian.”

“Tian Tian. That’s a very cute name,” Shui Ruo chuckled but she was uncertain. Was that her real name, or the name in her fantasy world?

“But only you can call me this name. That big bad guy cannot! He has to call me Your Demon Queen Highness!” The vengeful demon king majesty said seriously.

“Okay okay. Come, Tian Tian, big sister will take you to get changed. The clothes you’re wearing are all dirty.”

“But mummy said I can’t change out of my clothes because they can protect me…”

“It doesn’t matter, your mummy is not with you right now so you have to listen to big sister, okay?”

“Big sister?” Tian Tian was a bit confused with this form of calling. It seemed that she had not called anyone ‘big sister’ before.

“Yes, because I’m older than Tian Tian, so Tian Tian has to call me big sister. You have to be an obedient, good child and then big sister and your mummy will like you even better,” Shui Ruo said while caressing her hair. Her hair was short but it was smooth. Although she may have gotten mentally confused because of her head injury, she was still a very cute girl.

“Big sis? Big sis…un!”

On the balcony.

“Found it yet?” Ling Chen softly asked the black shadow kneeling before him.

The black shadow answered quickly and softly, “No, not even similar ones. Every registered lost child in the nearby area was also searched. There was nothing of the girl on the photo that you gave us.”

“Nothing?” Ling Chen frowned. The mentally confused little girl was not too cute that to find another similar one would be impossible, so the search job should not have been too hard. Why was there nothing?

“Expand the area to the whole of Beijing, including the nearby suburbs. Answers are to be given to me tomorrow morning,” Ling Chen said.

The black shadow nodded, swayed a bit and disappeared into the night like a ghost.

That the little girl’s information could not be found with their set of skills was unexpected and odd. Could it be that this child just arrived from other places?

Ling Chen was wondering this as Shui Ruo happened to walk out of the room. She got close to him and in a whisper, “Found her parents? Oh, and she told me just then, her name’s Tian Tian.”

“Tian Tian? That’s more like a girl’s name,” Ling Chen laughed then shook his head, “It appears that we have to let her stay tonight. We can do nothing but wait until information about where she lives is found.”

Shui Ruo was not even a little bit disappointed at the news. In fact, she was slightly joyful as she said, “It’s okay. I actually wanted to stay with this cute little girl for a bit longer. Hehe, I even let her change into new clothes. They’re the ones I wore when I was little. Tian Tian, quick, come out.”

Ling Chen could understand Shui Ruo’s feelings completely. Everyone was scared of her and rejected her during those years when she was with the disease. No one except for Ling Chen had dared to approach her. This meant she had no friends or companions apart from Ling Chen. She must be enjoying herself now that there was a little girl for her to take care of.

Responding to Shui Ruo’s call, a small, snow-white figure hesitated, her steps sheepish as she walked out of the room.

Tian Tian had gotten rid of her black dress with soil and dirt all over and was now wearing a dress. It was a very cute, white, princess dress and she held the skirt carefully in her hands when she walked out that it seemed like she was scared to stain her new dress anywhere. She didn’t have any shoes on and her two smooth, small feet tapped the floor, every toe like little pearls.

“Wow! Tian Tian is so pretty! Brother look, Tian Tian really is pretty!” Shui Ruo was happily surprised as she said this. The clothes that she had let Tian Tian changed into provided a stark contrast to the depressing black outfit she had on before. White seemed to suit Tian Tian, showcasing a purer side of her. Her appearance was definitely improved now that she had changed and her disorderly hair was groomed as well. Every inch of skin shown was so fair and smooth that it shone.

Fine-waxing-moon-like eyebrows, meticulous eyelashes, starry-bright-like eyes, finely carved nose, cherry-like small lips…these phases used to describe the beauty of women could all be applied to little Tian Tian who was supposedly only ten or so years old. Her starry eyes with filled with tension as she held the brim of her skirt. All previous signs of the ‘Demon Queen’ before were gone. Ling Chen could not stop looking and he felt a sudden unwillingness to send the little girl away. Everyone liked pretty things and it would be such a joy to keep a cute girl like this around everyday.

Of course, this thought only appeared for a moment before he then quelled it. He did not forget that this girl was still mentally confused, insisting on calling herself a Demon Queen. This was just an illusion caused by a change of clothes and the tension in her eyes showed no promise that she wouldn’t do anything if he kept her in the house.

“Yeah, she’s very pretty,” Ling Chen nodded, stating the fact.

“Tian Tian, do you like the clothes now?” Shui Ruo bent down, asked the little beauty gently.

“Yeah, I like it, it’s a really pretty dress,” The little Tian Tian, who didn’t want to change her clothes because of her mother’s words before was filled with joy now. Even her steps were full of caution, scared that she was of dirtying her new, beautiful dress. Looking at the pretty little Tian Tian, Shui Ruo was filled within with a sense of achievement.

“That’s good then. Tian Tian, let’s go take a shower now, okay?”

“En, yes yes.” Tian Tian’s eyes had lit up upon hearing the word ‘shower’. It appeared she liked showering very much.

This little girl had become so obedient in such a short time, even calling Shui Ruo ‘big sister’. She was actually quite a cute and obedient girl. Ling Chen quickly put a gentle smile on his face, ready to praise Tian Tian, “Little Tian Tian…”

“What ‘little Tian Tian’! Call me ‘Your Highness’! It’s Your Highness!” The little girl stared at him, her lips curled and her expression furious.

“…Why can your ‘big sister’ call you Tian Tian, but I can’t?” Ling Chen asked gloomily.

“Because big sister is a good person. You are the big bad guy! You are my servant and if you disobey me, or even bully me, I…I…wait until I get my magic back, I will surely punish you, humph!”

Ling Chen: ⊙﹏⊙b…

Shui Ruo giggled and took Tian Tian’s small hands, “Okay, big brother really isn’t a bad guy. Let’s go take a shower first.”

The two beauties walked to the bathroom hand in hand. Usually, it was often Ling Chen that carried Shui Ruo into the bathroom. Ling Chen couldn’t help but think that the having Tian Tian here now had affected his and Shui Ruo’s close relationship. It was better to send her off tomorrow.

“By the way, big brother, the clothes that Tian Tian changed out of are still in the room. Can you help me to bring it to the balcony?” Shui Ruo turned and shouted.

Ling Chen walked into the room and picked up the dress that Tian Tian was wearing before. He was surprised when he touched it because it was at least three times thicker than normal dresses. The thickness of it seemed unsuitable for this heat. Ling Chenq quickly dismissed his confusion but it came back again when he picked the dress up. He had expected a dress this thick to have significantly more weight than this, but as it were, it was as if he was just holding a thin-layered veil.

This kind of thickness with only this kind of weight… Just what kind of material was this made of? In confusion, Ling Chen brought the dress to his eyes for a closer observation. On the surface, it just appeared to be some kind of delicate cloth, but he had never heard of a cloth that was this light.

Wanting to know what it was made of, he pulled experimentally at a corner, trying to tear the material.

His strength was far beyond ordinary people so force he applied to rip the fabric was not small, but the cloth in his hands didn’t show a single sign of deformity, let alone a single tear. Ling Chen frowned, gripped two sides of the cloth, and used his full strength to tear again.

Seeing that the dress was still in good condition, Ling Chen was completely in shock.

Even steel wouldn’t hold under his full strength and yet this dress did not tear apart! Not even a trace of damage!