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Chapter 228: Black Night, Su Er (1)

This kind of thickness and weight, with an extraordinarily scary durability…what material was used to make this dress?

Come to think of it, he had never heard of clothing made of this kind of material in the world before- could it really be that this girl came from a distant star?

Ling Chen shook his head and threw the ridiculous thought away. However, the material of the dress really was strange- could it be some high tech secret product? If that was what it was, the girl must have an incredibly special background to be wearing such clothing.

He walked into the living room after he placed the dress and shoes onto the balcony. The splashing sound of water and the quiet voices of the two girls could be heard from the living room. Ling Chen sat onto the sofa, turned the television on, and his attention was immediately drawn to the news…

The image on the TV was the place that he and Shui Ruo went to that afternoon, with the same huge pit and the rocks all over the ground. The only thing that was different was that a lot of people wearing biohazard clothing appeared on the screen.

The news of a meteor falling from the sky was sure to be on the news in no time. Ling Chen thought quietly, then kept watching…although he wasn’t really interested.

“At five forty-five in the afternoon a meteor suddenly crashed into the fields at the east suburbs of Beijing. A huge sound was heard when it landed, resulting in the scene behind me. Let us interview Professor Wang from the University of Beijing about the source of this meteor… Professor Wang, what do we know about this meteor?”

“From this meteor pit’s size and depth, this meteor’s falling speed was much slower than that of a normal meteor’s. The speed at which it entered the earth’s atmosphere was also much slower than that of a normal meteor’s. This point itself is enough to prove that this was actually not a ‘meteor’”

“Not a ‘meteor’? Then what is it exactly?”

“We have yet to identify what it is made of, but we have found a large amount of glassy substance within it that is not found in normal meteors. Moreover, we found a fragment to support this theory. You see, this fragment must have been inside the inner parts of the meteor, which is why it was not damaged. It seems to be metallic, but is much lighter than most metals, and there are two words carved into it.”

Ling Chen’s body subconsciously leant forward, his eyes glued to the screen.


“I come from a star called the Xiya Star. When our star was attacked, my daddy died and mummy sent me to earth…”

Ling Chen: “…”

The scenes from the afternoon replayed themselves in his mind…the meteor fell and exploded. Then, the earth gained a girl who called herself the “Demon Queen”. Then…


Ling Chen turned and looked towards the bathroom, from which the sound of splashing could be heard. He went silent for a while, then stood up, walked to the balcony. He took Tian Tian’s dress back into the room, found a pair of scissors, and cut with all his strength.

The dress seemed so light that it would be easily damaged by anything. And yet, the result of Ling Chen trying to cut it with a pair of scissors resulted in the blades of the scissors bending and curling…

I don’t believe this…

Ling Chen took a lighter, and tried to set fire to the dress. However, no matter what he tried, the dress simply would not catch fire. He threw the lighter away, and carefully inspected the dress. Surprisingly, the dress had not been damaged in the slightest.

He thought of the girl who wore the dress, completely unharmed, in the midst of all the fragments of the meteor from the explosion. Ling Chen was completely silent.

It seemed that he had run into something incredible.

After her shower, the little Tian Tian was like a delicate doll, looking incredibly cute and reinvigorated. The scene of Shui Ruo leading the little Tian Tian out made them look like two fairies walking out of a painting, completely stunning Ling Chen.

The little Tian Tian who just arrived at their home was curious about everything…but didn’t seem to be too amazed by anything. She could even name every single piece of technology.

“So this is a television on Earth? It’s so small, the one in my house is thisss big.”

“The lights are beautiful! Do all lights on earth look like that?”

“Big sis, big sis! Do you have video games, I wanna play! Mummy said that there must be a lot of video games on earth that we don’t have.”

The Demon Queen toured around every corner of the house in no time, as if looking at her new home. Shui Ruo accompanied her through every room with patience, leaving Ling Chen silent as he watched these two beauties walking past him countless times. At last, the little Tian Tian finally quietened down. Holding a gaming controller while blinking furiously, she began to excitedly play video games… however gradually, her voice rose up again, becoming even louder than the video game itself.

Could it be that this little girl has decided to keep staying here even if I don’t let her!?

Unfortunately, Ling Chen was proven to be correct. This Demon Queen who lost her magic held onto Ling Shui Ruo and had decided to stay here no matter what…the plan to rule Earth could wait until the day that her magic came back.

“Ruo Ruo, just a question…did Tian Tian ever tell you anything about her dress?” Seeing that the little Tian Tian was completely absorbed in playing the video game while shouting, Ling Chen pulled Shui Ruo over and asked her quietly.

“Dress? Big brother, why do you ask? Hmm, when I helped Tian Tian change her clothes, she said…her mummy told her to never take off her dress, because that dress can protect her.” Shui Ruo thought, then answered.

Ling Chen: “…”

“Big brother, is there anything wrong with her dress?” Shui Ruo asked. She wondered why Ling Chen had suddenly brought up the dress.

Ling Chen nodded, then immediately shook his head, “There is indeed something wrong with her dress- it’s very thick, but unexpectedly light, and…let’s put that aside, we’ll see if we can find her family tomorrow.”

If they couldn’t find them tomorrow, then it really would be a big problem.

“I noticed that too, her dress really is strange, it might be made from a very special material. Big brother, if we can’t find Tian Tian’s family, what do we do?” Shui Ruo was a bit worried, but was still hopeful that they could quickly reunite Tian Tian with her family.

Shui Ruo’s gaze told Ling Chen what she thought in her heart. Ling Chen smiled, “If we can find them that would be good; but even if we can’t, she can stay with us, and Ruo Ruo will have a little sister.”

“En!” Shui Ruo nodded vigorously. She looked toward Tian Tian and said quietly, “Big brother, although we’ve only known each other for a short time, but I realize that I have come to like Tian Tian more and more. It’s like hugging an incredibly adorable doll when hugging her.”

“Don’t forget, she’s the Demon Queen who’s going to rule the Earth.” Ling Chen laughed.

“Hehe…” Shui Ruo started giggling too.

As night fell, little Tian Tian became tired from playing, and decided that it was time to sleep. So…

“Wow! So this is a bed on earth! It’s so soft, so comfortable; it’s like lying on top of many many petals!” Tian Tian threw herself onto the bed, comfortably enjoying the softness she had never enjoyed before. She changed her position non-stop, lying face up, face down, lying on her side, rolling back and forth…it was as if she wanted to become part of the bed.

Soon, a problem appeared.

“I don’t wanna sleep alone! Big sis, big sis, sleep with me. If I sleep alone, I’ll…I’ll be really scared. Big sis will you sleep with me, please?”

Shui Ruo and Ling Chen had been sleeping on the same bed every day for all these years, and Shui Ruo could only fall asleep by Ling Chen’s side. Shui Ruo certainly wouldn’t agree to be separated from Ling Chen. She tidied up the room for little Tian Tian, told her to sleep in this room, and Shui Ruo would sleep with Ling Chen in the room next door. The Demon Queen who was going to rule the earth started panicking all of a sudden and held onto Shui Ruo’s arms tightly, not letting her leave.

“Tian Tian is old enough now, you have to be brave and sleep alone, okay?” Shui Ruo comforted her softly.

“No no NO!” little Tian Tian shook her head with all her might, her two little hands refusing to let go of Shui Ruo, “Mummy always stayed with me before, and it was always dark on the way to earth, I am really really scared…big sis, you treat Tian Tian the best, sleep with me pleaaseee? I…I’ll still call you big sis after I rule the Earth in the future, okay?”

The little Tian Tian’s eyes already turned misty while she was still talking. If Shui Ruo didn’t agree, she definitely would start crying. Soft-hearted as she was, Shui Ruo couldn’t resist little Tian Tian’s pitiful attack and quickly promised her, “Okay okay, big sis will sleep with Tian Tian tonight…but big sis usually sleeps with big brother, so us three will sleep together, okay?”

Three people, sleeping on the same bed…in the room next door, Ling Chen, who had great hearing, found himself imagining something unacceptable, then squashed the thought immediately. He had no qualms with Shui Ruo’s arrangement, but little Tian Tian was concerned, “But…But mummy said, my body cannot be touched by men before I grow up. I can’t sleep on the same bed as men, so big sis, only you sleep with me, not the big bad guy, okay?”

Shui Ruo smiled, comforted, “It’s okay, Tian Tian’s mummy said those things she was afraid Tian Tian will meet some bad people, but big brother really isn’t a bad person. The dinner that Tian Tian had tonight was all made by big brother. Tian Tian really liked it, didn’t you? Big brother will keep making yummy food for Tian Tian in the future, so he can’t be a bad person. When big sis is sleeping, big sis needs to be with big brother. If Tian Tian doesn’t want to be with big brother, then big sis cannot be with Tian Tian. Us three together, big brother and I, we will protect Tian Tian together.”

It was always hard for people to reject Shui Ruo’s words, and little Tian Tian could not help but forget her mummy’s warning. The more she thought about Shui Ruo’s words, the more they made sense to her, so she nodded with tears still in her eyes, “Then…it’s a promise, big sis has to protect me.”