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Chapter 230: Black Night, Su Er (3)

Ling Chen’s face darkened, but he did not move from where he was standing. He stared the car down as it sped towards him. From anyone else’s perspective, it would seem like that he was so petrified that he couldn’t move.


The car smashed into Ling Chen, and the ground below him cracked. Ling Chen’s body leaned back, but his feet did not move back even a single step, much less go flying. Instead, the car was sent flying. It was as if the car had smashed into a solid metal wall; the windscreen glass was completely smashed, and with the engine still roaring, the car flipped. Terrified screams could be heard coming from within the car.

Seeing Ling Chen without a scratch on his body after being hit by the car, anyone’s jaws would have dropped to the ground. Moreover, he had not even moved back a single step! This was the monstrous body that had been forged in ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’. Ling Chen clearly knew that if he was a normal person, he would have died instantly, so he did not care at all if those in the car died.

Amongst the voices screaming in the car, one sounded particularly familiar.

Wait, this voice…

With his incredibly strong mental power, Ling Chen could remember any voice after hearing it just once. Of the screams coming from the car, two belonged to men and two belonged to women. One of the women’s voices… although it was just a scream, but a girl appeared in his mind.



At this moment, the doors on the left side of the car were flung open, and a small figure fell out from the car. Ling Chen instantly charged forwards, fast as lightning, and caught the person. He held on to her tightly, and flipped in the air, then rolled a few times after hitting the ground to decrease the chances of the person getting hurt.

The girl he was holding, who he had instantly recognized, was obviously Su’Er. Her arms were tied behind her back, and her eyes wide open in horror, her face pale. Although she was in shock, that couldn’t cover her beauty,

“Su…” Ling Chen was about to call out her name, but caught himself before he let it slip. He untied the rope which bound her arms together, and gently shook her, “Are you okay?”

Although Su’Er was definitely in shock, there was no blood on her and she was still conscious. Ling Chen felt as if a weight had been taken off his heart. Although she had been flung out when the car door opened, he made it in time, and prevented her from suffering any serious injuries. He just hoped that she did not receive any internal injuries.


The car crashed onto the ground, and flipped a few times. It finally smashed through a jewelry shop, resulting in a deafening alarm ringing.

Fate was simply too unpredictable. He had actually somehow bumped into the kidnapped Su’Er on his way to buying the little Demon Queen some chocolate. Ling Chen patted Su’Er’s back to calm her down. His gaze rested on the car, which now had smoke coming out of it. So the people inside were the kidnappers of Su’Er? No wonder they were driving like madmen- it seemed that they had been discovered and they were trying to escape.

At that moment, a few figures clad in black appeared. Ling Chen looked towards them and made a simple gesture with his fingers. The other people in the car were not as lucky as Su’Er. They, who were stuck in the car, could not be more dead than dead. There was no need for Ling Chen or his subordinates to finish them off.

Looking down, Ling Chen saw that Su’Er was staring at his face. Her face was still pale, but her eyes were focused, though her body was as weak and soft as cotton. Ling Chen smiled at her, “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay now.”

Tears started flowing out of Su’Er’s eyes. She sniffled, then started crying as she buried her head into Ling Chen’s chest. After all, Su’Er was still a fifteen-year-old girl. After what had just happened, she was probably on the brink of having a mental collapse. She couldn’t have cared more who had just saved her- she simply hugged onto him tightly and cried her heart out.

The figures clad in black stayed around the car for a while, then left quickly. By now, the car had started to burn, and there was no chance that anyone was still alive inside. The sound of sirens rang out, and soon, the police, as well as the Su family, would be there. Ling Chen knew that he could not stay any longer. He gently took Su’Er’s arms off him, and put her against a wall. He patted her back, saying, “Okay, it’s okay now, don’t cry.”

Su’Er continued to cry. It was the only thing she could do after suffering such a fright.

“The police and your family will be here soon, and you’ll be home before you know it. I need to leave first; you’ll only have to wait a little while before they get here.” Su’Er’s hands held onto his arms tightly, and Ling Chen was forced to gently pry them off.

Hearing that he was going to leave, Su’Er’s crying died down, and while still holding on to Ling Chen’s arm, she looked at him with her misty eyes, “Don’t… don’t go… I’m so scared…”

Ling Chen shook his head with a smile, “Don’t be scared, it’s alright now. Those bad people all died in the car, so no one will harm you anymore, and your family will be here soon. Also, me saving you is a secret, so please don’t tell anyone, including your family, okay?”

Ling Chen forced himself to once again move away Su’Er’s small hands. Su’Er’s tears were still flowing, but she came from a prominent family, and knew how to conduct herself properly. She did not try to stop him from leaving again, but trembled, and wrapped her arms around herself. She gazed at him through her watery eyes, as if she wanted to carve his looks into her memory.

Ling Chen smiled at her, then looked over at vending machines that had been knocked over by the car. He cursed inside… he had expected a few vending machines to be knocked over and broken by the car, but did it really have to be the two that sold chocolates?!

“I’m going.”

“We… can we meet again?” Su’Er’s eyes quivered as she looked at him. Although she was still young, and had just gone through a frightful event, she was still incredibly beautiful. Adding on to her natural gentleness and fragility, no one could resist falling in love with such a girl.

Ling Chen stopped, and secretly smiled, “En, we will meet again.”

“My… my name is Su’Er, may I know what your name is?”

Ling Chen’s impression of Su’Er was a shy girl who rarely talked, especially in front of him. She seemed not to have had much interaction with boys since she was little, which was why she tended to be very shy around boys. However, she had asked him, who had saved her, if they would meet again, as well as his name- this would have taken an incredible amount of courage from her.

Although he could not bear to reject Su’Er’s question, Ling Chen could not answer. He simply couldn’t risk exposing himself. He looked at the girl who was hugging herself with her arms, and was trembling- was it from fear, or from the coolness of the night breeze? He took off the jacket he was wearing, and put it on Su’Er. He smiled at her, then left.

Although she greatly desired to, Su’Er did not chase after him or call him. She held on to the jacket that he had given her, her eyes stuck on this mysterious man as he walked away, as if she was intoxicated…

Ten seconds after Ling Chen left, he heard a large number of cars approaching. On a roof far away, Ling Chen relaxed, and spoke to himself, “It seems that there’s nothing I can do now. I really hope Su’Er didn’t suffer any internal injuries.”

A black shadow appeared behind him and whispered, “The surveillance cameras in all streets within a three-street radius have all been disabled. The recordings from the past hour have all been wiped.”

Ling Chen nodded in satisfaction, and looked to where Su’Er was. Ten or so cars sped through, and stopped in front of Su’Er. A large group of people surrounded Su’Er, protecting her, and another group of people held guns and fire extinguishers and ran towards the burning car. A middle-aged couple walked down from the last car and called out Su’Er’s name. Su’Er quickly ran into the woman’s embrace and started crying again…

Fate was simply incredible- Ling Chen had coincidentally met Su’Er in reality just when she needed him the most, and had inadvertently saved her. Ling Chen looked to the figure in black behind him, and his face became serious. He spoke in a very severe tone, “I have a very important task for you to do; it must be completed within fifteen minutes.”

Faced with Ling Chen’s serious face and tone, the figure in black tensed, and nodded quickly.

Ling Chen held out a red note, and said seriously, “Immediately buy ten chocolates. I want you back as soon as possible!”

Though it was dark, Ling Chen could see the figure in black’s facial muscles twitching.