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Chapter 231: Tian Tian’s New Home

Ling Chen was finally able to bring the chocolate back… the person in black was afraid that 10 pieces wouldn’t be enough, so they bought two big boxes, containing more than 20 pieces of chocolate. When he got home, Ling Chen secretly hid one of the boxes away- if this sort of situation happened again, he didn’t want to have to go all the way out just to get another box of chocolates. He had been gone for quite some time, and Tian Tian had been waiting expectantly the entire time. Not only was she still wide awake, but also rambling to Shui Ruo about something. As soon as she saw Ling Chen… more accurately, as soon as she saw the box of chocolates, she leapt towards him, and immediately snatched the box away. Ripping open the box, she began to devour the chocolates.

Shui Ruo was already completely drained from looking after Tian Tian, and looked incredibly relieved when Ling Chen came back. Ling Chen looked at Tian Tian, who was furiously devouring the chocolates, then said to Shui Ruo quietly, “Something happened to Su’Er.”

“Ah?” Shui Ruo worriedly cried out.

Ling Chen told Shui Ruo what had happened when he went out. While listening, Shui Ruo could not help but exclaim in shock now and then. After Ling Chen told her that he had confirmed that Su’Er was taken home by her parents, she let out a breath that she had been holding the whole time. She anxiously asked, “Big brother, is Su’Er really okay? To be thrown out from the car, do you think she… do you think she would be hurt badly?”

Ling Chen couldn’t confirm, but he comforted her, “I’m sure she should be fine. Let’s ask Meng Xin and the others when we see them tomorrow.”

The entire box of chocolates was finished by Tian Tian in just a short while. After she finished her meal of chocolates, she licked her lips and exclaimed in a satisfied manner, “I’m full!”. She threw the box on the ground, and collapsed onto the bed.

“Tian Tian, brush your teeth before you sleep. Otherwise, your teeth are going to have cavities.”

Shui Ruo called out to Tian Tian many times, but Tian Tian did not react at all. Soon after, she found that Tian Tian was already fast asleep with a smile on her face.

Ling Chen was completely speechless… she had devoured a meal for six people for dinner, then eaten a whole box of chocolate in the middle of the night, and had finally dropped onto the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Goddamn, was this little girl a pig in her past life?!

Shui Ruo did not continue to try to wake her up. Instead, she gently moved Tian Tian’s body so that she could sleep in a more comfortable position, and put a pillow under her head. No matter if it was her expression or actions, they were all incredibly gentle and nurturing, as if the little girl was her own daughter… although Shui Ruo herself was not much more than a child.

Shui Ruo also lay down, and lovingly looked at the sleeping Tian Tian. Shui Ruo continued to silently gaze at Tian Tian, and started to giggle after a while.

“Big brother, look, Tian Tian’s so cute when she’s sleeping.” Shui Ruo softly said as she lay against Ling Chen.

The sleeping Tian Tian not only looked extremely cute, but was also quite beautiful as well, though she was still very young. To look like this when she was only 10 or so, she would definitely become as beautiful and alluring as Shui Ruo when she grew up.

“If we can have such a cute daughter, that’d be so wonderful.” Shui Ruo murmured.

“If we do our best, we’ll have one in not too long, and she’ll definitely be cuter than Tian Tian.” Ling Chen gently replied to Shui Ruo, as he reached out with his hands and squeezed Shui Ruo’s breasts. He smiled evilly, “In order to achieve our goal, let’s both work hard.”

Shui Ruo immediately went red, and shyly replied, “But won’t Tian Tian hear us? We should wait until Tian Tian’s not here… okay…?”

With the little Demon Queen next to them, as well as how late it was getting, Shui Ruo was bound to be tired so Ling Chen did not continue. He put his arms around Shui Ruo’s waist, and gently kissed her, “Before we have a kid, we need to get some rest. Let’s get some sleep, and we can continue ‘investigating’ this topic tomorrow.”

Shui Ruo sweetly smiled, and pressed herself against Ling Chen’s chest. Very quickly, she fell asleep in his embrace. Ling Chen did not enter the game again, but went to sleep as well.

Early in the morning….

“I’m so hungry!! I want to eat!!!”

The high pitched yelling almost caused Ling Chen to fall off the bed. To be able to yell with such a voice, and to be screaming about food so early in the morning- that could only be Tian Tian. Ling Chen opened his eyes, and looked at the clock on the wall… it was only 5am.

Beside him, Shui Ruo had also been woken up. She half-opened her eyes, evidently still not fully awake. Normally, they would still be asleep at this time- the earliest they would even think about getting up would be around 7am.

Looking over, he saw that little Tian Tian was energetically standing up on the bed. In total, she had slept for about 6 hours last night, and yet, she had woken up so early and was so boisterous as soon as she woke up. “It must feel good to be so young” Ling Chen thought to himself, followed by “If she’s going to be like this every morning, our lives are over.”

Although it was still early, Shui Ruo got up, and rubbed her eyes. She stretched, and gently smiled, patting Tian Tian’s cheeks, “Tian Tian, you woke up so early.”

“En!” Tian Tian nodded her head, and pointed towards her stomach, “Big sis, I’m hungry, I want to eat something.”

After feeling Tian Tian’s stomach, Shui Ruo confirmed that it was completely empty. Tian Tian’s metabolism was simply astonishing. Shui Ruo lovingly tidied up Tian Tian’s disorderly hair and clothes, and smilingly said, “Let’s go to wash our faces and brush our teeth first then have breakfast. What does Tian Tian want to eat?”

“I’ll come as well.” Ling Chen also got up. Seeing how energetic Tian Tian was already, it would be pretty much impossible for Ling Chen to continue sleeping.

As such, Tian Tian excitedly played video games while Ling Chen and Shui Ruo busily rushed around cooking breakfast. Although they had not acknowledged Tian Tian to be some sort of “Demon Queen Highness”, but they revolved around her as if they were her servants.

During breakfast, Tian Tian ate a meal that could feed five people. Despite seeing her performance at dinner the previous day, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo were still completely amazed by this little girl. After eating until she was full, Tian Tian rushed back to her video games, completely ignoring Ling Chen and Shui Ruo’s existence. At least she wasn’t completely clinging on to them, not giving them any private time together.

After an hour, Ling Chen received some information… in the end, his subordinates were unable to find out who Tian Tian’s parents were, and could not even find any information regarding Tian Tian.

“Master, do you want us to expand the search perimeter? Perhaps she came with relatives from overseas, then got lost.”

After considering person in black’s proposal, Ling Chen thought for a while, then helplessly shook his head, “Forget it, you can stop investigating this matter for now.”

The person in black nodded, and vanished.

When Ling Chen told Shui Ruo the information, she did not seem disappointed at all, but instead smiled happily, “If we can’t find her parents, let’s just let her stay here for now. Look, she’s so happy staying with us, and it doesn’t seem like she wants to leave at all.”

Having a place to sleep, eat and play, as well as a pretty older sister who complies with her every wish, even I wouldn’t want to leave… Ling Chen despondently thought. Tian Tian’s cuteness could conquer most people, especially a kind and gentle girl like Shui Ruo. However, her temperament was not nearly as cute as her appearance. Regardless, since Shui Ruo liked her, Ling Chen wouldn’t object.

As such, he could only allow this to become Tian Tian’s new home.

With Tian Tian present, Shui Ruo was not able to enter the game, otherwise Tian Tian would create a ruckus. Ling Chen went back to the bedroom, and lay on the bed. He prayed that Tian Tian would not disturb him while he was playing, and logged into the game.

It was already late in the morning, and apart from Mu Bing Yao, none of the girls from Heart’s Dream, or Yun Feng, were online. Ling Chen took out his map and looked at it, then headed south. After an hour or so, he entered a small town. He found the Item Shop, and bought a teleport scroll for that town. Afterwards, he changed his equipment, and returned to Azure Dragon City. At this time, he saw a notification that Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi had logged on. Thus, he directly headed towards the Heart’s Dream building.

When Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi saw him, they didn’t even have time to greet him before hurriedly saying, “Big brother Ling Tian, did you know something happened to Su’Er last night?”

“En, I already heard about it. Mu Bing Yao told me just then. How is she now?” Ling Chen asked.

“Luckily we were able to bring her back. She’s in the hospital right now, and the preliminary analysis showed that there’s nothing too serious, only a sprained ankle. The doctors are worried that she might have some internal injuries, so they’re going to keep her at the hospital for a few days until they can confirm she’s completely fine.” Yun Meng Xin calmly said. Knowing that Su’Er was safe and sound with her family in the hospital put their minds at ease.

“Did they find out who were the perpetrators?” Ling Chen inquired.

“Not yet, but there should be results soon. Big brother Ling Tian, did you know, a very mysterious hero saved Su Su last night! Su Su said that person was like… was like superman! He caused the car to go flying, and rescued Su Su who had been thrown out from the car. Afterwards, he gave his jacket to Su Su, but he didn’t even tell her who he was. In the hospital, Su Su kept holding on to the jacket, and wouldn’t let anyone take it away from her. Sometimes she just holds the jacket and looks deep in thought, although no one knows what she’s thinking about…” As she spoke, Xiao Qi became more and more excited. She clasped her hands in front of her chest, and looked at the ceiling with twinkling eyes, imagining a wonderful scene, “I wish that someday, if I’m in danger, there would be a man who descends from the sky, defeats all the bad guys, then puts his jacket on me and coolly leaves without even leaving his name… Wah! What a scenario! If I was Su Su, I would definitely run up and hug him…”

Ling Chen: “……”

Yun Meng Xin gently smiled, “Su Su never lies, so what she told us was probably the truth. In that case, the person who saved her was probably an esper who specialises in strength, and is very powerful. However, Su Su is not willing to say what that person looked like nor his age. What’s even more strange is that all the security cameras stopped working for that period of time, and it’s impossible to find the footage from the attack.”

“All in all, it’s good that Su’Er’s safe.” Ling Chen said as he smiled.