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Chapter 232: Hello there, Lucky Cat!

Just as Ling Chen finished speaking, there was a flash beside him, and a familiar, slim figure appeared.

“Su Su! Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be resting in the hospital?!” Xiao Qi anxiously asked as she ran over to Su’Er.

Su’Er’s appearance also caused Ling Chen to feel surprised. Su’Er didn’t not have a very strong personality, so after going through such an ordeal, it would be normal for her to take up to half a month to recover. He asked, “Su’Er, I heard something happened last night- are you alright?”

“Indeed, Su’Er, why have you come? Are you sure you shouldn’t be getting more rest?” Yun Meng Xin caringly asked.

Su’Er gently shook her head, and smiled, “It’s alright, I wasn’t really hurt or anything. Besides, entering the game won’t affect me getting rest.”

While speaking, her gaze rested on Ling Chen… before, she had never dared to directly look at Ling Chen. She would only secretly peek at him for a short while when he wasn’t looking. If he turned to face her, she would hurriedly avert her gaze like a frightened little rabbit. And yet, she was looking at Ling Chen directly, as if she wanted to look through his mask and see what he really looked like.

“It’s good that you’re fine; make sure that you take care of yourself and watch out when you go out… eh, Su Su, is there anything on my face?” Seeing that Su’Er was looking at him so strangely, Ling Chen put his hand on his mask as he asked.

Su’Er quickly looked away, and shook her head, “No… it’s nothing…”

Ling Chen smiled, “Are you still thinking about your ordeal from last night? Those things are already in the past, and they won’t happen again, so it’s best not to think of them anymore. I’m sure that Su Su’s family and friends will definitely protect Su Su well in future.”

“Yep, yep!” Xiao Qi vigorously nodded, “We’ll definitely protect Su Su well in future.”

Ling Chen took out a scroll covered with a green glow, “Su Su, this is for you.”

Seeing the scroll, all the girls stared at it. Su’Er paused in shock, then carefully received the scroll with her hands. When they looked at the attributes of the scroll, they all started to let out cries of surprise.

“Hidden Profession Scroll!”

This scroll was the scroll that Ling Chen had found on the Zephyr Bird- the Wind Spirit Marksman.

Everyone knew how rare and valuable Hidden Profession Scrolls were. A single Hidden Profession Scroll was not worth any less than the first Guild Creation Token. To be able to have a special profession was every player’s dream. Without going through any trials or risks, simply crushing the scroll would put them far above any other player. This was something irresistible to every single player. Su’Er was an Archer, and this scroll just happened to be suitable for Archers. Su’Er’s mouth opened in shock, and stood completely still for a while. She pressed it against her chest, and her cute face became slightly pink, “Thank you, big brother Ling Tian… I… I really like it… I’m really happy…”

“Haha, I’m glad that you like it. I hope that this will help you forget about the unpleasant things from last night.” Ling Chen said as he smiled. At the same time, he inwardly frowned… he felt that Su’Er was looking at him very strangely today. Hold on, could she have figured out that it was him last night? She had never met him before in real life, and he had spoken to her with a fake voice. How could she have realised that it was him?

He was probably overthinking.

“I want one as well!!!”

Xiao Qi let go of Su’Er, and jumped in front of Ling Chen, almost crashing into him, “Big brother Ling Tian, I also want a Hidden Profession Scroll! Big sister Meng Xin has one, little sister Ruo Ruo has one, big sister Mu Bing Yao doesn’t even need one, and now Su Su has one as well. It’s just me who doesn’t have one… Big brother Ling Tian, can you give me one as well?”

Xiao Qi’s hands were clinging on to Ling Chen’s arm, shaking it non-stop. In front of Ling Tian, this domineering princess of the Battle Alliance was acting like a cute little girl, making it hard for him to reject her request. Ling Chen’s head hurt, but he could only helplessly shake his head, “Qi Qi, right now I really don’t have any more Hidden Profession Scrolls. Next time I find one, I’ll immediately give it to you, alright?”

“Really? Yay! Then it’s a deal, don’t you dare take it back!” Of course, Xiao Qi knew how rare Hidden Profession Scrolls were. In reality, she didn’t expect Ling Chen to just hand one over immediately. To be able to get such a promise from him, she was satisfied.

“Of course I’ll keep my word! I’ll give this to you for now, so do your best to get to LV20.”

Ling Chen took out the LV20 Spectre Staff that he had picked up from the Warring Palace Skeleton, and gave it to Xiao Qi. As soon as she saw it, she began yelling out, “Long live big brother Ling Tian!” then began to lovingly inspect it.

“Where’s Ruo Ruo? It’s rare to not see you together.” Yun Meng Xin asked as she walked over.

“Ruo Ruo she… she has to take care of some things today, so she wasn’t able to come.” Ling Chen replied. When they thought of their little Demon Queen at home, his head started to hurt again.

After chatting with the girls for quite a while, Ling Chen left the Heart’s Dream building. As he was leaving, he could feel there was someone staring at him from behind. Evidently, that gaze belonged to Su’Er.

What was going on? Did she really know that it was him? Ling Chen simply couldn’t fathom how she could possibly know that it was him, so he put it in the back of his mind. He used the teleport scroll bought from before to go back to the town he was at previously, stocked up on his potions then continued to head south.

The journey was an extremely boring one. There was not much to the south of the Azure Dragon City. Although he had travelled for quite a long time, he had not encountered any challenging or difficult areas. However, there was Leng’Er to keep him company, so it wasn’t too bad.

After travelling for about two hours, he passed by less and less people, until he reached an area completely devoid of life. After passing through the Fields Region, he had arrived at a Deserted Region. Ling Chen opened his map, and looked at the information about this region. About a hundred years ago, there had been a great war here, and many people had died. Their bones had been buried under the ground, causing this place to become an ‘unlucky’ place. As such, not many people were willing to enter here, although there wasn’t much danger, nor any strong monsters.

With his worries put aside, Ling Chen entered the ‘Deserted Region’. There were many weeds and grasses growing here, and stones were scattered all over the place. However, it was much more peaceful than most other places. Ling Chen pressed on with full speed, and as he told Leng’Er stories, he found that he had reached the centre of the Deserted Region. At this moment, Xiao Hui, who had been napping all this time, suddenly opened his eyes and his ears shot up. Without even waiting for Ling Chen, he jumped down from the Cloud Stepping Mare, and charged towards the right.

Did Xiao Hui find some kind of treasure? Ling Chen did not hesitate at all, and chased after Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui ran for a while, then finally stopped in front of a withered tree. He ran around in circles for a while, then jumped up, and started using his claws to dig the ground beneath him.

“Eh? Could there be some sort of ore buried under the ground?” Ling Chen took out a shovel, “Xiao Hui, I’ll do it.”

After that time with the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, Ling Chen decided to invest in a shovel. Because his profession was not that of a miner, he could only use a low-grade shovel. If someone was to explore a mine with this shovel, they would only be able to find a few ores after an entire day. However, because Ling Chen knew exactly where he should be digging, it was enough to get the job done. Normally, it would be impossible to know exactly where ores and crystals were buried, but Xiao Hui was the perfect solution to this problem.

Of course, shovels had their limits. They could only dig very shallowly in most terrains, and the ground would be restored after a while. This meant that it would be almost impossible to cover a large area with a shovel. Moreover, the best mining spots always had powerful monsters- it would be very dangerous for a player with a mining profession to go mining by himself or herself. The rarest and most valuable treasures were not usually found in conventional mines, but rather in the wilderness- such treasures were things that could only be found by luck.

After digging for a long time, the ground did not show any sign of being restored. Ling Chen put all of his strength into digging, and soon, the hole was 30 centimetres deep. All of a sudden, a “ding” rang out.

Ling Chen had found something after digging about 30 centimetres, which was a lot shallower than he had expected.

Ling Chen brushed the dirt covering the object aside, and saw an ordinary, crude stone. Ling Chen looked at Xiao Hui, and immediately, the information regarded the stone was transmitted to him.

[Spatial Stone]: A stone that contains mysterious spatial energy. It is usually naturally created in regions in which the seven elements are perfectly balanced, making it very rare. It tends to irregularly move around after being formed, and can move anywhere. Using special methods, one can extract the spatial energy from within the Spatial Stone and create special items. However, the forging requirements are extremely high, requiring the forging technique to be at least that of the Heaven’s End grade. People who can use the Spatial Stone to forge items are incredibly rare.

Spatial Stone. Although it had a very ordinary appearance, it turned out that this stone had important qualities.

“It’s a Spatial Stone… little master, quickly grab it! Don’t let it get away no matter what!” Within his mind, Qi Yue’s voice sounded out.

The description of the Spatial Stone said it could move around, so Ling Chen did not hesitate, and took out one of the spatulas he had bought from Qian Gun Gun. He put it against the Spatial Stone, and immediately, the entire Spatial Stone was separated from the ground. Ling Chen put his hand over it and easily picked it up.

The Spatial Stone was only about as big as his fist, and didn’t look at all different to normal stones. However, to be able to cause Qi Yue to cry out in shock meant that this stone was definitely very valuable. Holding the stone in his hand, he asked, “Qi Yue, what can this stone be used for?”

“Shh!” Qi Yue did not answer, but whispered back, “Little master, stay quiet and quickly hide… your ‘old friend’ is here.”

Old friend?

Ling Chen looked up and saw that in the distance, a golden, round, fat cat was swaggering towards where he was. Although it was still quite far away, he could still hear the jingling of the bell around its neck.

Ling Chen’s eyes widened- that was…

Lucky cat!!