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Chapter 233: Skill Copy: Lucky Hand!

Old friend, Lucky Cat… Indeed, they were old friends by now. This was the third time that Ling Chen had encountered the Lucky Cat in the Forgotten Continent.

“Normally people won’t be able to see a Lucky Cat even once in their lives, and yet little master has run into them three times in this past month. Even god would be jealous of your luck.” Qi Yue grumbled. Deep down, she was very, very shocked. The first time he met the Lucky Cat, it was a very fortuitous encounter. The second time was a fortuitous encounter of fortuitous encounters. And now, after a few days… Ling Chen had bumped into one again. The chances of this were astronomically small!

This luck of his was simply ridiculous.

Ling Chen’s Luck stat was indeed much higher than that of most other players’. Although he had 11 points in Luck, that shouldn’t cause him to meet a Lucky Cat three times in such a short period of time.

Moreover, in the same short period of time, he had found three of the God Orbs of the Lunar Scourge, met many godly, mythical creatures that normal players wouldn’t even dream of meeting, received the legacy of the Shura, met Qian Gun Gun, as well as found Mystical Red Sun Gold and a Spatial Stone……

Could it be that this was all because of ‘it’?

“Lucky cat…” Seeing the Lucky Cat that was swaggering nearer and nearer, Ling Chen gritted his teeth so hard that it was audible. He wasn’t thinking about how rare it was to meet a Lucky Cat again, but rather, his mind was filled with rage- rage from remembering when this big, fat cat had stolen all of his gold.

This damn cat- I’ll definitely catch you and roast you this time!!!

He decided that he would hide behind this tree, completely silent and suppressing his aura, and strike out when the time was right.

At this moment, the information regarding the Lucky Cat was transmitted into Ling Chen’s mind… this information evidently came from Xiao Hui’s “Eye of the Holy Spirit”. Although the Lucky Cat was still quite far away, it seemed that it was still within the range of Xiao Hui’s skill. Ling Chen was just about to tell Xiao Hui to also hide behind the tree, but he suddenly saw the Lucky Cat’s skills.

[Money Shield], [Money Attack], [Money Escape], [Treasure Monster Summon]

[Lucky Hand]: When close to the target it stretches its paw, stealing all the gold of the target in a moment without the target noticing.

[True Lucky Hand]: When close to the target it stretches its paw, stealing all the gold and items of the target in a moment without the target noticing.

All of the Lucky Cat’s skills were very unique and incredibly powerful. The Money Shield was a ridiculously powerful defensive skill. As long as it had enough money, even a Saint Destroyer Beast had no chance of killing it. The Money Attack was a ridiculously powerful offensive skill. As long as it had enough money, it could even insta-kill a Saint Destroyer Beast. The Money Escape was a ridiculously convenient way of escaping- throwing some money away would cause it to teleport far, far away. Even gods would not be able to catch it if it wanted to run.

In comparison to these overpowered skills, [Lucky Hand] and [True Lucky Hand] were even more broken. These skills could cause as much pain as the target dying a thousand times.

To be able to steal all of the target’s items and gold in a single moment… even Ling Chen was scared stiff by these skills. He subconsciously put his hand over his bag. Even in the early stages of the game, becoming the victim of this skill could cause one to rage-quit. This was even more so in the middle and late stages of the game, when all of one’s efforts in collecting items and gold would go to waste in a single second. This was enough to cause anyone to weep bitterly for many, many days.

If he could have such a terrifying skill…

Ling Chen’s heart started to thump hard. He grinned, and slowly took out a scroll from his bag.

The reward from the Moon God Ruins Quest- Skill Copy Scroll!!

[Skill Copy Scroll]: A mysterious scroll that allows the user to copy a target’s skills. When used, the user can choose one skill to copy from the target. The target must be within the user’s field of vision. Cannot copy limited use skills, passive skills or evolved skills. The copied skill will start from LV1. Disappears after use.

As long as the target is within the user’s field of vision…

Ling Chen carefully poked his head out from behind the tree and looked towards the Lucky Cat. The Lucky Cat was swaggering along quite slowly, and was still about 100 metres away. Although he could see it clearly, he wasn’t within range for it to detect him.

He didn’t know if this scroll could copy a skill from the Lucky Cat, but if it could… heheheh!

Ling Chen slowly breathed in, and opened the scroll as he stared at the Lucky Cat… immediately a dim flash of light appeared, and six skills appeared on the scroll:

[Money Shield], [Money Attack], [Money Escape], [Treasure Monster Summon], [Lucky Hand], [True Lucky Hand]

Ling Chen stretched out his finger and selected [True Lucky Hand]. Inside, he was screaming “Please work!!”

However, he didn’t expect that it would work, because if it did, he would have the most overpowered and broken skill known to gaming history! Normally, the designer of a game would definitely not allow such a skill to fall into the hands of a player. Moreover, the Lucky Cat was not just some ordinary creature. It, as well as its skills, were all unique and special, so how could its skills be so easily copied?

Despite this, Ling Chen still had to try.

The words [True Lucky Hand] on the scroll flashed a few times. At the same time, the Lucky Cat’s body in the distance also flashed a few times, but it didn’t seem to notice. It kept swaggering and sauntering towards Ling Chen’s position in a very relaxed manner.

Ling Chen concluded that this Lucky Cat must have a very high sense of danger, but very poor eyesight.

‘Ding… [True Lucky Hand] is the evolved version of [Lucky Hand], so it cannot be copied.”

A system announcement rang out, telling him that his attempt had failed.

From the name, it seemed that [True Lucky Hand] was indeed the evolved version of [Lucky Hand], and the scroll did say that evolved skills could not be copied. Ling Chen once again breathed in. In that case… let’s try [Lucky Hand]. Please don’t fail!

Ling Chen tapped on [Lucky Hand] on the scroll. Once again, the skill name flashed a few times, as did the Lucky Cat’s body.

“Ding… you have successfully copied [Lucky Cat]’s active skill [Lucky Hand], Current level: LV1.”

“Ding… “Holy Spirit’s Gift” has caused your skill [Lucky Hand] to rise to LV2.”

The scroll shattered in his hand, and dissipated quickly. Hearing the announcement, Ling Chen was instantly overjoyed!

Success… it had actually succeeded! Succeeded!!

He almost did not dare to believe what had just happened… because from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t think that the system would allow a player to copy such a broken skill. He quickly opened his stats page, and looked at his skills. His gaze locked on to the [Lucky Hand] skill…

Lucky Hand: Current level: LV2, Highest level: LV5, SP to upgrade to LV3: 180,000, After reaching LV5, the skill will automatically evolve into [True Lucky Hand]. A godly skill that comes from the treasure creature Lucky Cat, this skill allows the user to use an unseen hand to steal away the target’s money without the target noticing. Within range, the user can steal 20%-40% of the target’s money. The success rate is affected by the target’s level, grade and luck. Base success rate for stealing is (Luck x 4)%. Being able to steal without being detected is also affected by the target’s level, grade and luck. Base success rate for not being detected is (Luck x 4)%. Consumes 10 MP, cooldown time: 10 seconds.

Ling Chen: “……”

This savage skill had been weakened by quite a bit after being acquired by him, but it still allowed him to steal a whopping 20%-40% of the target’s money. Moreover, Lucky Hand only costed 10MP and had a 10 second cooldown time, so even if he couldn’t steal all of the target’s money in one go, he could continue to steal from them after 10 seconds. Currently, Ling Chen’s Luck was 11, so merely the base chance of him successfully stealing, as well as not being detected was 44%! Moreover, because his level and Luck were much higher than that of other players’, the total success rate would be much, much higher!

However, what pained him to see was that the SP required to level up Lucky Hand to LV3 was a tremendous 180,000!!

This was almost double as much as that which was necessary to fully level up Soul Sacrifice!

Despite this, Ling Chen wasn’t too disheartened. For such a powerful skill to be acquired by a player, it would only be fair for there to be some limitations. Even to him, levelling up this skill would be incredibly difficult. However, he had Xiao Hui! With Xiao Hui’s “Holy Spirit’s Gift”, he could still level up the skill.

Xiao Hui was truly a blessing.

Within his mind flashed many scenarios of him using this devastating skill on his targets. Ling Chen quickly calmed down his mind, called back Xiao Hui and held his breath behind the tree… the next step for him was to catch this big, fat cat!