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Chapter 234: Spanking

Out of the two times Ling Chen had met the Lucky Cat, it had escaped twice, and had even stolen all of his gold the second time.

This time, the third time, Ling Chen was determined to catch it. Ling Chen was fairly confident this time- he would not make the same mistake as last time, and would use the Lunar Scourge as soon as he had the chance to.

Ling Chen stuck closely to the tree and held his breath. His right harm was prepared- as soon as the Lucky Cat came within 18 metres, he would immediately use Moon Shadow, and catch it.

Qi Yue had previously said that the Lucky Cat definitely would not allow anything dangerous come within 50 metres of it. That was to say, its sense of danger within 50 metres was incredibly high. However, Ling Chen was a master of both espionage and counter-espionage. He was completely immobile, and not breathing in the slightest. Anyone who saw him would believe that he was dead. All of his focus was gathered on his sense of hearing, which he used to gauge how far away the Lucky Cat was.

“Little master, are you still trying to catch it?” Qi Yue asked in a surprised voice.

“Of course.” Ling Chen replied with a look of concentration on his face.

“The Lucky Cat has an extraordinary sense of danger. The range of little master’s Moon Shadow is still not enough. Catching the Lucky Cat this time will be almost impossible.”

“That’s not for sure!” Ling Chen quickly replied. He stopped talking as he heard the Lucky Cat coming closer and closer to his position.

The Lucky Cat was very close now, and at this moment, Qi Yue let out an “Oh?” of surprise. The Lucky Cat was within 50 metres of Ling Chen, but it continued to walk forwards. Evidently, it had not sensed Ling Chen.

Qi Yue was incredibly shocked. The Lucky Cat had one of the strongest sense of danger out of all creatures. Even if it was just a feather landing on the ground, or even a heart thumping, it would be able to sense it within the 50 metres. However, it had not detected Ling Chen for some reason.

Qi Yue looked over at Ling Chen- although his eyes were open, they were not moving in the slightest and he had not blinked for some time. He looked exactly like a statue. This level of control over one’s body was simply astounding. If even the Lucky Cat couldn’t detect him, then who could possibly find him when he wanted to hide? It seemed that with the help of the Lunar Scourge, perhaps Ling Chen really would be able to catch this Lucky Cat.

One second… two seconds… three seconds…

Qi Yue stopped speaking, so as to not disturb Ling Chen. Ling Chen heard the Lucky Cat coming closer and closer and forced himself to be calm. He estimated that the Lucky Cat was about forty metres away… then thirty metres… then…

“Ding…someone is calling from the outside world, would you like to log off or listen now?”

In his state of extreme focus, this loud system announcement caused him to involuntarily gasp…although this would not be audible to anyone more than one metre away, he heard the Lucky Cat suddenly stop walking, and after a “woosh”…

“Aiya, the fat at ran away.” Qi Yue said lightheartedly.

Ling Chen: “~!#$%……..”

After waiting patiently for such a long time, it had all been ruined by a system announcement. Ling Chen chose to listen to what the person from outside was saying.

“I want to eat chocolate!! Hurry up and buy me chocolate!!!!!”

Tian Tian’s yelling voice was at least at 90 decibels, causing Ling Chen’s ears to hurt. If it was Shui Ruo calling him, he would have been fine with it. However, it was Tian Tian… he immediately became completely enraged.

Ling Chen logged off, and opened his eyes. He sat up, and saw Tian Tian was standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

Seeing that Ling Chen had woken up, the little Tian Tian pointed at him and yelled, “Big bad guy, This Demon Queen wants to eat chocolate, hurry up and buy me some!”

“If you want to eat chocolate, buy it yourself!” Ling Chen retorted.

“You’re my servant, so you have to buy for me!”

“I’m not going to! I’ll see what you can do to make me.” Ling Chen stared at her with flames in his eyes. He was completely, utterly, furious.

The little Tian Tian had no idea. She sniffled, and angrily said, “Y-y-y-you big bad guy! You’re disobeying this Demon Queen yet again! Once This Demon Queen recovers her magic, I’ll…”

This little brat had been kindly picked up by him and Shui Ruo and brought back to their home. He had even gone out to buy her chocolate in the middle of the night, and she did not even thank him. And now, she was acting so arrogantly in front of him, and had caused him to miss out on catching the Lucky Cat. He really wanted to spank her badly…

And so, that’s what he did.

Before the little Tian Tian finished talking, he grabbed her and put her over his knee, and talked to her in a furious voice, “Little Tian Tian! I’m just not going to obey you; what can you do about it? This is my home, so you have to listen to me. Got it?”

The little Tian Tian began to desperately struggle, “You big bad guy! Hurry up and let me go!! I, the Demon Queen, will not listen to you!! Let me go!!!”

Still so arrogant? Ling Chen raised his right hand, and smacked downwards.


Ling Chen was angry, but still held himself back. Despite this, the smack was still enough for Tian Tian’s bottom to flare into pain. The little Tian Tian had grown up being spoiled, and everyone had always been completely subservient to her. No one had ever hurt a single hair on her head before. Immediately, she started to bawl, “Wuaaa! You big bad guy.. you… you hit me… you dared to hit me…”

“So what if I hit you! Are you going to be disobedient any more??”

“You big bad guy! You super bad guy! As soon as I get my magic back, I… I’ll definitely punish you every day. I’ll turn you into the ugliest rabbit in the world, and make you do silly things… wuaa!!” Before she could finish speaking, another smack landed on her bottom, causing her to cry even louder, “It hurts so much!! Big sis… big sis save me!!”

Little Tian Tian’s crying could probably be heard from a kilometre away. Shui Ruo hurriedly ran in, and saw that she was laid across Ling Chen’s legs, with a waterfall of tears running down her face. As soon as she saw Shui Ruo, she began to cry even harder, “Big sis… save me big sis… big bad guy is hitting me… wuu… it hurts so much… wuu… big sis save me…”

Shui Ruo had no idea what had happened, and sympathetically came over, “Big brother, Tian Tian she… she can be a bit cheeky sometimes, but she’s still a child…”

“If she’s a child then she should be obedient!” Shui Ruo’s attempt to calm him down had not worked, and another smack landed on Tian Tian’s bottom.

“Waaah! It hurts… it really hurts… wuuu wuuuu….” Tian Tian’s tears continued to flow, creating a large wet patch on the bed. However, Ling Chen showed no mercy, and his hand flew down again. He was careful to control his strength so that she would learn a lesson, but would not suffer any injuries.

“Big bad guy… I definitely won’t forgive you…”

“Wuu… wuuu… I definitely won’t listen to you… I’m going to turn you into a grasshopper, a mouse… wuua!”

“Big sis save me… save me… my bottom hurts…”


Although it really hurt, the little brat was very strong-willed. Every time she retaliated, Ling Chen would give her another smack without mercy. Every time, Tian Tian would cry louder and louder. Her only saviour, Shui Ruo could do nothing but stand by and watch, occasionally pleading with Ling Chen to stop. Although her heart was breaking, she knew that this was for Tian Tian’s own good, so she could only watch.

“Wuu… wuuuuu… it hurts… don’t smack me anymore… don’t smack my bottom… wuu…” After being hit ten or so times, Tian Tian finally gave in and begged Ling Chen to stop.

Ling Chen temporarily stopped, and asked, “So you know you’re in the wrong?”

“Wuu… I was in the wrong… I was being bad… I won’t be like this anymore, so don’t smack me anymore…” Although the little Tian Tian didn’t know what she did wrong, she didn’t dare to retaliate anymore, instead giving in.

“Big brother…” Shui Ruo’s heart hurt so much that she felt as if she was going to start crying as well. She grabbed Ling Chen’s shoulder, asking him to stop.

“Then what did you do wrong?” Ling Chen ominously asked.

The little Tian Tian wiped her tears and sniffled, “I… I shouldn’t have called you big bad guy… shouldn’t have told you to buy me chocolate… shouldn’t have cried so loudly… shouldn’t… shouldn’t…”

Tian Tian looked and sounded so pitiful that even Ling Chen’s heart softened. His anger immediately subsided… although Tian Tian could be quite a brat at times, she was indeed still a child. She had not caused him to lose the Lucky Cat on purpose, and now Ling Chen almost felt a bit guilty about spanking her just then.

Ling Chen flipped her over and put her into a more comfortable position. Tian Tian cowered, not daring to move. Even Ling Chen could not help but feel sorry for her, and feel bad about spanking her, “Tian Tian, did you know, on earth, kids need to listen to adults. Adults will only like kids who are good and obedient. Otherwise, kids who are bad will be spanked.”

Tian Tian continued to sniffle, and did not dare to retort.

“Now, although Tian Tian is a Demon Queen, Tian Tian isn’t able to use any of her magic, so Tian Tian’s not a Demon Queen right now. That means Tian Tian’s just a normal kid. If Tian Tian is good and obedient, everyone will like Tian Tian and protect Tian Tian. However, if Tian Tian is bad, not only will Tian Tian be spanked, but maybe your big sis and I will even leave you.”

Tian Tian stopped crying. What Ling Chen had just said was what had been worrying her this entire time. She peeked at Ling Chen, and said in a small voice, “If… If I always listen to you and big sis, will you all like me and protect me, and not spank me and not leave me?”