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Chapter 235: Peter Pan!

Seeing that Ling Chen had calmed down, Shui Ruo let out a breath in relief. She sat beside the bed, and gently comforted Tian Tian, “Of course. If Tian Tian is good and obedient, big brother and I will like Tian Tian and protect Tian Tian well. We definitely wouldn’t leave Tian Tian. And if Tian Tian is angry, Tian Tian can wait until she recovers her magic to teach big brother a lesson. But until then, you have to listen to big brother, okay?”

Tian Tian pitifully sniffled, “But… but I’ve lost my magic… no one will be willing to obey me… If… If I listen to you guys, and there are bad guys in future… will you protect me even then?”

Tian Tian’s words caused Ling Chen to look over in shock, as if he had remembered something. He inwardly sighed, and smiled. Ling Chen picked up a screwdriver beside the bed, and said, “Tian Tian, look.”

Using his fingers on one hand, Ling Chen snapped the screwdriver in half…


The screwdriver that was more than half as thick as a finger broke cleanly in half.

Shui Ruo’s lips slightly parted, and Tian Tian forgot all about her crying. Her little mouth also hung wide open. The sound that the screwdriver made when it was snapped in half told her that it was indeed made out of metal. She was clearly very impressed by Ling Chen being able to easily snap a metal screwdriver in half with just his fingers.

Tian Tian’s gaze moved from Ling Chen’s hand to his face. Her look of fear disappeared, and was instead replaced with admiration and awe, “So… so strong! I never knew earthlings were so strong!”

Tian Tian was not the only one who was shocked. Although Shui Ruo knew that Ling Chen was very strong, but she had never seen him use his strength before. However, she quickly recovered, and said to Tian Tian, “Look, big brother is really strong, right! No matter what sort of bad guys there are, big brother can easily beat them. With big brother protecting Tian Tian, no one will dare to bully Tian Tian.”

“En… en!” Tian Tian meekly nodded.

Tian Tian was just a little girl, and had come to earth all by herself. After she found out that she had ‘lost her magic’, she felt very scared and insecure. As such, after meeting Shui Ruo, she decided to cling on to this kind and gentle big sister. What she lacked most, so far away from home, was a sense of security. If they really could protect her, she would be willing to listen to them.

She raised her head, and tearily looked at Shui Ruo, “I… I’m still recovering my magic, so I’ll… I’ll be good and listen to you guys. I’ll do… do anything you tell me to…”

Ling Chen and Shui Ruo both smiled. Seeing her behaving so well, Ling Chen almost regretted putting her through that. However, it turned out that spanking had turned out for the better.

“Then… can I eat chocolate… just… just one piece…” Tian Tian slowly extended one finger, her eyes gazing at Shui Ruo and Ling Chen. She was almost like a little kitten begging for food, causing Ling Chen and Shui Ruo’s hearts to melt.

There was no way for Ling Chen to refuse her this time. Adding on his sense of guilt for punishing her just then, he immediately went into the living room and took out the box of chocolates that he had hidden. He didn’t immediately give them to Tian Tian, but instead said, “Tian Tian, you can have some if you call me ‘big bro’.”

If it was before the spanking, little Tian Tian would have immediately started cursing at him. However, Tian Tian didn’t refuse, and meekly called, “Big bro.”

It wasn’t too bad having another little sister. Ling Chen smiled, and put the box in her hand, “Little Tian Tian is very good, so you can have some chocolate now.”

After finally getting the chocolate, Tian Tian swallowed her saliva as she opened the box. She reached out, and picked up the smallest piece. She once again forcefully swallowed her saliva, closed the box, and put it in front of Ling Chen. After all, she said that she would only have one piece.
Although she wasn’t crying anymore, but most Tian Tian’s tears still had not dried, and her eyes were still red from crying. Anyone would feel sympathetic looking at such a sight. Ling Chen opened the box, and put it on Tian Tian’s lap, “Since Tian Tian has become so well-mannered and behaved, Tian Tian can have all of this. After you finish eating it, big brother can buy you some more.”

“Really?” Tian Tian hugged the box of chocolates tightly and yelled out with joy. Her teary face already had a smile on it… indeed, she was just a simple child who would cry and smile easily. Just a box of chocolates could cause her to be so happy.

To see so much chocolate all of a sudden, Tian Tian immediately forgot about her hurting bottom. While devouring the chocolates, she peeked at Ling Chen and mumbled, “Big bad guy… to be honest, you’re not that bad…”

“Haha!” Ling Chen laughed.

“Big brother,” Shui Ruo pulled Ling Chen’s hand, “Tian Tian said that she wants to play Mystic Moon with us. Should we buy her gear this afternoon?”

Ling Chen immediately nodded, “Let’s go in the afternoon. This way, Tian Tian won’t be lonely when we’re playing. She’ll definitely enjoy playing Mystic Moon.”

After finishing lunch, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo took Tian Tian out. They walked on either side of Tian Tian, holding her hands. Tian Tian was like a little bird, chirping out question after question. She was filled with curiosity towards everything she saw. This sort of experience caused Ling Chen to feel warm in his heart, and he savoured this feeling. He was sure that Shui Ruo was feeling the same way as well. Although a third person appeared in their world, it wasn’t too bad.

Sixty years ago, the entire world had abolished the restriction preventing people under 18 years of age entering the gaming world. Fifty years ago, the restriction on the playing time of people under 18 was also abolished. As such, they could bring Tian Tian with them into Mystic Moon with no worries.

The process for Tian Tian getting her gaming gear went smoothly. Like them, Tian Tian also chose a bracelet. It was a cute, pink bracelet, which suited Tian Tian very much. After receiving her bracelet, Tian Tian pulled Shui Ruo and Ling Chen as she ran home, evidently very eager to enter the game.

Upon reaching home, little Tian Tian immediately ran into the bedroom, without even waiting for Ling Chen to explain Mystic Moon. Shui Ruo smiled and said, “I’m going to go into Mystic Moon with Tian Tian. I’ll tell her my name and how to contact us. I’m also going to see how Su’Er’s doing.”

Soon, Shui Ruo also entered Mystic Moon. Ling Chen stood silently in the living room for a while, then walked to the balcony, and made a special gesture.

Very soon, a person appeared in front of him. Ling Chen calmly said, “Create an identity called ‘Ling Tian Tian’, 10 years old. You know what else to do.”

The black shadow nodded, and immediately left. Ling Chen suddenly asked, “When will we start to deal with the Yan Huang Alliance?”



Ling Chen turned and returned to the living room. He lay on the sofa, and entered Mystic Moon.

He appeared in the “Deserted Region” where he was previously. Of course, not even any fur from the Lucky Cat was there, let alone the Lucky Cat itself. Opening his stats page, Ling Chen looked at his “Lucky Hand” skill and grinned… he almost started to maniacally laugh.

With the Lucky Hand, his only problem with money would be being unable to spend it all!!
If… If he could evolve Lucky Hand into True Lucky Hand someday, he would be able to take everything from someone in a single moment. He felt excited just thinking about it.


Although he had not been able to catch the Lucky Cat, this sort of outcome still made him delirious with joy. He called out the Cloud Stepping Mare, and continued to head south.


Twenty minutes later…

“Young master, good news!” Flame Shadow charged into the meeting hall, jubilant as he reported to Long Tian Yun.


“The Dark Night already completed their mission and found Peter Pan, and brought him over. He’s outside right now!” Flame Shadow quickly said.

Long Tian Yun immediately stood up, and his face darkened, “Bring him in!”

The meeting hall’s doors opened, and a person in black, radiating killing intent, brought in a small figure with a face full of fright. Above the small figure’s head were two bright words:

Peter Pan!!

“You’re that… Peter Pan!!” Long Tian Yun’s words were squeezed out from between his teeth. The amount of hatred he felt for this person in front of him was unfathomable. It was because of this person that he, as well as the entire Yan Huang Alliance, had lost a significant amount of money and had become the laughingstocks of the world!

Peter Pan’s entire body started shaking, his face was as white as a piece of paper. Under Long Tian Yun’s vengeful gaze, he collapsed onto the floor. He tried to get up, as he despairingly yelled out, “Don’t… Don’t kill me!!! It has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with me… don’t kill me!!”

Flame Shadow walked beside Long Tian Yun and said in a low voice, “The Dark Night has found out this Peter Pan’s real life identity. They’re beside him right now, and forced him to enter the virtual world.”

Long Tian Yun’s face became darker and darker. Peter Pan’s fear was written all over his face, actions and speech… this cowardly person had caused his Yan Huang Alliance to suffer such humiliation?!