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Chapter 236: The Wrath of Long Tian Yun’

The one who brought “Peter Pan” was dressed completely in black, with only his eyes exposed. This was the simple attire of the Dark Night. There had never been a person who had seen the face of someone from the Dark Night and no one knew the origins or hideout of the Dark Night either. But Long Tian Yun’s interest was currently not on him, it was completely on Peter Pan

“Talk. Who made you this daring, that you did this?!” Long Tian Yun said, gnashing his teeth. He had had some doubt before, but now that he had seen Peter Pan for himself, he could say with 100% certainty that Peter Pan was only a pawn. The fear that this small fry displayed was not fake. His pupils were dilated, limbs were trembling and his complexion was pale… How could such a timid person have the guts to shame the Yan Huang Alliance, let alone be capable of attaining 2 Guild Creation Tokens?

“I’ll talk… I’ll talk… I’ll tell you everything… please… please Alliance Master Long don’t kill me… I don’t want to die,” Peter Pan was lying on the ground, unable to stop shaking. He didn’t have any strength to stand and even the words he spoke were not very clear.

Flame Shadow spoke in a low voice to Long Tian Yun, “The ways of the Dark Night are truly extraordinary. They found his real person immediately. Only with the threat of death would he speak the truth. It would have been entirely useless if they had only found his game character.” After speaking, he stared straight at Peter Pan and said in a neutral tone, “Peter Pan, we have known from the beginning that you were forced to do this and that it was not your fault. You only need to honestly tell us who made you do this and we will let you go. If telling us this information puts you at risk of death, then we can even protect you, we can take you in. Haha, my Yan Huang Alliance always follows through with what has been said, so do not be afraid, just tell us what we want to know.”

Upon hearing words like this, Peter Pan’s complexion was slightly restored and he nodded repeatedly, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk… I’ll tell you everything. Don’t kill me… please don’t kill me…”

The cold sweat on Peter Pan’s forehead was rushing down like a waterfall. He raised his hand to wipe off the sweat and cowered as he spoke, “The one who made me do this is my boss. It really wasn’t me… even if I had that much courage…”

“Your boss? Who is your boss?” Long Tian Yun interrupted with a gloomy face.

Long Tian Yun’s approach made Peter Pan shirk away and he exclaimed with fear, “Gu Tian Nan! My boss is called Gu Tian Nan. It was him who gave me 2 Guild Creation Tokens on that day, the day of the Auction, at the Guild Registration location, and told me to wait for his signal. When he signaled, I would immediately create… create the guild that he told me to… I really was forced!!”

Gu Tian Nan…

Gu Tian Nan…


Long Tian Yun and Flame Shadow’s faces dropped at the same time. Flame Shadow leaned over and said in a low voice, “Young master…”

Up till today, they had been greatly suspicious of the Skyfall Dynasty, because of the ones capable of attaining two Guild Creation Tokens, only few of them had the guts to insult the Yan Huang Alliance. However, whilst the Skyfall Dynasty have had unceasing secret conflicts with the Yan Huang Alliance, clear outward conflicts were rare. Moreover Skyfall also had great respect for Long Tian Yun and did not have a reason to do this kind of thing. Furthermore, they were fighting to be the first Guild so if they got the Guild Creation Token, why would they not have just immediately used it to create their Guild?

Internally furious, Long Tian Yun tried hard to maintain his calm demeanor before suddenly sneering, “Bullshit!! Haha, facing imminent death and you still dare to mess with me. Gu Tian Nan and I were fighting tooth and nail for that Guild Creation Token. Everyone saw it. He was dreaming of being the first Guild to be created and if two Guild Creation Tokens were his, he would have created his Guild the first moment he could! Moreover Gu Tian Nan was a very calm person, he would not do something rash like this. You want to frame the leader of the Skyfall Dynasty and cause conflicts and suspicions between us! Haha, it really is a good plan… but do you take me as a fool! I think you aren’t afraid unless you actually see your coffin!!”

“No!! No… I’m not lying! Everything I’ve said is true!!” Peter Pan shook his head furiously, “It was really my boss that made me do this…”

“You dare continue playing!!”

“I’m really not lying, you have to believe me!!” Peter Pan’s pupils dilated and seeing his panicked state, it really was very hard to believe that he was lying. Long Tian Yun had already believed him and he felt like he was going to explode in annoyance, but he was careful in nature and would not easily trust before drawing conclusions. At this time, Peter Pan thought of something and stretched out his left hand, “Yes… evidence… I have evidence!! Alliance Master Long, I have proof to prove I am not lying!!”

“What kind of proof?” Long Tian Yun’s eyes narrowed.

Peter Pan breathed heavily and fumbled with his bracelet. After some time and some shuffling, some voices came out of the bracelet.

“Hahahaha! Refreshing… It’s been so long since I’ve felt this refreshed. Long Tian Yun’s expression seeing Peter Pan’s work… It looks like he had eaten a shit, hahahaha!”

“Hey, big brother, your acting is really good. You have the same head of sweat that Long Tian Yun had when contending for the Guild Creation Token, even I almost think that you wanted to get the Guild Creation Token, hahahaha!”

“Tch, what kind of person is big brother, playing Long Tian Yun like he was playing his own son, hahahaha!”

Long Tian Yun’s expression changed, turning green, because these 3 voices…. They clearly belonged to the 3 Kings of Skyfall Dynasty—Skyfall, Against the Sky and Judging Sky!!

“Before, it was also the Yan Huang Alliance causing problems. This is really a fresh breath of air… Peter Pan, this is a great thing you have done. Relax, it couldn’t have been done without you. But remember this. Only the 4 of us will know of this affair. Even if your dear mother were to return from the grave, you cannot tell her! Otherwise…”

“Bo… boss please relax… Even if I die… I will protect this secret…” This was the voice of Peter Pan, trembling.

“Haha, good! Of course I believe in you, otherwise I would not have entrusted you with such a task. Come, sit and drink some tea. Today you will be rewarded well.”

“Thank… thank you my three bosses…”

“Big brother, I gotta say you really had amazing foresight this time. When you and Long Tian Yun were up to 900 million gold, even I was sweating… how did you know 900 million gold would not beat Long Tian Yun?”

“Long Tian Yun regards prestige and honour more highly than life itself, so he would not have allowed the reputation of the first Guild to fall into someone else’s hand. Therefore, unless it reached 1 billion, he would absolutely never let go. If we got the Guild Creation Token and became the first Guild, who knows what he would resort to for it. Overall our strength is inferior to that of the Yan Huang Alliance, so I didn’t want to fight them to the bitter end. So after getting the Guild Creation Token, I was hesitant to use it, and it was only until I got the second one that I thought of a way to dump on Long Tian Yun and the whole of the Yan Huang Alliance. And after the Token had been auctioned away, no matter how much Long Tian Yun deliberated, he would never suspect it was us.”

No only did we get 1 billion gold, they weren’t even able to get the first Guild status after everyone had watched them get the Guild Creation Token… haha, a truly refreshing feeling!”

“This was only the beginning. Tomorrow, when Ling Tian takes back Long Tian Yun’s Guild Creation Token during the fight, making Long Tian Yun’s scolding be in vain, even his fame would be thoroughly discredited. We will then cancel that Guild and use the Guild Creation Token to set up the first Guild… Hehe, when the time comes, the Yan Huang Alliance will be badly hit, with all the blame falling on Peter Pan and Ling Tian. Perhaps they’ll even think everything was Ling Tian’s doing, so they wont have the time to contest us for being the first Guild. After we’ve settled down, they will then look to us, but it wouldn’t be so easy by then and at that time, in Mystic Moon, our Skyfall Dynasty name will forever step on the head of the Yan Huang Alliance. Hahahaha.”

“But big brother, will Ling Tian actually beat the Sword Emperor?”

“Relax, its certain. I never do things I don’t have confidence in. Moreover, I have already paid him a large sum of money. That money can’t just be spent on anything! Right now, lets just wait for tomorrow afternoon.”

The end was just three people in maniacal laughter…

The forehead of Flame Shadow was sweating, Long Tian Yun’s complexion was black as coal, his shaking fists revealed his anger. He stretched out a finger, pointing at Peter Pan, “Bring me your bracelet!!”

Flame Shadow quickly moved forward, taking the bracelet from Peter Pan, looking for the recording… the time of recording was exactly the day that the auction had occurred!!

“Young Master, there is something else. The news that was just obtained…” Looking at how furious Long Tian Yun was, Flame Shadow chose his words carefully, “That day, when Ling Tian escaped from the plains… Although they have hidden him well, it can be determined that he is among the ranks of the Skyfall Dynasty.”


Long Tian Yun angrily threw the bracelet onto the ground. It cracked completely as he stood, breathing heavily, both hands stretched out.

“Skyfall… Skyfall Dynasty… this time, either you die or I die!!”

In the real world, sound recordings could be synthesized, everything could be tampered with. But in Mystic Moon, under the rules, regardless of whether it be time, length or content, players did not have a way to tamper with recordings, let alone manufacture them. The sounds that were heard were indeed Skyfall, Against the Sky and Judging Sky. This could not be wrong!!

So this recording was completely solid proof!

From the auction to the fight with the Sword Emperor… it turned out everything was completely orchestrated!

And he, Long Tian Yun, was like a puppet controlled by strings. He had been played like a dog!

“Alliance… Alliance Master Long, I have said everything… let me go… let my one cheap life go… the big boss has already decided to cancel the guild I created in 2 days time He’ll then create the first Guild, and at that time, I will definitely be killed. So now, I have tried to run away, I…I definitely will not tell anyone about what happened today… I beg you to let me go,” Peter Pan fell down cowering on the ground.

Flame Shadow glanced at Peter Pan and said in a low voice, “Young master, this person, what do I do with him?”

Long Tian Yun stared at him, the anger that he was releasing in this moment could make anybody fearful and apprehensive. He took a long breath, his vision focused on the black figure behind Peter Pan. Then, constraining his anger, he calmly said, “The ability of the Dark Night does not disappoint. The remaining fees will be paid within the hour. Moreover, I would like to see this fellow in front of us in person… Or, you could tell me where he is, and we can get him ourselves.”

“The price will increase by 50 million,” The dark figured person said coolly.

“A price increase?” Long Tian Yun wrinkled his brow.

“The Dark Night never does anything for free,” The dark figure’s tone was still icy and it was unpleasant to hear its hoarseness. Obviously, this was not his real voice. The caution of the Dark Night could be seen here.

“50 million, that’s ruthless,” Long Tian Yun said in a low voice. 50 million and only to ask for a location? It wasn’t just any kind of ruthless.

“Your Yan Huang Alliance can afford it.”


“Young Master,” Flame Shadow hurriedly opened his mouth, then using a softer voice so that only Long Tian Yun could hear him, “This Peter Pan is but a pawn and does not have any value. We have no reason to spend so much on him. For now, let him cancel that guild… then, let the a member of the Dark Night eliminate him…”