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Chapter 252: A Fairy’s First Wings

After Ying Xue and the Greenwood appeared, more and more Fairies began to appear, crowding around Ling Chen and staring at him. There were males and females, both young and old. The majority were males, and all of them looked at Ling Chen curiously, as if he was an alien. However, from the way they looked at him, Ling Chen couldn’t see any fear or rejection, merely interest. They all kept their distance, quietly talking among themselves.

Fairies were indeed the most beautiful creatures in the world. No matter if it was the males or females, Ling Chen could see that every single one of them were beautiful and stunning. As for Ying Xue, she was on a completely different level to all of the other Fairies. Her beauty and the atmosphere around her made one want to gaze at her forever.

Seeing that her dad was not angry at Ling Chen, and was not going to do anything to him, Cai’Er let out a breath that she had been holding. However, she was a bit curious as to why their reactions were so different from that which she had expected. She directly said, “Dad, in order to take me back, big bro has no way of getting out. Big sis already used her Nature’s Ring today, so she can only use it again after 100 years. Are there any other ways to send big brother out? Dad, you’re so powerful, so I’m sure you’ll find a way, right?”

Ling Chen followed on, “Fairy Chief Greenwood, I only came here to send Cai’Er home. After all, I am a human, so I definitely can’t stay here, so-”

“I have a question for you, and you must answer truthfully.” Ying Xue, who had been silent this whole time, suddenly spoke as she looked at Ling Chen.

“What is it?” Ling Chen nodded.

“Do you… have my First Wings?” Ying Xue slowly asked with a complicated look in her crystal eyes.

Woosh. As soon as Ying Xue spoke, Ling Chen could feel that every single Fairy’s eyes were locked on to him. Even Greenwood was staring at him in concentration, waiting for his answer. Cai’Er’s mouth was wide open, looking at him in shock.

Ling Chen could feel that something was off. Indeed, he had stolen something called “Ying Xue’s First Wings” from Ying Xue, and seeing the Fairies’ reactions, it seemed to be something important.

Knowing the situation he was in, Ling Chen didn’t want to risk lying. He nodded, “Before, I was caught up in the moment and took an item from you. It seems that this item is very important to you, and I didn’t intentionally take it, so I hope you’re not too angry. I’ll return it to you now.”

As he spoke, Ling Chen took out “Ying Xue’s First Wings”, and held it in front of Ying Xue. This was a pair of very beautiful wings, and were extremely similar to the wings on Ying Xue’s back, except them were much smaller. They were not as transparent as the ones on Ying Xue’s back, but were still incredibly beautiful. The scent that it released was one of grasses and flowers, as well as a maiden’s fragrance.

The moment Ling Chen admitted it, and took out the wings, the amount of quiet whispering within the crowd of Fairies suddenly increased by many times. The way they looked at Ling Chen also completely changed. This was especially so for the younger male Fairies- some looked extremely gloomy, while others looked at Ling Chen with extreme admiration.

This sort of reaction caused Ling Chen to become extremely confused.

What sort of thing were these ‘First Wings’?

Ying Xue did not take them, but stared at him dumbly. Although she was certain that it was him who had taken them away, but at this moment, she was unable to stay calm and her chest heaved.

Ying Xue was incredibly beautiful, and this reaction caused Ling Chen to feel even more shocked. Apart from the quiet discussions in the crowd, everyone else was silent.

“Ahh!!” It was Cai’Er who broke the silence. Her little face was filled with shock, as if the most inconceivable thing in the whole world had happened. Her eyes moved rapidly from Ling Chen, to the First Wings, to Ying Xue, and she stuttered, “B-big bro, y-y-y-you have big sis’ First Wings?”

“Ahem!” Seeing everyone in shock, Greenwood coughed twice, walked forwards and smiled, “Young human, since you have taken away Ying Xue’s First Wings, this is a miraculous turn of fate. Since it’s like this, please keep the First Wings; there’s no need to return them to her. Alright, please put them away.”

“But-” Ling Chen was not entirely sure what was happening. He looked towards Ying Xue, and saw that her eyes were filled with confusion, and she turned around. Ling Chen could only put away the First Wings, “Alright, thank you Ying Xue for your gift. Fairy Chief Greenwood, about what I was asking before…”

Greenwood shook his head, “The barrier is something that our ancestors put up to separate our Fairy Clan from the rest of the world. It is invincible and encompasses everything. It’s almost impossible to break through it forcefully. Even if the entire clan attacks it, it won’t be damaged in the slightest. The Fairy Realm can only be entered, but not exited except through the Nature’s Ring. Over all these years, you’re the first human to enter here, as well as the first human to be transported out by the Nature’s Ring. However, the Nature’s Ring can only be used once every 100 years, and there are no other ways of exiting.

Ling Chen frowned. Apart from Nature’s Ring, there was no way of getting out of the Fairy Realm. If this was true, within Mystic Moon, he would only be able to do things within the Fairy Realm. The only other way to leave would be to die, and his level would go back to LV0.

Greenwood saw the worry in Ling Chen’s eyes, and he comforted Ling Chen, saying, “Young human, please calm down. There is still some hope. My mother knows countless secrets, so perhaps she knows of a way to exit. However, right now mother is cultivating, and she will only come out of seclusion tomorrow. In this period of time, feel free to take a walk around and have a look. Please treat this like your own home; I’m sure every Fairy will welcome you.

“I have some clan matters to attend to, so I will have to leave now. After discussing with mother tomorrow, I will immediately let you know what we can do. Cai’Er, Ying Xue, please show him around. Everyone, please go back to your own homes. Please don’t overwhelm our first visitor.” Greenwood smiled at Ling Chen, then turned to leave. Ling Chen simply couldn’t understand why he was being so friendly.

There’s definitely something wrong here! Ling Chen scratched his head.

Greenwood had quite a high status in the Fairy Clan, and after what he said, all of the surrounding Fairies quickly dispersed. Before leaving, all the Fairies once again looked at Ling Chen strangely, though they did not seem hostile.

“Ahhhh!!!!” After Greenwood left, Cai’Er began to yell out. She floated in front of Ying Xue, and jumped onto her, yelling, “Big sis big sis big sis! You actually gave your First Wings to big bro!! Big bro’s a human!!”

Ying Xue continued to face away from Ling Chen. Ling Chen couldn’t see her expression, but could hear the emotion in her voice, “I didn’t give them to him; he somehow took them away from me. You can ask him.”

After speaking, Ying Xue left without even looking at Ling Chen again.

“Oh, I see.” Cai’Er used her fingers to tap on her lips as she thought.

“Cai’Er,” Ling Chen couldn’t help it anymore and asked, “Cai’Er, what are these First Wings? Do they have some sort of special significance?”

“Eh? Big bro doesn’t know? Oh, that’s right, big bro’s a human so you probably don’t know these things,” the little Fairy began to earnestly explain, “First Wings are the first pair of wings that us Fairies are born with. When we come of age, our First Wings fall off, and we grow new wings. The wings that fall off, our First Wings, become a female Fairy’s most important possession- even more important than our own lives. If a female Fairy gives their First Wings to a male Fairy, and if the male Fairy accepts, that means they’ve decided to spend their whole lives together. If a female Fairy loses or destroys her First Wings, then she will have to spend her whole life alone, unable to marry. As for male Fairies, their First Wings aren’t too important.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Hearing Cai’Er’s explanation, Ling Chen’s expression became almost comical- he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.