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Chapter 253: Dew of Dawn and Dew of Dusk

Although Ying Xue’s First Wings were extremely beautiful, but they suddenly felt as painful to hold as a hot potato, “Cai’Er, where’s your sister going? I need to immediately give this back to her. I didn’t know your Fairy Clan’s traditions, and I didn’t take it on purpose.”

“Give it back to big sis!? No way, no way!” Cai’Er shook her head vigorously, and used her little body to block the way in front of Ling Chen. She said in a serious tone, “Big bro, you definitely can’t do that! Once a pair of First Wings have been given out, they can’t be taken back. If you give them back to big sis, that’ll be the ultimate disgrace to her. Granny, dad… and all of the Fairies will be very, very angry… big bro, you definitely can’t do that!”

“But I’m not even a Fairy!”

“But big sis is a Fairy!”


Ling Chen’s head felt as if it was going to split apart. He looked at the direction to which Ying Xue had walked, and cursed himself for using Lucky Hand on Ying Xue. Now, he was damned if he kept them, and damned if he gave them back… he also couldn’t leave. Could it be that he really would have to…

He suddenly realised many things- why Greenwood had been so friendly to him, why the Fairy Clan all looked at him so oddly when he took out the First Wings… Because Greenwood knew that Ling Chen had his daughter’s First Wings, he treated Ling Chen like a son-in-law. Perhaps it was because of this…

Maybe he would never be able to leave the Fairy Clan! Even if there were other methods to leave, Greenwood definitely wouldn’t tell him. If he left, Ying Xue would have to live the rest of her life by herself. According to Cai’Er, a Fairy woman who had given out her First Wings would have to be with the person who received them, forever. If Ling Chen left, and never came back, Ying Xue would be destined to be by herself for the rest of her life.

As a father, he definitely wouldn’t allow this to happen… even if Ling Chen was a human.

“Big bro? Big bro!” Cai’Er called out to him many times, then said in a small voice, “It’s all my fault… In order to bring me back, big bro has to go through all of this. But that’s alright, because I’m sure big bro will really like the Fairy Realm. And also, there are so many big bros chasing big sis in the Fairy Clan, but big sis rejected them all. Now, big bro gets to be with big sis forever- big sis is so beautiful and so gentle, so I’m sure big bro really likes big sis, right?”

Ling Chen replied in a depressed voice, “Cai’Er, I’m different from you Fairies. This is your home, but it’s not my home. If I stay here forever, I won’t be able to meet my family or friends every again… for example, those big sisters you met today- if I stay here forever, I’ll never be able to meet them again, and they’ll be very worried about me. Also, the Fairy Realm is much too different from the human world; I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get used to here.”

If there really was no other way, then Ling Chen could only choose to die. After all, dropping down back to LV0 was better than staying here forever.

“Oh… I see, big bro is right.” Cai’Er understandingly nodded her head. She comforted him in a small voice, “Don’t worry, big bro, granny’s very powerful, so I’m sure she will have a way. However, when big bro leaves, make sure you bring big sis with you. You have big sis’ First Wings, so you need to be with big sis forever. I’m sure dad and the others will agree to big sis leaving with you when you go.”

Ling Chen nodded his head. Right now, he just wanted to leave. Everything else would fall into place if he could just leave.

When Ling Chen logged off, it was nearly 8pm. He gloomily walked out from the bedroom. He saw Tian Tian hugging an armful of new clothes as she ran towards the bathroom. She looked at Ling Chen, and skipped in front of him, and self-satisfiedly said, “I’ll let you know, I’m already LV8 now! So fast, right!”

“Yeah, very fast.” Ling Chen nodded, “However, getting from LV8 to LV10 takes even longer than getting from LV0 to LV8, so don’t be too full of yourself.”

“Hmph!” Tian Tian defiantly lifted her face up, “I’m the Demon Queen who’s going to conquer the earth- I can do anything! I’m going to shower now… oh, big bad guy, you didn’t have lunch today! Quickly go eat, so that you’ll have strength to buy me chocolate later!”

Seeing Tian Tian skipping away, Ling Chen rubbed his nose, “That little brat, it seems she can say some nice things now and then.”

Seated at the table, Shui Ruo looked at Ling Chen and immediately saw that something was wrong. She asked, “Big brother, what’s wrong? Did something bad happen?”

“Yes, it’s something very bad.” Ling Chen bitterly replied. He then told her what had happened within the Fairy Realm. At first, when Shui Ruo heard about the incident with Ying Xue’s First Wings, she couldn’t help but start laughing. However, after he told her that he was trapped in there, she frowned, and anxiously asked, “What does big brother plan to do then?”

Ling Chen helplessly replied, “I can only wait for Greenwood to give me an answer. If there’s no other way, I’ll just find a way to die.”

“But, according to the Fairy Clan’s rules, if you leave there, won’t Ying Xue be alone forever?” Shui Ruo quietly asked.

“Perhaps, but leaving there is more important. Forget it, let’s not think about these things anymore.”

Having not eaten for two meals, Ling Chen was ravenous. He picked up his chopsticks and began to quickly eat. Soon, they could hear water running in the bathroom, as well as Tian Tian’s pleasant singing voice. Ling Chen looked up, and said, “Ruo Ruo, remember to make sure that Tian Tian goes to bed early, and that she doesn’t play when she sleeps. She’s much younger than us, and needs to get more rest than us.”

Shui Ruo nodded, and gently replied, “I know.” She looked towards the bathroom, and continued to speak, “Tian Tian’s lived with us for so many days now, and she’s never mentioned leaving, and seems very happy here. We’ve already started to get used to her living here, so… so if one day she misses her dad and mum, or if her dad and mum find her, and want to take her away, then…”

Ling Chen knew what Shui Ruo was worried about, and smiled, “Tian Tian’s already part of our family, and this is her home now. With a big sister like you, how could she bear to leave? I’m worried that even if we want her to leave, she won’t leave.”

“En!” Shui Ruo smiled and nodded.

Around 10pm, Ling Chen made sure that Tian Tian was asleep, then lay down and returned to the Mystic Moon world.

As he logged on, he prayed that he would spawn in the Azure Dragon City, but that didn’t happen. When he logged on, he was met with a world of greenness. This sight no longer made him sigh in awe and wonder, but rather in depression.

“Big bro, you’re back!”

Cai’Er seemed to be waiting for him, and as soon as he appeared, she flew over, with a large leaf in her hands, “Big bro, this is for you. It’s some dew I collected from some flowers. It’s very sweet and refreshing!”

There were a few drops of ordinary-looking dew on the jade-green leaf. Cai’Er had previously mentioned that Fairies eat flower nectar, pollen and dew. However, he was not too interested in this- after all, it wasn’t very practical for humans to drink dew to quench their thirst. Despite this, seeing Cai’Er’s expectant expression, he received the leaf and looked at the dew’s attributes.

However, his casual glance caused his eyes to widen, and he nearly dropped the leaf.

Hallucination… this must be a hallucination!

[Dew of Dusk]: Pure dew that is formed on Fairy flowers and grasses at dusk, and contains a great amount of life energy. After consuming, restores 2000MP every second, which persists for 10 seconds. Can be used continuously, and the effects do not decrease after continuous consumption.

Restore 2000MP… every second!!

Ling Chen’s mouth was wide open as he stared at the dew on the leaf. Right now, the best potions could only instantly restore 400MP, and had a 5 second cooldown. Compared to this Fairy dew, those potions were complete garbage.

Restoring 2000MP every second for 10 seconds… this was game-breaking.

Ling Chen looked at Cai’Er, and quickly asked, “Cai’Er, where did you get this dew, and is there a lot?”

Cai’Er immediately nodded, “You can find it on any flower or grass, and there’s a lot! We Fairies all love to drink it.”

Holy crap, this Fairy Clan has such extravagant drinks. What was even more terrifying was that this sort of overpowered item could be found all over the Fairy Realm in abundance!

Ling Chen did not drink the dew- he simply could not bear to waste something so precious. He breathed in deeply and asked, “Do you have any way to store this dew? Is there anything you can put it in to keep it fresh?”

Cai’Er once again nodded, “Of course! I have a lot of them- look, big bro.”

Cai’Er took out a little jade-green bottle made of wood. Cai’Er opened the bottle, and showed it to Ling Chen. The bottle was filled with countless dewdrops. She enthusiastically said, “If you put the dewdrops in here, they can last for a long, long time.” Seeing that Ling Chen was staring at the little wooden bottle in her hand, she blinked, and held it in front of him, “Big bro, if you like it, you can have this one. There are 100 Dew of Dawn in here.”

Ling Chen gratefully accepted the bottle, and looked at the dewdrops inside:

[Dew of Dawn]: Pure dew that is formed on Fairy flowers and grasses at dawn, and contains a great amount of life energy. After consuming, restores 5000HP every second, which persists for 10 seconds. Can be used continuously, and the effects do not decrease after continuous consumption.