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Chapter 260: Xiao Feng Chen (1)

How did he, a LV20 player, end up in such a dangerous place filled with Ancient Beasts? Even if this sort of place was to appear, it would usually be in the late phases of the game!

Moon Shadow was Ling Chen’s absolute protection, and held the Ninefang in place. Ling Chen got up, and summoned the Cloud Stepping Mare, then leapt on and started galloping in the opposite direction… what a joke. Even if the Heaven’s End grade Ancient Beast wasn’t at its maximum level, it was still at least LV80-90. Even if he was a fool, he would know that trying to fight it would be ridiculous. However, running at full speed would create much noise, and with everything being so dim, he couldn’t see very far. At this rate, he may alarm other even more scary beasts. At that moment, he couldn’t do anything else because any hesitation would be the same as death.

5 seconds was not a long time, but within that time he had run for a few hundred metres. Facing an ordinary monster, this would be more than enough, but with the Heaven’s End grade Ancient Beast behind him, this distance looked radically insufficient. After 5 seconds, when Ling Chen turned his head to look, and like a cold wind from hell his whole body was hit by a fierce wind, and his body instinctively reacted as an object flew in from the side.


The incomparably terrifying fang shot out from the darkness, piercing through Cloud Stepping mare. The Cloud Stepping mare let out a painful neigh, and vanished in a white light. In the darkness, the damage value “-126,000” appeared, which made Ling Chen’s heart skip a beat.

If his reaction from before was a split second later, he would have been directly hit.


An ear-splitting roar could be heard in the darkness, after the first fang, a second cold wind followed closely. Ling Chen dropped onto the ground, and using both his hands and feet, he pushed his body to the side to evade the second fang. Then, using his legs to push back and leaping towards the left, he narrowly dodged the 3rd fang. Immediately after, he tumbled on the ground, dodging the 4th fang… 4 fangs shot out within a 2 second window, and Ling Chen’s fluid movements were also all performed in 2 seconds. During this time he could hear Ninefang’s heavy treading approaching with earthquake-like footsteps. After the 4th fang was shot out, judging by the sound of the footsteps Ling Chen determined that the Ninefang was less than 40 metres away. Ling Chen stretched out his right hand, releasing a sudden bright glow.


The surroundings were covered by the light of the Moon Flare. Under the dazzling light, Ninefang and all other nearby beasts covered their eyes in pain. The Ninefang no longer wanted to attack, and could not even see where its target was. Ling Chen stood up, and started running in the other direction… even if you are an Ancient Beast, don’t think you can kill me that easily!

“Young master, if you use Moon Flare in a place like this, the bright light will easily attract other beasts to the area.” Qi Yue reminded.

“That’s right, I’m hoping to attract other beasts to the area!” Ling Chen said through his clenched teeth while running.

The duration of Moon Flare was the same as before, a short 5 seconds. Without Cloud Stepping Mare, Ling Chen’s ability to escape was dramatically reduced. When the Moon Flare vanished, a mass of red flames appeared in front of Ling Chen. Xiao Hui, who was running beside him, suddenly let out a welp, and another piece of incomplete information was sent to Ling Chen’s mind.

[Volcanic Desolation Beast] : Category: Beast, Level: ????, Grade: Heaven’s End, An Ancient Beast, its body is made of molten lava, and its flames can destroy virtually everything. Its mere existence brought about countless nightmares. It was sealed 10,000 years ago by the Moon God Clan, and till this day its fire has never been put out.

Passive Ability: ???; Skills: ???; Ultimate Skill: ???; Weaknesses: ???

The red shadow approached at an exceptional pace, and even in a distance, its scorching heat could be felt. As it closed in, he could see its entire figure… its body was of an extremely strange shape. The surface was similar to that of flowing magma, flowing slowly, and looked unspeakably terrifying. Growing out of its sides were 4 giant arms; each arm had a burning flame. As it continued its quick approach, Ling Chen could see its body continuously changed shape in unexpected ways; only its arms remained unmoving.

Another Ancient Beast, and it was Heaven’s End grade as well! These were hard to encounter even once every 100 years in the outside, and here another had so easily appeared before him! This is a truly scary place!

“It’s the Volcanic Desolation Beast… to think that it was actually sealed in here, and hasn’t died after all this time!” Qi Yue said anxiously, the name Volcanic Desolation Beast was one she had heard before. She also added, “But this is also good, these two Ancient Beasts are quite vicious and if they bump into one another there will inevitably be a fierce battle, giving little master a chance to run away!”

Indeed, when the Volcanic Desolation Beast appeared, Ling Chen felt Nightfang change its target. Ling Chen didn’t deliberate any longer, and quickly took out the Dark Cloak of Concealment that he got from the Giant Greedy Toad and put it on his body. Immediately, his body vanished in the darkness and the two beasts no longer paid attention to him. It was not easy to detect his presence, and taking this opportunity, Ling Chen quickly left stealthily.

Ling Chen didn’t spend a moment longer looking, and holding his breath, under the Dark Cloak of Concealment, he ran 1km before stopping. Although even at that distance he could hear the sounds of fierce combat taking place, and could see the twinkle of the red flame, but for now he was safe. The effect of the Dark Cloak of Concealment had also been depleted, and the cloak turned into mist and started to dissipate. His palm touched an icy cold wall, and Ling Chen walked along the wall, puffing, then eventually leaned against it to regain his strength.

This place was too scary.

He had only been here for a few minutes, and had already unexpectedly encountered 2 Ancient Beasts one after the other. If not for their natural disposition to fight each other, even if he used Moon Shadow and Moon Flare to run away, he would be unable to escape the destiny of being destroyed.

He had faced huge mental pressure, and at this time he could finally relax. However, he knew that if he sat down, he would be unable to get up again. 1km away, the fight continued, and in the other direction a strange sound could be heard.



“Whats that sound?” Ling Chen wrinkled his brow, his whole body tense again.



Gu… thump! Gu… thump!

Ling Chen stood up next to the wall, motionless, as if he was a sculpture on display. Facing the source of the strange sound, looking at it with concentration for a long time, he could make out a big fuzzy shadow that was as big as a hill. That dark shadow was jumping towards his location, the “gu” sound, was the sound that it made from its mouth, and “thump” was every time it hit the ground.

This sound… the movement… could it be… a frog!?

Gu.. thump! Gu.. thump! Gu.. thump! Gu thump! Thump! Thump! ThumpThumpThump…

The sound suddenly changed, the speed of the shadow quickened, and its movement, was exactly towards his location. Ling Chen’s heart dropped- he knew that he had been discovered!

He couldn’t clearly see it, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t see him. The Ancient Beast’s abilities could not be compared at all to human abilities! It had noticed Ling Chen, as easily as a normal person would have seen another person in broad daylight.

[Ancient Toad King]: Category: Beast, level: ???, Grade: Heaven’s End. The Ancient Toad King was the leader of the Toads and has an incomparably greedy heart. It has formidable defensive power and ability to manipulate the ground. After the Toads had been destroyed by the Moon God clan, the Ancient Toad King was banished to this prison, and since being thrown here, it has never been killed.

Passive Ability: ???; Skills: ???; Ultimate Skill: ???; Weaknesses: ???

An Ancient Beast, he had encountered an Ancient Beast yet again!!

And it was similar to Ling Chen’s guess, it was a huge toad!


The Ancient Toad King leapt forwards by at least several metres at a time. With the sound of it hitting the ground getting closer and closer, Ling Chen couldn’t help but feel anxious. However, this time, there was no warning as he felt a pressure moving towards him in the air. He quickly raised his head and stared at the monster entering his field of view. He could also see a pair of claws that were bigger than he was; the dark green claws were covered in bumps of various sizes, and was a terrifying sight. Along with the claws, a huge ugly body entered Ling Chen’s field of view, and its breath flooded the area with a foul smell; the body reflected a cold light, casting fear on those who looked.

Ling Chen raised his right hand, and cast Moon Shadow with the Lunar Scourge. While facing Ancient Beasts that he was unable to fight, the Lunar Scourge’s two big diversion skills became a significant advantage in keeping alive. The body of the Ancient Toad King froze in midair, and taking advantage of the time bought with Moon Shadow, Ling Chen started rapidly running away. While doing so, he managed to get a good look at the giant toad…

It was tens of metres long, wide and tall.

But its shape, and its cry, made Ling Chen think about when he first entered Mystic Moon, one of the most dangerous opponents he fought at the time—the Giant Greedy Toad!