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Chapter 262: Xiao Feng Chen (3)

Xiao Feng Chen (3)

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“Come, boy, quickly tell me stories about the outside. What has the Forgotten Continent become? Have there been any incredible beauties or terrifyingly ugly people? Has the Forgotten City been smited by that daring guy? Has that scaredy-cat from the Night Demon Clan come out yet? Are those three bitches from the Moon God Clan still alive? Have they become old and ugly, smelling like shit? Have they been raped by any person or beast… oh wait, if they’re old and ugly, not even toads would look at them, let alone men. Speaking of which, are you sure you didn’t get sent here by those smelly goddesses?”

Ling Chen: ╮(╯_╰)╭ (I must endure.~~~)

The old man pulled Ling Chen to sit down next to him, throwing question after question, giving Ling Chen no time to respond. Moreover, it was not like Ling Chen could answer these questions anyway. He had never been to the Forgotten City; the Night Demon Clan was something he had heard about when he was in the Novice Village, and in regards to the three Moon Goddesses, they were “gods”, he had no way to come into contact with them. So even after listening to the old man ramble for ages, he still didn’t know what to say.

“Speak, boy!” The old man started to become impatient, whacking Ling Chen on the back.

“All these questions you’ve asked, I don’t know how to answer” Ling Chen said helplessly.

“Heyheyheyhey!” the old man jumped up, “Boy! I saved your life, and you aren’t willing to tell me anything? Humph! I get it, you want to keep the secrets.” The old man said with disdain, “The hell you keeping secrets for, huh?! Do you know where you are right now? I’m telling you, now that you’re here there is no way in all of eternity that you’re leaving. You’d be dreaming to even find someone to tell these things to! What’s stopping you from telling me? See now that I’m your brother, after all these years of having no one to talk to, I’m willing to tell you anything, even what colour underwear my wife likes to wear… wait, I don’t think I have a wife.”

Ling Chen was getting a headache, saying with the sincerest tone possible, “It’s not that I want to keep secrets, but the questions you’re asking, I really don’t know the answers. I haven’t been to the Forgotten City, and I’ve never come into contact with the three Moon Goddesses before.”

“Tsktsktsk, boy, do you think you can get a lie past big brother?” The old man didn’t believe him, then rolling his eyes, suddenly his face broke into a wide smile as he said, “Hehehehe, boy, you’ve forced my hand, I didn’t want to do this… but you won’t tell me anything, I’ll have to force you to.”

The voice of the man suddenly changed, and on his face was an unwavering smile, as he spoke, he started rubbing 2 of his fingers together expertly, this action made Ling Chen worried, and asked, wide eyed, “What are you doing? I really don’t know about any of those things.”

“It doesn’t matter, seeing as you’ll be telling me everything soon, hehehehe, check out my… [Deity Curse]!

After he spoke, the old man grinned, his mouth slightly moving as he muttered something and a glint appeared in his eyes.

Most people would have been unable to see the glint in the old man’s eyes, and even if they looked really carefully for it, they would not notice it. However, Ling Chen could see it very clearly, and it was because of this flash, that he felt a little dizzy… but this feeling, he was all too familiar with.

Back when he was in “Heaven”, he would receive terrifying shocks and stimulations to his consciousness, which were far greater than the one he was currently experiencing. And so, when he felt this dizziness he instantly became more vigilant, and with his training, he was able to use his mental energy to shake off this feeling and regain his sharp-mindedness.

The time during which he felt the dizziness was brief, less than 1/10 of a second. Other than that, nothing else happened to him. He stared at the old man, and realized that his smile was getting wider and wider. He looked at the old man suspiciously, asking, “What are you trying to do? I told you I really don’t know anything! I had only arrived at Mystic Moon less than a month ago.”


When Ling Chen said these words, it generated an exaggerated reaction from the old man; it was like he had been pricked by a needle as he jumped back, and stared at him in disbelief, “You you you you you you, how can you speak normally? I clearly just used my Deity Curse!”

“What curse?” Ling Chen was speechless as he stared at this crazy old man. Deity Curse? This was a kind of name only a fool would think of.

The old man pulled at his hair, and then muttered aloud, “Impossible, this is impossible!! Could it be that it has been too many years? No, no, even if I forget how eat and take a dump, there is no way I would forget this. Could it be that this kid… no way! This kid can’t even kill a big chicken, how could his mental energy be stronger than mine; the problem definitely didn’t come from there.”

The old man raised his head, and stared at him again, saying, “Utter Despair Curse!”

The old man’s eyes flashed once again, and at the same time, Ling Chen felt that same dizziness again. However, like before, just as quickly as it appeared, Ling Chen’s formidable mental energy extinguished it, so it didn’t affect him at all. It all happened so quickly that he didn’t even realise what had happened.

“I asked, what are you trying to do?” Ling Chen was getting impatient. The old man’s eyes widened even further in shock.

“This is absolutely impossible! There’s definitely something wrong!” the old man was off talking to himself again. He then stared at Ling Chen again, saying more weird phrases.

“Total Recklessness Curse!”

“Complete Cold-heartedness Curse!”

“Wailing and Howling Curse!”

“Scaredy Cat Curse!”

To Ling Chen, this old man was clearly mentally deranged. He was jumping up and down like a monkey, staring straight at him, and calling out phrases that made no sense. After yelling out 10 or so of these phrases, Ling Chen could only stare helplessly at his insanity. However, there actually was something affecting his consciousness, but this effect was so short that it didn’t have any lasting effect on him.

He wondered why he was getting short spells of dizziness- could it be that there was not enough oxygen in the air in this place?

“Hahahaha, one more time… Deity Curse!” the old man’s voice was getting hoarse, as he shouted out the phrase that he shouted the first time. Ling Chen started to feel somewhat sorry for the old man. Being able to survive in this place for a millennium, he must have been some famous person in the Forgotten Continent in the past. What Qi Yue said was right though- no matter who ended up here, they would end up changing from the person they once were.

The slight dizziness came back once more, but Ling Chen withstood the feeling with his mental energy and he shook his head and cleared his mind. At this moment, the old man suddenly stood still, his limbs pointing in different directions, just staring at him.

The old man had finally quietened down, but this seemed even more strange to Ling Chen. He took a step forwards, and asked tentatively, “What happened? Are you okay?”

After he finished speaking, he saw the old man’s eyes light up, and start filling up with tears! That’s right, he had started tearing up, and looking at the expression on his face, these were tears because he was incredibly moved, like someone finding their long lost son.

The old man moved in a flash and appeared before Ling Chen, putting his hands before Ling Chen, kneeling before him and with his eyes filled with tears he looked at Ling Chen. Then…

“Ah!!” it looked like the old man was looking at a god, and he emotionally said, “I never thought that I would be able to meet you in such a hopeless place. You are like a dazzling ray of light in this boundless darkness that shines through my whole body, warming my soul. You look like a bright moon in the boundless night sky, dimming all the stars with your light. You are like a flower on sheep dump, blooming proudly, to rule over the world. Your appearance, your sound, your frown, your smile is noble, your fart makes the air ten thousand miles around you sweet. To be able to run into you in such a place, I am most honoured, this life is fulfilled, even if I were to die now, it would be okay. Wuuu wuuu wuuu… I really.. am so moved, so so moved…”

The moved old man started to cry, and his nose started running as he cried. His whole body was filled with emotion as his tears fell onto Ling Chen’s shoes. Ling Chen was sweating, and was considering whether he should turn and run, but at the same time he said in his mind, “Qi Yue, you were right, this guy is crazy. Should I get away from him?”

Qi Yue: “…”

“Qi Yue? Can you not give me an opinion? This man is obviously very strong- even though he just saved me, if he went crazy and wanted to kill me, with his speed, even if I had a 100 lives I’d never escape.” After waiting what seemed like half a day for Qi Yue to respond, Ling Chen spoke again.

“Ah! Your nobility makes me feel inferior, your dignity crushes my heart, the teeth from your mouth at the most beautiful pearls in the world, the mud of your shoe is so magnificent, worth more than precious metals by thousands of times…”

And in the moment Ling Chen was reaching his limit, Qi Yue finally spoke, and said something strange, “This person isn’t crazy.”

“Isn’t crazy? Isn’t this crazy?”

“He isn’t crazy. Right now, he’s affected by his own ‘Feng Chen Curse’ as it was reflected.” Qi Yue replied.

“Feng Chen Curse? Reflected? What does this mean?” Ling Chen asked with surprise.

“Because, little master, your mental energy is too strong, so his Feng Chen Curse doesn’t affect you. Moreover, his ‘Deity Curse was reflected by your superior mental energy. Right now he isn’t crazy, but under the effects of the ‘Deity Curse’.” Qi Yue spoke calmly, but Ling Chen could still detect a sense of shock in her voice.

“I never thought that the Feng Chen Curses, which even the Moon God Clan were wary of and caused countless experts to run in fear still existed in this world.”