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Chapter 263: The Legendary Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses

The Legendary Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Feng Chen Curses? What was that? Could it be that this old man’s yelling from before were… ‘curses’?” Ling Chen said in surprise. Seeing the old man still kneeling there, mumbling to himself, Ling Chen could not help but feel bewildered.

Qi Yue began to explain, “Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses, or Feng Chen Curses in short, are a mysterious type of curse that can truly ‘murder’ one’s heart. The Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses originated from the ancient ‘Feng Chen Sect’, and its founder was the infamous ‘Hatred Sage’ of the Three Sages of the Night Demon Clan. In every generation, there is only one successor to the Feng Chen Sect, and the Feng Chen Curses are the sect’s primary ability. The successors of the Feng Chen Sect usually have very weak fighting power, but even the most powerful beings in the Forgotten Continent are fearful of the Feng Chen Sect successors. Back then, the Feng Chen Sect had two abilities that everyone knew of, one of which were the ‘Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses’. The Feng Chen Curses use one’s spirit to attack and overpower another person’s spirit. However, they are different to normal mind control, spirit control and puppeteering skills- once a Feng Chen Curse is used, the target will be completely willing to do inconceivable things. Surely little master understands how terrifying these curses are now. You see, this old man’s Feng Chen Curse was countered by you, so he is the one being affected by it instead. The curse he just tried to use on you is called the ‘Deity Curse’. If it worked on you, you’d be on your knees, thinking that you were worshipping some sort of god.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Holy shit, you’ve got to be kidding, right? If he did something like what the old man was doing now, he probably wouldn’t have the dignity to live anymore. Ling Chen shuddered, and suddenly understood why Qi Yue said that even the most powerful beings are fearful of those from the Feng Chen Sect. The more powerful one was, the more famous they were bound to be. They could accept being defeated, or even killed, but if they were to do something so shameful in front of others…

“What’s even more terrifying is that normal spirit attacks consume an incredibly great amount of spirit, making it impossible to use them more than a few times in a row. However, Feng Chen Curses only expend a tiny bit of spirit each use. The consumption rate is so low… that the closest comparison would be like how much energy a person spends breathing.”

Qi Yue continued to recite all that she knew about the Feng Chen Sect, “The people of the Feng Chen Sect have always acted in an unrestrained way, and don’t care about any rules or laws. They’ve never joined any factions, but instead like to float around carefree and unfettered, doing whatever they want. [TLN: From the context in Chinese here, ‘Feng Chen’ pretty much means ‘carefree’, ‘relaxed’, etc (kinda like Xiao Yao)]. People of the Feng Chen Sect have never been much of fighters, but no one has ever dared to become enemies with the Feng Chen Sect- even though, at most, there are only two people in the Sect at any given time. Moreover, the reason that there is only one successor per generation is not because they wanted to restrict the growth of the sect, but rather because it’s simply too rare to find someone who’s qualified. One of the requirements is for the person to have an incredibly strong spirit- only one out of 10,000,000 or even 100,000,000 might be able to fulfil such a requirement. As such, whenever a successor is found, it is always a momentous occasion for the Feng Chen Sect. After all, every generation faces the possibility of not being able to find a successor, resulting in the Feng Chen Sect disappearing forever.”

Qi Yue’s words caused Ling Chen to become incredibly curious about this Feng Chen Sect, “So this old man, he’s from the Feng Chen Sect…”

“That’s right. Before, he was acting completely crazy, but that’s how most people of the Feng Chen Sect are. They do whatever they want, and do not restrain themselves or hide anything. Little master, you should ask him about his background, as well as why he was sealed here. After getting hit by the ‘Deity Curse’, he sees you as a god, so he’ll answer any question you ask.”

“Oh!” Ling Chen nodded, then walked forwards and tentatively asked… “You… what’s your name?”

“I’m called Xiao… Feng… Chen… ‘Xiao’ meaning ‘Xiao’, ‘Feng’ meaning ‘Feng’ and ‘Chen’ meaning ‘Chen’. [TLN: The original joke in Chinese is way better, but language barriers make it impossible to translate and keep it funny]. I’m the only person in the Feng Chen Sect at the moment.” Hearing the question from Ling Chen, the old man immediately replied earnestly, as if afraid that he would upset this deity.

Xiao Feng Chen… Feng Chen Sect! It seemed that Qi Yue was right in saying that this old man was from the Feng Chen Sect!

Ling Chen continued to ask, “Why were you locked up in here?”

“I was put in here because…”

Just as Xiao Feng Chen was halfway through his sentence, he suddenly stopped speaking, and his tears also stopped flowing. His expression immediately changed, and stood up with a ‘swish’, looking at Ling Chen with incredibly wide eyes.

“Crap, it seems that the Deity Curse’s effects have worn off.” Qi Yue said.

“Y-y-y-y-y-you…” Xiao Feng Chen pointed at Ling Chen, his expression extremely comical. Ling Chen quickly took two steps back… the old man had done something so shameful in front of him- perhaps he was so ashamed that he would resort to killing Ling Chen.

After being frozen like that for a few seconds, Ling Chen saw Xiao Feng Chen swallow a big mouthful of saliva as he blurted out, “W-w-w-w-what’s your name??”

“Ling Tian!” Ling Chen replied.


A gust of wind blew by, and Xiao Feng Chen was suddenly in front of him. Two incredibly dirty hands clasped on to Ling Chen’s clothes, and before Ling Chen could react, the old man’s face was only about 20 centimetres away from his own. At such a close distance, Ling Chen could clearly see the tears running down the old man’s face.

“The heavens are smiling on me! The heavens are smiling on me!” Still clutching on to Ling Chen, the old man began to roar out in joy, covering Ling Chen with spit. By now, his face was covered with his tears, “1,700 years! A whole 1,700 years! I’ve walked across the entire Forgotten Continent, dreaming that I’d find my successor… before finding a successor, I couldn’t die even if I wanted to- even though I was trapped in this damn place, I didn’t dare to die- otherwise, my Feng Chen Sect would come to ruins because of me. But now… look what I’ve found! I’ve found a little monster who can counter my Deity Curse!!”

Ling Chen was almost about to pass out from the old man’s stench. However, the old man was gripping his clothes way too tightly, so Ling Chen could only curse inwardly.

After yelling out, Xiao Feng Chen looked him in the eyes, excitedly asking, “Boy! Be my disciple! If you become my disciple, I’ll let you have the most powerful ability in the whole world! When the time comes, no matter if you are having affairs, sexually harassing young girls, seducing MILFs, you’ll always be successful! Quick, accept me as your master, otherwise you’ll lose this opportunity! Quick, quick quick!”

“This, I…” Ling Chen was completely caught off-guard by the old man’s reaction.

“What? You don’t want to? Oh, right, right, with such a strong spirit, how could you accept me as your master? Alright… I’ll be your disciple!” Xiao Feng Chen crashed down on his knees and kowtowed towards Ling Chen, “As long as you become the successor to the Feng Chen Sect, let alone disciple, I’d even be your grand-disciple (disciple’s disciple)!!”

The hell!

Ling Chen quickly pulled him up- Xiao Feng Chen was simply inconceivable. While pulling him up, Ling Chen quickly said, “That wasn’t what I meant. It’s just that…”

“You should ask him first why he was locked up in here.” Qi Yue reminded him.

Ling Chen nodded, and changed the topic, “It’s just that I just met you, and it’s the first time I’ve heard of this ‘Feng Chen Sect’. It’s impossible for me to just accept you as my master so suddenly.”

Xiao Feng Chen stared at him, then knocked on his own head, “Ah, right! Right, right, right, right! I was so excited that I forgot about all that. Haha, boy, no… Ling Tian… bro… what I said was true. If you accept me as your master, and inherit the power from the Feng Chen Sect, with your terrifying spirit, in less than 30 years… no, 5 years… you’ll be able to dominate the entire Forgotten Continent. Even those three bitches from the Moon God Clan would have to tread carefully around you! No expert, whether they’re gods, demons, beasts, would amount to anything before you.”

“Really?” Ling Chen smirked, “Well if it’s so powerful, then why would you be locked in such a place?”

“Goddamn!” Hearing that Ling Chen was undermining the Feng Chen Sect, Xiao Feng Chen became enraged. He stared at Ling Chen, “That was because of an accident! An accident! Even now, I still feel angry when I think back to that incident. If I had been a little more careful, and not laughed so hard that I was in stitches, I definitely wouldn’t have been imprisoned by those three bitches!”

Laughed so hard… that he was in stitches? Ling Chen’s facial muscles tightened… what sort of excuse was that?!

“Back then, about 1,000 years ago, those three from the Moon God Clan found me and said that I had an orb that didn’t belong to me, and told me to give it to them. Psht, they think they can just fart a few times and I’ll just give them whatever they want? So since I was pretty unhappy about that, I used a ‘Lovey Lovey Curse’ on the moon goddesses called ‘Order’ and ‘Fate’, and then… aha… ha… ahahahahah….”

As if he could see the scene in front of him, Xiao Feng Chen began to laugh uproariously, laughing so hard that he bent over and leaned back over and over again. He suddenly stopped laughing, and continued talking in a serious tone, “Yep, that’s how I laughed back then. I was laughing so hard that I wasn’t even breathing, and choked. The one called ‘Freedom’ used something to restrain me, and after the other two recovered, they threw me in here. If it wasn’t because I was laughing so hard, how could those three even hope to catch me?!”