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Chapter 264: Profession Choice

Profession Choice

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

This sort of story seemed quite unbelievable.

“Lovey Lovey Curse?” Ling Chen muttered. To be able to cause the moon goddesses to be so furious as to throw him into this place, the “Lovey Lovey Curse” must be incredibly terrifying.

“Uh,” Xiao Feng Chen rubbed his nose, “As long as you join the Feng Chen Sect, and learn the Feng Chen Curses, you’ll understand. When the time comes, you can mess with whomever you want!” Xiao Feng Chen then pitifully looked at Ling Chen, “Ling Tian bro, please join my Feng Chen Sect. I swear on my handsomeness that if you join my Feng Chen Sect, you’ll be the unrivalled in the whole Forgotten Continent!”


“Little master! Quickly agree! He’s not exaggerating at all. Wherever people of the Feng Chen Sect go, peerless experts all quickly flee- this is a completely true saying. There are countless people who want to learn the Feng Chen Curses, but are not qualified. However, with little master’s powerful spirit, learning the Feng Chen Curses will be extremely easy! Plus, apart from the rule that they must find a successor before they die, the people of the Feng Chen Sect are not restrained by any rules; whether they use their powers for good or evil does not matter. There are not any obligations, tasks or quests that you have to complete, so there are absolutely no downsides to you agreeing to his request. Quickly agree to him, little master!” Qi Yue hurriedly nagged Ling Chen inside his mind.

Qi Yue was very clear as to what sort of existence the Feng Chen Sect was- she was simply in awe of Ling Chen’s luck. She had thought that the Feng Chen Sect had disappeared over the ages, but who would have thought there was a sect member right here in the Lunar Sky Hell!

Although it was impossible to leave here, it would still be good for him to learn the Feng Chen Curses.

Since Qi Yue seemed so eager for him to accept, Ling Chen had no reason to reject this offer. Moreover, looking at the old man in front of him, Ling Chen was certain that he would not give up until Ling Chen gave in. As such, Ling Chen nodded, “Alright, since you’re so earnest, and you saved me, I’ll join your Feng Chen Sect.”


Xiao Feng Chen’s eyes shone, and his spit flew out as he yelled out. If Ling Chen had not dodged in time, his entire face would have been covered in spit again. Xiao Feng Chen jumped up and down excitedly like a child as he shouted, “Yahoo! Awesome, awesome! My Feng Chen Sect… finally has a successor! I can finally die in peace! Ahahaha, I’ve searched for 1,700 years! 1,700 years!! Haha… haha… hahahaha!!!”

Xiao Feng Chen was so overjoyed that he was speechless, and could only alternate between laughing and crying. His emotions were completely genuine, and his tears were definitely real. Although the sentence “I can finally die in peace” sounded almost comical, it made Ling Chen feel a bit uncomfortable inside. After all, Xiao Feng Chen had begged him to learn this set of overpowered skills, and only Ling Chen had benefitted.

Come to think of it, ever since Xiao Hui had joined him, he had been incredibly lucky… well, apart from landing in Lunar Sky Hell.

After Xiao Feng Chen regained his composure, he wiped away his tears, then walked over, “Ling Tian, to be able to find a successor was my greatest wish, and now that I’ve completed that, I have no regrets. Even though I can never leave here, I’ve found a successor. As for the next successor, haha, that’s your problem. Now, let me get rid of the crap profession you have right now.”

“Cancel my profession?” Ling Chen was shocked, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Xiao Feng Chen grinned, “Every person can only have one profession- don’t you know this? If you have another profession, you can’t have the Feng Chen Sect profession, so quickly let me get rid of that profession for you. In front of the Feng Chen Sect’s power, everything else is rubbish.”

“So if I don’t cancel my current profession, I can’t learn the Feng Chen Curses?” Ling Chen asked.

“Of course. Surely you can’t be so dumb that you can’t even understand the basics.”

Ling Chen’s expression changed as he frowned… his current profession came from the strongest War God in the Forgotten Continent a thousand years ago- it wasn’t something that he could easily give up. Back then, he had survived many dangers to finally obtain this profession, and had named it after himself. Over all this time, he had invested a great amount of time and SP, gradually strengthening this profession.

Moreover, right now, although this War God’s profession was still in its weakest stage, it was still incredibly powerful. It was many, many times more powerful than normal professions, and its potential was unlimited.

He definitely couldn’t accept just giving up this profession so easily.

“Is it true that the Feng Chen Sect’s profession doesn’t have any actual battle power?” Remembering Qi Yue’s introduction to the Feng Chen Sect, Ling Chen asked Xiao Feng Chen in a serious tone.

“It’s not that it’s non-existent, but that it’s very weak. I’ve cultivated for almost 2,000 years, and I’ve only had a bit of achievements in actual fighting. I’m not going to teach you because it’s pretty much useless.” Xiao Feng Chen casually replied.

“Oh, in that case, I take back what I said before. I’m not joining the Feng Chen Sect.” Ling Chen directly said.

“What!?” Xiao Feng Chen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He spluttered, “Y-y-y-y-you…”

“Right now, I have a very strong battle profession, and I refuse to give it up. If giving up on this profession is absolutely necessary to join the Feng Chen Sect, then I’d rather not join.” Ling Chen truthfully replied. It wasn’t just an issue with his profession, but he had skills like Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique, Soul Sacrifice and Soul Demise which would all be completely useless if he was not of a battle profession. At the same time, Ling Chen knew exactly how powerful the War God’s profession was, but the Feng Chen Sect’s profession… he had only heard the introductions by Xiao Feng Chen and Qi Yue- there was simply too much risk involved. If he could have both, then he would be overjoyed. However, if he was forced to choose one, his decision would definitely be the Ling Tian Battle Soul.

Seeing that his ‘prey’ was about to escape, Xiao Feng Chen was so worried that he began to start jumping up and down, “Battle profession, battle profession… I’ve already told you that all battle professions are nothing compared to our Feng Chen Sect!” He gnashed his teeth, “I’ve been in the Lunar Sky Hell for 1,000 years, and there have been many humans sent here apart from me. Out of the twenty or thirty or so of them, all of them were incredibly powerful- some of the could even easily defeat that big toad from before. If it was a normal battle, I wouldn’t be able to beat a single one of those people. However, only I’m alive out of all of the humans sent here- none of them could survive even one year. So how could I survive here for 1,000 years? Because the Feng Chen Sect’s power is goddamn strong! If I was like the others and had a battle profession, I would’ve died a long time ago! You think you’re even stronger than those who can easily beat monsters of the Heaven’s End grade?”

Hearing this, Ling Chen was unable to make any rebuttals. He curiously asked, “Are the Feng Chen Curses really that strong?”

“Hah, let me tell you though, the Feng Chen Curses only work on humans, deities, humanoid demons, humanoid beasts, Fairies and Dwarves… they are effective on humans and other types of humanoids, but not monsters or evil spirits. But do you think my Feng Chen Sect only has the Feng Chen Curses?”

Ling Chen suddenly remembered what Qi Yue had said before. The Feng Chen Sect had two abilities that everyone knew of. One was the Feng Chen Curses, and the other was…

“What’s the other ability?” Ling Chen asked.

“Running away!” Xiao Feng Chen proudly said as he patted his chest.

Ling Chen: “……”

“That’s right! Running away! Heheh, you still remember how I saved you, right? If I want to run, there’s no one under the heavens who can catch up to me! Who cares if they’re super strong- if I run and leave them in the dust, what use is their strength? That’s right, it’s because of this ability I’ve been able to survive in here for over 1,000 years! If you learn this ability, in 10 to 20 years, you’ll be able to walk around in here with no worries at all!”

Ling Chen thought back to when he was rescued by Xiao Feng Chen- Xiao Feng Chen’s speed was completely outside of his expectations, and seemed to be as fast as wind, or even lightning… it was a speed that humans shouldn’t be able to achieve. Indeed, with such a speed, one would be unparalleled in running away.


Unable to fight and only being able to run away… no matter how good one was at running away, in the end, it was simply just running away. The Feng Chen Curses seemed to be a form of mental attack, and should thus be used stealthily… although powerful skills that could be used secretly were indeed useful, but they simply could not match up to the thrill and exhilaration one experienced when fighting openly with their life on the line. Moreover, only with strong fighting power could he protect those he wanted to protect.

Thinking to here, Ling Chen became resolved, “Perhaps it’s because our viewpoints are different, but I don’t want to give up on my current profession.”

“Boy, you… why are you so dumb, arghhhhh!” Seeing that Ling Chen’s answer had gone from agreeing to adamantly disagreeing, Xiao Feng Chen nearly went crazy. He pulled on his hair and scratched at his face- clearly, he was very, very annoyed. Seeing Xiao Feng Chen’s reaction, Ling Chen continued to talk, “Well, it’s not like we can leave, so it doesn’t really matter if I join or not, right?”

“What the hell are you talking about!! Can you really not understand!” Xiao Feng Chen was furious, “Boy, you’ve lived for 30 years at most, whereas I’ve lived for more than 2,000 years!! Do you think that you’re wiser than me?! All battle professions are like crap in front of my Feng Chen Sect! Alright, alright, alright, let’s not talk about running away. Even if I was to fight someone 100 times stronger than myself, all it would take is one “Scaredy Cat Curse” and they’d be wetting themselves, running away from me. Apart from my Feng Chen Sect, who else would be capable of such a thing! Aiyo, my bro, my dear father, my precious ancestor… let me cancel your current profession- I’ll promise you anything that you definitely won’t regret it!”