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Chapter 266: The Overpowered Pisces Orb

The Overpowered Pisces Orb

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

[TLN: We used to translate a term as ‘spiritual force’ because that’s what the original translator used, but I finally couldn’t take it anymore, so I’ll be using a more accurate translation: mental energy]

The shape, size and colour of the orb that Xiao Feng Chen took out were all so familiar to Ling Chen. The mark on the orb also looked especially similar to ones he had seen on other orbs…

At the same time, the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s right wrist began to glow. The illusion hiding the Lunar Scourge disappeared, causing the Lunar Scourge to regain its original appearance. The glow of light on the Lunar Scourge began to flash at the same frequency as the orb in Xiao Feng Chen’s hand, as if they were calling out to each other.

“That’s one of the Lunar Scourge’s God Orbs!” Qi Yue yelled out in Ling Chen’s mind. Her calling out was completely unnecessary- Ling Chen had long since concluded that this was definitely one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs! He immediately became excited… Ling Chen never expected that he would actually find one of the orbs in this sort of place!

“Quick! Little master, immediately agree to Xiao Feng Chen’s request; don’t let this opportunity go! Based on the mark on the orb, that orb should be the Pisces Orb! If you have the Pisces Orb, you’ll be able to receive Xiao Feng Chen’s profession, as well as keep the one you have now! The Pisces Orb allows one to have an extra profession!” Qi Yue quickly explained.

Have an extra profession? Ling Chen’s eyes widened. Although he knew that the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs were extremely powerful, but it was hard to believe that there could be such an overpowered effect. Dual-wielding was an incredibly powerful skill, but having an extra profession… this was simply unbelievable!

Since Qi Yue had told him this, what she had just said was probably true. Ling Chen stood with his hands behind his back, so as to prevent Xiao Feng Chen from noticing the Lunar Scourge. He stepped forwards, and said to the emotional Xiao Feng Chen, “Alright, as long as you give me this orb and the Evil God’s Mask, I’ll join your Feng Chen Sect and become your disciple…”

“Really?!” Xiao Feng Chen, who was wondering why the orb had started to glow and flash, was exhilarated upon hearing this. He jumped almost 2 metres into the air, and yelled, “Really… holy frick, you’re not lying, right? No take-backs this time?”

“Yep, really, no take-backs.” Ling Chen nodded. Before, he had not kept his word because he didn’t want to lose his Ling Tian Battle Soul. However, if he didn’t have to get rid of his current profession, he had no objections to joining the Feng Chen Sect.

“Boy, you’re not very trustworthy. What if you change your mind again?” Although Xiao Feng Chen was overjoyed, he didn’t let down his guard.

“Don’t worry, this time I definitely won’t change my mind.”

“Good, good!” Xiao Feng Chen excitedly rubbed his hands together, then tossed the orb to Ling Chen. At the same time, he muttered to himself, “Looks like that orb was quite special- it seems that the boy only agreed because of the orb… well, who cares what it is. I only got thrown in here because of that damn thing, so it’s good that it’s his now.”

After he finished talking to himself, he loudly exclaimed, “Hah! That orb is yours now! I’ll help you get rid of that profession now, and after you’ve inherited the Feng Chen Sect’s profession, I’ll give you the Evil God’s Mask. Alright, let’s get started.”

Xiao Feng Chen looked extremely eager and impatient. However, Ling Chen ignored him, and looked at the orb’s attributes

[Pisces Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God; Equipment Requirement: Can only be slotted in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: Allows the user to have a bonus 2 professions.

Ling Chen: “!!!!!”

Although he was mentally prepared, when he actually saw the Pisces Orb’s attributes, his eyes widened. Just as Qi Yue had said, the Pisces Orb allowed one to have more professions… and it didn’t just allow him to have a single extra profession, but two extra professions!

After equipping the Pisces Orb, Ling Chen would be able to have three professions!

What effects would this have??

Normally, every profession had its own characteristics. For example, Berserkers specialised in Attack, Shield Bearers specialised in Defence, Assassins specialised in Speed and Stealth, Archers specialised in Hit Rate and Range, etc. If a player could have three different professions, they would be able to benefit from the characteristics of three different professions!!

This was simply unbelievable!

Every time he found a Lunar Scourge Orb, Ling Chen would become incredibly excited, as every single Orb was extremely powerful. Ling Chen exhaled slowly, and put his hands behind his back, stealthily putting the Pisces Orb into its place in the twelfth socket of the Lunar Orb.

“Ding… Pisces Orb slotting successful. You can have an additional two professions. If the Pisces Orb is removed, only one profession can remain active; the other two will temporarily become inactive.”

“The hell? How do you expect me to give you this profession if you don’t get rid of the one you have now? Can you be a bit more logical?!” Xiao Feng Chen looked at Ling Chen as if he was an idiot.

“That only applies to normal people! Because my powerful mental energy, I’m able to have two professions at the same time.” Ling Chen casually replied.

“Go screw your grandmother! Your grandpa here has never heard of something stupid like that. Even those three bitches from the Moon God Clan wouldn’t be able to have two professions… that would be way too powerful!” Xiao Feng Chen rebutted. He didn’t believe Ling Chen at all. To be fair, no matter who Ling Chen said that to, whether it was a player or a resident of the Forgotten Continent, no one would believe him.

Actually, if someone had told Ling Chen that same thing before he received the Pisces Orb, he wouldn’t believe them either…

As such, Ling Chen could only helplessly reply, “If you don’t believe me, you can try and see for yourself. Try to pass on to me the Feng Chen Sect’s legacy without cancelling my current profession. If what I said is true, then I’ll become your Feng Chen Sect’s successor. If I was lying, you can just cancel my profession then pass on the Feng Chen Sect’s power to me. There’s nothing for you to lose.”

Seeing that Ling Chen was so calm, Xiao Feng Chen looked at him suspiciously for a long time. He muttered to himself, “Could it really be that having incredible mental energy can let you have two professions? If that’s true, then this brat is simply logic-defying…”

“Alright, I’ll give it a go then.” Xiao Feng Chen did not waste any words. He simply couldn’t wait to pass on the Feng Chen Sect’s legacy. “Now, stand properly and close your eyes!”

Ling Chen nodded, and closed his eyes.

Xiao Feng Chen didn’t make any special movements. Instead, he also closed his eyes, and after about half a minute, he suddenly opened his eyes. When he did so, his eyes had become completely white, and his lips started to move, as if he was chanting something. He slowly stretched out his finger, and pressed it against Ling Chen’s forehead.

Ling Chen’s body trembled, and felt that a mysterious flow of energy was entering his body from his forehead, filling up his mind…

Xiao Feng Chen’s eyes gradually became normal again. He stared at Ling Chen in complete shock… The transfer of the Feng Chen Sect’s power had gone completely smoothly, and had succeeded without any problems. However, he definitely hadn’t cancelled Ling Chen’s original profession. The only explanation was that what Ling Chen had said earlier was true- he really could have two professions at once!

This kid was truly a super monster! Although he was still quite weak, with this kind of potential, his future was unlimited. Before, he only had a battle profession. But now, he also had the Feng Chen Sect’s power… combining these two powers, he would be unrivalled! Thinking to here, Xiao Feng Chen couldn’t resist grinning… because this brat was already part of his Feng Chen Sect… it was just a pity that they could never leave from this damned place.

However, he was still relieved that he had finally accomplished his life’s greatest wish. From now on, he could live his life without any burdens. Even if he was to die in this Lunar Sky Hell, he could do so without any regrets.

After a few minutes, when the transfer of the Feng Chen Sect’s power had been completed, Xiao Feng Chen lowered his arm and took two steps back, staring at Ling Chen.

Ling Chen’s eyes also opened, and he heard a system announcement.

“Ding… you have accepted the legacy of the “Feng Chen Sect”, and have become a Feng Chen Curse Zanni”, Constitution+20, Agility+30, Spirit+50, Basic Skills: [Feng Chen Technique], [Broken Shadow], acquired Unique Feng Chen Curses: [Complete and Utter Belief Curse], [Lovey Lovey Curse], [I’m a Sheep Curse].” [TLN: Zanni: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zanni]

“Ding… because of your pet Xiao Hui’s skill [Holy Spirit’s Gift], [Feng Chen Technique], [Broken Shadow] have levelled up to LV3.”

After successfully receiving the legacy of the Feng Chen Sect, Ling Chen now had two professions. He immediately opened his stats page, and looked at his stats. The Ling Tian Battle Soul profession was still there, but next to it was also [Feng Chen Curse Zanni].

The Pisces Orb was simply amazing!

“Hahahahahaha!!” After seeing Ling Chen’s reaction, Xiao Feng Chen was certain that the passing on of the legacy had succeeded, “Good! Good! My Feng Chen Sect finally has a successor! Awesome! Hahaha… I have finally repaid the Feng Chen Sect and my deceased Master! Ling Tian, you should be able to use some of the basic skills now, quickly try them out! You’ll immediately know that becoming part of my Feng Chen Sect was the right decision, hahaha!”