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Chapter 271: Qi Qi’s Lecture

Qi Qi’s Lecture

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

With the Feng Chen Technique and Broken Shadow, even Ling Chen’s Movement Speed was above 1,000- with those two skills, Xiao Feng Chen, that old monster who had lived for over 2,000 years, disappeared in a flash. Ling Chen looked around, but couldn’t even see figure anymore. This speed was almost like that of the Lucky Cat’s.

There were still many things that Ling Chen wanted to ask Xiao Feng Chen about, but it seemed that he had lost this chance. Who knew when he would meet him again. However, he believed that with Xiao Feng Chen’s temperament, as well as the Feng Chen Sect’s abilities, his name would soon resound across all the land.

His adventure in the Lunar Sky Hell did not cause him any loss, but instead resulted in him gaining much… the Pisces Orb, the Feng Chen Sect’s profession and the Evil God’s Mask. Opening the Equipment Rankings, the Evil God’s Mask was, unsurprisingly, at the top. There were only four pieces of equipment on the Equipment Rankings currently- and they all belonged to him.

Although the entire China server was used to Ling Chen incredible feats, but the appearance of a Heaven’s End grade equipment appearing at this stage of the game once again sent waves throughout all of China. After all, Heaven’s End grade and Celestial grade were on a completely different level. It was already hard for the players to believe that Celestial grade equipment had appeared so early on, much less Heaven’s End grade. However, Ling Chen did not care about any of this. After escaping from the Lunar Sky Hell, he had made up his mind about something- that there was no such thing as ‘absolutes’ in this world. After all, he had escaped from the Lunar Sky Hell that was said to be inescapable in just half a day or so.

As such, he was even more determined about reviving Xi Ling. Even if it didn’t seem like there was much hope, he would not give up no matter what.

Every second he wasted resulted in Xi Ling drawing closer to a permanent death. As such, he decided to stop dallying. He glanced at the Player Level Rankings, then immediately closed it. Until he reached the Vermillion Bird City, he would not be stopping to train. This meant that he would be left far behind on the Player Level Rankings… but how could something as trifling as levels compare to Xi Ling’s life?

Ling Chen took out a teleport scroll for the Cloud River Town and shattered it.

Accidentally entering the Fairy Realm actually resulted in the distance between him and the Vermillion Bird City being cut in half. Although he knew that the Fairies did not have ill intent, and that their actions were spurred by their blind and absolute faith in Nature, before he had entered the Lunar Sky Hell, he was filled with anger towards them. However, after coming out from the Lunar Sky Hell, these emotions had disappeared- after all, he had received much from going into the Lunar Sky Hell. While thinking of the Fairy Clan, he couldn’t help but think of Ying Xue…

According to the Fairy Clan’s rules, because of him, would that Fairy girl really…

Never mind. Ling Chen decided that he would have nothing to do with the Fairies in future, so he wouldn’t think about such things.

Ling Chen bought another mount at the Cloud River Town- a Cloud Stepping Mare, of course. Riding on the mount, he continued to speed towards the south. With the Feng Chen Technique, his Movement Speed had greatly increased, greatly reducing the time it would take him to reach the Vermillion Bird City.

A few days later.


Xiao Qi got up from her bed, and lazily stretched, which accentuated her curves. She cupped her breasts in her hand, cheekily saying to herself, “Hehe, which lucky guy in future will get to enjoy you guys?”

Xiao Qi was still young, but her body was already quite mature. Her figure was comparable to Mu Bing Yao’s, and she was especially proud of her breasts- they were large and perky, and greatly surpassed Su’Er’s and Yun Meng Xin’s. When she was older, perhaps they would be even bigger than Mu Bing Yao’s. She knew how alluring her body was, and would often stand in front of the mirror admiring herself.

“It’s nearly noon again, what should I eat? I’ll go ask big sister Meng Xin and the others.”

Right next to her room was Su’Er’s room. When Xiao Qi walked in, she saw Su’Er sitting on her bed with a dark grey jacket spread over her legs- it was evidently a man’s jacket. Her hands were on the jacket, and she was staring into space while thinking about something. When she saw Xiao Qi walk in, she hurriedly tried to hide the jacket behind her.

“Haha! Caught you!” Xiao Qi skipped over and rubbed Su’Er’s bright pink cheeks with her hands, “Our little Su Su’s thinking about that handsome and cool hero who descended from the sky to save her, right?”

“That… um… I… I just…” Su’Er’s face became even more pink, and she lowered her head as she tried to say something.

Xiao Qi grabbed her hands and smiled, “You don’t need to be so shy in front of big sister me. Look at you, ever since that day you’ve been spacing out often- even an idiot can tell what you’re thinking about. You know, Su Su, if you’re so enamoured with him, why don’t you try to find him? You know what he looks like, so with your dad and uncle’s authority, you should be able to find him.”

Su’Er gently shook her head, hesitantly saying, “I-I’m afraid that I might disturb him.”

Xiao Qi exasperatedly replied, “Su Su, you’re being so dumb! Idiot! How could you think that! If you really like him and want to meet him, then go and find him. After spending some time with him for a while… ah, it won’t take very long, since our little Su Su’s so cute- any man would like Su Su. And then, you can be with your beloved hero… wow! Wouldn’t that be wonderful. But if you don’t go to find him, and just think about it, then perhaps you’ll never be able to be with him.”

Su’Er bit her lips, and said in a small voice, “But, maybe he already has someone he loves… and there’s also… also Xuanyuan Xue Yi.” [TLN: the fiancé her family arranged for her]

“Aiya! Su Su!” Xiao Qi sternly cut her off, as if she was an adult lecturing a child. She put her hands on Su’Er’s shoulders, and earnestly said, “If I were you, and found the person of my dreams, I would do everything I could to win his heart, but…” Xiao Qi gave a somewhat sorrowful laugh, “But I don’t have that right, nor do I have any hope for that. Because if I went with my selfish desires to be with him, I would only hurt him. However, Su Su, you’re different. You have that right, and you also have what I want the most- something I can never have, so what’s holding you back? Even if that person already has someone, if you really like him, then just make him yours. Su Su’s so pretty, cute and gentle, who can compare to our Su Su? Only idiots wouldn’t want Su Su. Don’t worry about Xuanyuan Xue Yi- look, Meng Xin’s facing an even bigger problem, but she refuses to give in. You should be brave like big sister Meng Xin, alright?”

“Qi Qi…” Su’Er raised her head, looking at Xiao Qi through misty eyes, “En, I’ll listen to you. I’ll be brave… Qi Qi also needs to be brave. We’re going to be good sisters forever.”

“I’ve also been very brave. I enjoy my food more than anyone, sleep better than anyone and laugh more than anyone, so I have the right to lecture you all.” Xiao Qi laughed, “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go get big sister Meng Xin and Mu Bing Yao and go out to eat together. I want to eat some yummy pork today! Let’s go!”

Xiao Qi and Su’Er found that Mu Bing Yao’s room was vacant, so they went to find Yun Meng Xin.Yun Meng Xin was sitting at her desk, and even though she was sitting, her figure looked as lovely as ever- she was slim at all the right places, and had curves at all the right places. She seemed to be writing something.

“Big sis, where’s big sister Mu Bing Yao?” Xiao Qi asked as she walked into the room with Su’Er, and looked down to see what she was writing. In the room, Yun Meng Xin was only wearing a loose-fitting sleeping gown, which revealed her soft, supple curves.

“She just went out, and won’t be coming back very soon. Are you hungry?” Yun Meng Xin asked as she put down her pen.

“Went out again… big sister Mu Bing Yao’s quite mysterious, always disappearing. Ah, big sister Meng Xin, what were you writing?” Xiao Qi curiously asked.

Yun Meng Xin thought for a while, then replied, “I’ll talk about this stuff with you in the game. Let’s go eat first.”

When Yun Meng Xin turned around, she had already put on a veil, and only her beautiful eyes could be seen. However, her eyes were then covered by a large sunhat. Covering up her face entirely would seem strange to most people- most girls who were pretty wanted to be noticed and seen by everyone… however, being too beautiful could only bring trouble. When she was younger, she didn’t notice anything, but she gradually became aware of the looks in men’s eyes when they saw her. Afterwards, because of the situation with Long Tian Yun, her whole life had nearly been turned upside down. From then onwards, she always chose to cover up her face, despite people looking at her weirdly.

The three girls finished their preparations and prepared to leave. However, just as they reached the door, Xiao Qi suddenly stopped, and her face went pale, then bright red.

“Ah… Qi Qi, your hand’s so hot… ah?!”

From when Xiao Qi’s hand began changing temperature, her face already became terrifyingly red. She staggered, then fell backwards.