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Chapter 272: Hidden Profession Rankings

Hidden Profession Rankings

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er hurriedly caught Xiao Qi and held her together. Her body was extremely hot, as if her blood was boiling. A human body should not be able to reach such a terrifying temperature.

Su’Er became incredibly distraught, and almost started crying, “Qi Qi, are you alright? Qi Qi…”

“We need to quickly take her to the bathhouse, her illness has flared up again, hurry!” Yun Meng Xin quickly assessed the situation, and decided what they should do. However, she felt great pain in her heart… the last time her illness had flared up was only half a month ago… before, it was only once every three to six months, could it be that…

Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er finally carried Xiao Qi to the bathhouse, and put the unconscious Xiao Qi into a bath tub. At this moment, Xiao Qi’s body temperature was already so high that the sweat on her body began to evaporate into steam.

“Su Su, quickly go and get people to bring the prepared ice. Tell them to come as soon as possible!” Yun Meng Xin called out as she turned on the taps to their maximum.

Very soon, the people in charge of their protection rushed in, and opened several large storage containers and poured the ice inside into the bath tub. Soon, the water and ice covered every part of Xiao Qi’s body below her head. The look of pain on Xiao Qi’s face gradually began to subside, and her face began to return to its normal colour. However, Xiao Qi still remained unconscious.

“Immediately tell her father and big brother.” Yun Meng Xin ordered as she looked at Xiao Qi, surrounded by the ice in the water. Within her eyes, there was deep pain. Beside her, Su’Er’s tears were pouring out, her hands stroking Xiao Qi’s face, praying that her temperature would quickly fall.

Everyone else wordlessly retreated outside, leaving just Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er to look after the unconscious Xiao Qi.

Without anyone else around, Su’Er started crying out loud, “Big sister Meng Xin, Qi Qi, her… wuu… her illness is becoming more and more frequent… last time was only half a month ago… I’m afraid… I’m afraid that Qi Qi will… wuuu…”

Yun Meng Xin held Su’Er’s hand, gently saying, “Don’t worry, Qi Qi is a strong girl, so she’ll be fine… she’ll definitely be fine.”

Yun Meng Xin closed her eyes and wiped away the tears gathering at the corners of her eyes. Luckily her illness had flared up before they had left; if this had happened while they were outside, and they couldn’t bring down her temperature in time, the consequences would have been much worse… every time this happened, Xiao Qi was in mortal danger. No human would sustain their body being at such a temperature for more than a few minutes.

The temperature of the entire bathhouse was decreasing, and Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er started to feel somewhat cold. Within the bathtub, Xiao Qi grimaced, and moved around uncomfortably.

“It hurts so much… big brother Ling Tian… save me…”

Xiao Qi unconsciously cried out. Her cries of pain caused Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er’s hearts to ache, but the name she called out caused them to freeze.

Su’Er stared in shock, seeming to be lost in thought, then gently said after a long while, “Big sister Meng Xin, Qi Qi…”

“Shh, don’t say anything.” Yun Meng Xin gently shook her head. Under her veil, it was impossible to see what her expression was like.

After ten minutes or so, Xiao Qi’s face had become completely pale. Yun Meng Xin reached over and felt her forehead, and found that her temperature had returned to normal. She let out a breath in relief, “Su Su, let’s drain all the water.”

After letting out all of the water, there were only some pieces of ice left. The two girls helped Xiao Qi take off her completely soaked clothing, and wiped her body dry. They put dry clothes on her, then carried her to her room, and placed in her in her bed. The two girls weren’t in the mood for anything else, so they stayed by her bed taking care of her. After a while, a healthy glow returned to Xiao Qi’s face, and she began to wake up.

“Qi Qi!!” Seeing that Xiao Qi had woken up, Su’Er called out with tears in her eyes.

“Are you feeling any better? Are you feeling hot or cold?” Yun Meng Xin caringly asked.

Every time Xiao Qi’s illness flared up, it would take her at least one week to recover. Normal fevers would cause people to become extremely weak, and this was much more so for Xiao Qi’s illness. Although it was not for a long time, but the harm it caused to her body was severe.

Xiao Qi shook her head, and her pale lips gently smiled, “I’m alright now, you don’t need to worry about me… I’m sorry, I’ve caused you all to worry about me again.”

“Qi Qi, it’s great that you’re fine now. You have to look after yourself.” Su’Er’s entire face was covered with tears, and sniffled as she grabbed Xiao Qi’s hand. Every time this happened, she would always cry like a child.

Xiao Qi smiled, “Don’t cry, Su Su, I’ll be fine. Look, I’m completely alright now.” She looked up at the ceiling, muttering, “Why… was it so soon this time… big sister Meng Xin, can you please keep this a secret from dad and big brother?” I don’t want them to worry even more about me.”

“I already sent people to tell them as soon as it happened, and they should be on their way.” Yun Meng Xin sighed, “Qi Qi, last time this happened was about half a month ago, right?”

Xiao Qi nodded

“Before, the shortest period of time was 3 months, why was it just half a month this time…” Speaking to here, Meng Xin’s heart began to ache again, and she was unable to keep talking. With the time in between each time this happened decreasing, that also meant that Xiao Qi was becoming closer and closer to death… when she was born, doctors said that she would not live past 20. Right now, Xiao Qi was almost 18 years old.

“Don’t tell Ruo Ruo or big brother Ling Tian about this, okay?” Xiao Qi weakly pleaded.

Yun Meng Xin knew what she was thinking about, and nodded, “Su Su and I won’t tell them. Don’t talk anymore; make sure you have a good rest. Su Su, let’s go make some porridge to help Xiao Qi get better.”

“En… Qi Qi, rest well. Uncle and the others will be here soon.”


Ling Chen opened the Player Level Rankings… as he had expected, his name was no longer on there. The new number 1 ranking was now the Sword Emperor, who was now LV22, while he himself was still LV20.

“As expected, one week without training at all has resulted in this.” Ling Chen wistfully said to himself. He closed the rankings and took out his map, finding his location. He was now in the Southern Region of the Forgotten Continent. He was probably the only person in China who would be able to travel safely from Eastern Region of the Forgotten Continent to the Southern Region. Although he was just travelling through these regions, he had encountered many dangers. After all, these places were all territories of high level monsters.

With the Feng Chen Technique, the time it would take for him to reach the Vermillion Bird City had decreased significantly. In about another week, he would be able to reach his destination.

Xi Ling, hold on, I’m nearly there. When the time comes, even if I have to kill the Vermillion Bird, I’ll revive you!

Ling Chen had fully committed his time to hurrying towards the Vermillion Bird City. Whenever he entered the territories of monsters, he would use the Cloud Stepping Mare to charge through as fast as possible. Whenever he saw that there was an extremely dangerous region marked on the map, he would activate his [Broken Shadow] and breeze through that place. It was impossible for the monsters lurking there to even catch a glimpse of his shadow.

With Leng’Er accompanying him, he didn’t feel too bored. After all, every day he would wrack his brain to think of new stories for her to listen to.

Today, Leng’Er was hugging a white rabbit doll with long ears. She was sitting back to back with Ling Chen on his Cloud Stepping Mare, listening to his story with her eyes closed. One day, when her favourability towards him rose to a certain degree, she probably would be willing hug onto Ling Chen from behind, instead of just sitting back to back with him.

“Today I’m going to continue to tell the story of Snow White and her three disciples who headed towards the West to retrieve the Buddhist Scriptures.” [TLN: Ling Chen pretty much just combined Snow White and Journey to the West lol] Ling Chen cleared his throat, spent a few seconds plotting out this ridiculous story, and started to narrate, “Yesterday, we were up to when the senior disciple, Calabash Brother, killed the White Bone Demon who had turned into the Handsome Pan. Because of a misunderstanding, Snow White chased him away, leaving her with only the second disciple Ultraman and Rukawa Kaede…” [TLN: pretty much every character is from a different story]

“Big brother, big brother are you there?”

Just as Ling Chen started to tell the story, Shui Ruo’s voice sounded out from the communication device. Ling Chen immediately replied, “What is it, Ruo Ruo?”

“Tian Tian said she’s already LV10, so she’ll be able to leave the Novice Village by the afternoon. Do you want to go and pick her up together? I’m afraid she might get lost by herself.” Shui Ruo said.

“Alright. When you’re there, let me know, and I’ll head over immediately… oh and by the way, what’s Tian Tian’s in-game name?” Ling Chen asked. He suddenly realised he still didn’t know Tian Tian’s in-game know: Tian Tian had never told him, and whenever he asked her about her progress in the game, she would always reply “not telling”. Come to think of it, Tian Tian had used much less time than he had in leaving the Novice Village. This was particularly surprising, because she was just a kid and her time in the game was restricted by him and Shui Ruo: at most, she would only play 10 hours per day.

“It’s ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’.” Shui Ruo replied with an amused voice.

“This name…” Ling Chen didn’t know what to say.

“She originally wanted to use ‘Tian Tian’, but it was already taken. ‘Tian Tian Tian’ was also taken, so she had to go with ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’.” Shui Ruo said while laughing, “Tian Tian’s already LV10, but she said that she still hasn’t finished a quest in the Novice Village, so she’s coming out after a few hours after she’s finished that. Oh, and something’s a bit strange- big sister Meng Xin and the others still haven’t logged on, even though we said we’d meet at 1:30pm.”

“Haha, maybe they all had a nap after lunch and overslept. There’s a town about 10 kilometres ahead; after I get the teleport scroll from there, I’ll come over. Wait for me.”

After talking to Shui Ruo, Ling Chen continued to head towards the town at his maximum speed. A minute later, a system announcement rang out.

“Ding… China Region Announcement! There are now three Hidden Professions that have been unlocked by players, so the Hidden Profession Rankings will be released. Players will be able to look at the rankings momentarily.”

This system announcement came as a shock to Ling Chen… Hidden Profession Rankings? There was such a ranking? Three Hidden Professions had been unlocked… two belonged to him, so who was it who had also unlocked a Hidden Profession?

“Ding… your hidden profession ‘Feng Chen Curse Zanni’ is ranked second in the China Hidden Profession Rankings, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

En, if the Feng Chen Curse Zanni was ranked second, then the top ranked hidden profession should be the Ling Tian Battle Soul. Ling Chen thought for a while, then replied, “Hide it.”

Everyone knew of his Ling Tian Battle Soul profession, so he would only display his personal information next to that profession. By hiding the fact that he had two professions, he would avoid a lot of trouble and could surprise his enemies with his second profession when the occasion called for it.

“Ding… your hidden profession ‘Ling Tian Battle Soul’ is ranked third in the China Hidden Profession Rankings, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

This came as a massive surprise to Ling Chen… ranked third?!

Not first?!

If the Feng Chen Curse Zanni, second place, was ranked above the Ling Tian Battle Soul, third place, then what was the top ranked hidden profession? And who did it belong to?

“No need!”

Shortly after…

“Ding… China Region Announcement! The China Hidden Profession Rankings have been released. Players can now look at the rankings.”

Ling Chen immediately opened the Hidden Profession Rankings. He was very interested in the top-ranked profession, as well as the one who owned that profession.

The Feng Chen Sect caused many experts to tremble with fear, and Xiao Feng Chen had even claimed that the Feng Chen Sect’s profession was the most powerful one in the entire Forgotten Continent. The Ling Tian Battle Soul came from power inherited from the incredibly powerful War God, who was indisputably the most powerful out of all of the powers at the Hall of Heroic Spirits. Plus, the War God was the human who was closest to reaching the Saint Destroyer Level… and yet, a player had received a profession that was even stronger than both… what sort of profession was it? And who was it?

China Hidden Profession Rankings (according to the overall power of the professions):

Rank 1: Great Demon Queen (self-named), Owner: Tian Tian Tian Tian, Profession Type: Summoner

Rank 2: Feng Chen Curse Zanni, Owner: Information Hidden, Profession Type: Mental

Rank 3: Ling Tian Battle Soul (self-named), Owner: Ling Tian, Profession Type: Warrior