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Chapter 285: Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps (2)

Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps (2)

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Ling Chen body flittered through the ranks of the army, casually killing groups of melee players. Even if there were 20,000 people surrounding him, he wouldn’t feel any pressure at all. However, he was becoming more and more suspicious- why were there only Warriors and Assassins, and not any ranged professions or Summoners?

Oh? Are they trying to buy time?

Using 10,000 people to buy time? How extravagant. Even if you have more people, it’d be useless.

At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly saw dust flying in the distance, and the sound of hooves beating the ground gradually filled the air. Hearing this sound, Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng’s faces changed. Yun Feng quickly turned on his communication device, and yelled to Ling Chen, “Ling Tian, be careful! It’s the Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Cavalry!!”

Armoured Cavalry? Ling Chen frowned.

The players around him simultaneously received some sort of signal or message, and all quickly retreated. Ling Chen didn’t chase after them, but stood his ground. He wanted to see just how strong this Armoured Cavalry was.

“Ling Tian, immediately try to rush into the army of Yan Huang Alliance players. Otherwise, if you’re surrounded by the Armoured Cavalry, you’ll definitely be killed! The Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Cavalry are always the vanguards in any large-scale conflict, and can easily destroy an enemy force of the same number of people. This time, there are at least 2,000 of them!”

To be able to gather 2,000 Armoured Cavalry troops in such a short period of time- no less than expected from the Yan Huang Alliance. It was evident how much Long Tian Yun wanted to kill Ling Tian. Under the fierce attacks from the Armoured Cavalry, even a large force could be destroyed, much less a single person. However, even after hearing Yun Feng’s warning, Ling Chen did not move. Soon, a large troop of people wearing full-body armour, carrying shields and riding black horses appeared, surrounding Ling Chen. Their mounts were all the highest quality and most luxurious mounts from the Mount Shop… Cloud Stepping Mares!

Seeing himself surrounded, Ling Chen began to feel a bit of pressure from this Armoured Cavalry. His expression became serious.

“It’s the Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Cavalry!!”

“Using so many Armoured Cavalry players just to get rid of Ling Tian, is the Yan Huang Alliance crazy?”

“Of course they’re not crazy! Before Ling Tian appeared, Long Tian Yun had never failed at anything before. Ling Tian is the bane of his existence, so such action is justified by his immense hatred.”

“It’s over! Even if Ling Chen’s a god, he can do nothing against 2,000 Armoured Cavalry.”

“Crap… It’s the Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Cavalry! Big brother Ling Tian…” Xiao Qi and Su’Er both covered their mouths, “What do we do… What do we do?”

“Big brother, go and help big brother Ling Tian! With so many Armoured Cavalry, it’s way too dangerous for big brother Ling Tian!” Xiao Qi rushed over to Xiao Qiu Feng as she shouted.

Xiao Qiu Feng looked at the 2,000 Armoured Cavalry and shook his head, “The Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Cavalry is equipped with the best Armour, Shields and Mounts. With the people I have here, I won’t be able to do anything. Moreover, I have no reason to help Ling Tian- after all, the consequences would be incredibly severe for me.”

“But, but…” Xiao Qi knew what Xiao Qiu Feng said was right. However, apart from begging Xiao Qiu Feng, she didn’t have any other ideas. At this moment, the command to attack was finally issued.



Under the order, the thousands of horses charged simultaneously. The thundering of hooves on the ground was deafening, and caused tremors throughout the ground. 2,000 Armoured Cavalry charged at Ling Chen from all directions. Cloud Stepping Mares were incredibly fast, and anyone seeing so many horses thundering towards them with the riders also clamouring would find it difficult not to be scared. In the centre, Ling Chen tightly gripped his weapons.

It seemed that this Armoured Cavalry was of pretty decent calibre.

Heavy Armour and heavy shields, combined with such momentum… even if it was him, being hit by any of these would result in him being smashed into the air. Once he fell down, countless attacks would be waiting for him…

He definitely couldn’t afford being trapped!

Ling Chen deeply breathed in, then sprinted forwards. He himself was already quite fast, and with the Armoured Cavalry charging at him, the distance between them rapidly closed. Ling Chen swept out with his left hand, shooting out a Ling Tian Burst, sending all of the Armoured Cavalry players close to him flying. However, even though the horses lost their riders, they continued to charge towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen attacked with his right hand, instantly killing the riderless mounts. However, after launching these two attacks, the Armoured Cavalry behind sped forwards like lightning, maintaining the pressure on Ling Chen.

Against these Armoured Cavalry troops, Ling Chen evidently couldn’t use the methods that he had used against the melee professions. With their speed and momentum, launching two Ling Tian Bursts simply wouldn’t be enough.

“Heavy Shield Rush!!”

While charging at him, the Armoured Cavalry nearby all raised their heavy shields. In an instant, more than 10 heavy shields bashed towards Ling Chen from all directions. Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he spun, sending out two Ling Tian Bursts. The riders were knocked off, but again, the Cloud Stepping Mares were fine as they couldn’t be damaged while mounted. As such, they were able to continue to charge. Ling Chen jumped up, and pushed off the back of a riderless horse, jumping far away. With the “Feng Chen Technique”, his air time was significantly increased, and was able to glide more than 3 metres in the air. As soon as he touched down on the ground again, he once again sent two Ling Tian Bursts towards the Armoured Cavalry…

Eight Armoured Cavalry players were swept off their mounts, and those behind them yelled, continuing their charge. With their speed, they would be able to attack him before he could attack again. Ling Chen didn’t waste any time; he once against pushed off a Cloud Stepping Mare’s body, jumped 3 metres away, and attacked. The decreased falling speed from the Feng Chen Technique helped him greatly- after all. although the speed and momentum of the Armoured Cavalry was terrifying, they couldn’t charge into the air.

Jumping off a horse, attacking, jumping off a horse, attacking… after repeating this 7 or 8 times, Ling Chen still hadn’t received any damage at all.

However… it wasn’t just Ling Chen who could jump.

After repeating this more than 8 times, the Armoured Cavalry had already lost 50 members, but Ling Chen was completely fine, causing the remaining Armoured Cavalry to shout even louder in fury. When Ling Chen jumped off a horse for the ninth time, four Armoured Cavalry members unexpectedly also jumped off their mounts, swinging their shields at him.

I’ll be damned! Ling Chen stared as the four shields smashed onto his chest.


-55, -51, -52, miss.

Shield Bearers didn’t have much damage to begin with, and with Ling Chen’s absurdly high Defence, their attacks barely dealt any damage. However, what was the most problematic for Ling Chen was that he lost his balance, and was sent flying. Just as he was about to reach the ground, more shields came swinging at him.

Ling Chen was unable to do anything while falling, so he gritted his teeth and yelled in a low voice, “Leng’Er, hurry and come help!”

Just as Ling Chen yelled out, a black light appeared, and a small figure that only Ling Chen could see appeared. At the same time, countless black chains appeared and bound themselves on all players within 15 metres of him.

“Ding… you have been restricted by the “Underworld Lock”, you cannot use any active skills for 15 seconds.”

All of the players who were bound by the black chains received the same announcement. The shields that they were swinging suddenly stopped, unable to attack.

Bang! Ling Chen fell heavily onto the ground. He rolled, and attacked immediately afterwards.

“Four Corners Star Formation!!”

All of the players within a 10 metre radius around Ling Chen were sent flying. Ling Chen finally took a long breath, and steadied himself again. The Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Cavalry was indeed quite impressive- no wonder Yun Feng had shouted all those things so worriedly. After being rushed by such an army, any well-coordinated army would easily fall into disarray. It was going to be a bit too hard for him to deal with all of them by himself.

At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly thought of Xi Ling. If only Xi Ling was here, she would be able to decimate all of the Armoured Cavalry with a single Burning Fire Array.

After only having a few moments of breathing space, the Armoured Cavalry once again began to charge at him. Ling Chen looked around him and muttered to himself, “Alright, you’ve forced me to do this.”


Leng’Er’s favourability towards Ling Chen was now 19, so she was willing to help him fight against his enemies. Hearing Ling Chen’s call, she obediently nodded, and reached out in front of her. Numerous chains once again appeared and wrapped themselves around all players within 20 metres of him.

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er has used ‘Sin Lock’ on 57 targets around you. For 5 seconds, these 57 targets will go into a berserk state, and will attack their nearest target ferociously.”

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