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Chapter 286: Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps (3)

Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps (3)

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Although Leng’Er’s ‘Sin Lock’ didn’t do any damage, it was an extremely terrifying skill when used in large scale battles.

As soon as Sin Lock was activated, the eyes of the players within 20 metres of Ling Chen went completely red, and the howled like wild animals. They stopped charging forwards, but instead raised their shields and other weapons and began to attack the person nearest to them. All of a sudden, those at the front seemed to forget that Ling Chen even existed, and savagely attacked their comrades like demons. One by one, the Armoured Cavalry members began to die at the comrades’ hands. The chaos resulting from this began to spread throughout the entire army.

The effects of Sin Lock lasted for a very short time, but its effects were devastating. Ling Chen coldly laughed, and dived into the chaotic army. He rapidly swung his weapons, killing large numbers of enemies with each swing. 5 seconds quickly passed, but the chaos continued. By this point, it was impossible for the Armoured Cavalry to get back into formation, and they could only helplessly struggle as Ling Chen killed them off.


Long Tian Yun smashed a crystal cup onto the floor as his face darkened and he snarled, “What just happened?”

Seeing the Armoured Calvary fall into chaos, Flame Shadow was also extremely shocked, but he had no idea what had just happened. He lowered his head, “Rest assured, young master, in order to kill Ling Tian, I’ve made meticulous plans. Even if the Armoured Calvary fail, we still have the Heaven’s Net Corps… 3,000 Heaven’s Net members have already moved past the Central District of the Plains Region, and will be there within 3… no, 1 minute.”

“Hmph, in order to deal with Ling Tian, we’ve even mobilised the Heaven’s Net Corps.” Long Tian Yun gnashed his teeth, “Today, Ling Tian must be kill until he’s LV0 again, so that he can never recover. Understood?”

“Yes!” Flame Shadow vigorously nodded, “No matter who it is, anyone who dares to go against our Yan Huang Alliance will regret it for their whole lives!”

By the time the Armoured Calvary had finally managed to get back into formation, they had almost been decimated by Ling Chen singlehandedly.

“My god, this is way too ridiculous. That’s the Yan Huang Alliance’s Armoured Calvary, for goodness’ sake.” Even Yun Feng, who knew how powerful Ling Chen was, could only stare in shock as he gulped. Xiao Qiu Feng also looked dumbfounded as he frowned in disbelief.

“Big brother Ling Tian is so strong!” Xiao Qi, who had persistently asked her big brother to help Ling Chen, covered her mouth with her hands. She was so in awe that her tears almost started to come out.

Apart from Ling Chen, no one else knew what had just happened. After all, only he could see Leng’Er.

The chaos that had just erupted definitely didn’t happen for no reason. This mysterious incident once again decreased the Armoured Cavalry’s morale. The Armoured Cavalry’s leader was letting out cold sweat. If that happened one more time, all of the players here could be decimated. As such, the Armoured Cavalry warily surrounded Ling Chen once again, but left a large distance between them this time.

After hesitating for a while, the leader gritted his teeth and hollered, “CHARGE!!”

Immediately, the Armoured Cavalry army once again thundered towards Ling Chen.

“Leng’Er, Darkness Lock!”

The Sin Lock had a cooldown time of 60 seconds, so Ling Chen could only choose to use the Darkness Lock. The Armoured Cavalry were bound by Darkness Chains that lowered their Movement Speed. The Armoured Cavalry within 20 metres of Ling Chen suddenly slowed down, and no longer posed a threat to Ling Chen. This way, Ling Chen was able to use his Ling Tian Bursts without being overcome with the Armoured Cavalry charging behind the ones he just killed.

At this moment, the sound of marching could be heard coming from the distance. Hearing this sound, the entire Armoured Cavalry army froze, and immediately retreated.

“Hm?” Ling Chen who was just about to attack looked around in surprise. He looked in the direction that the Armoured Cavalry had retreated to, and saw that another large wave of players who were wearing matching outfits were approaching.

“Crap!” This time, Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng were both completely shocked.

“Ling Tian, get out of there immediately! This is the Yan Huang Alliance’s Heaven’s Net Corps. Once you’re caught by the ‘Heaven’s Net’, even Eve would not be able to leave alive!”

Yun Feng’s warning was much more serious than the one he had given about the Armoured Cavalry.

Immediately, Ling Chen was able to see what this ‘Heaven’s Net Corps’ was.

They were all wearing the same equipment and quickly surrounded him like the other groups had. When they were closer he could clearly see that all of these people were Archers. When they were within 50 metres of him, they slowed down, and took out their weapons… and fired!

After changing profession for the first time, Archers only had a maximum range of 30 metres. As such, where he stood, it would be impossible for them to hit him. The net of arrows rained down, leaving only an area of 20 metres around Ling Chen empty. After hitting the ground, the arrows soon disappeared.

Ling Chen suddenly frowned.

Just as he expected, these Archers started to attack while advancing, slowly closing in the ring. The net of arrows drew closer and closer. The distance between Ling Chen and the arrows shrank from 20 metres to 15 metres, to 10 metres, 5 metres, 3 metres…

Ling Chen’s reaction speed and reflexes were unparalleled among all the players. This was evident from his battle with the Sword Emperor. However, with this net of arrows that was slowly closing in on him, no matter how good his reflexes were, it would be useless. Unless he could fly, no matter which direction he moved in, he would be hit by countless arrows. Even if he stood his ground, sooner or later the net would be completely closed up and he would be hit regardless.

Evidently, Ling Chen was not able to fly.

Once someone was caught by the Heaven’s Net, it would be impossible for them to escape. Ling Chen stood completely still, observing his surroundings.

“Big brother!”

“Big brother Ling Tian!”

The girls’ shouts were filled with worry and anxiety. With so many arrows flying through the sky, they found it hard to believe Ling Chen could escape this time.

“Ai,” Xiao Qiu Feng sighed, “All that struggling was pointless. However, being able to force the Yan Huang Alliance to use the Heaven’s Net Corps was already impressive. He shouldn’t have come today. The Yan Huang Alliance’s kill-on-sight orders aren’t just a joke.”

“The problem is… the revival point at Azure Dragon City definitely already has people lying in wait. After Ling Chen dies and revives there, as soon as he walks out, he’ll be killed again. As for the punishment for attacking players within the city, the Yan Huang Alliance doesn’t care about that!” Yun Feng said as he gritted his teeth.

Xiao Qiu Feng lapsed into silence, then expressionlessly said, “This is the consequence for offending the Yan Huang Alliance.”

The Heaven’s Net Corps were coming closer and closer to Ling Chen, and the arrows now landed just a few steps away from Ling Chen. In just a few moments, the arrows would start to land on him as well. Nonetheless, Ling Chen continued to stand his ground, watching as the arrows came closer and closer. Finally, he let out a breath and slowly said, “Well, I think it’s time I left now. Tell your Alliance Master Long Tian Yun that I’ll be returning the favour not too long in future.”

Ling Chen coldly smiled and raised his hand, and a green scroll appeared. It was the scroll he had obtained from the Giant Greedy Frog: the Power Scroll, Avarice Sound Wave [TLN: Chapter 34]. Looking at this scroll, Ling Chen felt a bit reluctant and pained to use it. However, it was his only choice.


Ling Chen laughed and shattered a scroll. Instantly, and incredibly sharp and unpleasant noise filled the air, causing countless players to cover their ears in pain. The Heaven’s Net Corps surrounding Ling Chen all stopped advancing, and let out cries of confusion. Their entire bodies shook, and they began to wildly fire arrows at their comrades around them, causing their army to crumble.

“What… what’s going on?” Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng looked around in bewilderment.

“Heh…” Seeing the Heaven’s Net Corps savagely killing each other, Ling Chen stretched out his right hand, and released a “Moon Flare”. Instantly, the blinding light caused countless players to once again cry out in pain and cover their eyes.

“Broken Shadow!”

Ling Chen’s body blurred, and disappeared.

After 5 seconds, when the Moon Flare had disappeared, no one could even see a trace of Ling Chen or where he had gone. The Avarice Sound Wave’s effects lasted for 10 seconds, so the Heaven’s Net Corps continued to attack each other in confusion. The Heaven’s Net Corps that had once struck fear into every heart had become complete jokes.

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