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Chapter 287: Escaping Safely

Escaping Safely

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“Bastards! Are you all crazy? Stop! All of you stop!” The Heaven’s Net Corps leader shouted from the back.

Finally the 10 seconds had passed and the effects of the confusion ended. The Heaven’s Net Corps members all looked around groggily, and some collapsed onto the ground. Ling Tian was already nowhere to be seen.

“You trash! We had 3,000 people surrounding a single person, and yet he still got away! And now everyone’s laughing at us! You useless idiots!” The leader completely lost his temper as he yelled at his subordinates. Although he knew that the confusion was definitely due to the scroll that Ling Tian had used, but his Heaven’s Net Corps not only wasn’t able to kill Ling Tian, but even suffered such a huge humiliation. This was something he couldn’t accept.

“Wait!” The leader suddenly thought of something, and his face became serious again, “Ling Tian has only disappeared for a few seconds… he can’t have escaped from here. He must have changed his clothing and hid among all of you. Immediately check those around you- if you see any unfamiliar faces, immediately attack!”

30 metres away from Ling Chen was the Heaven’s Net Corps and about 60 metres away was the Armoured Cavalry. Ling Chen had only disappeared for 5 seconds, so it was definitely impossible for him to have gotten out of the encirclement. Thus, it was only logical to believe that Ling Chen was hiding somewhere among the ranks of the Yan Huang Alliance players.

Immediately, every Yan Huang Alliance player warily looked at those around them… there were so many players in the Yan Huang Alliance that it was impossible to be familiar with every single face. After all that chaos, the ranks had all been moved around, and looking around, there were unfamiliar faces everywhere.

Long Tian Yun’s faced turned extremely ugly, and beside him, Flame Shadow was sweating bullets… even after mobilising the Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps, they were still unable to catch Ling Tian. This was simply ridiculous. Seeing Long Tian Yun’s expression, Flame Shadow grabbed his communication device and ordered, “Idiots! Tell everyone to display their names!!”

Neither the spectating players nor Yan Huang Alliance’s players left, as they all believed that Ling Tian was still hiding somewhere. Soon, all of the Yan Huang Alliance players revealed their names, and were checked by various leaders…

At this time, the girls of Heart’s Dream all calmed down, their faces full of joy and relief. Xiao Qi ran over to Xiao Qiu Feng as she introduced everyone, “Hehe, big brother, this is Shui Ruo, Ling Tian’s little sister, who I’ve mentioned many times. This little sister is called Tian Tian. Her IGN is Tian Tian Tian Tian, and is also Ling Tian’s little sister.”

“What? Tian Tian Tian Tian? Could she be…” Looking at the little girl whose face was covered by a mask, Xiao Qiu Feng’s face revealed an expression of complete shock.

“Shhh!” Xiao Qi put her finger to her lips as she said in a soft voice, “That’s right, she’s the Tian Tian Tian Tian at the top of the Hidden Profession Rankings! Well? Our Heart’s Dream is pretty good, right? Make sure you don’t tell anyone about this! Alright, it’s time for us to go. There are way too many Yan Huang Alliance players here.”

“Go? Aren’t you afraid that Ling Tian will be found?” Xiao Qiu Feng asked, still unable to believe that ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’ was this little girl in front of him. The entire Chinese player base were focused on this top ranked Hidden Profession, and no one would ever guess that it belonged to such a little girl.

“Let them waste their time. Big brother Ling Tian’s long gone. He’s probably in a place far, far away by now. Even if they search the entire Plains Region, they won’t be able to find him. We’re going now. Bye, big brother, sister-in-law.”

The ‘sister-in-law’ Xiao Qi talked to was a pretty woman around Xiao Qiu Feng’s age who had always been standing behind him. Above her head was the name ‘Wang Xiao Wang’. She was the well-known mistress of the Battle Alliance, who took care of the administration of the Battle Alliance and supported Xiao Qiu Feng extremely well.

After Xiao Qi and the others left, Wang Xiao Wang walked over and said with a smile, “It’s almost like you don’t want Ling Tian to be captured by the Yan Huang Alliance. Don’t forget that our Battle Alliance is a subsidiary of the Yan Huang Alliance, and still receives orders from the Yan Huang Alliance.”

Xiao Qiu Feng didn’t nod or shake his head, instead wistfully saying, “Ling Tian is quite legendary. He’s the only one who isn’t afraid of the Yan Huang Alliance and doesn’t take Long Tian Yun seriously. It’s hard for me not to respect such a person. In fact, I’d even like to be friends with him.”

“That’s the reason?”

“One of the reasons. More importantly…” Xiao Qiu Feng paused, then slightly sighed, “You should know what sort of guy Qi Qi likes.”

Wang Xiao Wang nodded, “Are you saying that…?”

“She has already fallen for Ling Tian. However, because of her situation, she’s unwilling to express herself at all. All she can do is to watch him from behind and help him as much as she can. If Ling Tian suffers, the first person to also feel pain will be Qi Qi. As such, I don’t want to see Ling Tian destroyed by the Yan Huang Alliance. I especially don’t want to see Ling Tian disappear from the virtual world, otherwise Qi Qi won’t be able to meet him anymore. Otherwise, with Qi Qi’s personality… it’ll probably be incredibly difficult for her to be happy again.”

Wang Xiao Wang lapsed into silence, and nodded, her face revealing a pained expression, “Qi Qi…”

“Haha, don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright.” Yun Feng said cheerfully, “See, even the Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps were unable to capture Ling Tian. In future, it’s going to be almost impossible for them to kill him.”

Surprisingly, Xiao Qiu Feng shook his head, “You’re being too optimistic. Although the Armoured Cavalry were unable to kill him, they were able to trap him, whereas the Heaven’s Net Corps were unable to kill him because of his items. In the end, Ling Tian is just a single person. Unless he can destroy the entire Yan Huang Alliance, it’ll be impossible for him to continue to fight with them like this. Moreover, including himself, Heart’s Dream has less than 10 members.

“That’s true,” Yun Feng nodded, “But in the end, he was able to escape from both the Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps. Apart from him, who can do such a thing? I bet before today, you didn’t think that anyone could escape from the Heaven’s Net Corps, right?”

“Hahaha,” Xiao Qiu Feng laughed, “Indeed, this Ling Tian is incredibly strong. This time he’s once again going to make waves in all of China. I’d really like to see him fighting against Eve someday… his abilities have definitely already reached the god-level that Eve has achieved.”

The Yan Huang Alliance members stayed at the Plains Region looking for Ling Tian until the sun had set, but received nothing for their efforts. In the end, they gave up and left, feeling extremely bitter and humiliated. Needless to say, the story of Ling Tian’s battle with the Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps was spread throughout all of China, causing countless players to worship him. Once again, the stepping stone for his fame was the Yan Huang Alliance.


“Melee Army: 313 deaths, all killed by Ling Tian. Armoured Cavalry: 132 deaths, half were killed by their own comrades. Heaven’s Net Corps: 392 deaths… all of them were killed by each other.”

Long Tian Yun silently listened to the report, his face incredibly terrifying. The Yan Huang Alliance’s high-ranking members all stared at the floor, afraid to even breathe.


The completely silent hall shook as Long Tian Yun hit the table with his hand, causing everyone’s hearts to skip a beat. He slowly stood up, and said in a low voice, “Is there anything else you have to say?”

“Young master… Ling Tian… before Ling Tian escaped, he said…”

“What did he say!?”

“He said that in future, h-he would…”

“He would be returning the favour with interest?” Long Tian Yun expressionlessly asked.


“Hmph!” Long Tian Yun looked up, a piercing look in his eyes, “Looks like I underestimated Ling Tian. Issue out my command, cancel the kill-on-sight order for Ling Tian tomorrow.”

“Ah?” Everyone in the hall was surprised to say the least. Long Tian Yun’s hatred towards Ling Tian was unquenchable- after what happened today, why would he do such a thing?

“Just because I’ve cancelled the kill-on-sight order for Ling Tian doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven him. I’m just changing over to a more direct method.” Long Tian Yun walked to the middle of the hall, and turned on the projector. On the screen was Ling Tian’s picture. Everyone looked at the screen, waiting to see what Long Tian Yun’s ‘more direct method’ was.

“From tomorrow onwards, concentrate your efforts on finding Ling Tian’s real life identity. For now, limit the search to Beijing.” Long Tian Yun slowly said.

“Young master, are you saying that… Ling Tian is living in Beijing?”

“That’s right.” Long Tian Yun nodded. He flicked his wrist, and there appeared a picture of 3 people on the screen- 1 male and 2 females. The male was Ling Tian without a doubt, and the other two were Shui Ruo and Tian Tian. However, their faces could not be seen due to their masks.

“These two women are Ling Tian’s little sisters. Remember the features of their bodies, and investigate his entire family. I want to see results within 2 weeks!” Long Tian Yun ominously said as he stared down all the players in the hall.

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