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Chapter 288: A Pair of Beauties

A Pair of Beauties

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“Leng’Er, you helped a lot this time. Without you, I would’ve been in a lot of trouble.” Ling Chen said as he patted Leng’Er’s head.

Leng’Er happily smiled as she hugged the doll in her arms. This was the first time she had helped her master, and the feeling she got from being praised was quite satisfying. Since she had been with him, her favourability towards Ling Chen had always been rising, and had never fallen. After all, Ling Chen was much too good to her, spoiling her as if she was his own daughter.

“Ling Tian, are you alright? Where are you?”

This was Yun Feng’s voice. Ling Chen replied, “Of course I’m alright. If I want to escape, no one can stop me.”

“Mhmm, that’s good. There’s something I want to tell you- Long Tian Yun has cancelled the kill-on-sight order on you. Even the teams patrolling around in Azure Dragon City have been recalled.”

“Oh?” Ling Chen was instantly suspicious, “This doesn’t seem right. What are his reasons behind this?”

“I’m not too sure about that. However, I heard that Long Tian Yun finally obtained a Guild Creation Token, so I’m guessing he wants to concentrate his efforts on officially establishing the Yan Huang Alliance. By today, the Yan Huang Alliance will be officially established, and within 10 days, it will be fully up and running. When that happens, the Yan Huang Alliance within the Mystic Moon will develop even faster. Once it has fully developed, it’ll definitely be the largest guild in the world, and will be unstoppable. Long Tian Yun isn’t a good-natured fellow. Once the Yan Huang Alliance has developed, he’ll definitely start hunting you down again, and when that time comes… I’m afraid that you won’t be as lucky as you have been, so please be careful.”

Although Ling Tian had defeated the Yan Huang Alliance a few times, in the end, he was still a single person, and was like an ant compared to the Yan Huang Alliance. The current Yan Huang Alliance was like a pile of sand, but once it had fully developed, it would become an unbreakable steel board. When that time came, escaping from them would be countless times more difficult.

After talking to Yun Feng, Ling Chen lapsed into silence.

“What’s wrong? Feeling some pressure?” Within Ling Chen’s mind, Qi Yue’s soft voice sounded out.

“A little bit,” Ling Chen replied, “In the end, a single person’s unable to stand up against such a massive power. Up until now, all I’ve done is make Long Tian Yun waste some money and damage the Yan Huang Alliance’s reputation. However, it’s impossible for me to actually hurt the Yan Huang Alliance. Back then, I tried to kill Long Tian Yun in the real world, but I was unable to, and almost died. It seems that trying to take away everything from him in this world will also be quite difficult.”
“That’s not necessarily true,” Qi Yue said, “If little master can find all of the orbs of the Lunar Scourge, even destroying the Yan Huang Alliance would be incredibly easy.”

Ling Chen shrugged, helplessly saying, “I got it, I got it, I’ll do my best to find them.”

“Hehe, looks like little master completely and utterly hates Long Tian Yun. But then again, almost killing my little master makes him deserve the worst punishment.” Qi Yue giggled.

Ling Chen: “……”

“I hope that Xiao Feng Chen really can help me find the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. That way, finding the orbs will be much easier. However, right now, my top priority is saving Xi Ling. In about a week, I’ll be able to get to Vermillion Bird City.” Ling Chen said as he looked into the distance.

“Finding the Vermillion Bird is as hard as reaching the heavens. Getting the Vermillion Bird to give up its own rootless flames is pretty much impossible. The Vermillion Bird is the guardian beast of the Vermillion Bird City, and is almost worshipped like a religion by the Vermillion Bird City’s residents. How can the Vermillion Bird, who is in charge of protecting the Vermillion Bird City, be willing to give up its life for another creature? Is little master still going to go ahead with this?”

“How do we know it’s going to be impossible if we don’t try?” Ling Chen resolutely replied as he spurred his mount onwards.


The Li family financial group was something that everyone in China knew about. After all, its head was someone who could shake the whole world, the richest man in China, Li Yun Ze. No one knew how rich Li Yun Ze really was. His Li family financial group was a behemoth even in world finances. The one controlling the Li family financial group wasn’t just Li Yun Ze, but also his 23 year old daughter… the incredibly famous “Loulan Queen” Li Xiao Xue.

In the high class society, there was a rumour that the Li family financial group was able to increase its finances by 5 times over the past 5 years because of Li Xiao Xue. This rumour caused countless people to be completely shocked, and most people were simply unable to believe it. They couldn’t believe that a woman could have such looks and figure, and yet be even more capable than her father. She was simply perfect.

Three and a half years ago, Li Xiao Xue had officially entered the virtual world, and had expended a fortune on creating her exclusively-female guild, “Snow Moon Loulan”, from which she received her nickname “Loulan Queen”. Although she was on the Heaven Rankings, but her main focus wasn’t on fighting, but on finances. Three and a half years ago, she made an agreement with her father that he would control the assets in the real world, whereas she would focus on the assets in the virtual world. Since a long time ago, the average amount of time people spent in the virtual world already exceeded the time they spent in the real world. The business opportunities in the virtual world now far exceeded those in the real world. She had joined Mystic Moon as soon as it had opened, so as to further develop her Li family financial group in the virtual world.

At the southern part of the Azure Dragon City, within a luxurious teahouse, in a VIP room, Yun Meng Xin sat by herself, waiting for someone. When the door finally opened, Yun Meng Xin stood up and smiled at the person who opened the door. It was a woman who was around her age, whose beautiful face also held a degree of dignity and prestige. She was wearing an extremely beautiful purple dress- it was the most expensive dress available at the Azure Dragon Tailor Shop, and was worth around the amount of money an average person would earn in their life time.

Standing on the same ground, she was about half a head taller than Yun Meng Xin, and her proud figure could make anyone gaze in awe. Her curves were enough to mesmerise any man, and with such a body and temperament, she could make any man hers.

“Meng Xin, sorry for making you wait.” Seeing Yun Meng Xin, Li Xiao Xue warmly smiled, looking at this girl who even the young master of the Long family fell for, as she greeted her.

“I didn’t wait for too long. Xiao Xue, we haven’t met for 3 years, but you’re looking even better than ever. These years, I’ve heard many things about you, and not just me, but even my seniors admire you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Li Xiao Xue smiled, and sat opposite Yun Meng Xin as she replied, “I’ve heard many people say these sorts of things to me, but it’s hard to accept such words coming from you. We’re both women, and speaking of beauty, I won’t lose out to anyone… except you. Beauty is one of the most important assets to a woman, and Meng Xin’s beauty is unparalleled among all the women I’ve met. I heard that since a few years ago, you would always block your face when going out to avoid trouble.”

Currently, Yun Meng Xin was wearing a veil. To her, it had already become a habit.

Li Xiao Xue didn’t mind Yun Meng Xin wearing the veil. After all, no woman liked to see other women more beautiful than themselves. This was all the more so for women who were quite beautiful. Li Xiao Xue leaned forward, and rested her chin on her hands, as she smiled, “Meng Xin, since we’re sisters, let’s not just sit here complimenting each other. Did you call me here today because you missed me? After all these years, I’ve missed you a lot.”

Yun Meng Xin also smiled. In reality, she and Li Xiao Xue weren’t that close- one lived in the north and one lived in the south. They had only met a few times before, but had favourable impressions of each other. Yun Meng Xin gently said, “Xiao Xue, your time is more precious than anyone’s. I’m very glad you came to meet me today. I don’t want to waste your time, so I’ll get straight to the point.”

Li Xiao Xue nodded.

Yun Meng Xin slightly sighed, and spoke, “You know of my bet with my father, right?”

“En, within our circle, pretty much everyone knows. This information was spread by your father, to apply pressure on you. If you lose, you won’t have anywhere to retreat to.” Li Xiao Xue said. “At first, I thought you were very dumb, because that bet seemed almost impossible to win. The reason your father made that bet with you was to give you a bit of hope, then crush it, so that you would no longer struggle, and obediently follow his plans. However, I knew that with Meng Xin’s personality, even if it was a tiny bit of hope, you would do your best to make it become reality.”

As a woman, she could understand Yun Meng Xin’s situation, and felt deeply sorry for her. Perhaps it was because even the heavens were jealous of her beauty that they decided to take away even her freedom, “Meng Xin, if it’s about that, then I’ll do everything in my power to help you.”

Yun Meng Xin’s eyes trembled when she heard this. Li Xiao Xue’s promises were worth a thousand in gold. Even though they were not that close, Meng Xin was extremely touched that she was willing to go to such lengths for her. She smiled and said, “Thank you Xiao Xue, that means so much to me. Today, I came to ask you… if you’d like to form a partnership.”

Oh? Partnership?” Li Xiao Xue was slightly surprised as she asked in an interested voice.

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