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Chapter 289: Partnership


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“That’s right, I want to form a partnership with Xiao Xue.” Yun Meng Xin nodded as she looked into Li Xiao Xue’s eyes, “I believe that the number of people who want to partner with Xiao Xue are simply innumerable, and I know that Xiao Xue’s not interested in any normal business venture. However, I’m confident that Xiao Xue will definitely be interested in my proposal. You’ll understand after having a look at this.”

While talking, Yun Meng Xin took out a paper scroll, and showed it to Li Xiao Xue.

After looking through the contents of the paper scroll, Li Xiao Xue’s eyes widened in shock. She read through it a few times, and slowly said, “I never thought the Title Deed for the land to the west side of the Azure Dragon Central Square would be in your hands.”

The best location in Azure Dragon City was, no doubt, the areas near the Central Square, as this was where there was the most foot traffic. There was a single prime area that did not have anything developed on it yet… as if it was left just for players.

As such, as soon as the Money Exchange System opened, many people tried to buy the rights to that piece of land, but were all rejected. They were all told to go to the Azure Dragon City’s Land Management Department, but everyone who went there was told that only the Mayor could grant the rights for that piece of land. For normal players, it was simply impossible to meet the Mayor.

However, with Li Xiao Xue’s capabilities, meeting the Mayor was not an issue at all. What was unexpected was that someone had already bought the rights to that piece of land… and it was a player. Li Xiao Xue had always been trying to guess who that player was. Her biggest suspicion was the Yan Huang Alliance. As such, she was completely shocked when she found that it actually belonged to Yun Meng Xin.

Yun Meng Xin nodded, “I believe that with Xiao Xue’s intelligence, you should probably know what this piece of land represents.”

“The rights to the land for 3 months, and almost a month has already passed…” Li Xiao Xue muttered as she thought to herself.

“Back then we had limited funds, so we could only buy the rights for 3 months. If we want to buy the rights permanently, it’s not impossible.” Yun Meng Xin said.

After the Money Exchange System opened, Li Xiao Xue immediately went to talk to the Mayor. This meant that the rights to the land had been purchased prior to the Money Exchange System opening. Although it was only for 3 months, but the price would have been astronomical at the time. Who could gather such an amount of money in such a short period of time? Yun Meng Xin? That was impossible… the only person who could possibly achieve such a feat…

Li Xiao Xue suddenly thought of a person… it was the person who, allegedly, in order to woo Meng Xin, joined Heart’s Dream to help her- Ling Tian!
Li Xiao Xue smiled, “Seeing as Meng Xin was able to obtain this Title Deed, I’m sure that you’ll also be able to obtain the rights to it permanently. So what is the partnership about?”

With Li Xiao Xue’s experience and intelligence, how could she not know what the ‘partnership’ would be about? Yun Meng Xin calmly replied, “It’s very simple. I want to work with Xiao Xue to develop that piece of land.”

“Then, what will you contribute, and how much will you expect for your share?” Li Xiao Xue’s expression remained unchanged as she asked the crucial question.

Yun Meng Xin had prepared for this question since a long time ago. She stretched out her hand, “What I can provide is that Title Deed and myself. We’ll split the profits 50-50.”

Li Xiao Xue smiled, and stood up, “Just as Meng Xin said, developing that piece of land requires labour, capital and finances, all of which my Li family is going to provide, while Meng Xin is only going to provide the land. Indeed, that piece of land is incredibly valuable, but wanting to split 50-50 is something that I simply cannot accept.”

Hearing this refusal from Li Xiao Xue, Yun Meng Xin did not panic at all, but did not back down either. She also stood up, and began to pace as she said, “If it was any other place, this would be completely unfair to Xiao Xue. However, Xiao Xue, of all people, should know just how special the land to the west of the Central Square is. Azure Dragon City is the place that players stay in the longest, and is the first place players come to when they reach the Forgotten Continent. Currently, the Azure Dragon Central Square has the most foot traffic in the entire City. Imagine, if your Li family’s sign was hung up there- the first thing players would see when coming to the Azure Dragon City would be your Li family’s name. Moreover, the buildings you construct will be the first player-constructed buildings in the entire Mystic Moon. Not only will your Li family receive fame from people seeing and visiting the buildings, but also from being recorded down as the first players to develop their own buildings in Mystic Moon.”

“So what?” Li Xiao Xue looked at her earnestly. She completely understood what Yun Meng Xin had just said. This was also part of the reason why so many people were desperate to have this piece of land and why it was so valuable. She knew that if the Li family could develop that piece of land, their development in the Mystic Moon world would skyrocket. However, a 50-50 split of the profits was something that she wasn’t quite willing to accept. Even though she knew that Yun Meng Xin was in need of money- an astronomical figure- she wasn’t willing to relent so easily, “What you said is correct, but remember, the Azure Dragon City is only the beginning of players’ journeys. Once players reach LV50, they will move to the Royal City of the Forgotten Continent, and this place will become almost worthless.”

Yun Meng Xin was calm as she rebutted this statement, “This was something that I also took into consideration in the past. However, for the average player to reach LV50, that will take at least half a year. Xiao Xue, you should know the importance of a good foundation. The Azure Dragon City is indeed just a foundation for players, but this foundation is incredibly important. Moreover, since I was able to obtain the Title Deed to the prime area of the Azure Dragon City, I also have confidence that I will be the first to obtain the prime area of the Royal City!”

Yun Meng Xin’s words caused Li Xiao Xue’s heart to start beating faster. She thought for a while, before replying, “Your confidence- does it come from Ling Tian? Because he’s trying to woo you, he’s willing to help you win your bet with your father. He even went so far as to help you create “Heart’s Dream”, the first official guild in Mystic Moon.”

Yun Meng Xin simply smiled and replied, “Indeed, my confidence comes from Ling Tian.”

“Ling Tian… it has not been very long since he appeared, but his fame has soared since he made his debut. He’s even willing and capable to offend Long Tian Yun- such a person is indeed someone to be confident in.” Li Xiao Xue slowly said, “I also know that in order to win that bet, you need a large amount of money. Even if it was me, amassing such a large amount of money would be impossible. I originally thought that it would be impossible for you to win that bet with your father… until Ling Tian appeared. If he really helps you with all of his power, then you really will have a chance in winning. I’m guessing that Title Deed you have was given to you by Ling Tian, right? I want to know that if I rejected your proposal, or demanded better terms for my Li family, what would you do?”

“I would find other parties to partner up with. I’m sure that there will be many, many people interested in this business venture.” Yun Meng Xin unhesitatingly replied.

Li Xiao Xue returned to her seat, and sat down. She took a small sip of tea, her expression extremely calm, “In that case, can you tell me why the first person you chose was me? Also, why didn’t you want to be the one in control of all of this? I’m sure you could have waited until you had enough capital before beginning.”

“Right now, I have 900 million gold, which is just enough. However, I can’t do anything in my own name, otherwise my father and Long Tian Yun will do all they can to suppress my efforts. The reason I chose you was because your Li family has both reputation and power. Moreover, with your Li family operating at the front, no one will suspect anything- for your Li family to obtain the Title Deed to this piece of land is something that no one would be surprised at. However, the most important reason… is that I trust you, Xiao Xue. I need a lot, a lot, of money. Only by giving this Title Deed to you, the woman who increased her family’s fortune by fivefold in 5 years, will I be come close to achieving my goal.”

Li Xiao Xue looked down, deep in thought. Yun Meng Xin giving the Title Deed to someone else was something she definitely did not want to see. She thought for a long time before replying, “That place, on the face of things, will be completely owned by my Li family, and will have nothing to do with you, right?”

Yun Meng Xin nodded.

Can you promise that you will be the first to obtain the Title Deed for the Royal City?” Li Xiao Xue asked.

Yun Meng Xin nodded “I believe in Ling Tian.”

“Very well!” Li Xiao Xue held out her hand, “Meng Xin, let’s work well together!”

Yun Meng Xin extended her hand and shook Li Xiao Xue’s hand, “Xiao Xue, thank you. Also, no matter if it’s the Azure Dragon City, or any other places, I will only take my share for 2 years. After 2 years, everything will belong to your Li family.”

Li Xiao Xue’s face froze, and her expression gradually became one of extreme shock, “Meng Xin… a-are you crazy?!”

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