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Chapter 290: Vermillion Bird City

Vermillion Bird City

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Yun Meng Xin’s words caused Li Xiao Xue to unable to be calm. Originally, she had thought that the way the profits was shared was unfair, but thinking to Yun Meng Xin’s situation, as well as the massive benefits that the Li family would receive, she decided to agree. Only now did she realise that Yun Meng Xin had offered her incredibly favourable terms.

“I won’t take back what I just said. Xiao Xue, you should know that the bet with my father ends in 2 years. After 2 years, money won’t mean much to me.” Yun Meng Xin wistfully said.

“Can you really let go of such a large fortune though?” Li Xiao Xue asked. To her, as well as the Li family, this was a once-in-a-lifetime deal. However, she simply didn’t understand why Yun Meng Xin would do such a thing. She definitely wasn’t a stupid woman.

“In 2 years, if I win, then I will have the same amount of money as the Yun family financial group- that alone will be more than enough for me to live on for the rest of my life. If I lose… even if I have 10 times as much money, what would be the point? The riches are limitless, but so are a human’s desires. I don’t want to let myself become a slave for riches. Two years of profits is enough. Let’s just say that the rest is my gift to Xiao Xue.” Yun Meng Xin smiled, “Xiao Xue, who is so shrewd and experienced in business, was willing to accept my terms of 50-50 profits so easily. I know why Xiao Xue agreed so easily, so let me thank you in return.”

Li Xiao Xue’s face froze, and her expression became complicated. She replied slowly as she bit her lips, “Meng Xin, this gift is simply… too big. Even though we haven’t even begun, but I know that this is the biggest gift I’ve ever received in my whole life. The Title Deed you have has allowed me to see a new direction that the Li family financial group can grow in. However… Meng Xin, there are some things that I want to say to you plainly.”

“Please go ahead.” Yun Meng Xin courteously said.

Li Xiao Xue nodded, and spoke, “Your father is the head of the Yun family financial group. Based on my information, just your father alone has $160 billion, which is an astronomical figure. Moreover, from what I heard, the bet was that within 2 years, you need to have enough money to rival the entire Yun family financial group, and not just his own assets. As the daughter of the head of the family group, do you know how much the entire Yun family financial group is worth?”

Yun Meng Xin shook her head.

Li Xiao Xue didn’t find this strange at all. The Yun family financial group was spread out throughout the entirety of China, so it was difficult to keep track of just how much the group had- even the high-ranking members wouldn’t know exactly how much. Yun Meng Xin didn’t participate much in the affairs of the Yun family financial group, so her not knowing was normal. Li Xiao Xue spread out her fingers, “$500 billion. This is the current value of the Yun family financial group. Even if the Yun family financial group doesn’t grow at all, you’ll need to amass at least $500 billion to win that bet. Forgetting about reputation and fame for now, do you have confidence that you’ll be able to obtain $500 billion before then?”

Yun Meng Xin: “……”

“Even if it was a large international corporation, obtaining $500 billion within 2 years would be incredibly difficult. This is even more so for Meng Xin, who doesn’t have much except a Title Deed. Moreover, the only finances you currently have is $900 million. You should know that your Yun family, as well as my Li family, are only where they are now after generations of hard work.” Li Xiao Xue paused for a moment, then continued, “I’m confident that you can obtain the best areas in this world for us, and for the sake of my Li family, I will also put in my 100%. Even if we can obtain the prime area for the Royal City, and everything goes well, in these 2 years, your share of the profits will be close to $5 billion, compared to the $500 billion you need… Moreover, in the first 1 or 2 years, my Li family will be operating at a loss. Only after 2 or 3 years, when my Li family has expanded to the entire Forgotten Continent, will we quickly reap our profits.”

“I… already know all of this.” Yun Meng Xin said softly. She knew that even if everything went perfectly according to plan, it would only be a cup of water thrown into a bucket that she needed to fill. The Yun family wasn’t just some ordinary rich family- they were the second largest family financial group in China! However, what she didn’t expect was that she needed more than $500 billion. Despite this, she did not feel defeated at all, because within her heart, she knew that she already had treasures that surpassed that fortune of $500 billion- those friends who fought by her side and brought light and colour into her dark world. For her, and for them, even if the target was as unreachable as the sky, she couldn’t despair or give up. She could only look up, smile and face it head on, just like what Ling Tian had said…

“I believe that Ling Tian will be able to create another miracle. After all, miracles only happen for those who put in all of their effort and sincerity.” Yun Meng Xin said as she smiled.

Even though Li Xiao Xue had said all those things, she saw that Meng Xin’s resolution had not decreased by even a bit. Seeing this, she felt quite moved. She held out her hand to Meng Xin, “I also believe that Ling Tian will be able to create this miracle for you. Let’s work hard together.”

Two beautiful hands gently came together, as both women gave a firm handshake.

Neither woman knew that this would become the beginning of a legend.


Yun Meng Xin asking Li Xiao Xue to partner up with her was out of desperation. It was also her only choice. Like Li Xiao Xue said, with the Li family’s manpower, capital and finances, she would be able to earn a fortune that most people couldn’t earn in several lifetimes. However, it was still not enough for what she needed…

To be able to obtain the Title Deed for that prime area, obtaining the rights permanently wasn’t too hard either. Ling Tian went to the Azure Dragon City, and quickly obtained a permanent Title Deed for an acceptable amount of money. Yun Meng Xin completely gave up on her battle profession, and instead worked with Li Xiao Xue to develop that piece of land. Li Xiao Xue decided that that piece of land would be the headquarters for the Li family’s chain of stores in Mystic Moon.

A few days later, many large buildings had already been built, with the Li family’s signs on them… within the virtual world, as long as one had enough money, construction would take a very short period of time. For a large building with tens of floors, with enough money, construction would only take a week or so. This was one of the largest advantages of the virtual world.

Now that more and more players had reached LV20, there were more and more Guild Creation Tokens being found. On the Guild Rankings, it was no longer just Heart’s Dream. The Yan Huang Alliance’s name also appeared, but unlike in previous games, it was now ranked second, with Heart’s Dream sitting on top of it. 3 days later, the Skyfall Dynasty’s name appeared in the third position, and 5 days later, the Golden Age Alliance’s name also appeared.

After giving the permanent Title Deed to Meng Xin, Ling Tian had not returned to the Azure Dragon City since. He spent all of his time on travelling to the Vermillion Bird City. As he headed further south, he could feel the temperature getting hotter and hotter.

After 8 days, he finally reached the Vermillion Bird City.

From afar, no matter if it was the city gates or the structures within the city, none of them looked as extravagant and impressive as those of the Azure Dragon City. Despite this, it still held the grandness and dignity of a main city.

“Finally… the Vermillion Bird City!”

Since he had made the decision to come here until now, he had spent about 20 or so days. If not for Ying Xue’s Nature’s Ring sending him so far to the south, he would’ve had to spend an extra 10-15 days to get here.

“Xi Ling, wait for me. I’ll definitely find the Vermillion Bird!” Ling Chen silently thought to himself as he sped towards the Vermillion Bird City’s gates. The City Guards did not try to stop him at all, and Ling Chen was able to enter easily.

The Vermillion Bird City’s streets were not as bustling and busy as those in the Azure Dragon City. Evidently, the low population was due to most players not being able to even reach this city yet. Ling Chen believed that he was definitely the first player to enter the Vermillion Bird City. Another reason for there being so few people in the Vermillion Bird City was simply because the climate was too hot. Not too long after entering the city, Ling Chen’s body was already covered in sweat. However, it was normal for a city in the south to have such climate. [TLN: Ayy it’s Australia]

“Hoh, young adventurer, seeing your clothing and your sweat, I’m guessing you just got here. I recommend going to buy a few bowls of ice porridge- after drinking some ice porridge, you’ll feel much better.” A middle-aged aunty said as she smiled at him.

Ice porridge? Ling Chen nodded towards that middle-aged aunty, “Yes, I just got here. Thanks for your advice.”

“You’re welcome, may the Moon Gods bless you.”

Seeing how the aunty was not sweating or panting at all, she was evidently a resident of the Vermillion Bird City who had lived here for a long time.

Opening his map, Ling Chen saw all the different streets within the Vermillion Bird City. Of course, the Mayor’s Residence was right at the centre of the City, a bit to the north of the marketplace. In the end, Ling Chen had a single purpose for coming to the Vermillion Bird City- to find the Vermilion Bird. Qi Yue had told him that in order find the Vermillion Bird, it would be best not to ask the residents or the Mayor where it was, lest he receive their fury. After all, the Vermillion Bird was the guardian beast of the Vermillion Bird City, and was incredibly important to its residents.

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