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Chapter 292: Fortune of Great Calamity

Fortune of Great Calamity

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Daoist Tian Qing nodded, and calmly replied, “Brother Xiao has already told me about your situation. You want me to find a few things, right?”

Ling Chen nodded, “Yes, these things are very important. I heard that the Heaven’s Secrets Sect can find out the heaven’s secrets, and finding treasures should be incredibly easy. I hope that Daoist Tian Qing will be able to help me.”

“Ai,” Daoist Tian Qing sighed, “Human’s desires are boundless. My Heaven’s Secrets Sect has hidden away for so many years- what we were hiding away from was human greed. Brother Xiao and I are extremely close, but he has never requested anything of me before. After so many years, this is the first time he’s asked me to help him with something. I will definitely do all I can to help brother Xiao, but… I can’t reveal the heaven’s secrets.”

“Why not?” Ling Chen asked, unable to understand.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed’- my Heaven’s Secrets Sect specialises in finding out such mysteries and secrets. However, no matter how powerful a human is, they’re unable to go against the heavens. Revealing the heaven’s secrets is going against the heavens; if we reveal too much, then we receive divine punishment. The sole requirement for entering our Heaven’s Secrets Sect is for a person to be completely pure-hearted and without any malice or wickedness. Otherwise, if they use their powers for selfish and immoral gains, even the entire Heaven’s Secrets Sect could be punished. As such, the more pure-hearted one is, the more secrets they are able to see; they more wicked, less secrets they will be able to see. If one goes above their limit, they will receive divine punishment. I’ve revealed heaven’s secrets 1,200 times in my lifetime, which is my maximum. If I reveal any more, I’ll be punished by the heavens, and may even die on the spot.” Daoist Tian Qing apologetically explained.

“It’s true. In the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, having completely white hair is a symbol of someone having reached their limit.” Qi Yue suddenly said, then sighed. She knew a lot more than Ling Chen about the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, and as soon as she saw Daoist Tian Qing, she already knew that he would not be able to help them.

“So it’s like this…” Ling Chen thought regretfully. He wasn’t willing to give up so easily though, “Then what about the other members of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect?”

“Haha,” Daoist Tian Qing laughed sorrowfully, “There were only 5 members 1,000 years ago, and now only I am left. The other 4 people have all died from revealing too many of heaven’s secrets.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“It’s a pity that I’m unable to help little friend. Currently, I’m planning on travelling throughout the Forgotten Continent to find a suitable successor. If I can find a successor, I’ll definitely let them help little friend to find what he needs to find.” Daoist Tian Qing said.

The mighty Heaven’s Secrets Sect Leader was speaking with such courtesy to a junior- this made Ling Chen have a very good impression of him, “If Sect Leader can do this for me, Ling Tian will be eternally grateful.”

Xiao Feng Chen came over as he rambled, “Grateful my ass, this old monster only knows how to waffle on, but he can’t help at all. He even wants me to do all this work and use my Feng Chen technique to help him to find a successor! Oi, old monster, even if you can’t help us, can you at least do some fortune-telling for my successor? See if, with his fortune, he’s able to bring glory to my Feng Chen Sect!”

“Fortune-telling?” Ling Chen asked in surprise.

“That’s right, fortune-telling. This old monster isn’t much good for anything else, but he’s pretty good at fortune-telling. Before I was imprisoned in the Lunar Sky Hell, this guy already told me that I would experience 1,000 years of darkness. At that time, I kicked him a few times, but I never thought that the fortune would actually come true. Fortune-telling counts as looking into one’s own fortune, so it doesn’t count as heaven’s secrets. Since he won’t die from it, you might as well get him to tell your fortune. Old monster, let’s see how good my successor’s fortune is.”

Before Ling Chen could even say anything, Xiao Feng Chen had already pushed him to in front of Daoist Tian Qing. Daoist Tian Qing didn’t refuse either, and smiled, “Haha, alright then, I’ll have a look at this little friend’s fortune. This little friend was able to escape from Lunar Sky Hell in one day, has incredible mental energy, and has now inherited the power of the Feng Chen Sect. Little friend is evidently cared for by the heavens, and looks like he’ll have a good fortune. Come, raise your head.”

Ling Chen could only comply and raise his head, and could feel Daoist Tian Qing’s eyes focused on his forehead.

Daoist Tian Qing looked at him with a calm smile, and focused on his forehead. Suddenly, Daoist Tian Qing’s eyes suddenly contracted, and his face changed. He stumbled back a few steps, and almost fell over.

“Daoist Tian Qing?”

“What’s going on?”

Ling Chen quickly rushed forwards to help stabilise Daoist Tian Qing, and noticing his change in expression, Xiao Feng Chen also rushed over. Daoist Tian Qing had been cultivating in remote places for more than 1,000 years, and his heart was as still as water. When meeting Xiao Feng Chen after 1,000 years, he had only smiled. Just then, his expression had definitely changed significantly.

Daoist Tian Qing breathed in and out, and waved his hand, saying, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Looks like I’m already at my limit. Not only am I unable to see heaven’s secrets, but my fortune-telling has also gotten worse. Ai.”

Daoist Tian Qing sighed as he shook his head. Upon closer observation, Ling Chen cold see that Daoist Tian Qing’s forehead was lined with cold sweat, and his face had gone pale.

Ling Chen immediately suspected that something was wrong, but smiled and asked, “It’s alright, fortune-telling isn’t that reliable anyways. If you can’t tell my fortune, that’s completely fine.”

Xiao Feng Chen was evidently very displeased at Ling Chen’s words, “Oi oi oi oi, what do you mean not that reliable. You can pretend any fortunes from any other fortune-teller are just farts, but old monster’s fortunes are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Forget it, forget it, if you can’t do it then forget about it. I was hoping he’d get a Prosperous Fortune, so my Feng Chen Sect could enjoy a few years of good luck.”

“Right, boy, you never answered me- what are you doing here?” Xiao Feng Chen immediately forgot about the fortune-telling matter and changed the topic.

“I came here… to look for the Vermillion Bird.” Ling Chen said after hesitating for a bit.

“Looking for the Vermillion Bird?” Xiao Feng Chen stared as he splattered Ling Chen’s face with spit, “More like looking to die. Look over to the south- can you see how red the sky is? That’s where the Vermillion Bird is- the Lava Purgatory. Anyone who goes in there will definitely die- myself and the old monster included. If you just go in there like you are now, you won’t even see a single feather of the Vermillion Bird before you’re incinerated.”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if I’m incinerated, I can come back to life immediately.” Ling Chen coolly replied.

“Haha,” Daoist Tian Qing laughed, “I think little friend should make the journey. Perhaps it will go well for you.”

The Heaven’s Secrets Sect Leader had casually said this, but Ling Chen’s eyes shone, and he quickly nodded, “With these words of good luck from the Sect Leader, I’ll be going there immediately. Indeed, I’m in a rush to find the Vermillion Bird, so I won’t be staying any longer. Goodbye.”

Seeing how Xiao Feng Chen wasn’t going to be of any help, and with the Heaven’s Secrets Sect Leader’s words, Ling Chen couldn’t wait as he sped off on his Cloud Stepping Mare.

When Ling Chen had travelled a distance away, Xiao Feng Chen suddenly grabbed Daoist Tian Qing, as he asked, “Old monster, what was with your reaction just then? You can trick that boy, but you can’t trick me! Fortune-telling has nothing to do with revealing heaven’s secrets. Just then, you were definitely afraid of something… just what did you see on him?”

Daoist Tian Qing’s face became serious as he replied, “Fortune of Great Calamity… I have never seen a fortune of such calamity before!”

“Fortune of Great Calamity?” Xiao Feng Chen’s eyes widened.

“The more bright a person’s fortune is, the more lucky and prosperous it will be. The darker it is, the more unlucky and calamity it will hold… as for him… I can’t see anything at all. All there is, is endless darkness. I have never experienced so much malicious energy on a person before. When I saw it, it was like a mountain that crashed into my chest.” Daoist Tian Qing said as he put his hand on his chest, “This sort of fortune goes far beyond the ordinary. Even a god would tremble at such a fortune. A person with a fortune like this is bound to have hands stained with countless peoples’ blood, and will cause a great catastrophe…”


“Ow, why did you hit me?”

Daoist Tian Qing, who was letting out cold sweat, was suddenly smacked on the head by Xiao Feng Chen. Xiao Feng Chen grabbed the horsetail whisk in Daoist Tian Qing’s hands as he yelled, “Your mum’s a calamity! That’s my Feng Chen Sect’s successor- and you’re saying he has a Fortune of Great Calamity? I was completely confident in your fortunes, but I won’t believe this one no matter what! ‘Hands stained with countless peoples’ blood, and will cause a great catastrophe.’ Heh… just that boy? Hmm, based on your impression of him, how’s his strength?”

“Wouldn’t be able to take a single blow.” Daoist Tian Qing replied.

“Exactly. With that bit of strength, he can’t even kill a big ant, let alone cause a catastrophe? At most, he’ll be able to use the Feng Chen Curses to cause some trouble, but there are heaps of experts in the Forgotten Continent who can squish him to death. Plus, did you really feel malicious energy on him? No way, right? If he really did contain so much malicious energy, I definitely wouldn’t choose him to be my Feng Chen Sect’s successor.” Xiao Feng Chen said, unimpressed.

Daoist Tian Qing nodded, “Brother Xiao’s words are indeed true. Looks like I have indeed reached my limit.”

Xiao Feng Chen returned the horsetail whisk to Daoist Tian Qing and said, “It’s normal that your fortune-telling isn’t accurate on him. Think about it- with such weak strength, he was able to reflect my Feng Chen Curse. With such ridiculous mental energy, how could you see through it all? Plus, he’s from a different world, so perhaps the way to tell his fortune is different to the way to tell the fortune for people in our world. Oh, also, why did you say that the journey would go well for him? That kid’s definitely going to die.”

“It’s because I could also see a thick aura of good luck around him- a Fortune of Great Luck. With that sort of good luck, and his determination, I’m sure that the journey will go well.” Daoist Tian Qing slowly said.

“The heck? Fortune of Great Calamity, as well as Fortune of Great Luck? You might as well say that he’s both male and female; both fat and skinny. Looks like you’ve gone senile after these 1,000 years.” Xiao Feng Chen was on the verge of spitting on Tian Qing.

“This… Ai, looks like I’ve made a fool of myself.” Daoist Tian Qing felt quite awkward because of what had just happened. Bad luck and good luck were opposites, and yet they had both appeared on the same person at the same time. It was simply illogical to have both a Fortune of Great Calamity and a Fortune of Great Luck. Daoist Tian Qing once again sighed… it looked like there were some problems with his powers.

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