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Chapter 293: Once Again Meeting Qian Gun Gun

Once Again Meeting Qian Gun Gun

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The Heaven’s Secrets Sect Leader’s words had an air of credibility to them, and hearing what he said, Ling Chen felt much better. As for the strange reaction Daoist Tian Qing had given when reading Ling Chen’s fortune, he had forgotten all about that already.

The time in the real world was approaching midnight, and Ling Chen was getting closer and closer to the Lava Purgatory. Ling Chen took out his map, and calculated the distance between him and the Lava Purgatory, which was about 10 kilometres. The temperature was nearing 40 degrees Celsius [TLN: 104 degrees Fahrenheit] and sweat continuously flowed down his body. There ground was completely barren with not even a single blade of grass in sight, and neither were there any monsters. It was becoming hard to even breath.

It was already like this 10 kilometres away from the Lava Purgatory- Ling Chen wondered what it would be like inside.

The hottest place in the entire Forgotten Continent was no simple place. Ling Chen took a few deep breaths before increasing his speed. After his Cloud Stepping Mare ran for another 100 metres or so, a person appeared within his vision.

Why would there be a person in such a place? Ling Chen squinted, trying to see what the person looked like.

Ling Chen’s speed on the Cloud Stepping Mare was quite fast, and within moments, he could see the person clearly. He was wearing tattered clothing, which looked like they hadn’t been washed in over 10 years. He had dark skin and was both skinny and short, and was half-bald. His eyes were exceptionally large, and overall, he both looked and walked like a monkey. He held a wooden walking stick in his hand, and at first glance, he completely looked like a beggar.

However, this person looked a bit familiar.

Wait, this person… after half a second, Ling Chen suddenly remembered who this person was… this person was the one he had met while heading to the Lonely Spirit Ridge- the Underworld Merchant, Qian Gun Gun!

That appearance, those clothes, that walking style, that walking stick… it was definitely him!

Ling Chen was so excited that he almost jumped off his mount. Last time, when he met Qian Gun Gun, he had bought many incredibly rare and useful items. The map of the Forgotten Continent, which he heavily relied on, was bought from Qian Gun Gun. However, he was way too poor back then, and was unable to buy many of the items he wanted. But now… he thought to his 8 digits of gold coins, and grinned.

Last time, he had desperately wanted to buy a Flying Scroll, which could directly increase the level of a skill, as well as a “Second Jump” skill scroll… heheh, this time, he definitely had to buy those.

Ling Chen jumped off his Cloud Stepping Mare and put it away. He smiled as he walked towards Qian Gun Gun.

When Qian Gun Gun saw him, he suddenly stopped, then dashed towards Ling Chen. This sudden movement surprised Ling Chen, who was thinking of how to talk to Qian Gun Gun. Standing in front of Ling Chen, Qian Gun Gun furiously sniffed a few times, and his eyes shone. The way he looked at Ling Chen was like someone eyeing a delicious meal, “Rich, rich! Are you the child of a super rich person? This smell… you probably have at least 60 million gold… 60 million!”

Ling Chen raised his eyebrows. This ability to sniff out how much money someone had was insane. After buying the permanent Title Deed, he was indeed left with about 60 million gold.

“Hey, kid, let me introduce myself. I’m Qian Gun Gun, a merchant who can go anywhere. Do you want to do some trading with me? Eh? Why do you look so familiar… ah! Aren’t you that kid I met at the Ghastly Grounds last month?! What are you doing here? Actually, a better question is how, after just 1 month, you’ve become so rich!”

This Qian Gun Gun’s memory was decent. Ling Chen smiled as he replied, “That’s right, it’s me. Looks like we’re tied together by fate.”

“Yes, yes, indeed, indeed,” Qian Gun Gun nodded and also smiled, “Well, since we already know each other, we’ll cut straight to the chase. I’ve got quite a few good things here, and since you’ve got the money, I’ll show you some of my better items this time.”

Qian Gun Gun waved with his walking stick and an item list appeared in front of Ling Chen.

Last time, Qian Gun Gun had showed him his cheapest items, whereas this time he was going to show Ling Chen his ‘better items’… even the cheapest goods were extremely expensive; just how expensive were these items going to be?

[Seven Leaved Grass]: Though it is grass, it has 7 leaves, each one with a colour of the rainbow. It can grow anywhere, but is extremely difficult to find. Only extremely lucky people can find it. After consuming, Luck+3 permanently. The effects do not stack. Price: 3 million gold, Stock: 1.

[Psychic Flower]: A strange flower that grows next to the Underworld Blood Lake at the bottom of the Underworld. It gives off light that looks like water ripples in the darkness. It doesn’t have a set colour, but rather, its colour changes depending on the emotions of creatures close to it. The more positive emotions, the brighter the colour will be; the more negative the emotions, the darker the colour will be. After consuming, Comprehension+3 permanently. The effects do not stack. Price: 3 million gold, Stock: 1.

Ling Chen’s eyes widened as he stared at the two items that could add 3 points to Luck and Comprehension. Just these two items were enough to blow Ling Chen away. Although they were quite pricey, but with their effects, their prices were actually quite reasonable. Right now, he desperately needed to increase his Comprehension. Although these two items were worth 6 million gold altogether, Ling Chen had already decided he would definitely buy them.

[Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal]: One of the forbidden metals of the Underworld. It was once an ordinary piece of metal that sank into the Underworld Blood Lake, and after absorbing the remnant energy of evil spirits in the Underworld Blood Lake for tens of thousands of years, it became a variant type of metal. It contains so much power that even the Underworld King is unable to use it. If one is not careful, the energy inside could explode out, causing a disaster. As such, the Underworld King stored all of this type of metal at the bottom of the Underworld Blood Lake, and would not let anyone else obtain any of this metal. Qian Gun Gun miraculously obtained a piece, and has always been carefully keeping it on him. Price: 10 million gold, Stock: 1 (25 kilograms).


The Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal was a piece of metal that was about the size of a fist, but it was described to weigh 25 kilograms. From the description, this piece of metal was a lot like the Red Sun Mysterious Gold that he had also obtained. However, whereas that was natural, this was created by absorbing the remnants of the energy of evil spirits. Moreover, this piece of metal was worth 10 million gold!

10 million gold could buy quite a few world-class sports cars!

No matter how much money someone had, they probably wouldn’t buy a piece of metal that they didn’t even know how to use and could cause disaster for 10 million gold. Furthermore, this piece of metal wasn’t even the most expensive item Qian Gun Gun had on offer. The next item was an ancient-looking paper scroll that was worth… 30 million gold!!

Holy heck, are you kidding me? What sort of scroll can cost so much money? It is some sort of super skill? A ridiculously OP class change scroll? Could it be the treasure map to some sort of incredible treasure?

[Blueprint- Underworld God Cannon]: The blueprint for making the Underworld God Cannon, a weapon that the ancient Dwarves made for the Underworld. Only Heaven’s End grade or above Blacksmiths have the qualifications to open this scroll. The Underworld God Cannon has immense destructive power, and can even severely injure true gods. However, not only are the materials incredibly difficult to find, but Blacksmiths who are able to forge it are also incredibly rare. Only the Dwarves are able to forge this weapon. Price: 30 million gold, Stock: 1.

Underworld God Cannon’s… blueprint? Ling Chen looked at it in shock, and almost immediately, Qi Yue’s incredulous voice also sounded out in his mind, “Underworld God Cannon?!”

“Qi Yue, have you heard of this weapon before?” Ling Chen asked.

“Of course I have. No less than expected from Qian Gun Gun; he actually has this sort of forbidden item… little master, you should buy this. The Underworld God Cannon has been called the ‘God Killer Cannon’, and it is deserving of such a name. Although the Underworld contains many treasures, but with a single Underworld God Cannon, the Moon God Clan has never dared to attack, or even offend them. Maybe, just maybe, if little master can one day have his own Underworld God Cannon, and put it on his territory, your land will be secure forever.”

Ling Chen: “……”

This wasn’t the Underworld God Cannon, but rather just the blueprint for making one. Forgetting about the materials that were required to make it, the description said that only the Dwarves could make it. The Dwarves had disappeared countless years ago. If he really bought this for 30 million gold, all he would get was a useless scroll.

Ling Chen thought for a moment, then looked at the last item:

[Moon God Palace Map]: A detailed map of the Moon God Palace. It includes some hidden areas, as well as secret entrances and exits. It is unknown how Qian Gun Gun obtained this map, but he has always secretly and cautiously kept it on him, and does not easily take it out to show other people. Price: 800 million gold, Stock: 1.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

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