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Chapter 294: Lava Purgatory

Lava Purgatory

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This paper scroll was actually the map of the Moon God Palace. What’s more, it costed a terrifying 800 million gold!

“Moon God Palace Map, this…” Qi Yue was equally surprised by this item, “Qian Gun Gun actually has this sort of thing. The Moon God Palace was created in the Ancient Era by gods, and is protected by the power of each generation of Moon Gods. It’s almost impossible for people who don’t belong to the Moon God Clan to enter, and even the Night Demon Clan was unable to get any valuable information about the layout of the Moon God Palace. Why would Qian Gun Gun have such a thing?!”

Qi Yue expressed her surprise for a while, before hurriedly saying to Ling Chen, “Little master, all of the things that Qian Gun Gun sells are authentic goods. Although the prices are quite high, but this also goes to prove that these goods aren’t ordinary. See if you can buy everything on offer! If you can obtain this map, perhaps you’ll be able to enter the Moon God Palace. According to my knowledge, one of the Saint Orbs should be within the Moon God Palace! If you want to complete the Lunar Scourge, you’ll have to go there to find it.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Entering the Moon God Palace… right now, it was an impossible task for him. Would having that map turn this ‘impossible’ task into a ‘slight possibility’…?

However, that wasn’t the most important thing right now… more importantly, the price of this map was simply ridiculous. He simply didn’t have that much money! For most people, it would be insane to spend $800 million on a map within a virtual game.

Ling Chen suddenly remembered something. He looked at Qian Gun Gun as he asked, “Is this all you have? Where’s the Flying Scroll I saw last time, as well as the skill scroll?”

“Those were sold ages ago. Cheaper goods always sell out quickly. Plus, every time I go out I always bring different goods with me. You’re pretty lucky, because I brought out quite a few good ones today. Finished looking through them? How about it, are you eager to buy them?” Qian Gun Gun asked.

Sold… sold out…

Ling Chen’s heart actually hurt when he heard this. Since meeting Qian Gun Gun, he had always been hopeful that he would be able to buy the Flying Scroll and Second Jump skill scroll the next time he saw him. After all, they were only a few hundred thousand gold. After wallowing in self-pity for a while, Ling Chen confirmed how much gold he had, and said, “I want to buy the Seven Leaved Grass, Psychic Flower, Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal and the Underworld God Cannon.”

Buying all of that had cost him a whole 46 million gold! That was equivalent to $46 million in the real world! If, in the past, he had seen someone spend so much money within the game, he would definitely think that person was crazy.

As soon as Ling Chen said this, Qian Gun Gun’s eyes immediately shone like lightbulbs. He never thought that this young person would actually buy almost everything he had on offer, “Ahahahaha, this little brother is quite the refreshingly decisive person and has good taste as well. I, Qian Gun Gun, only offer the best and most authentic goods. Even though they’re quite pricey, but they’re worth every bit of money spent- after all, every single one of them is an incredibly rare and valuable good. You’ll never regret buying my goods… so, are you really buying all those things?” Qian Gun Gun anxiously confirmed.

Ling Chen took out 46 million gold and transferred it to Qian Gun Gun. The Seven Leaved Grass, Psychic Flower, Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal and Underworld God Cannon blueprint were also instantly transferred to Ling Chen.

After receiving this huge fortune, Qian Gun Gun’s face became even more ecstatic, “So decisive! I’ve never met a human like you before. I’ve had the Underworld God Cannon blueprint for thousands of years now, but everyone was always scared off by the price. Heheh, it’s only this little brother who has good taste. I know 30 million gold is very expensive, but it has its reasons for being expensive. If you go to the Underworld and mention the name ‘Underworld God Cannon’, every person is bound to tremble. Since you’ve bought this blueprint, I’ll tell you a secret for free.”

Ling Chen tried to open the Underworld God Cannon blueprint, but evidently, he, who did not have even a bit of experience in blacksmithing, wasn’t able to do so at all. Hearing Qian Gun Gun’s words, he looked up and asked, “What is it?”

“The secret is… the Dwarves haven’t actually completely disappeared. In fact, they’re still living in the Forgotten Continent, and there are actually still quite a few of them.” Qian Gun Gun said mysteriously.

“Where are they?” Ling Chen asked.

“Not a clue. Back then, in order to escape disaster, the entire Dwarf Clan hid away, These years, no one has ever even seen a Dwarf, so the place they’ve hidden themselves away in is definitely very well hidden. It’ll be nigh impossible to find them. Plus, even if you can find them, although the Dwarves are very kind, but they’re also a very proud race, and are very guarded against other races. Asking them to forge something for you won’t be so simple. Because you bought this blueprint, I’m sure you’re very interested in the Underworld God Cannon. However, as for whether you can really create one, that’ll depend on your luck. By the way, this piece of Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal is one of the key materials required to make the Underworld God Cannon. It’s pretty dangerous though, so if you’re not using it, don’t mess around with it. If some of its energy leaks out, the outcome won’t be pretty.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Dwarves, eh? Seeing how Xiao Hui was able to unintentionally find the Fairies, it should definitely be possible for him to find the Dwarves, right…

“Why is this map so expensive?” Ling Chen asked as he pointed to the only item that he didn’t buy- the Moon God Palace Map.

“Hm? Map? What map?” Qian Gun Gun asked in confusion. He suddenly saw the map Ling Chen was pointing at, and he went into a state of extreme panic as he hurriedly put the map away as he muttered, “The hell? How did I accidentally take this map out?”

“Ahahaha, that was a map that I made for fun. It’s not actually for sale, ahaha… In fact, it’s not even a map of the Moon God Palace, and that ridiculous price was something I just put as a joke. Just pretend you didn’t see it…. Ah! It’s getting late, so I should be heading back to the Underworld… oh, and seeing as you’re going to the Lava Purgatory, I’ll give this to you as a bonus. So please don’t tell anyone about the map… let’s meet again if fate ordains it.”

After hurriedly saying goodbye, Qian Gun Gun threw a pair of things that seemed to be made of white crystals, and suddenly disappeared.

“Oi, I haven’t…”

Goddamit! I didn’t even get to use my Feng Chen Curses!

Qian Gun Gun had rushed off in such a hurry that Ling Chen, who was about to use the Complete and Utter Belief Curse on him to get the Moon God Palace Map, almost spat out blood in fury.

“Looks like that map was real. Otherwise, Qian Gun Gun wouldn’t be so afraid about other people finding out he has such a map. If this matter was found out by the Moon God Clan, even if he’s Qian Gun Gun, he would be hunted down by the Moon God Clan.” Qi Yue explained.

Ling Chen shrugged, “Well, it’s not like I really lost anything. Even if I did manage to get that map off him, and entered the Moon God Palace, it’d be equivalent to suicide.”

Qi Yue lightly laughed, “It’s rare to see little master acting like this. Looks like little master’s a bit afraid of the Moon God Clan. Come to think of it, why did little master want the Underworld God Cannon blueprint? You should know that what you bought with so much money could just be a mysterious but useless piece of paper.”

Ling Chen lapsed into silence, then replied, “I hope one day it’ll be of use.”

He then looked at the things Qian Gun Gun had thrown to him before he had abruptly left. It was a pair of shoes that were an icy white colour, and felt quite cool.

[Glacial Silk Shoes]: Decorative type equipment. It can be equipped on top of shoes that have already been equipped, and will cover those shoes completely. These shoes are made of silk from Glacial Silkworms that have lived over 1,000 years, and are incredibly light and cool. After equipping, it can reduce the effects of the heat from the environment on the player.

“These shoes will be of a great help.” Ling Chen said as he looked at its description. He put them away, then took out the Seven Leaved Grass and Psychic Flower, and immediately ate them.

“Ding… you have consumed the Seven Leaved Grass, Luck+3 permanently.”

“Ding… you have consumed the Psychic Flower, Comprehension+3 permanently.”

Immediately, his Luck and Comprehension had both jumped to 15! This was something a normal player could only dream of.

Meeting Qian Gun Gun didn’t waste too much of his time. The climate here made him unwilling to stay any longer than necessary, so he immediately set out for the Lava Purgatory again.

Lava Purgatory Boundary.

Ling Chen finally reached the boundary of the Lava Purgatory. He stopped, with his face filled with disbelief. He simply couldn’t believe that this was only the boundary of the Lava Purgatory.

It was obvious where the boundary for the Lava Purgatory was. Currently, the ground under Ling Chen’s feet was yellowish-brown, but the area belonging to the Lava Purgatory had red ground. The redness of the ground was comparable to the redness of red-hot metal. On the red ground, there were tongues of flames. The further into the Lava Purgatory, the more concentrated and intense the flames were.

This was the Lava Purgatory, where the Vermillion Bird resided…

He had finally arrived… if he could really find the Vermillion Bird, then there would be hope for Xi Ling.

The scenery in front of him was terrifying, but Ling Chen had no intention of backing down. The ground within the Lava Purgatory was quite uneven, and there were flames everywhere, so he dismounted the Cloud Stepping Mare and slowly walked in.

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