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Chapter 295: Giga Inferno Spirit (1)

Giga Inferno Spirit (1)

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As soon as Ling Chen stepped on the red ground of the Lava Purgatory, a wave of intense heat crashed into him, causing him to hold his breath. The difference in temperature after taking a single step was simply enormous. It was almost as if he had stepped into a completely different world.

So hot!

The sensation made him feel like he had just been thrown into a burning hot oven, but it was possible for him to endure it. However, since this was just the boundary of the Lava Purgatory, what would it be like inside?

Ling Chen gritted his teeth, held his breath and charged forwards as fast as he could. He didn’t want to stay any longer than necessary in this sort of place.

The further in he went, the higher the temperature became. Just as he became slightly accustomed to the temperature, it would increase again, increasing his pain and discomfort. Ling Chen avoided the tongues of flames as he sprinted towards the Inner Region. His sweat continuously flowed, but would evaporate after only a few seconds.

Huff… huff…

The air Ling Chen breathed out was almost as hot as steam, and after advancing by 100 metres, his entire face had become bright red. As he continued forwards, the rocks on the ground became redder and redder, as if they would spontaneously combust. Looking up, he saw that the entire sky was also completely red.

Huff… I’m going to get there no matter what!

According to his map, the Lava Purgatory spanned a diameter of 20 kilometres. That meant, in order to reach the Central District of the Lava Purgatory, Ling Chen would have to travel around 10 kilometres.


After another 100 metres, damage figures began to arise from Ling Chen’s body. Not only was there pain and discomfort now, but even his HP was being drained. Ling Chen frowned, and did his best to run even faster.




As Ling Chen pressed on, he began to lose health faster and faster. By the time he had reached the 1 kilometre mark, he was already losing 200HP per second. Ling Chen only had 1471HP, and with the Green Potion, which could restore 1500HP per second, this was completely fine for him. However, if the damage continued to increase, he might be forced to use the incredibly precious Dew of Dawn, of which he only had 100 drops.

At the same time, the pain he was experiencing from the heat had reached the point where his face was unable to stay calm. He didn’t know what the temperature was, but it felt like there were balls of fire directly burning on his body, causing him to clench his teeth. This was especially so for his feet- it felt like he was walking on red-hot metal barefooted.

Xi Ling gave up her life for me… this is nothing!!

Ling Chen gritted his teeth as he wildly ran forwards. He suddenly thought of the Glacial Silk Shoes that Qian Gun Gun had given him, and immediately equipped them.

The pleasant and cool sensation that entered his feet and spread out to his entire body caused him to almost moan in pleasure. It was so comfortable that he almost forgot how to walk.

Only a few seconds after the Glacial Silk Shoes had been equipped, the pain from the heat in Ling Chen’s feet almost completely disappeared. Moreover, the effects, to a lesser extent, also spread to his entire body, and even decreased the damage to 50 per second. The effects were much better than Ling Chen could have ever dreamed of.

Now that his mind was clearer, Ling Chen felt even more resolute. He once again sped forwards.

After running for another kilometre, Ling Chen was nearing the middle of the Outer Region of the Lava Purgatory. The Glacial Silk Shoes, of course, had their limits, and at this point, Ling Chen’s HP began to decrease at 200 per second again. His face was once again bright red, with his entire body covered in sweat and blistering from the heat. It was terrifying to think what it would be like without the Glacial Silk Shoes.

In front of him, the tongues of flames were gathered together densely… they were no longer tongues of flames, but rather balls of flames. The smallest were about 1 metre high, and the largest were even taller than himself. Xiao Hui, who had been running in front of him the whole time, suddenly stopped, and barked as a warning. Ling Chen immediately stopped and held his breath as he looked forwards. He felt that something strange was about to happen.

There were countless balls of flames in his field of vision, and all of them were swaying from side to side. However, there was no wind at all! Why would these flames be swaying? The swaying gradually became more and more exaggerated, and suddenly they started to float into the sky and merged together. They became fireballs with 2 short arms made of fire, as well as a small tongue of fire on their head, which looked like hair. On the middle of their bodies, 2 flame-yellow eyes slowly opened.

This was…

[Flame Spirit]: Type: Spirit, Level: LV30, HP: 900. Spirits created from the intense heat. Their personalities are just as intense and explosive as the flames that birthed them, and like to incinerate everything.

Passive Abilities: Reduces 90% of Physical Attack Damage, immune to Fire attacks.

Attack Skills: [Flame Bullets]: Throws out a small fireball to attack a single target. Although it is a single-target attack, it has incredible destructive power. After hitting the target, the fireball can explode, causing splash damage with a 50% chance to hit enemies around the target.

Weaknesses: Low HP and are weak against Water attacks (-80% resistance against Water)

All of a sudden, around 50 to 60 Flame Spirits had already formed. At LV30, these monsters only had 900HP, but as spirits, they were not afraid of Physical Attacks. For players who only had Physical Attack Damage, fighting these Flame Spirits would be incredibly annoying. However, although Ling Chen had a Physical Attack profession, he was not worried at all.

“Hmph, die!”

Ling Chen coldly harrumphed as he took out his weapons, and charged forwards. As he ran, three fireballs shot out from three of the Flame Spirits. However, these fireballs were not too fast, and Ling Chen didn’t even have to dodge due to his high Movement Speed. He arrived in front of 2 Flame Spirits and sent out a Ling Tian Burst from his Zephyr Blade.

Puff, puff!

-2506, -5004!

The Flame Spirits that were hit extinguished with a ‘puff’. The damage figures that arose from their bodies were not reduced at all, despite the fact that normally, Physical Attacks would be reduced by 90% when hitting them. However, Ling Chen’s Cancer Orb ignored all Defence, Physical Damage Reduction and Absolute Defence.

After killing 2 Flame Spirits, Ling Chen did not stop to kill more. After all, his goal was not to kill all the Flame Spirits, but to reach his destination as fast as possible. He would only attack the ones that were blocking his way. As more and more fireballs were fired his way, Ling Chen weaved left and right, passing through the gaps in between them. He didn’t even have to slow down, and every time he attacked, a small group of Flame Spirits would be extinguished.

Puff… Puff… Puff… Puff…

With the Feng Chen Technique, even without a mount, Ling Chen’s Movement Speed was 175- this was even higher than most Assassins. With his speed and footwork, the Flame Spirits blocking his way were quickly exterminated. However, the further he ran, the denser the Flame Spirits would be gathered together. Although he could get rid of them quickly, but if they were gathered too densely, even he wouldn’t be able to clear them out in one go.

Not only were they becoming more and more densely gathered, but their attacks were also becoming more erratic. Evidently, they were furious that he was killing so many of them. Ling Chen was unable to stop, and could only grit his teeth as he continued to charge forwards. If he stopped, then the fireballs flying all over the place would definitely hit him. Although these fireballs were not very fast and did not have a very long range, but as mentioned in the description, that was made up for with their destructive power. It was possible that being hit by a single one could kill him. Seeing that there were more and more Flame Spirits, Ling Chen put on his Evil God’s Mask, just in case.

Puff… Puff…

The more densely gathered they were, the more Flame Spirits Ling Chen killed in a single strike. The Flame Spirits jumped up and down in fury, and seeing that their attacks were useless against Ling Chen, they stopped attacking.

Although the situation had calmed down, Ling Chen felt a massive sense of danger.

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