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Chapter 296: Giga Inferno Spirit (2)

Giga Inferno Spirit (2)

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Ling Chen could feel some ominous pressure bearing down on him as a gust of wind arose. As the wind blew, more than half of the Flame Spirits were lifted up, as they gathered to a single place.

One, two, ten, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred…

Countless Flame Spirits were lifted up, and gathered at the centre of the wind. As they collided together, they merged, growing from a small fireball to one that was 3 metres, 5 metres, 10 metres tall…

As the fireball grew bigger and bigger, the feeling of danger was also getting stronger and stronger. Ling Chen stood transfixed for a few moments before coming back to his senses and charging forwards. As soon as he moved, the Flame Spirits that hadn’t been lifted up all started to jump, and a wall of fire about 10 metres high rose up in front of him. At the same time, walls of fire also arose to his sides and behind him… he had been completely sealed with a cage of flames, unable to advance or retreat!

Ling Chen stood still, and looked at the gigantic fireball. After it grew to a bit more than 10 metres tall, it began to take shape. First were its four limbs, and then its two savage-looking eyes… what soon appeared was a massive flame giant!

[Giga Inferno Spirit]: Type: Spirit, Level: LV30, Grade: Celestial, HP: 300,000. A high-grade spirit created from the merging of many Flame Spirits. Its personality is incredibly fiery and explosive, and can release massive flame attacks, causing its surroundings to become a sea of fire.

Passive Abilities: Reduces 90% of Physical Attack Damage, absorbs all Fire attacks. It can regenerate HP when in a hot environment.

Attack Skills:

[Inferno Bullets]: Shoots 5-10 large fireballs. The speed is average, but their power is massive. After hitting the target, the fireballs can explode, causing splash damage with a 30-60% chance to hit enemies around the target. The Inferno Bullets are released from the mouth. When activating, the mouth will open and the head will tilt backwards. Usage frequency: High.

[Inferno Wall]: Shoots a 10 metre long wall of flames, which moves extremely fast and deals a large amount of damage. It is incredibly difficult to dodge. If the target is hit, there is a 30% chance of the target being Burned for 10 seconds. There is no obvious set-up action. Usage frequency: Medium.

[Exploding Flames]: Throws a massive fireball within 20 metres of itself, causing an explosion of flames where it lands, and will spread to 10 metres away from where the fireball landed. Causes massive damage if hit, and there is a 30% chance of the target being Burned for 5-10 seconds, as well as a 10% chance of the target being Stunned for 3 seconds. Requires 2 seconds of gathering flames before activating. Usage frequency: Low.

[Exploding Sea of Flames]: Explodes its own flames, causing the area within 50 metres of itself to become a sea of flames. It requires 3-5 seconds of charging before it can be activated. After activating, its Fire Attack Power will be decreased by 30%. This skill will immediately activate as soon as its HP falls below 10%. Can only be activated once per day.

Weaknesses: Low HP and has extremely low Defence, and is weak against Water attacks.

This flame giant was countless times more powerful than all of the Flame Spirits individually combined. It was a pure attack Celestial boss!

The walls of fire around him not only kept him from escaping, but also increased the temperature. Above Ling Chen’s head, terrifying damage figures kept rising up.


At this rate, the green potions wouldn’t be enough to keep him alive- it seemed Ling Chen had to use the Dew of Dawn. However, not only was the Dew of Dawn incredibly valuable, but also in short supply. Even if he used all of it, it wouldn’t last him a very long time… he definitely couldn’t waste it here!

A LV30 Celestial Boss was not something the current Ling Chen could easily defeat. Moreover, the Giga Flame Spirit also received benefits from the environment. In fact, even if Ling Chen attacked with his full strength, even with the Cancer Orb, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to damage it more than it could regenerate. But then again, he couldn’t escape either…

While Ling Chen was still considering what to do, the Giga Inferno Spirit came rushing at him. It wasn’t very fast, but when the space was limited, speed didn’t matter too much. When it was about 10 metres away from Ling Chen, it opened its mouth, and 7 or 8 large fireballs chaotically flew out towards Ling Chen.

Ling Chen did not retreat, but rather advanced towards the fireballs. The Giga Inferno Spirit had terrifying Attack Power, but its other stats were rubbish. Ling Chen’s Movement Speed was at least twice that of the Giga Inferno Spirit’s. In the blink of an eye, he had dodged all of the fireballs and reached the Giga Inferno Spirit. With the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager in his hands, he sent two Ling Tian Bursts crashing onto it.

Puff! Puff!


After attacking twice, Ling Chen immediately turned and ran to put some distance in between them. Only with enough distance would he be able to easily dodge the Giga Inferno Spirit’s attacks. With the Giga Inferno Spirit’s Movement Speed, it would be impossible for it to close the distance in between them. Just as Ling Chen was retreating, the Giga Inferno Spirit once again shot out Inferno Bullets at him. This time, 9 fireballs flew towards him. Because of Ling Chen’s reaction speed and the speed of the fireballs, it was easy to dodge them once again. Ling Chen charged forwards, but suddenly stopped. He almost started swearing out loud… because above the Giga Inferno Spirit’s head, a big green number had appeared.


The damage he had just dealt… had been recovered instantly!

Ling Chen needed at least 5 seconds to attack the Giga Inferno Spirit effectively, but it could instantly recover more than Ling Chen could even deal… this was simply ridiculous. It was possible that with Soul Sacrifice, he would be able to damage it more than it could recover, but such a strategy was much too risky. Soul Sacrifice set his HP to 1, and he was losing hundreds of HP every second.

In order to keep his HP up, Ling Chen drank down a drop of the Dew of Dawn. Immediately, a green number of +5000 appeared above his head. The Dew of Dawn lasted for 10 seconds, and each drop was life-saving.

Ling Chen had no other choice. Since the Giga Inferno Spirit was impossible to kill, the only thing he could do was try to escape.

Ling Chen looked at the walls of fire and decided that he had to take a risk.

The Giga Inferno Walked towards Ling Chen with its two massive hands raised up. A 2 metre wide fireball was formed, then thrown at Ling Chen.

This was one of the Giga Inferno Spirit’s strongest attacks- Exploding Flames. If this fireball landed on the ground, it would cause an explosion of flames that would cover a large area. It would be impossible for Ling Chen to escape unharmed.

Ling Chen suddenly thought of something. He raised his right hand, and a silver light flashed…

“Moon Shadow!”

The silver light covered both the fireball, as well as the Giga Inferno Spirit. Ling Chen put his hand on the Evil God’s Mask, and muttered to himself, “This better work…”

“Broken Shadow!!”

With Broken Shadow activated, Ling Chen’s Movement Speed reached 1,750. His body became a shadow that was too fast for the naked eye to see, and charged towards the wall of fire in front of him.


In a split second, Ling Chen had already reached the wall of fire. Passing through the blazing hot wall was definitely enough to kill Ling Chen. However, the moment Ling Chen came into contact with the wall, the Evil God’s Mask shone with a blood-red light, like a beast that had been awakened, and a low roar came from the mask. Instantly, it was as if something had smashed into the wall, and the wall of fire dispersed to the side…

The wall of fire was 3 metres thick, and Ling Chen passed through it almost instantaneously… when he got out, he was completely fine!

The Evil God’s Mask could block fatal damage once every 10 seconds, but without Broken Shadow, the 3 metre thick wall would have caused him more than 2 fatal injuries. After successfully escaping from the cage of fire, Ling Chen did not hesitate at all as he continued to charge forwards. When the effects of Broken Shadow ended, he looked back and muttered, “Hmph, I’ll get my revenge when I’ve done what I need to do!”

Celestial grade Bosses were quite rare, and they did not respawn, unlike normal Bosses. Currently, even within China, only a handful of players had seen Celestial Bosses. Although they were extremely difficult to kill, but the rewards were definitely worth it. Ling Chen currently had 2 Celestial grade weapons, both of which came from Celestial grade Bosses. Now that he knew that there was a LV30 Celestial grade Boss in the Lava Purgatory, he would definitely be back in future.


Right now, he was probably right in the middle of the Outer Region of the Lava Purgatory. The rate at which he was losing health was already startling, and he could barely hang on even with the Dawn of Dew. Now, it seemed like even getting into the Middle Region would be impossible.

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