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Chapter 308: The Avenger from Hell (4)

The Avenger from Hell (4)

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To most people, one person leaving first and the other leaving later was quite normal. However… after Shui Ruo had contracted the Isrock Disease, Ling Chen would always be around her, in order to ensure her safety. The only time Ling Chen had ever left her side was that night when Tian Tian was demanding chocolate in the middle of the night… apart from that time, he had always been not too far away from Shui Ruo.

However, this time, while they were outdoors, Ling Chen wanted them to leave first. Taking into account Ling Chen’s reaction just then and the way he talked… Shui Ruo’s heart started to beat faster.

“Eh? Why do you want me and big sister to leave first? Does big brother have something to do?” Tian Tian asked, unable to read the atmosphere.

Not too far away, the car that had brought them here slowly drove closer, and then stopped next to them. Shui Ruo picked up Tian Tian and softly said, “Let’s listen to big brother and go back first. I’m sure big brother has important things to take care of.”

“Oh.” Tian Tian was curious, but seeing the way Shui Ruo and Ling Chen acted, she decided to be obedient and go home with Shui Ruo.

“Ruo Ruo, Tian Tian.”

Ling Chen suddenly called out to them. He walked over, and looked into Shui Ruo’s trembling eyes. He smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be home soon. If you’re tired, have a nap on the car. Who knows, I might even get home before you guys.”

“En.” Shui Ruo nodded, and her lips became a bit paler.

Ling Chen bent down and gently stroked Tian Tian’s hair as he gently said, “Tian Tian, make sure you listen to big sister, alright?”

This was the first time Ling Chen had been so gentle and warm to Tian Tian, which surprised her. She lifted her nose as she said, “I always listen to big sister… big brother, you’re acting very strangely right now.”

“Haha, it’s because I’m afraid that you might not listen to big sister and make her angry while I’m not there.” Ling Chen said as he chuckled.

“Hmph, I like big sister. I’d never make her angry.”

“Alright, that’s good.” Ling Chen picked up Tian Tian, and put her in the car.

Shui Ruo also got into the car, and looked at Ling Chen. She bit her lips as she softly said, “Big brother, you’ll definitely… come back safe, right?”

Ling Chen smiled, “Haha, don’t be silly. I just want to meet an old friend of mine for a bit. There’s nothing to be worried about. Alright, you guys get home first. I’ll be there soon.”

After he finished talking, he made a hand gesture and the door was closed by one of the two ‘uncles’. As the man returned to the side-seat, Ling Chen said to him in a voice that only he could hear, “Send them home and make full defence preparations… I’ve got something important to do here, so make sure you protect them properly when you get back. Before I go back, no one’s allowed to come here or contact me. Am I understood?”

“Roger.” The man replied.

The car’s engine rumbled to life, and they slowly drove away. Ling Chen silently watched the car disappear into the distance.

Wait for me at home…

I’ll be there soon… I’ll definitely come back…

On the car

When Shui Ruo could no longer see Ling Chen, she turned and hugged Tian Tian tightly.

“Big sister? Are you alright? Are you sleepy… Ah? Big sister, your hands are so cold, and there’s so much sweat…”

Tian Tian was scared by how cold Shui Ruo’s hands were. Shui Ruo’s spoke with a very weak voice, “I’m just feel a bit cold. Tian Tian, let me hug you for a bit…”

Shui Ruo’s entire body was quite cold now, and her heart beat was irregular. The ominous feeling about what was about to happen left her incredibly nervous and scared.

At the front, the two men looked at each other and frowned. This was the first time Ling Chen had separated from Shui Ruo in such a way.



Ling Chen forcefully crushed the phone and threw it into the stream. He took out the keys in his pocket, and crushed them as well, then threw them away. He gripped the small knife in his left hand, and deeply breathed in and out. His gaze turned cold and serious, as a malevolent aura burst out from within him.

He stared in front of him and smirked as he coldly said, “Come out.”

Just as he spoke, the sounds from the birds and insects immediately stopped. His surroundings became deathly silent, as if he had stepped into a different world. The warm air suddenly turned icy cold, and if a normal person was standing there, they would have curled up in a ball as they shivered.


Countless birds and insects filled the air as they madly rushed away. The sky was suddenly covered with countless black dots, which were fleeing in every direction. Ling Chen looked up, then looked back in front of him. About 10 steps away, a dark shadow had appeared incredibly stealthily.

With all the birds and insects gone, the forest suddenly felt even more quiet, and even the air felt like it had stopped moving. This sort of scene only appeared in movies, and people definitely wouldn’t believe a single person could cause such a thing.

Ling Chen’s hands were tightly gripped into fists as he stared at the black shadow. He spoke in a low voice, “You… You’re still alive.”

The person was tall and well-built, and was wearing an ordinary-looking cloak. All that could be seen was his savage-looking eyes. Ling Chen was incredibly familiar with these eyes.

In this world, there were only two people who could make him feel fear. One was the “Mad Scientist”, and the other person was the one standing in front of him!

He was meant to be dead! Ling Chen had definitely killed him all those years ago!

“Did you know that I wasn’t dead?” The man coldly replied. This incredibly raspy and coarse voice was very unpleasant to listen to.

Ling Chen’s voice was equally as cold as he replied, “You told me to never believe that someone was dead without seeing their corpse. Back then, we blew up your right hand, and with your remaining hand, you had battled with us, but lost about half of your blood. We stabbed you in three fatal areas, with your heart as the last one… a normal person would have died more than 10 times. However, when you fell into the sea, we thought that you were dead… all these years, you’ve been a blight in my life, making it so that I could never relax. This was because we never found your corpse, and because you are… Hell! Someone who the Mad Scientist called a god among humans! I knew that you wouldn’t die so easily!”

That’s right, back then, his right hand had been caught in an explosion, his right eye had been pierced and Eve cut off his entire right arm… however, this person evidently had two eyes! And under his cloak, it seemed that he had two arms!

What was going on?!

This person evidently had Hell’s aura! No one in the world could possibly copy or mimic this terrifying aura.

“Hahahaha!” The man laughed in a low voice. His voice was even more disgusting and terrifying than that of a demon’s, “No less than expected from the strongest killing machine I raised; someone who was able to escape from the Mad Scientist’s control. You can actually remain so calm after meeting me. To be honest, I didn’t want to see you trembling in fear. After all, the person who can kill me can’t just be a piece of trash. I’m very pleased with you, Adam!”

“I’m called Ling Chen. The Adam you knew is dead!” Ling Chen spat.

“Ling Chen? Heh…” The man coldly laughed, “I’m disappointed that you’ve started to live as an ordinary person. The Reaper that I shaped has given up his identity as ‘Adam’, and has taken an ordinary human’s name, and even has human emotions now! The current you has no point in living anymore.”

“Hmph, cut the crap. Since you’ve come here, only one of us can leave here alive. Let’s finish this quickly. I want to get home soon.” Ling Chen coldly laughed as he prepared the knife in his hands.

“That’s right, only one of us can leave here alive. But do you think it’ll be me or you?”

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

“I taught you that in order to kill you target, you should use any measures. You and Eve followed this lesson very well, by blowing my hand off, then continuously attacking me while I lost blood. In the end, because I had lost too much blood, you were able to defeat me. It was a cowardly and low move, but it was effective. When I was falling into the sea, even I thought that I was definitely going to die… but it’s a pity for you that I’m back. And not only am I back, but my eyes are even better and I have more strength than before. My body is more than 10, even 100 times, stronger than steel.”

The man raised his arm and pointed at Ling Chen, “As for you, after 6 years, no matter if it’s your body or your skills, you haven’t improved at all. In fact, you’ve been declining, which I’m very disappointed about. Even if you’re 10 times stronger, you won’t be able to survive. Now, it’s time for my revenge.”

Ling Chen knew that the man’s words were not exaggerated at all. He was at least two to three times stronger than he had been back then.

As for Ling Chen, he had been taking care of Shui Ruo this whole time, and had not fought at all for the past 6 years. His strength, speed, skills, reaction time had all been on the decline.

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