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Chapter 309: The Avenger from Hell (5)

The Avenger from Hell (5)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Six years ago, this man had been defeated by the combined efforts from Ling Chen and Eve. Back then, they had only been able to defeat him because of various factors. Otherwise, even if they worked together, it would be impossible to defeat Hell. They had been able to blow off his right hand with a hidden bomb, but even with just his left hand, he was a terrifying fighter. They had continuously attacked Hell, not giving him a chance to stop his bleeding, and had finally forced him into such a state that he could only jump into the sea… After this battle, they also had countless cuts on their bodies, and their bodies were dyed with blood.

Even against Hell in that condition, they had barely escaped with their lives… in fact, anyone who knew him and heard his name, ‘Instructor Hell’, would tremble with fear. No one knew where he came from or who he was, or why he wanted to create so many ‘Reapers’.

Right now, it was just him against Hell, who was even stronger than before.

Inside his mind, Ling Chen was calculating the chances of his victory…


Ling Chen was sensitive to one’s aura and pressure, and he immediately knew how overwhelmingly powerful Hell was. As such, he immediately ordered everyone to leave, as well as for them not to contact him or come to find him. Even if the others came, it would simply be suicide for them!

“Heh, you seem like you don’t want to die. Is it because of those two girls?” The man coldly laughed.

Ling Chen’s face stiffened, and his voice became even colder, “If you dare to do anything to them, even if I’m dead, I’ll pull you to hell with me!”

“Hell? Hahahaha,” The man began to laugh madly, “Hell is the best place in existence. There’s howling, blood, despair- all of the things I love.”

“You’re even more mad than you were before.” Ling Chen replied.

“Really? Thank you for your compliment. However, I feel that I became not only more mad, but also compassionate. I actually let those two people you care about go, as well as those two trash. Aren’t you grateful at all towards me?”

Ling Chen laughed, “You? Compassionate? What a joke. However, you’re right- I don’t want to die. Today, you’ll be the one dying!”

Ling Chen yelled, and killing intent burst out from his body… back then, for Dia Wu, and for his revenge, he had been determined not to die. Today, for Shui Ruo, he wouldn’t allow himself to die either! Ling Chen released everything he had. Against this sort of monster, he couldn’t hold back at all.

He couldn’t die no matter what!

If he didn’t want to die, he would have to kill this avenger from hell! Otherwise he would never be able to live in peace!


Ling Chen shot forwards like a bolt of lightning. To normal people, it was as if he had disappeared. Ling Chen’s strongest asset was his mental energy, and second to that was his explosive power. He rushed towards Hell and savagely swung his fist at him. His skills had come from Hell, whereas his strength had come from the Mad Scientist. In ‘Heaven’, his mental energy had grown stronger through the Mad Scientist’s torture, and his body, through different medicines and chemicals, had also become incredibly powerful and tough.

To Ling Chen, 10 steps was enough to instantly kill anyone. With his explosive power and speed, there were very few people who could live after being attacked like this. However, he wasn’t so naïve as to believe that he could instantly kill Hell. As Ling Chen’s fist approached him at an incredible speed, Hell did not move at all, but raised his right hand and swung it towards Ling Chen’s.



As the two of their fists clashed, a massive sound had rung out, as if two massive boulders had crashed into each other. Ling Chen let out a cry of pain as his body flew backwards, and hit the ground 10 metres away. His entire right arm felt numb, and was trembling. Not long after, blood started trickling from his hand and arm, covering half his arm with blood.

“You want to compete with me in strength? You’re so naïve.” Hell couldn’t help but laugh. He hadn’t moved a single step from where he was, and there wasn’t even a scratch on him.

In just one exchange, with Ling Chen attacking, his entire right arm had suffered some damage. Although there weren’t any fractures, but he knew that some nerves had been destroyed.

Hell’s strength was far greater than his, and even 6 years ago, he had been unable to easily receive one of Hell’s attacks.

However, Hell was for more powerful than he was then!

“It was I who saved you and taught you your skills, as well as many things people couldn’t even dream of learning. I even gave my own daughter to you to be your sex toy, and yet you repay me like this. I, who had never experienced what it felt like to die or come close to dying, was almost killed by Adam and Eve, who I placed all of my hope in. Adam, if you hadn’t had so many desires back then, perhaps you would have already surpassed me. However, it’s a pity… in fact, because of you, I’ve even learnt what ‘hate’ is. I’ve hated you for 6 years- tell me, how should I make you suffer?”

“Heh, repay? To you, I was simply a tool or a machine. All we could think of in Hell, including your daughter, was how to escape from your control. Killing you is the best way to repay you!!”

“Hahahaha,” Hell laughed with his raspy voice. It was impossible to tell what sort of emotion there was in that laugh. To him, everything in this world was like ants. If he wanted someone to die, they would die. These ants that he could easily kill simply didn’t have the right for him to hate them or be angry at them, “Well said! Back then, you nearly succeeded. Now, how should I repay you? Hahahaha!”

A gust of wind blew, and the figure in front of Ling Chen blurred, then disappeared. Suddenly, a pressure that felt like a mountain came crashing at Ling Chen. Before the fist had even reached him, Ling Chen could feel his chest about to explode. Under the enormous pressure, even turning his body was incredibly difficult… he sure was that if he was hit by this, his chest, which could deflect even normal bullets, would have a hole gaping out of it.

How could a human have such power!

This was on a completely different level to 6 years ago!

Containing his shock, Ling Chen managed to barely dodge by turning his body, then gathered his entire body’s strength into his left hand as he swung the knife towards Hell’s exposed back.


This full-powered strike from Ling Chen was enough to crush boulders to dust. As his hand and knife smashed into Hell’s back, the resulting sound was like a massive hammer had struck bedrock. Ling Chen’s face revealed an expression of pain, as if his hand had struck an indestructible board. His wrist made a ‘kacha’ sound as it dislocated, and many of the bones in his hand fragmented. The knife in his hand had also broken into pieces, but not a single piece had been buried into Hell’s skin. Instead, many of them had pierced into Ling Chen’s hand. Ling Chen’s body once again flew out, and even flipped in the air before crashing to the ground. He clutched his bloodied and mangled left hand with his numb right hand. Pain filled his entire body.

As for Hell, he had only stumbled back by a few steps, and his clothes had been destroyed. However, there was not a single wound on his skin.

Impossible… this was simply impossible! Ling Chen had used all of his strength, and he had hit Hell right in the back. Even if it was Hell, he should have been injured to the extent that he spat out blood. Although the little knife was quite thin, but with enough speed and at the right angle, it should have been enough to pierce him, or at least cut him… it was impossible that there was no wound at all!

Hell slowly turned at him, and his black eyes looked at Ling Chen’s horrified face, “Heheheh, that expression is very amusing. You don’t seem to believe your own eyes. It must feel like you’re dreaming, right? Hahaha, to be honest, after I was reborn, even I was shocked.”


Hell ripped off the remnants of the cloak, as well as the clothes on the upper half of his body. Indeed, this was Hell- Ling Chen could never forget this face. He looked around 40 years old and had ordinary looks, but anyone looking at this face would feel intense fear and dread.

He was exactly the same as the Hell from 6 years ago, and hadn’t aged at all… in fact, he looked even younger!

Hell’s skin was originally black, but now it was strangely white, and there was a glimmer on the surface of his skin…

It was the glimmer of light reflecting off metal!

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