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Chapter 313: The Avenger from Hell (9)

The Avenger from Hell (9)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The shadow stared at Ling Chen for a long time, and put its hand on Ling Chen’s face and neck, checking for breathing and a pulse. After a while, the shadow muttered to itself in shock, “His body was almost completely paralysed, and yet he was able to focus his mental energy into his eyes, and use the Eyes of Extermination. Why would these demonic eyes that could only appear on ancient Demon Gods appear on a human…”

Ling Chen’s body was broken in many places, and was covered blood. There almost wasn’t a single place that wasn’t damaged. His internal organs had all suffered quite a bit of damage as well- after all, being hit by the shockwave and smashed through trees would have already reduced a normal person into meat paste. However, even like this, Ling Chen’s body began to regenerate. The countless wounds all began to quickly close at a rate that could be visibly seen.

“All of the wounds have stopped bleeding, and his lifeforce isn’t slipping away, but rather recovering… with these sorts of injuries, a normal person could already be declared to be dead, and would not live for more than 15 minutes. Even if they did survive, they would be a cripple for the rest of their lives. What’s with this ridiculous recovery rate…”

The shadow continued to mutter itself as it stared at Ling Chen. In just minutes, Ling Chen’s body had already stabilised, and was still recovering at an astonishing rate… the recovery rate was evidently boosted by his strong desire to live.

In the distance, the sound of footsteps getting closer could be heard, and the shadow turned, then completely disappeared.

The moment the shadow disappeared, a woman in white rushed over. Her usual cold but extremely beautiful face was filled with worry. She immediately saw Ling Chen leaning against the tree, a large pool of blood beneath him, as if he was dead. Her eyes contracted, and she ran over as fast as she could.

Standing in front of Ling Chen, she reached out with trembling hands. Her tears almost started to come out as she looked at this horrific scene… this was her worst nightmare, and her head started to spin as she continued to look.

“Yao Yao… is… is it you…”

Behind her, an extremely weak voice sounded out. Mu Bing Yao’s entire body released a chilling aura as she suddenly turned around and viciously looked at Hell. He was lying on the ground, completely covered in blood. Seeing this person who should have died 6 years ago, she was not shocked at all. Instead, she was filled with pain and hatred, and even her voice became murderous, “You’re still not dead… you… killed him!!”

Mu Bing Yao’s expression and voice caused Hell to give a pained smile as he spoke incredibly weakly, “He’s… not dead… and won’t die… the Mad Scientist said that… unless his whole body is destroyed… his powerful mental energy can keep him alive… not only won’t he die… but he’ll recover quickly… the one who will die is me… all of my organs have ruptured and… I can only talk through my emergency life support system… but… I can’t last long…”

After saying so much, Hell’s originally pale face became even whiter. Mu Bing Yao quickly returned to Ling Chen’s side, and touched Ling Chen’s face with her hand. The warmth from his face caused her to become delirious with joy as she cried out, “Thank goodness… thank goodness…”

Hell could see Mu Bing Yao’s back, as well as her tears falling onto the ground. She had never cried even once for him, even when he had ‘died’ 6 years ago…

After confirming that Ling Chen was still alive, Mu Bing Yao calmed down by a lot. When she turned around, her face had already recovered its cold look, and it was impossible to tell that she had just been crying. She flicked both wrists, and a silver dagger and a silver pistol appeared in her left and right hands. She pointed them towards Hell, with hatred in her eyes as she said, “You dared to injure him… dying a thousand times won’t be enough to atone for it!!”

Looking at the dagger and pistol, Hell’s expression did not change, but began to laugh, “I am the most… pitiful father in the world… back then when he ‘killed’ me… you didn’t hate him, but followed him… now that I injured him… you hate me so much… hahaha…”

“You don’t have the right to call yourself my ‘father’!” Mu Bing Yao spat as she coldly glared at him, “You killed my mother, and made my entire life a nightmare. You only raised me so that I could become one of your killing machines! The only thing that I’m thankful to you for is giving me to him… he is my sole reason for living, and I won’t forgive anyone who hurts him!”

Mu Bing Yao pointed her pistol at Hell’s temple, with her finger on the trigger.

“A girl with a mother will never… become an excellent Reaper… that’s why I killed your mother… in the end, you’re my daughter… in this world, there’s no father who doesn’t love his daughter… this seemingly peaceful world you see… is about to descend into darkness… only by becoming a powerful Reaper… can you avoid becoming a puppet… I gave you to Adam… because I knew you had feelings for him… and only he is good enough… for my daughter…”

Back then, Hell would never say so many words to her, nor would his words carry any emotion. Mu Bing Yao looked at the dying Hell in shock. After 6 years, he had become a completely different person, and she herself was also different.

Mu Bing Yao lowered the dagger and pistol, then put them away. She turned around as she coldly said, “I hate you, but in the end, you brought me into this world. As such, I won’t kill you. You can slowly die yourself.”

She came over to Ling Chen’s side, and seeing his condition, her tears once again came out. She stretched out her hands, carefully checking Ling Chen’s wounds. Behind her, Hell once again spoke with his weak voice, “… Thank you… at least… you still acknowledge that I am your father… only now have I realised that… I tried to do too much in this life… perhaps, like Adam said… my heart and mind have changed… however, at least… at least I still have a daughter in this world… that’s not too bad…”

“Cough, cough… Yao Yao… the Mad Scientist… and a group of terrifying people… are carrying out a fearsome plan… they’ve controlled the… Cosmos Corporation… don’t go into Mystic… M…”

Hell breathed his last breath, and Mu Bing Yao, who was focusing on Ling Chen, didn’t fully hear his warning. She looked back at Hell, and silently, a single tear flowed out from the corner of her eye…

Footsteps of people running could be heard, as seven people wearing similar clothing ran at an astonishing speed. Five of them were male, and the other two were female, and they were all between the ages of 20 to 40. After receiving Mu Bing Yao’s message, they had all madly rushed here, and upon seeing Ling Chen’s body covered with blood, it was as if their heads had exploded.

“Who… Who did this?! Who was it!!”

The man leading the others was skinny and short, but his gaze was like a piercing and sharp blade. His entire body trembled and he howled, as did the others, as if they had fallen into hell.

Mu Bing Yao quickly got up and said in a low voice, “Master is still alive! Gui Ya, Gui Yue, Yao Ying… calm down, and save master!”

The seven of them all froze, then rushed over, checking Ling Chen’s pulse. Gui Ya immediately yelled, “Hurry! Carry master into the car… hurry! Hurry up!!”

In the last 6 years, this was the first time they had seen Ling Chen in this state, and it was the first time Gui Ya had lost control of his emotions in such a manner. He turned around and grabbed one of the men behind him by the collar as he yelled, “Gui Dao! You knew that something was wrong, so why didn’t you stay back to protect master!! Have you forgotten who it was that brought us out of that hell, and let us live decent lives! There is nothing more important than master’s life in this world! If something happens to master… you’ll accompany him as well!!”

Gui Dao looked downwards. They had never disobeyed Ling Chen’s commands before, and after Ling Chen had told him not to come back or contact him, he had not dared to disobey. However, he felt that something was wrong, and so he immediately contacted the highest-ranking out of Ling Chen’s subordinates, Gui Ya. Now that this had already happened, he wouldn’t make any excuses. He gritted his teeth as he replied, “I was useless, and didn’t properly protect master… please allow me to see master get well first, before I end my life to make up for this.”

“You bastard!” Gui Ya threw him to the ground as he said, “Who told you to die! Live on and use your life to properly serve master!”

Two cars quickly drove over, and three of them carefully put Ling Chen inside, before once again speeding off.

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