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Chapter 325: Bloodbath (5)

Bloodbath (5)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“He’s already within the main residence!” Flame Shadow yelled as they watched Ling Chen leap over the high walls.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter. Since he’s come in, he won’t be going back out.” Murong Xiong Tian coldly said.

At this moment, the door was opened then closed, and a serious looking man in his forties or fifties walked in. He wore plain clothes, and carried an eye-catching long sword on his back. Behind him were 8 young men who were similarly dressed, and all carried swords on their backs. After entering, he quickly walked forwards and spoke, “Leader, young master, elder brother, I apologise for my tardiness. Who is this intruder? It seems that he has caused quite a bit of commotion.”

This was the current family leader of the Xuanyuan family- Xuanyuan Sheng. Within the Xuanyuan family, his proficiency with the sword was second only to Xuanyuan Dao.

“You’re not late at all,” Long Zheng Yang replied as he nodded at him, then looked back at the screen, “There’s only one person. It’s very likely that… he’s the same person as the one from six years ago!”

“The one from six years ago?” Xuanyuan Sheng looked confused for a moment, before his eyes widened in shock as he suddenly remembered.

“It’s just a possibility. Second brother, you’ve fought with him before, so you should be able to tell.” Xuanyuan Dao said.

Xuanyuan Sheng nodded, and looked towards the screen… he only looked for a few seconds before he frowned and spoke in a serious voice, “It’s him! He’s the one who came six years ago… after fighting with this sort of person, it’s impossible to forget them. It’s been six years… and he’s actually come again! Hmph, very well. Last time, he caused the Long family and the Xuanyuan family much chaos and humiliation. This time, I definitely won’t let him get away. Otherwise, if this sort of monster was allowed to continue to exist, none of us will be able to have peace of mind. Leader, I’ll immediately go and get rid of him! His body is inhumanly strong, and normal bullets and cold weapons are unable to hurt him. Only my Azure Edge Sword can deal a fatal wound to him.”

“No, it seems that there’s no need for the Xuanyuan family leader to act,” Murong Xiong Tian said as he looked at the screen, “The 200 Dark Eagle Corps have arrived, and the Steel Dragon and Blood Wolves Corps, as well as my Long Yu are about to arrive as well. It’s impossible for anyone to escape the claws of 200 Dark Eagle Corps soldiers!”

Xuanyuan Sheng looked at the screen, “Looks like Chief Murong has not underestimated this person at all, going so far as to deploy 200 Dark Eagle Corps. This person is incredibly dangerous. If it wasn’t for my Azure Edge Sword, I wouldn’t have been able to injure him so easily back then… however, with 200 Dark Eagle Corps, that person is good as dead.”


“Put down your guns! No one fire! Kill him immediately and don’t let him get any closer!”

The order rang loud and clear in every guard’s ears. After entering the Long family’s main residence, none of them used their guns anymore. They only had a single target, but he was incredibly fast. It was more likely that they would hit the Long family’s members or staff rather than the target himself. Moreover, guns were essentially useless against him, but could be used by him to mow down guards quickly.

Most of the guards stationed in the main residence were equipped with cold weapons, or no weapons at all. However, being stationed within the main residence, they were far stronger than the guards with machine guns outside. The instant Ling Chen landed on the ground, ten or so figures sprang towards him. Ling Chen suddenly looked up, and saw two people smashing their fists towards his head. If these fists landed on a normal person’s head, it was sure to shatter immediately.

A murderous light flashed in Ling Chen’s eyes. He roared, but did not dodge. Instead, he met their fists with his own fists, and with a “bang”, his right fist instantly shattered the other person’s fist. It was like a baseball bat had smashed into a fragile piece of glass. Ling Chen’s other hand also smashed into the other person’s fist, turning it into a pile of mush. As they cried out in pain, Ling Chen rapidly fired punches around him towards all of the other figures. Every time his fists made contact, an explosion would ring out, and a fist-sized hole would appear in their body…

An almost-indestructible body, overwhelming power and blinding speed… this was the result of him suffering in ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’! This was the Mad Scientist’s ‘experimental subject’ that surpassed the rest of mankind,

Whenever any of their heavy attacks landed on Ling Chen’s body, what each of these soldiers unexpectedly felt was massive pain and numbness. However, whenever Ling Chen attacked, they would either be instantly killed or crippled. Ling Chen did not show any mercy- each of his attacks was filled with his boundless rage and hatred.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The terrifying sounds caused every person’s heart to tremble. In the blink of an eye, thirty of the Long family’s elite inner-residence soldiers had been massacred or crippled. Those who lay on the ground screaming were instantly killed by Ling Chen with either a hand or foot through their bodies. Ling Chen’s arms were dripping with blood. After killing so many soldiers, the bloodlust in his eyes had not been reduced at all, but had become even stronger. The soldiers that had not dared to approach him all stood at a distance with pale faces, and could not move an inch from where they were standing. At this moment, a gust of wind blew past, and one by one, shadowy figures suddenly appeared in front of Ling Chen. Seeing these figures, the Long family soldiers began to exclaim in joy as they hurriedly retreated.

The wind stopped, and a fairly short, middle-aged man wearing black clothes stood about 10 metres in front of Ling Chen. He emotionlessly stared at Ling Chen, despite the terrible bloodlust that he was emanating. Between the fingers of his left and right hands, the man carried three short daggers in each hand.

Behind him, a crowd of people also wearing black appeared. There were 200 of them in total, and they fanned out in an arc facing Ling Chen.

The Dark Eagle Corps was the Long family’s main assassination force. Each Dark Eagle soldier had been through hellish training and countless life-and-death battles. All of them were first-rate killers. None of them feared death, and could remain calm under any circumstance. They were proficient in hundreds of killing techniques, and their bodies were covered with numerous killing weapons. Their existence was their enemies’ worst nightmare. Even the Long family would shudder when mentioning the Dark Eagles.

Two hundred Dark Eagles, including their leader, had appeared to fight a single target. This was the most uneven battle that the Dark Eagles had ever fought. Murong Xiong Tian did not dare to underestimate Ling Chen at all, and the Dark Eagles never underestimated their enemies no matter what. They all stared Ling Chen down with piercing gazes and released their bloodlust.

Their appearance caused the rampaging Ling Chen to calm down. He stopped roaring, and stood in his place, staring back at the Dark Eagles. He was incredibly familiar with this sort of bloodlust. He was so familiar with it that he despised it.


A gust of cold wind blew past as the right hand of the person in front slightly moved.

Swish swish swish swish…

Assassins never wasted any words with their targets. In the deathly silence, ten or so shadows flew out towards Ling Chen like arrows. Within their hands was the icy glint of metal.

Chi chi chi chi chi chi…

Their speed was incredible, and these ten or so shadows had passed by Ling Chen’s body while attacking him in the blink of an eye. Ling Chen did not move at all. With the assassins moving at such a speed, it was impossible for him to dodge. No one saw Ling Chen move, but they heard more than ten sounds of metal cutting through flesh.

“He’s dead… no less than expected from the Dark Eagles.” Long Tian Yun coldly laughed. Long Zheng Yang nodded, and just as he was about to speak, what appeared on the screen caused his eyes to suddenly widen.

Thud thud thud thud thud…

Ling Chen had not moved from where he stood, but now, he was holding a dagger that wasn’t in his hands before. The thirteen shadows behind him heavily fell onto the ground, as blood spurted from their necks.

“W-what?!” Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun cried out in shock, and Murong Xiong Tian and Xuanyuan Dao’s faces both darkened.

“Impossible!! The one who should have died is Ling Tian- why did the Dark Eagles die! After being attacked by more than ten Dark Eagles, how is he still alive?! This is impossible!!” Long Tian Yun yelled as he gnashed his teeth.

“Flame Shadow, immediately replay that scene.” Long Zheng Yang ordered.

“Ah… roger!”

The video footage was rewinded, and played at a speed ten times slower. They saw thirteen shadows rushing at Ling Chen from different directions. Within their hands were short, but incredibly sharp, daggers. As the first Dark Eagle came close to Ling Chen, his dagger stabbing towards Ling Chen’s neck, Ling Chen’s hand suddenly stretched out. Even at a speed ten times slower, they were unable to clearly see just how Ling Chen’s hand had appeared there. His hand blurred, and suddenly, the dagger was in Ling Chen’s hand… afterwards, without even moving, he had dodged each of the Dark Eagles’ attacks, while the dagger in his hand had accurately swept past each of their throats…

In less than 2 seconds, his body had twisted more than 13 times, and his hands had sliced more than 13 times… he had dodged every single attack and had slashed more than 13 throats.

The moonlight reflected off the dagger in Ling Chen’s hand, and they saw that there was not a single drop of blood on his dagger.

The Dark Eagles were an incredibly powerful group of expert assassins.

However, their opponent was Ling Chen.

After all, Ling Chen was an expert assassin of expert assassins… he was the king of all the assassins that had walked out of ‘Hell’! These assassins’ techniques and abilities were simply child’s play to him.