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Chapter 326: Bloodbath (6)

Bloodbath (6)

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It was already midnight. Despite the fact that it was a summer night, everyone trembled as an icy feeling came over them.

Thirteen Dark Eagles had instantly died, whereas their target had not been harmed at all. Although they were all trained assassins, none of them could remain calm, as all of them revealed expressions of shock. Far away, the Long family’s soldiers watched with their mouths wide open, completely dumbfounded. While they were still trying to figure out what had happened, Ling Chen disappeared from their field of vision.

He was going to use their blood to show them what a true assassin was like.

The Dark Eagles reacted quickly. Although Ling Chen moved incredibly quickly, they did not lose their target. Ling Chen rushed towards the 200 Dark Eagles, with the dagger in his hand ready to strike… however, at that moment, Ling Chen’s speed exploded to a new level, causing him to disappear once again as he rushed into their ranks…


On the screen, Long Zheng Yang and the others saw the light reflecting off Ling Chen’s dagger moving in an ‘s’ shape.

Eight Dark Eagles simultaneously hit the ground, with blood spraying out of their necks.

Ling Chen’s new level of speed, as well as the ‘s’ shape curve that had taken eight lives caused the Long family father and son to gaze in horror and shock, completely speechless.

The Dark Eagles wore light clothing, and used light daggers. These daggers were deadly weapons in the hands of the Dark Eagles, but became a deathgod’s scythes in Ling Chen’s hands. The extremely well-trained Dark Eagles were always calm and collected. However, Ling Chen’s speed and his skills caused the Dark Eagles to fall into chaos.

Chi chi chi chi chi…

Even if it was the Dark Eagles, whenever Ling Chen chose a target, they were doomed to die. He was simply too fast, and he moved like an illusory shadow within the ranks of the Dark Eagles, not even giving them a chance to react. They were legendary existences to other assassins, but to Ling Chen, they were like a group of clumsy children.

In no time at all, more than thirty of the Dark Eagles had fallen. These assassins that could easily singlehandedly face off against and kill 100 normal soldiers had been decimated in an instant. By the time they were finally able to react, their bodies were frozen with fear.

“Illusory Shadow Killing Formation!!”

The leader, with six green daggers in his hand, turned around and coldly issued the order. Immediately, all of the Dark Eagles began to move, surrounding their target with many shadows, ready to launch attacks at any time… however, their target with Ling Chen, and their speed and explosive power was nothing to him. No matter how fast they moved, or how bewildering the formation looked, Ling Chen was still easily able to accurately slash their necks. On the other hand, their daggers were unable to even touch Ling Chen. One moment Ling Chen would be within their sights, and in the next, he would be gone. The soldiers could always feel Ling Chen getting closer, but by the time their bodies had begun to move, their necks had already been cut.

All that resulted from the Dark Eagles’ ‘Illusory Shadow Killing Formation’ was even more of their deaths.

The Dark Eagles’ leader stood his ground, his face steeled. In order to become a Dark Eagle, one hard to pass through torturous training and many life-and-death trials. In the process, hundreds of people had died, become crippled, or gave up. Over all these years, there were only 900 Dark Eagles in total. They had brought such a large force to kill a single person, and yet they were being destroyed like flies. All of their techniques could not harm Ling Chen at all.


The Dark Eagles’ leader finally acted. He locked on to Ling Chen’s position, and instantly appeared within ten steps of him. He swept with his left hand, and three green daggers accurately flew towards Ling Chen’s feet. However, Ling Chen was simply too fast. Before the three daggers had even come close, he had already moved elsewhere. When the three daggers reached the ground, they unexpectedly exploded.


The explosion was not too loud, but intense light illuminated the entire Long family’s residence. Within those three daggers were flashbombs!

The blinding light caused everyone to tightly close their eyes. However, within the light, the Dark Eagles did not panic at all, but rushed towards Ling Chen’s position… they were all trained to fight in the dark, and could fight easily with their eyes closed. Their other four senses were simply superhuman, and were able to instantly locate a target even without their eyes.

However, if they knew where Ling Chen’s skills and power had come from, as well as his strengths, they definitely wouldn’t have done something stupid like using flashbombs.

From within the brightness, countless yells of confusion and pain sounded out. After a few seconds the light disappeared. The ground was now filled with bodies on the ground, and only two people were standing… Ling Chen and the Dark Eagles’ leader. The dagger in Ling Chen’s hand been bent, but it still pierced deeply into the Dark Eagles’ leader’s neck. The three daggers in the Dark Eagles’ leader’s right hand were also stabbed into Ling Chen’s chest, but only pierced into his chest by less than two centimetres. However, everyone who looked at the eerie greenness of the daggers would know that there was something strange about them.


Feeling his lifeforce slipping away, but seeing Ling Chen stand there completely fine, the Dark Eagles’ leader’s eyes widened as he slowly fell to the ground. Ling Chen took out the three daggers from his chest, and his chest stopped bleeding momentarily.

“Impossible! Venom Eagle’s daggers are coated in extremely strong poison that can instantly destroy one’s nerves… even if it was me, if I was even nicked by those daggers, my whole body would be paralysed… how can he be completely fine?!” Murong Xiong Tian yelled as he looked in shock. He had clearly seen those three daggers stab into Ling Chen’s body, but Venom Eagle had died, whereas Ling Chen didn’t seem poisoned at all.

In fact, even if the poison was ten times as potent, Ling Chen still wouldn’t have been affected. How could the godly body that the Mad Scientist created be taken down by poisons made by humans?

“Evidently, using the Dark Eagle Corps was not a sound idea,” Xuanyuan Dao said, “His body is too strong, and the Dark Eagles are far below him in terms of skills. Defeating these assassins was incredibly easy for him!”

The Dark Eagle Corps that the Long family had invested astronomical amounts of time, capital and money on were wiped out by Ling Chen in a short period of time. No matter if it was Long Zheng Yang or Murong Xiong Tian, their hearts bled in pain. Xuanyuan Sheng was unable to remain calm, and once again insisted, “Leader, let me go and take care of him.”

“No need!!” Murong Xiong Tian furiously yelled, “Our seven main forces are more than enough! The Dark Eagles failed… but the Steel Dragons, Blood Wolves and Long Yu are all there now. He’s definitely dead!!”

Xuanyuan Sheng looked at him, and did not say anything. Ling Chen had singlehandedly wiped out 200 Dark Eagles with ease, and even their leader, Venom Eagle, had died for nothing. This was a massive blow to Murong Xiong Tian, who was in charge of the seven main forces, and aroused his fury. He definitely wouldn’t allow the Xuanyuan family to upstage him!

“Steel Dragon Corps, Blood Wolves Corps, eliminate him at all costs!!”

The equipment of the Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves were relatively heavier and more complex, which was why they arrived later than the Dark Eagles. Seeing the ground littered with the corpses of the Dark Eagles, as well as the figure covered in blood and emanating bloodlust, they all breathed in a breath of cold air. Upon receiving their orders, their fighting spirit were ignited.

One hundred Steel Dragon Corps soldiers and one hundred Blood Wolves Corps soldiers blocked Ling Chen’s way. Upon seeing them, Ling Chen’s rage and bloodlust spread even more… it was because of the Steel Dragon Corps that his home had been destroyed, and Shui Ruo had… “Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!”

The despairing demon within him was once again awakened, and Ling Chen unleashed an ear-shattering howl. He threw away Venom Eagle’s daggers, and charged towards the Steel Dragon Corps. The Steel Dragon Corps also roared, charging towards Ling Chen with their heavy armour.


Ling Chen’s fist ferociously punched through the chest of the Steel Dragon soldier at the front. The fragments of the metal armour buried themselves deep into the soldier’s heart, causing him to instantly die. In the blink of an eye, Ling Chen had been surrounded by the Steel Dragon Corps. He did not use his speed to escape from the encirclement, but rather used his brute strength to tear apart their armour and destroy their bodies. The Steel Dragon soldiers’ armour could withstand normal bullets easily, but were unable to stop even one of Ling Chen’s attacks. Whether it was Ling Chen’s fists, feet or elbows, their armour would be pierced like tofu, causing the soldiers to scream out in pain.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions, which sounded like missiles exploding, rang loudly in every person’s ears and heart. The Steel Dragon soldiers’ armour were not only unable to protect them from Ling Chen’s attacks, but slowed them down. The Steel Dragon soldiers were sent flying one by one, and their armour was just as badly mangled as their bodies. They either instantly died or lay on the ground, howling in pain. They couldn’t believe that a human could be so powerful. Being hit by Ling Chen was like being hit by a thousand-kilogram-heavy hammer.